The Wolf of His Dreams (MM)

Nehalem Pack 31

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,853
18 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Dean Woodberry moved to Silver Creek to study the wolf shifters of the Nehalem pack. It’s the perfect job for him. He loves working for the hunter’s council, and it also gives him an escape from his old life. What should have been an easy assignment turns into so much more when Dean meets Owen Myers.
All Owen wanted was a fresh start. To live without fear of being discovered by the NHS and losing his brother and nephew. Never in a millions years did he expect to find his mate two weeks after arriving in the quiet little town. One thing is clear though, there is nothing quiet about Dean Woodberry.
One misunderstanding leads to a life time of changes for Dean, and he needs to decide if love is worth the risk. It’s a game of tug of war between Dean and Owen, but that’s the least of their problems when Dean’s past comes knocking on their door.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Wolf of His Dreams (MM)
18 Ratings (4.7)

The Wolf of His Dreams (MM)

Nehalem Pack 31

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,853
18 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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“Sorry it took me so long.” Owen got into the car and buckled his seatbelt.

“It’s fine.” Phillip pulled his car out on the street. “Trust me. I’m in no hurry to pick this guy up.” Phillip blew out a deep breath and shook his head. “I’m not saying Dean’s a bad guy, just annoying.”

“So I’ve heard.” Owen chuckled. “My nephew told me all about him this morning. I guess his dad gave him a colorful description of the guy.”

“Sounds like Nate.” Phillip laughed. “But in all fairness the man is the best. Dean and his father are hard workers, and they love to solve puzzles. If there is a way to block transferring the shifter ability from Jaron, Grayson and Wyatt’s bite, this man can do it. I think with your help the possibilities are even better.”

“I’m hopeful.” Owen laughed back in his seat. The soft leather molding around his body. “Can I talk to you about something? It’s personal.”

“Sure, kid.” Phillip glanced over at him.

“What took me so long this morning was I was talking to Gray.” Owen stared out the front window for a brief moment before looking back at Phillip. “He wants to find a way to make it where Wyatt can’t ever become pregnant. The thing is, I’ve researched it serval times. Surgery would surly kill him, and injecting a chemical to make him sterile will also take away his ability to impregnate a woman someday. I get why he wants to do it, but it’s not safe.”

“As a father, I understand Grayson’s concerns. Hell, I’d be sick with worry if Aiden had Wyatt’s unique capabilities. We live in a dangerous world, and the NHS is a thorn in the shifting world’s side. The hunter’s council has taken down several NHS facilities, but there’s no stopping them. We take down two, four more open up. And if those monsters got their hands on either Grayson or Wyatt it would be bad. So I can relate to Grayson’s fear, but on the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with Wyatt. He’s not unusual or an abomination. And if I can speak frankly with you, if you guys should be worried about anything it should be Wyatt knocking up some girl.” Phillip winced. “That kid is going through puberty hard. The other day when I took him to the movies he couldn’t stop staring at the concession girl’s chest. It was quite embarrassing.”

“Yeah, that’s Wyatt.” Owen tapped his fingers on the door. “I worry about that too don’t get me wrong but I’m also happy that my nephew will have the option to date, go to school, and participate in sports. I want Wyatt to do all the things Gray and I couldn’t.”

“Just be sure to have the sex talk with the horn ball, okay.” Phillip patted Owen on the shoulder.

“I will leave that up to his fathers to handle.” Owen held is hands up in the air. “I just want to be the fun uncle.”

They chatted a little longer as Phillip drove toward the airport. It was about a forty-five minute drive, and they arrived with ten minutes to spare. Dean Woodberry’s flight wasn’t scheduled to land for another twenty minutes.

Owen walked beside Phillip into the airport, and a tantalizing scent curled under his nose. It was a fresh, clean aroma, like clothes after they’ve been dried combined with a woodsy scent. It was refreshing and had a strange effect on Owen. His dick twitched in his jeans and he very subtly reached down to rearrange his junk.

The air around him grew heavy, and Owen started to sweat. The scent grew stronger and stronger with every step he took. His vision blurred for a moment and felt as if he might fall down.

What is that smell coming from?

“It’s about damn time you got here. I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes waiting for you.”

“Good morning to you to, Dean.” Phillip nodded at the man, Dean. “Dean, this is Owen. Owen, this is Dean.”

Owen stared at Dean. The man was a half a foot shorter than him, with perfectly coiffed blond hair, and bright, blue eyes. His dark eyebrows were arched up, and his lips pursed together. Owen couldn’t tear his gaze away from the shorter man. Dean’s cheeks started to flush with color and Owen wanted to reach out and touch the sharp angles of his cheek bones and jaw line.

“Phillip, he’s staring.” Dean cocked his head to the side. “Why is he staring?”

“Um…I…” Owen did his best to get his tongue to work right. It laid heavy and thick in his mouth.

“Do you speak English, or should I break out a pen and paper?” Dean asked in a condescending tone. “Seriously, Phillip.” Dean shook his head. “Is this the guy I’m supposed to work with? He can’t even speak for God’s sake.”

“Excuse me?” Owen’s voice had a sharp edge to it, and it scratched at the back of his throat. Never in his life had he wanted to throttle someone and kiss them all at the same time. His heart hitched at the thought of pressing his lips to Dean’s thick, pouty ones.

“So you can talk.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“It’s okay, Owen.” Phillip put his arm around Owen’s shoulder as he took a menacing step toward Dean. “That feeling of wanting to strangle him will fade. I promise.”

“Can we please go?” Dean grabbed his bags and headed for the door. “That lay over in Denver has me a day behind schedule, and I hate not being on schedule.”

“Isn’t he just a gem?” Phillip teased. “Come on, Owen.”

Owen watched as Dean stomped off ahead of him and two things hit him. One the man was completely infuriating and two, this man was his mate.




“Nervous?” Owen snarled in his face. “What would make the cocky Dean Woodberry nervous? Do you think the big, bad wolf is going to eat you alive? Do I scare you, Dean?”

“Not in the way you think.” Dean’s tongue slipped out to wet his dry lips. Owen’s face was close enough that, if he leaned forward an inch, he could press his lips to Dean’s. “I’m just scared because I want something I might not be able to have.”

“And what’s that?” Owen’s voice dropped a few octaves, and his gaze darted from Dean’s eyes down to his mouth.

“You.” Dean shut his eyes and moved forward to brush his lips against Owen’s. When Owen loosened his grip and didn’t punch him in the face, Dean pressed in closer to the taller man. He parted his lips and flicked his tongue out to tease at Owen’s full, plump lips. He smiled to himself when he felt more than heard Owen’s deep groan.

Owen didn’t pull away and Dean took that as a good sign, a green flag to start the race. Dean let go of Owen’s wrist and placed his hands on Owen’s hard, muscular chest. He moaned as he molded his palm to the hard, bulging planes and circled his palms over Owen’s pert little nipples as they pressed against his shirt.

Owen emitted a deep growl and raised his large hands to latch in Dean’s hair. He shoved his thick tongue past Dean’s lips and took over the kiss. It was sloppy and rough, the type of kiss an inexperienced person might give, but it was okay. Dean loved it. It made him feel like a bastard, but he loved knowing he was the only one ever to kiss Owen. The only person to make this man come unglued.

Dean wrapped his arms around Owen’s neck and kissed him harder. He nipped at Owen’s bottom lip, sucking the supple flesh into his mouth. Owen growled and thrust his hips into Dean’s. Owen’s thick, hard shaft jabbed Dean in the stomach, and the man was huge. Dean had to get a peek.

Dean broke away from the kiss and had to turn his head to the side to get away from Owen’s eager lips. Dean grabbed the sides of Owen’s shirt and yanked the top open. A few buttons popped off and landed on the floor, but Owen didn’t say a word. His breathing was heavy, and he made little growling sounds. Dean glanced up to see that Owen’s teeth had started to lengthen, his ears had shifted, and his emerald eyes sparkled. Owen was holding on, but just barely, and Dean grinned up at the man.

The need to see, smell, and taste Owen’s cock had Dean dropping to his knees. He pressed his face into the hard bulge, moaning as he felt the heat against his cheek.

“What are you doing?” Owen asked. His big hands were palming the top of Dean’s head, messing up his hair.

“Something I think you’ll like.” Dean reached up and unfastened Owen’s shorts.

“Oh god,” Owen groaned.

Dean shoved the shorts, and his eyes zeroed in on the thick shaft that lay trapped in the tight boxer briefs. A wet spot stained the navy blue material. Dean leaned in close and took a deep breath. He mouthed the head of Owen’s cock through the damp fabric, but it wasn’t enough. Dean gently eased the waistband of Owen’s boxers over his cock. He couldn’t help but stare. Owen’s cock was thick and long and veiny. The edges of his crown were flared and wetness leaked out the slit at the tip. Dean fisted the shaft and pulled Owen’s cock down to his mouth and licked it like a lollipop.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Owen chanted as Dean took more of his length into his mouth.

Had Dean not had his lips wrapped around Owen’s cock he’d be singing his praise to God to. Owen had the most perfect dick. It was long and thick and silky smooth to the touch. A fresh scent wafted up off his heated skin.

Dean lowered his head down until he had all of Owen’s cock lodged in his throat. He did his best to swallow around the thickness. Owen’s fingers curled into a fist, tugging at Dean’s hair, pulling him in closer. Dean relaxed his jaw and used his other hand to reach up and fondle Owen’s heavy balls.

The pre-cum that oozed from the tip was like a drug to Dean. He couldn’t get enough. He sucked harder and moved faster up and down the rigid shaft.

Dean’s cock had grown tight in his pants, and he used his free hand to unfasten his pants and reached in and pulled out his cock. He jacked himself off while sucking Owen.

It was as if time stood still. Dean could have done this forever. He liked being down on his knees worshiping Owen’s body. It was an insane feeling. Typically, Dean liked it the other way around. He liked to be taken care of, but Owen was different. Dean wanted to make the man happy, wanting him to see fucking stars when he came down Dean’s throat.

“Dean, shit.” Owen’s hips jerked forward. “I can’t stop.”

Dean tightened his lips around Owen’s cock and bobbed his head faster. On the next downward stroke he felt as Owen’s cock thickened and erupted. Hot gooey cum shot down his throat, and Dean pulled up a little ways to catch a few drops on his tongue. The taste was bitterness and sweetness combined.

The whole atmosphere surrounding them was thick with sexual tension. Dean’s hand sped up, and he moaned long and loud around Owen’s cock as he shot his load onto the floor. Dean pulled off of Owen’s cock and tucked his nose into the area where Owen’s groin and thigh met, taking deep breaths.

After a few moments Dean pulled back to fall on his ass. His semi-erect dick poked out this pants, but he didn’t care. He glanced up at Owen and grinned. The sated, just-been-fucked look looked great on Owen. His face was damp with sweat, and his cheeks were flushed a light pink.

“You okay?” Dean asked when Owen didn’t move. He had his eyes clamped shut and his arm up against the wall, resting his forehead against it. “Owen?”

“That…” Owen opened his eyes and gazed down at Dean where he sat between his legs. His brow pinched together, and his lips pursed into a tight line. “I need to go.”


Dean was in a state of shock as he watched Owen stumble back as he tried to tuck his dick back into his pants and run up the stairs. Owen didn’t look back as he made his escape.

“What the hell just happened here?” Dean asked himself.

Sitting on the floor all alone after what just happened between him and Owen made Dean feel cheap and used. He’d never felt his way before. A blowjob was just a blowjob. He’d given plenty of them in the eight years since he started having sex. So why did he care so much that Owen just walked away without saying a fucking word?

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