[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
The ghost of Brandt Taylor’s past haunts him every day. After losing his entire family, Brandt feels as if he can’t breathe. It’s too hard to deal with the memories, and he’d be happy to run free as a wolf for the rest of his life…if it wasn’t for Julian Culver. 
Julian never asked to be some wolf shifter’s mate. In fact, he was living a happy life until Brandt literally knocked him off his feet. Even though three years have passed, the attraction Julian feels toward Brandt has never weakened, and Julian’s starting to wonder if he can live without his heart. 
If there is one thing about life Brandt knows all too well, it's how short it can truly be. He’s sick of running and he’s ready to claim his mate, but he’ll have to hurry. Someone else has their sights set on Julian, and it’s up to Brandt to save what could be the greatest love of his life. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Lone Wolf (MM)
16 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love this series. Julian is a character that you just fall in love with. He has had hard time after his mate claim him and leaves him. After two years Julian has had enough and decide to make a change. Agree to a date with Jay his boss brother. What will happen when Julian mate comes back into town and will Jay step away? The intense scene will keep you on the edge Highly Recommend
virginia lee

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“Okay. I’m done.” Alex set down the tattoo gun and patted Julian on the forearm. “Ready to take a look?”

“Yeah.” Julian stretched his arms over his head and tilted his head from side to side, bones popping. Alex handed him a mirror and Julian stood and walked over to the full-length mirror on the wall. “Holy shit, Alex.” Julian moved the mirror from side to side to get a better look. “It’s amazing.”

“I know.” Alex shrugged. “I did do it, after all.”

“Nice to know you’re so modest.” Julian couldn’t stop looking at the tattoo on his back. It was nearly identical to the wolf that had attacked him over two years ago. What captured the true essence of the wolf were those blue eyes. They looked human on the wolf’s face, and only Julian truly knew why.

It seemed like a lifetime ago. He’d been at the wedding rehearsal for his brother, Daniel, and his fiancée, Kelsey. The day had been going well. Then the wolf showed up. Julian had been so terrified, especially when it lunged at him. But in that one brief moment, when their eyes connected, Julian saw the truth behind those frantic eyes. His fear had turned to sympathy, then to longing.

In the beginning, Julian didn’t have a name for these feelings that took root inside him, but then his oldest brother, Bennett and his mate, Shay had a talk with him. Now Julian knew the truth behind the wild wolf that had bitten him. The wolf shifter’s name was Brandt and he was Julian’s mate—or so everyone thought. Julian hadn’t been sure he truly understood what that meant, but now he did. The pain in his chest he felt each and every day made him a believer. Some things in life weren’t meant to be understood—they just were.

Julian had been unaware of shifters living in the world. Had he not seen it with his own two eyes, he’d think it still wasn’t possible. He watched in fascinated horror as humans turned into wolves. The sickening sound of bones breaking and skin stretching nearly made him puke. It was amazing and frightening and so unfreaking believable.

His sister-in-law, Kelsey, was part of a wolf pack. She had the ability to change into a wolf whenever she wanted. It was a trait that was passed down to Julian’s new baby niece.

Wolf shifters were just like humans. They woke up each day only wanting the same things as the average person: to live a normal and safe life. For that alone, Julian wasn’t afraid of them. The Nehalem pack had made them members and treated them like family. So what if they got furry a few times a month? It didn’t make them bad people.

“Hey, when you’re good, you’re good.” Alex laughed. Julian glanced over at his boss and friend as he started to take apart his tattoo gun and clean his workstation.

Julian looked back into the mirror and stared at the artwork covering his entire back. The detail that Alex put into it was unbelievable. The strands of the white fur and the detailed outlining of its eyes and mouth—it looked as if the wolf were about to jump off his back. The wolf was gorgeous, and now, even though Brandt had run off and left him behind, Julian would have a forever memorial of the man on his back.

Julian stared out at nothing as the memories of Brandt’s introduction into his life came over him.

Julian was sitting on the bench behind the piano playing the wedding hymn as Kelsey walked down the aisle. It was a sunny day and a little on the warm side but it was magical. Julian was so happy for his brother Daniel. Daniel had found the love of his life and was making the ultimate commitment. Julian hoped that one day he’d find that someone special that completed his life. 

The sounds of snarling and heavy foot falls were had Julian looking up. Charging toward him was a white wolf but no like the kind of wolves one would see in the zoo, no this was one was massive and had its eyes trained on him. Julian didn’t know what to do so he just stood there.

The impact knocked the breath from his lungs and the bite into his shoulder made his cry out but the pain only lasted for a moment. 

“What do you want?” Julian asked the wide-eyed man that lay on top of him. The blue of his eyes glowed against his tan and dirt streaked skin. Julian held his breath as he waited for an answer that was never to come. 

Brandt might be gone but he was never far from Julian’s thoughts, and that was an annoying factor in Julian’s life. It was insane for him to want a lasting memento of the wolf that had left him, but in an odd way it made Julian feel less alone.

“Really, though, Alex.” Julian sat the mirror down. “It’s amazing.”

“Hey, man, you drew the picture. I only colored it into your skin.”

“But still, thanks.” Julian didn’t know anyone else who did work like Alex. The man was a true artist. 

“No sweat, man.” Alex waved off the compliment. “I have to ask, though. How did you come up with this design? It’s very detailed.”

Julian trusted Alex and wished he could tell him the truth but he didn’t want Alex to think he was crazy. “Came to me in a dream. Pretty sweet, huh?”

“Very.” Alex stared in the mirror at Julian’s back.

“Now tape me up.” Julian turned his back to Alex. 




Julian turned around to face Brandt, only to be shoved up against the door. Brandt sealed his mouth to Julian’s. He moaned and arched into Brandt’s solid body. Julian’s head spun as he let go and did what he’d been wanting to do for two long years: feel.

Julian slid his arms up and over Brandt’s shoulders to wind his hands in Brandt’s long hair. He tugged, pulling Brandt down toward him. Brandt grunted and in response, dropped his hands to grip hard at Julian’s ass.

“I’ve waited so long to do this,” Brandt said against Julian’s neck. His hands roamed up Julian’s chest, shoving the sweat up and out of the way. “God, you’re so beautiful.”

Brandt lowered his head to run his tongue around Julian’s left nipple, plucking at the barbell piercing in it. Julian’s head fell back to bang against the door but he felt no pain. The pleasure that Brandt was slamming down on his body made him feel as if he were flying.

“So good,” Julian groaned as Brandt switched sides to play with his other nipple.

Julian’s cock filled to its full seven inches and pressed painfully against his zipper. His balls were drawn up tight to his body and his heart pounding was deafening in his ears. He was so close to coming and they’d only just started.

“I’ve had dreams about this,” Brandt said against his skin. He left his hot saliva along Julian’s skin as he lowered to his knees, kissing and sucking every inch along the way. Julian’s legs wobbled and his muscles quivered. “Kissing your body from head to toe and back again.” Brandt swirled his tongue in the indentation of Julian’s belly button. Julian thrust this hips forward, wanting more. “Making you so hot that you screamed my name.” Brandt unfastened Julian’s pants and shoved them down to his knees. He leaned in closer and breathed in deeply of his scent.

“Oh God, Brandt.” Julian put his hand on top of Brandt’s head, holding onto his hair. He couldn’t stop the mewling sounds he made as Brandt sniffed and kissed along the base of his cock. Brandt lightly stroked along his length. “Fuck!” he screamed as Brandt lowered his hot wet mouth down his hard shaft.

Julian saw stars as that smooth tongue lapped around the leaking tip, then went lower. Brandt sucked him down to the root and fondled his balls in an erotic symphony of pleasure. Brandt knew exactly how to play Julian’s body to get the desired effect.

The prick of sharp nails scraped down the back of his thigh and Julian couldn’t hold it in any longer. He came, shooting his thick load straight down Brandt’s throat. Brandt hummed as he licked him clean.

“That was amazing.” Julian slumped against the door. He combed his fingers through Brandt’s golden hair. “I think I might pass out.”

“Not yet, you’re not.” Brandt stood and wrapped his strong arms around Julian’s waist, picking him up.

“Brandt.” Julian made an unmanly squeak as Brandt carried him toward his bedroom. “What are you doing?”

“Finally claiming my mate the proper way.” Brandt tossed him on the bed. “I hate to sound bossy but take your clothes off, now.” Brandt smiled and Julian swallowed deeply at the sight of his sharp, bright white teeth.

Julian made quick work of following his lover’s orders. He tore his sweater off and flung it onto the bedroom floor. He kicked off his shoes, then shimmied out of his boxer briefs and tight jeans. He lay there naked as he watched Brandt unbutton his shirt.

Brandt’s greedy eyes never once looked away from Julian. His spent cock twitched as if filled back to full hardness. Julian stroked his hand up and down his length while he watched Brandt finish undressing.

Julian has seen Brandt naked only once before, and it was an image he’d never been able to get out of his mind. He was happy to finally look upon that strong magnificent body and get to touch Brandt in the way he’d longed to for so long.

When all the buttons were unfastened, Brandt pulled the shirt off his shoulders. He paused long enough for Julian to get a good look. His pecs were defined and tipped with to perfectly round pink nipples. The thick slabs of muscles that covered his abdomen looked to be carved from stone. Julian held his breath as Brandt shucked his pants. Dear God, the man wasn’t wearing underwear. His thick, hard cock sprung free to sway in the air, too heavy to stand upright. Brandt’s cock was over eight inches long and thick like a soda can. Julian had never seen a dick that big before, but was excited to take a ride on it.

Julian sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. He reached out toward Brandt and glanced up to get permission. Brandt nodded his head and rested his big warm hands on Julian’s shoulders.

A bead of clear juices hung at the tip of the fat mushroom-shaped head. Julian flicked out his tongue to get his first taste of Brandt and it was everything he’d imagined it to be. His eyes fell shut and he moved closer to press his face into the crease of Brandt’s thigh. He breathed deeply, then nuzzled his nose against Brandt’s balls. He smiled when he heard Brandt groan. He wanted to hear more of those lovely sounds and kissed the weeping tip.

“That’s so good, baby.” Brandt moved his hands to cradle Julian’s skull. “Suck my cock. Suck down every last inch.”

Julian shuddered at the order. He never knew how much he’d liked being told what to do. In his everyday life, he was very independent and told others what to do, but in this moment he loved the dark, deep drawl of Brandt’s voice.

“Open your mouth, Julian.” Brandt fisted his hands in Julian’s hair and pulled hard enough to sting. “Show me how much you’ve missed me.”

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