Hold Me Tight (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,049
3 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, capture, HEA]
Kenzie Williams has always been attracted to Riker Johnson. But Riker was her brother-in-law’s partner on the police force. Riker never showed any signs of liking her as anything more than a friend. Kenzie moves on and enters another relationship. One that ends in disaster. Riker starts to show an interest in her which leaves her a little confused. Why now when her life is a disaster?
Riker Johnson always thought his partner’s sister-in-law was a beauty but she was young and innocent. He was cynical when it came to love. He didn’t think he had what it takes to be in a serious relationship so he avoided her. When she is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Riker goes into action. And what better way to protect her than by spending time with her? He didn’t count on falling in love though. Can he make the commitment to Kenzie she deserves or will he leave her broken hearted?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hold Me Tight (MF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Hold Me Tight (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,049
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Tonight she stood in Ava and Greg’s elegant new home, feeling uncomfortable around so many people. Her sister would laugh and say, “Fifteen people is not a crowd, silly.”

Ava had always been the social butterfly of the pair, even when they were younger. Kenzie was the quieter, shyer version of Ava. Ava was outgoing and vibrant. Kenzie often wished she could be more like Ava. Her sister would never have let a breakup bring her down the way Kenzie had. Ever since her breakup with Peter Clayton, Kenzie had been in a depressed state of mind. It wasn’t that she had been in love with her ex-boyfriend either. Peter Clayton had been an expert at making people see what they wanted to see. She had admired his suave, sophisticated persona. Underneath he had been cold and calculating, a fact she found out too late.

Kenzie had been envious of her sister’s loving relationship with her husband Greg and she wanted something like that, too. Instead, as the months passed, Peter tried to take over every aspect of her life. He questioned her when she worked late and demanded to know who she had spoken to if her phone rang or buzzed with text messages. He made firm statements on how he thought she should dress. Finally she had summoned the courage to break up with him. A horrible argument had taken place between them before he slapped her across the face, shocking her. He had been harsh with her but never violent. He told her she would never find anyone else, and a small part of her wondered if that might be true. She never had many boyfriends, not like her sister Ava.

“Aren’t you glad I forced you to go shopping with me? I am so glad you took my advice and bought the green dress,” Ava said in her ear. Kenzie had been so lost in her thoughts she hadn’t seen her sister approach. Kenzie turned her head and looked at her sister, who was older by three years. Ava was tall and slender, and although Kenzie was only slightly shorter, she could never achieve the thinness Ava had. Ava wore a short burgundy dress and black heels. Her reddish blonde hair was up in a fancy twist. She looked cool and sophisticated as always.

“Advice? It sounded more like a threat to me. I was afraid to buy anything else.” She wouldn’t admit she loved the silky feel of the material as it clung to her curves. It was low-cut but not tacky. She was well endowed on top and hated showing that feature off. Peter would never have approved of the dress and that made her like it more. A little rebellion that made her feel good. She was glad to be single. Obviously luck was not with her in the romance department. She would settle for being a great aunt someday.

Ava giggled and rolled her eyes. “Whatever. You look amazing and you’re smiling. Admit it sis, you’re having a good time even if you haven’t touched your wine yet. Are you finally getting over Peter? It’s been weeks since your breakup.”

She should have known she couldn’t fool Ava. Kenzie really didn’t want to think of her lying, cheating ex. She wanted to keep it all in the past and just move forward. “I think your detective husband is rubbing off on you. I was over Peter the day we broke up. We hadn’t been doing well. I just didn’t want to admit failure. It reminded me too much of Mom.”

Ava put her arm around Kenzie’s shoulder in a show of support. “You are nothing like that lady who gave birth to us. And failure is the last word I would use to describe you.”

Ava had a lot of anger for their mother and Kenzie regretted bringing her up, even briefly.

“Peter was the failure, Kenzie, not you. You stayed and put up with his chauvinistic ways for way too long. I was thinking of strangling him, so I am glad he is out of your life now. I would have had to hire my own partners to get me out of trouble if I had witnessed him hitting you.”

She was so lucky to have a great big sister like Ava. Their mother had never been good at being a responsible adult. Ava and Kenzie had learned young to take life seriously and learn how to support themselves by working after school. Now that Ava was married, she was relaxing a lot more and had even cut down on her hours at the law firm she worked at.

“I know I have been moping around, Ava, but I am doing better now. I promise.” She knew her sister had been worried about her. Kenzie had thrown herself into her work so she wouldn’t have much time to go over her messed up relationship with Peter. Otherwise she would analyze every second and wonder what she did wrong. Kenzie had always been the worrier of the two. Ava was always optimistic.

Kenzie changed the subject away from her tragic love life. She smiled at her sister and set her glass down on a table. Her fingers ached from holding the full glass all night. “You look hot, by the way. I can’t believe Greg is letting you run around a room filled with so many sexy men.”

Kenzie glanced around the crowded room. Ava had rearranged the furniture so there was a large area in the middle for dancing. Her husband Greg Jenson was a detective with the New York police force. His co-workers and a few of Ava’s friends filled the room. Kenzie could see the dining room and noticed some people were in there enjoying the food Ava had catered in. Greg’s parents had stopped by earlier but had left already. Ava enjoyed having what she called an example of normal parents around. Lewis and Phyllis Jenson adored Ava. Personally Kenzie thought they were a little uptight. They always made her feel like the poor relation because Ava worried so much over her little sister.

“Greg is busy talking to Riker in the other corner. I’m sure they are talking shop, so come with me and we can break it up.”

Ava grabbed her by the hand, pulling her out of her nice, safe corner. Kenzie’s pulse started racing as she glanced at Riker Johnson, her brother in law’s partner.




Kenzie smiled and tried not to blush. He was going to think she was some young girl with her first lover. She had lovers before but none like Riker. Riker made her feel wild and uninhibited. Things she never felt with anyone else. She had fantasized about him plenty of times over the last two years. In her mind, they had already done so much. Hopefully the reality would match her fantasies.

She bravely held out her hand to him. He took it and she led him to her bedroom. She was glad she had straightened up. A small lamp was on by the bed. She didn’t want the lights to be bright, but she did want to see him naked. She would commit every second to memory.

He unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor. He caressed her nipple with his thumb, then he replaced it with his tongue. His tongue swirled around the tip lovingly. She felt her stomach tighten with desire. He started sucking harder and she held on to his hair with her fingers. It felt so good.

He took off his T-shirt and it was her turn to explore him. She loved his muscular form. His chest was smooth and sculpted. She ran her hands up and down his chest, placing kisses as she explored.

They took off the rest of their clothes and laid down on the bed together. He trailed kisses down her neck and to her collarbone. He traveled to her shoulder, softly nicking her skin with his teeth. By the time his lips finally reached her breast, she felt like she was going to explode.

She ran her hands up and down his back. Her head was tilted back as he feasted on her breasts, taking the tip into his mouth and sucking it hard. She heard a moan and realized it was coming from her. She gripped his hair with her hands as he suckled on her.

Her wondering hands found his cock. It was hard and felt big. She grabbed it with her hand and she lovingly stroked him up and down. It was his turn to moan. She loved the heavy feel of it in her hand. She wanted to put her lips on it and taste him. It might be her only chance and she wanted to try everything.

“That feels good, baby, too good,” he admitted, wiggling around. “I have been wanting you for a long time now. I am so excited I might just explode before we begin. Are you on the pill, baby?”

“Yes,” she whispered, glad now that she had never stopped taking them even though her and Peter were over. “I even got myself checked after Peter, and I was clean.”

“I am, too. I always use a condom, but I trust you and I want to feel your pussy clench around me.”

He opened her thighs and she felt his hands at her pussy. She felt a little embarrassed that he would see how wet she was already. They had barely gotten started and she was soaked.

She tried to close her legs but he stopped her.

“I’m glad you’re so turned on. I’m so hard that one touch from you will set me off like firecrackers,” he said softly.

She felt his hands exploring her where not a lot of men had before. Peter hated oral sex. She quickly pushed him out of her head. He had no place here. This was her one night with Riker. His finger swiped her clit and she almost jumped off the bed. His touch felt good. She felt so hot like she was melting inside. She closed her eyes and felt his tongue sweeping across her folds.

She was never going to last. She wanted their one and only time to be memorable and long not quick and easy. He was thorough with his tongue.

“That feels so good, Riker. I have wanted you for a long time, too.” Her insides felt like liquid fire. Little shivers of delight traveled through her body making it hard for her to stay still.

“I have all night long to explore and play with you. Things I have dreamed of doing,” he assured her with a sexy grin and went back to licking her pussy.

When she finally came, he leaned on his arms above her. He aligned his cock with her pussy and pushed in. She gripped his shoulders and held on tight. This was a big moment. The first time she would feel Riker enter her body.

She had wanted this forever but it had always seemed like an unattainable dream. Now here she was with him inside her body. She knew for him it was a one-night stand, but for her it was so much more. Each stroke he made melted her heart and filled it with deep, strong emotions.

She closed her eyes so he wouldn’t see how affected she was by him. She had to remind herself he wanted no emotions involved.

Her sighs turned into loud moans. He felt so good. He held onto her hips and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They glided back and forth in a rhythm that made her see stars.

She felt his hot breath on her neck as he buried his face. His tongue swiped her sensitive skin and goose bumps spread out along her skin.

“Oh Riker, I always knew being with you would be amazing.” She could barely talk.

His only answer was to groan. His heavy breathing tickled her ear. His skin was hot and sweaty as he thrust in and out.

“Oh yes, harder Riker. I won’t break.”

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