[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werwolves, cross-dressing, HEA]
Raphael Angel had been held captive and abused for years until he is rescued and brought to the pack of his brothers. There he meets his enforcer mate Christian, but Christian cannot claim Raffy. The horrors in Raffy’s past make him unable to be touched by anyone, so how can Christian claim him? The two spend time together and want nothing more than to be together, but what holds Raffy back is his anxiety over how his mate will react to his desire to wear women’s clothing.
Raffy and his brothers Gabriel and Castiel go missing and Alpha mate Jesse falls under a spell that traps him in his own mind in a loop of hell.
The pack turns to the demon warrior, Phenex, for help as the mates stand together to save Jesse and their mates as the paranormal council is destroyed. A confrontation between the evil Nigel Brighton unfolds, and the man known as the heart is finally revealed.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Underneath (MM)
15 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I have to say of All the books I have read in this series, this.one is by far my absolute.favorite! The love that all the mates show is so amazing! This series is more than just sex,sex,sex. Its about the trials and hardships that now just the main characters but all the characters. Truly an amazing book by an amazing author.
Great Story, look forward to the next one in the series
Mountain Mist




Micah opened the door to the guest room where Cass’s new brother was staying. They all walked in except Cass. He stood in the hall for a moment just staring at the floor. Christian placed his hand on Cass’s shoulder from behind and gave a small squeeze, trying to reassure his friend that everything was going to be okay. Cass lifted his head and squared his shoulders. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then took a step into the room.

Christian followed, and as he stepped fully into the room the most incredible smell washed over him. It was sweet and flowery, but had an undercurrent of man. He loved it. He wanted to find the source of this magnificent aroma and roll around in it naked. His cock started to fill and his teeth were getting itchy. He searched the room for the source and found the cutest, most beautiful man he had ever seen in his life sitting up on the bed. He was leaning against the headboard and the covers were pooled around his lap. The man was on the small side and he didn’t look like he weighed all that much. He had light, sandy-blond hair that had white streaks in it and looked like it was braided and went down his back. His eyes were unbelievably light blue, like a glacier. His face looked so soft and angelic. He was stunning. There were no other words that Christian could think of in this moment except stunning.

“Castiel, this is Raphael, your brother.” Micah introduced them, bringing Christian out of his lust-filled fog.

Micah’s words snapped something inside his brain and he suddenly felt a great loss. He watched as his best friend stopped at the side of the bed and held out his hand. The beautiful man in the bed reached out, clasped Cass’s hand in a shy handshake, and then quickly pulled his hand back.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” Cass whispered, and Christian could see that his friend was in pain over the guilt he was feeling over not being there for his brother.

Christian stepped closer and the aroma got stronger and his cock filled more. He was glad he had worn a button-down shirt that he had left untucked, because it hid the evidence of his arousal. But if he didn’t pull himself together soon the other wolves would be able to smell how turned on he was.

“It’s okay, Castiel. As you said, you didn’t know,” Raffy answered, and Christian was a total goner. The man’s voice sounded like angelic harps and bells to him. He was so soft spoken and shy, but his voice wasn’t feminine. It wasn’t a deep manly voice like the rest of his enforcer brothers. It was…perfect. The sound of the beautiful man’s voice sent him over the edge. His cock was now at full attention and hard enough to drive nails through concrete. His heart raced and his canines started to descend. He could feel his wolf coming to the surface and clawing against him to get to the little man on the bed. His wolf was howling, mine. Realization dawned on him, and he couldn’t believe what he now knew to be true. This cute little creature was his mate. His best friend’s brother was his mate. This sweet, abused man was his mate. This omega was his mate.

Suddenly Christian felt like someone had kicked him in the balls and thrown cold water on him. Fate had blessed him in finding his mate, but what was he going to do now? This was Raffy and that meant there were so many reasons he couldn’t claim what fate had deemed his. His felt like his heart had suddenly broken, and it was over someone he didn’t even know.

“Christian? Christian, what’s wrong, man?” Cass asked from in front of him. He blinked a few times and focused on his best friend’s face. He could see the confusion and worry on Cass’s face. He looked around at everyone staring at him. Then his eyes met Raphael’s, and he melted. He could see on his face that Raphael knew they were mates too. He wasn’t sure what to do. He would never deny his mate, but he didn’t see how he could ever claim him. He needed to think. He needed to run. That was it, he needed to get out of this room and run so he could think. He needed to talk to his best friend, but for the first time since they’d met, he couldn’t. He knew he couldn’t talk to Cass about this. It could affect their friendship, but it could also affect their relationship if he denied his mate.

“I–I’m okay,” he said with a fake smile, hoping it would fool his friend. He focused back on Cass’s face. “I just forgot I was supposed to help Lexi with something.” He lowered his voice. “Do you really need me here? If you do I will stay, but I think you need a little alone time with your brother.”

Cass placed his hand on Christian’s shoulder and gave an encouraging squeeze. “It’s okay, man. Go do what you need to do. Thanks for being here, but I got this.”

“Okay. I’ll meet up with you later. Maybe we’ll go shoot some more pool,” Christian said, and turned. He left the room.




“Turn over, baby,” Christian whispered. But Raffy couldn’t move, his body was floating on a cloud and he couldn’t get it to move. Suddenly he felt his body moving and he opened his eyes slowly to find Christian looking down at him with a soft smile. Christian lowered his head and started licking his neck. His eyes closed and a low feral moan escaped his lips as Christian sucked a spot on his neck. “Gods that feels so good,” he said with a moan.

Christian continued his licking and sucking across his collarbone and down his chest. Suddenly his nipple was engulfed in wet heat as Christian sucked on the hard nub. His body arched off the bed and a shiver raced down his spine from the pure ecstasy that Christian was bringing to him. His mate released his nub and licked his tongue across his chest to the other nipple, giving it the same attention.

“Christian, please…I can’t…I need. Please,” Raffy begged as his body writhed. But Christian wouldn’t be stopped from his mission. He licked and sucked his way down Raffy’s stomach, and Raffy felt that amazing mouth on his leaking cock. The man licked the tip and circled his tongue around the head. He continued to lick and suck down Raffy’s shaft to the base and then around to the other side and did the same thing as he worked his way back to the tip.

Christian cupped his balls in his hand and gently rolled his sac. Then he took the tip of Raffy’s cock in his mouth and sucked on the hard shaft. Raffy’s hips shot off the bed from their own free will, driving his cock into the back of Christian’s throat. The move didn’t faze his big mate. He just kept sucking and sliding his mouth up and down Raffy’s shaft.

Christian stopped moving for a moment, but suddenly he felt a wet finger against his hole and a shiver of want tore through his body. He wanted his mate inside him. He couldn’t go without him another day. Christian pressed his finger into his hole and Raffy saw stars. His head thrust from side to side in a frenzy. “Christian. Please, mate. I want to feel you inside me,” he begged.

A second finger entered him, and he thought his head would explode. Christian thrust the fingers in and out of him as he scissored them. By the time Christian reached four fingers, Raffy felt like he was a writhing, moaning body of molten lava. “Please…” he called out on a shaky breath.

Christian slipped his fingers from him. He immediately missed the contact and whimpered at the loss.

He felt Christian pick up his foot and slide the heel back on, then he repeated it with the other foot. Christian wrapped his hands around his ankles and lifted his legs up. He opened his eyes and watched as Christian moved closer to him and lined his long, thick cock up to his hole. Christian’s eyes snapped up to his, and he could see all the lust, need, and love that Christian had for him.

Christian leaned forward, and their bodies pressed together as Christian licked his tongue across his lips then slid into his mouth. He kissed him with so much love and passion that it caused his head to spin again, and he was grateful he was lying down or he would have fallen by now.

Christian pulled back from the kiss, and he opened his eyes. Their eyes locked. “Keep your eyes open, angel. I want to see you as I make love to you.” Raffy felt the blunt tip of Christian’s cock press against his hole. “I love you, angel. With all my heart and soul,” Christian said with tears in his eyes as he pushed into Raffy’s quivering hole.

He cried out from the invasion and his eyes closed. “No, angel, look at me,” Christian said through gritted teeth. He snapped his eyes open and stared into his mate’s eyes. Christian slowly slid into him a few inches and then pulled back. He continued this until finally he was fully inside him. He cried out when Christian’s hard cock found that pleasure spot inside him. “Right there, sweetheart? Does that feel good?”

Raffy couldn’t speak. His emotions were all racing and twining together, and he was so overwhelmed with pleasure and love. He nodded his answer as a loud moan escaped when Christian hit the spot again. “Chris…tian, please…I…” But he couldn’t say anymore. His brain wouldn’t work. It was too busy feeling all the incredible things his mate was doing to his body.

“I know, baby. I feel it too. Gods I love you, Raphael Angel. How did I ever live all these years without you?” Christian said as a tear rolled from his eye and down his cheek.

“Claim me…I love you, Christian. I want to belong to you for eternity. Claim me…” Raffy said as his own tears ran from his eyes.

Christian wrapped Raffy’s legs around his waist and released his ankles. He dropped down on his elbows, holding his weight off his mate. Raffy turned his head and exposed his throat. Christian growled at the sight of his mate showing submission, and his wolf howled in delight at finally being allowed to claim what was theirs. Christian licked his neck where it met his shoulder, and a shiver raced through his body when he felt his mate’s sharp teeth graze his skin. Christian bit into his flesh as gently as he could. “Christian!” Raffy yelled out as his orgasm slammed through him. The feeling of his mate’s lips on his neck and his teeth inside him as he pulled his blood from him was the most exquisite feeling he had ever experienced.

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