Engineering Her Surrender (MF)

Novum Energy 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,620
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, whipping, HEA]
Having spent her childhood under the tyranny of an abusive set of parents, Penny Winters can’t help but shield her heart from the world. When she’s hired as an engineer at Novum Energy, Ethan White, her supervisor, has other plans in mind. Captivated by her passion and fiery spirit, he resolves to push past her tough front and train her to be the perfect submissive he knows she can be.
Despite her efforts to keep Ethan at bay, Penny finds herself unable to resist him. Under his guidance, she experiences a powerful sexual awakening that shakes her to her core but leaves her more confused than ever. Although she tries to deny her feelings for him, Ethan knows that she is driven by a fear of intimacy and convinces her to work with him on overcoming her insecurities. But when Ethan uncovers the dark secret that Penny’s life is in danger, he realizes that he’ll have to fight hard to gain her trust so he can make sure she survives the threat and stays with him forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Engineering Her Surrender (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Engineering Her Surrender (MF)

Novum Energy 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,620
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Penny was leaning forward in her seat and staring through the windshield at the construction site in front of them. It was quite an impressive scene to behold, but the frequency of Ethan’s visits to places like this meant that they had lost a bit of their magic for him. Not for Penny, though. From the way she was staring at the construction workers milling about, at the excavators and bulldozers and 400-foot crane, and at the three completed 260-foot turbines and dozens of other partially erected ones, Ethan could tell that this was an entirely new experience for her.

He cleared his throat, jerking Penny out of her apparent trance. “Pretty neat stuff, huh?”

“Um, ya,” she answered, trying to conceal her fascination by darting her eyes around the interior of the truck. “Pretty neat.”

Ethan shook his head. God, she was stubborn. And her behaviour was all too transparent. She didn’t want to let him see her excitement because she feared that it would alert him to the fact that she was lacking in job experience, and appearing as an inferior in any way was not something she’d allow.

“Okay,” he said, “we have a ton of stuff to do here before we head back into the city. First, one of the turbine generators has failed. This happens from time to time, and the first thing we do in this situation is check the—”

“Stator,” she finished for him. “I know, check the stator. I have a graduate degree in mechanical engineering, over here. Not some ignoramus fresh out of high school.”

Ethan felt his lips crack into a grin. “Jeez, you’re touchy. I just thought I’d go over the basics with you. That’s what I’m here for, you know. To train you. Answer your questions. Show you how things work…”

She huffed and rolled her eyes—none too subtly, Ethan observed. “Ya, well it would be nice if you didn’t have such low expectations of me. I’m pretty smart, you know.”

“Oh, I know.”

Penny jerked her face around to look at him. “Was that you being sarcastic?” she asked, her eyes narrowing.

Ethan threw his hands up in surrender, trying to suppress his growing amusement. “Jesus, Penny, no, I was not being sarcastic. I know you’re incredibly smart. Probably smarter than I was at my first job. I’m sorry for not realizing that you would know to check the stator.”

“Well, it was just a pretty insulting assumption, that’s all,” she mumbled under her breath.

Ethan bit down on his cheek. He’d had just about enough of her sass. “Okay, so before we check the goddamn stator on the generator,” he went on, “we’re going to have a word with some of the construction workers. I called ahead and they’re waiting for us in the trailer. Their work’s been getting a little shoddy lately, and the boss wants us to emphasize the importance of checking the turbine bolts, aligning the gear boxes properly, pitching the blades right, and all the little stuff in between. This is also the perfect time to introduce you to everyone.”

“All right,” she replied. “Sounds good.”

Ethan had parked in front of the large trailer they had rented for the duration of the project. He stepped out of his truck and headed for the door, opening it and standing to the side so Penny would go in ahead of him. There were ten or so workers standing around drinking coffee, and they all turned to face the newcomers when Ethan and Penny stepped inside.

“Hey, Ethan,” John, one of the foremen, called out. “Didn’t bring us any doughnuts this time, I see?”

Ethan let out a laugh and shook his head. “No, John, no doughnuts. I don’t want to fill you guys up with junk. It’ll slow you down out there.”

“That your new secretary?” John said with a wink as he gestured over at Penny.

Oh, God. That poor, poor man.

Ethan cleared his throat. “Uh, no, John, that’s not my—”

Penny put out a hand to stop Ethan from continuing. She stepped forward and placed the clipboard she had been holding on the front desk, her movements menacingly slow and methodical.

“Excuse me?” she asked, her face drawn taut with ire. “What was that, John?”

John’s eyes widened in alarm. He clearly hadn’t expected the “hot secretary” to fire back at him, and his body was so seized up that it looked like he was suffering a small stroke. “Uh, uh…” he stammered.

“Why don’t you go ahead and explain exactly what you meant by that comment? Because your sly little wink was so obvious that I’m sure everyone in the room saw it. So what did you mean, John? Do you think I’m some bimbo who takes Ethan’s calls and brings him his coffee and sleeps with him on the side?”

“Uh, no ma’am, I do not think that. I don’t think that at all. Not a bit.”

Ethan smiled. He had to hand it to her, she knew exactly how to command the respect of guys like this. They were all grizzled, churlish men in their forties and fifties, and they certainly did not respond to people who tiptoed their way around confrontation and relied on the arts of soft-spoken courtesy to assert control.

Ethan stepped forward and crossed his arms over his chest. “This, gentlemen, is Novum’s newest assistant mechanical superintendent. Her name is Penny Winters. Say hello, guys.”




“Penny,” Ethan said again, his voice calm and assertive, “put the papers down on the desk and look at me.”

For some reason that she couldn’t quite comprehend, she found herself doing as she was told, and it pissed her off to no end. She handed him the stack of papers, sat down in the chair before his desk and, after another moment or two of hesitation, finally flicked her eyes up to look at him.

“Still fighting yourself, I see,” he said with that smug expression on his face that she hated so much.

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not fighting anything. Last night—that was just two people who had too much to drink.”

He smiled. “You mean one person who had too much to drink.”

Penny gritted her teeth. “Fine. Whatever. I had too much to drink. And that was all it was.”

Penny jumped in her chair when Ethan suddenly stood up and walked forward to close his office door. She had to work to control her breathing and keep her eyes focused straight ahead of her when he came up and kneeled down behind her chair.

“I’ll wait for you to be ready,” he said quietly, his voice low and rough, “but I’m not waiting forever. And you can lie to yourself all you want, but you’re not fooling anybody, Penny.”

Penny squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her thighs together. He was so close to her, his face hovering just above her ear, but he wasn’t touching her. She could smell him—smell the deep, masculine scent that had intoxicated her the night before—and it was making her bottom lip tremble.

Ethan let out a deep, throaty laugh. “You don’t think I can see the way your nipples are hardening into tight buds at the sound of my voice? I bet you want me to suck on them. I bet you want me to bite and tug at them until you’re ready and begging for my cock.”

Penny wanted to die when she heard a whimper tear from her throat. She could feel her pussy start to cream, feel a deep, achy pressure start to build up in her lower belly.

“Tell me I’m wrong,” he whispered. “Tell me you don’t want me to bend you over this desk and smack your ass for being a bad girl.”

Her chest started heaving, her mouth went dry, and the throbbing between her legs became so intense that before she knew what she was doing, she was snaking her hand up her thigh to touch her pussy. She caught herself just before her fingers slipped beneath her skirt and froze, her hand quivering slightly.

“That’s it,” Ethan praised. “I want you to touch yourself. I want you to rub your clit while you bend over the desk for your punishment.”

Penny moaned, losing herself in desire. She didn’t understand it in the slightest, but she wanted to obey him so badly that she almost wept in frustration. He seemed to have total control over her body, and her arousal was so overwhelming that she was on the verge of begging him to fuck her.

“Don’t make me ask you again, Penny,” Ethan said as he moved to stand by the desk. “Do it now.”

She couldn’t resist anymore. She wanted it, needed it, and there was nothing she could do to convince herself otherwise. Penny slipped her hand beneath her skirt and panties and tentatively touched the tip of her forefinger against her clit. She threw her head back and gasped as pleasure shot through her pussy.

Ethan lifted her out of her chair and placed her over the desk, stretching one of her arms out in front of her and letting her keep the other between her legs.

“Wh–what are you gonna do?” she asked nervously.

“I’m going to punish you, Penny. You’ve been fighting me and you’ve been lying to yourself. And it ends now.”

Penny knew that she would hate herself for it later, but she wanted to let herself go, wanted to give herself over to him. She bit down on her lip as Ethan pulled her skirt and panties down to her knees and shivered in anticipation as she heard him take off his belt.

“I need you to keep quiet for me. Can you do that, Penny?” Ethan whispered.

Penny swallowed. The hot coil of pleasure in her pussy was winding up tighter and tighter, and she slipped a finger into her opening to try and ease the ache. “Y-yes,” she moaned. “Yes, I’ll be quiet.”

“That’s a good girl,” Ethan said as he smoothed his hand over her ass and squeezed her buttocks. “You’re going to be good from now on, aren’t you?”

Her cunt was soaked, and all the delicious nerve endings inside her were on high alert. “Yesss…” she breathed. “I’ll be good.”

Ethan bunched the belt in his hand and smacked it hard against her ass. Penny choked out a sob, digging the fingers of one of her hands into the surface of the desk, and the fingers of the other harder against her pussy. The flesh on her ass felt red hot and tender, but at the same time she felt her pussy throb all the more strongly, drip all the more earnestly.

Ethan grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and forced her head down against the desk. He struck her with the belt again, this time hitting the backs of her thighs. She let out a little cry, although she wasn’t sure if it was from the sting of pain or from being so close to coming.

Penny’s legs almost failed her when she felt Ethan rub the belt along the seam of her pussy. The rough, hard texture of the leather against the oversensitive folds of her cunt was so overwhelming that Penny couldn’t help but writhe in Ethan’s hold.

He tightened his grip around her neck. “Don’t struggle, Penny,” he ordered. “When you’ve been bad, you’re going to be disciplined. And you’re not going to fight me.”

“I’m sorry,” Penny whimpered, shoving a second finger inside her pussy. “I won’t, please…”

Ethan struck her with the belt once more, this time targeting the wet, swollen folds of her sex. Penny buried her head in the crook of her arm and cried out as her orgasm descended upon her. The walls of her pussy convulsed wildly against her fingers, and she had to bite down on her arm to keep herself from screaming when Ethan struck her pussy with the belt again and again through the waves of her climax.

After a few more sharp, quick slaps to her cunt, Ethan finally relented, leaving Penny panting, eyes squeezed closed, draped over the desk. She could hear that Ethan’s breaths were heavy and ragged as well, and he seemed to stand still and watch her for a moment before gently wiping off her pussy and pulling her panties and skirt back up to her waist. Penny was floating—drifting away in the hazy pleasure of her orgasm and the tender care of the man who was now scooping her up into his arms and cradling her against his chest.

“My Penny,” he whispered, caressing her jaw. “Such a good little sub.”

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