[Siren Menage Everlasting: Alternative Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/M/M, vampires, HEA]

Park Young-Jin and Johnny Khang are brought together when FPA headquarters comes under attack, and Park gets shot. In order to save Park’s life, Johnny, an FPA trainee, offers to change him into a vampire, and Park agrees.
Johnny knew that by changing Park into a vampire, he would be creating a blood bond. The consequences didn’t matter. His only concern was saving Park’s life. Soon after, Johnny learns that Park is Axel Lee’s mate. Even though he wants to stay with Park, Johnny leaves. He doesn’t have a choice. Park belongs to Axel. With distance, comes untamed desire. It’s impossible for Johnny to stay away from Park when he wants the young man for his own.
Axel is conflicted. Even though Park is his mate, he can’t deny the blood bond. Axel wants to keep Park to himself but, he knows that the young man is in pain without Johnny. It’s up to him to think of a solution that will make the three of them happy.
Intertwined (MMM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
Loved it!!!!




Park Young-Jin was sitting in an interrogation room at FPA headquarters when the overhead lights suddenly went off and the room plunged into darkness. A moment later, orange emergency lights started flashing and an alarm blared, the sound ringing throughout the facility. His heart skipped a beat and then started pounding wildly.

Park jumped to his feet. “What the hell is going on?”

Glancing at the two-way mirror, Park waited for someone to come in, but the door remained closed. Truthfully, Park didn’t know what to do. Should he open the door and look out into the hallway, or should he just sit here and wait? Uncertainty kept him inside the room. Nervous energy rushed through Park’s system, and he started pacing, walking back and forth. Park hated being stuck in this small room. He felt trapped and powerless. One human against a team of paranormals.

In truth, Park knew his life was over. The vampires funding the new blood serum project wouldn’t allow a loose-end like him to live much longer. As soon as he was released from FPA headquarters, his life would be over. It was only a matter of time. And although Park was tempted to tell the FPA everything, he kept his mouth shut. It wasn’t just his life on the line.

Several minutes ticked by, and Park’s anxiety slowly turned into fear. He didn’t want to be afraid. He hated that sickening feeling that gathered in his belly and twisted his guts, but he couldn’t prevent it from growing and spreading until it completely consumed him. Leaning against the wall, Park took a few deep breaths, trying to calm his nerves.

“Fuck,” he murmured. Park ran his hands through his hair, messing up the neatly combed strands. “What the hell am I supposed to do now?” 

Suddenly there was a loud blast, and then, the mirror exploded. Park heard a high-pitch whistle sound and felt his thigh burn as though he’d been hit with a torch. It was an excruciating burning sensation. Park’s legs instantly collapsed under his weight, and he dropped to the floor. Shock quickly gave way to realization, and Park screamed. He grabbed his thigh, holding it as he yelled in agony. Park kept his hands on his thigh as he rolled onto his back.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.”

Park panted heavily as his world spun out of control. He pulled his lower lip into his mouth and bit down, trying to muffle his cries of pain. Moisture filled his eyes, and tears leaked down his cheeks. He started shaking uncontrollably.

Park wasn’t sure how long he lay on the floor, but eventually a tall, well-built man opened the door leading to the interrogation room. He knelt down by Park’s side and picked him up off the floor. The simple movement made Park cry out as pain shot through his thigh. The guy carried Park out of the room. He rushed down the hallway, moving quickly. Park was aware of each step.

Pain, unlike anything he’d ever felt before, shot through his thigh, radiating to the rest of his body. His mouth fell open, and a blood-curdling scream worked its way up from his throat. “Ahhh…”

The man holding Park laid him down. Park lay there, panting, trying to catch his breath. After a minute or two, a different guy, someone Park didn’t recognize, dropped beside him. He pushed up his sleeves, unzipped a first aid kit, and put on a pair of latex gloves. He grabbed hold of Park’s jeans and ripped the material apart, tearing the fabric.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

“What?” Park asked. He fought against the pain as he tried to sit up to get a look at his leg.

“Stay down.”

The man put his hand on Park’s chest and applied a little bit of pressure, pushing him back down. He grabbed a handful of bandages and applied pressure directly to the wound.

Pinching his eyes closed, Park screamed. “Ahhh…”

“How are you feeling?” he asked. “In your extremities. What do you feel?”

Park tried to feel past the pain. “I’m cold,” he panted heavily, shivering. “I feel numb.”

“Shock is setting in.”

“Is my leg…” Park was almost too scared to ask, but he finished the question anyway. “Is it still there?”

“This is going to be painful,” the man said, shoving a handful of gauze into Park’s mouth. “Give me your belt.”

The man wrapped the leather around Park’s thigh, above the gunshot wound. He tightened the belt, using it as a tourniquet to try to stop the bleeding. Park tossed his head back, bit down on the gauze, and screamed. His entire body jack-knifed off the floor. The pain was intense. Park was sure he would pass out, but unfortunately, he stayed conscious. He felt everything.




Park removed his teeth. He pulled back and stared up at Johnny. The vampire wiped the pad of his thumb over Park’s lips, removing a few drops of blood. Park opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the man’s digit, sucking, and removing the last trace of blood from Johnny’s finger. 

Something dangerous flashed in Johnny’s eyes. The black globes swirled, darkened. Johnny pulled his thumb from Park’s mouth. He leaned down and, in a rush, pushed his tongue into Park’s mouth. Park felt as though he’d been penetrated. The kiss was intimate, deep. The vampire slid his tongue in and out, fucking Park’s mouth. Park welcomed Johnny’s tongue, losing himself in the kiss. Wild and passionate, the kiss went on and on until Park was dizzy and breathless.

Only when he’d completely submitted to Johnny did the vampire pull back. Johnny placed open-mouth kisses and little love bites along Park’s throat and chest. The bites stung, but Johnny didn’t break the skin, and he licked each one, leaving a sizzling trail to Park’s nipples. He laved one nipple, flicking his tongue back and forth, before moving to the next and giving it the same attention. Johnny moved down Park’s body, kissing and licking his way to Park’s needy cock.

The second Johnny took Park’s erection into his mouth, Park nearly came. He cried out, body spasming. Johnny pulled back, removing his mouth, and chuckled softly. And then, the vampire enveloped Park’s hard cock once more, torturing him. The man’s mouth, hot and wet and silken, glided over the head of Park’s cock. Tongue flicking and rubbing. Lips gliding, Johnny drew Park’s shaft deep inside his mouth. The vampire knew exactly what to do. His talented mouth and tongue brought Park to the brink over and over again until Park thought he might lose his mind. When he felt the vampire’s sharp fangs graze his shaft, Park’s eyes widened and his breath got caught in his throat. Then, Johnny slowly sank the sharp points into his flesh.

“Fuck!” Park shouted, completely unprepared.

He couldn’t believe this was happening. Johnny was sucking his cock while pulling blood from his vein. This was, without a doubt, the most erotic thing Park had ever felt. Pressure pooled at the base of Park’s spine, his release rushing toward him like a freight train. He wanted it to last longer, but there was no way he could hold out.

“I’m gonna…” Park barely had enough time to warn the other man as heat exploded, radiating out from his cock. As soon as he could speak, he said, “God, please, fuck me.”

Park was out of control. He no longer felt sane. How could he want more when he’d just come? How could he be so desperate? At this moment, if Johnny said no, Park thought he might lose his mind. Luckily, Johnny didn’t say a word. He simply flipped Park over so that he was lying on his belly. The vampire grabbed his hips, lifting him off the bed so that his ass was in the air.

“Lube.” Johnny growled the word.

Park looked over his shoulder, wondering who the hell the male was talking too. That was when he realized that there was another man in the room with them. Axel Lee. It was the FPA agent. Park met his light brown eyes. His heart constricted, and pain shot through his chest.

“It’s okay, love.” Axel smiled. 

For some reason, the words calmed Park. He didn’t understand it, and honestly, he didn’t have time to think about it. Later, when he had a clear head, he could think. Right now, Park’s body was screaming with need and desire.

The lion shifter opened the bedside drawer and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. He handed it off to Johnny.

The vampire opened the bottle of lube and coated his fingers with the slick substance. Park groaned. His muscles tensed, excitement warring with anticipation. He dropped his head, pressing his forehead against the pillow and took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. 

Using a single digit, the vampire circled Park’s hole, massaging the skin. Park tried to stay still, but it was impossible. He moved his hips, silently begging Johnny for more. The vampire didn’t disappoint. Johnny slowly pushed his finger into Park’s ass. He pulled out and then pushed in again, over and over.

Park squirmed.

After a few minutes, Johnny inserted two fingers, stretching him. Johnny crooked his fingers, rubbing Park’s prostate gland.

“Oh God,” Park panted. “Feels so good.” But it wasn’t enough.

Park swiveled his hips in a circular motion, thrusting back against Johnny’s fingers and then forward. He dug his claws into the sheets and blankets, tearing the material to shreds.

Johnny removed his fingers. He held Park’s hips in a tight grip, holding him immobile. The spongy head of Johnny’s cock kissed Park’s hole. The man pushed forward, slowly sinking into Park’s ass, and Park’s whole body felt the sensation. Big and hard, Johnny filled him. A cry spilled from Park’s lips. Johnny felt amazing inside of him. When he was buried deep, the vampire stopped, giving Park time to adjust. Soon, Johnny began to move in a slow, pumping rhythm.

“Ahhh,” Park groaned. He fisted the sheets, holding them in a tight grip as Johnny fucked him in deep strokes. 

Johnny roared as he pulled back and slammed forward over and over again. With each thrust, Johnny got farther inside of him. Johnny didn’t just possess his body. The vampire managed to get beneath his skin, into his brain, and shake his heart, leaving a permanent mark on Park.

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