Starlight (MF)

Warriors of Dareen 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,778
10 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Sci-Fi Consensual BDSM Romance, capture, spanking, flogging, HEA]
Kara Johnson has learned the hard way that she will always be alone. Her father died, and the man she thought she loved cheated on her. She has built walls around her heart to make sure no one can harm her again. Then a sexy FBI Agent shows up at the sheriff’s department where she works and turns her world upside down. She spends her days fantasizing about all the ways he could force her to submit to him, not believing he would ever be interested in her.
Joran is on earth hunting his enemy. He sees Kara, and suddenly she is all he can think about. He wishes he could keep her, but their laws are clear that humans must remain unaware of their existence.  When Kara is attacked, Joran is forced to reveal himself.  Joran gets his wish to keep Kara for his own. He uses dominance and his alien senses of truth seeking and empathy to win her heart.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Starlight (MF)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Starlight (MF)

Warriors of Dareen 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,778
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
WOW!! This story has it all- sexy heroine, hot aliens and steamy romance. Kara and Joran are a match made in the stars. Anxiously awaiting the next in the series.
Wow, my heart was in my mouth for a few pages. Gulp.



Kara held onto Laura’s arm as they walked across the street, giggling. Good thing it was a pleasantly warm night, so the walk home would be enjoyable. She figured she lived only about half a mile from the bar. She would put Laura in her guest room and get her car in the morning. She had a nice buzz without being drunk. Laura, on the other hand, was drunk, completely unable to drive. Drunk. Kara still wore a smile from watching Laura flirt with every man with tight jeans and a nice ass. Laura had been served a lot of alcohol by men who were only too happy to buy her a drink. The end result was Laura getting so drunk she could not drive her car. Kara knew she also had too much to drink to drive, although she could still walk in a straight line, unlike Laura. She had been singing and stumbling along, making Kara laugh at her silly drunk songs. Another reason Laura was her best friend, she was a fun drunk. She didn’t get stupid or angry or become a drama queen. Just a bit silly.

It was late. Or rather, early, since it was now after midnight. The streets were deserted. One nice thing about small towns was that they were shut down, except the bar, by ten at night.

“I thought Edmond’s closed already.” Laura squinted over at the closed-down store. Kara could see a faint light coming through the front door as well.

Kara’s anger rose. Someone was in there robbing her dear friend, Tom of the last of his store’s product before it could be auctioned off. “They did.” Kara replied, looking over at the store with a frown. Normally she knew better than to look into things by herself without calling it in at least, but she had just enough alcohol in her to make her foolish. Kara decided to go and have a look. If there were thieves, she would call into the station and get the assholes arrested. Kara’s heart raced at the thought of confronting thieves, but she would be damned if she stood by and did nothing while a friend was harmed.

“Let’s go see who is in there; if it is thieves, I can call it in.” Laura patted her back pocket. “Damn, I left my phone at the bar,” she slurred. At the same time, Kara was planning how to check out the store.

“You can get it in the morning. Besides, I do not think they will understand you. I can barely understand you.” Kara fully expected to find Tom in there doing some cleanup before he sold the building. “I have my phone in my purse anyways, if it is thieves and not Tom working late getting ready for the auction.”

“Shhhh,” Laura whispered over dramatically. “It is probably Tom, and we can scare him.” Laura had a goofy grin on her face while they crept over to the lot the store sat on. “We’re ninjas,” Laura said happily, then burst out laughing. She tripped over an unseen rock in the grass and landed on her back. She spread her arms out wide and laughed even louder when she accidently pulled Kara down with her.

“I am so drunk,” Laura slurred happily.

“Yes, you are.” Kara giggled, getting back up to her knees. “Lucky for you, I am not, so I can get us home in one piece.”

“I am so glad you came out with me,” Laura told her. She looked at her friend and smiled again. “We both needed to get out and have some fun.”

“I am glad you invited me, I really—” Laura’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. Her face twisted in fear and had gone pale, and she stared past Kara at something that seemed to terrify her.

“What?” Kara asked, then turned her face, not sure what to expect.

Kara let out a scream of her own. A monster was standing over them. Laura rolled one way and Kara lurched the other. Both just barely missed the massive fist that had come crashing down to try and smash Laura in the face.

Laura screamed as she tried to run, but she was too drunk and panicked to run. She kept tripping over her own feet and every unseen rock and stick on the ground.

Kara skidded to a stop when she realized Laura was not with her, and turned around to help her. There was not just one, but three monsters. They were huge, at least six and a half feet tall, and their brown, leather-looking armored suits still managed to show off how the monsters were solid muscle. They may have looked like big men, but their faces were terrifyingly monstrous. The monster had dark-grey skin with deep ridges on its forehead. Its eyes were sunk in and were blood red. It only had two holes in the center of its face instead of a nose, and the one that was snarling showed off a mouth full of needlelike fangs instead of normal, human-looking teeth. One stuck its tongue out, and it was forked like a lizard’s. They all had white hair on their heads that gave them an even more terrifying appearance.

Kara stood there frozen with her mouth open, yet too frightened to scream. Laura, on the other hand, lay on the ground screaming as the snarling one approached her.




Kara watched him get up off of the bed and walk over to a small dresser. He pulled out what looked like a vibrator, but it looked strange. Her legs ached from how he placed them up and bent them, but she did not dare move. Her pussy still throbbed painfully from its need for release.

“I am going to introduce you to the delights of anal stimulation with sex.” He walked back over to the bed and knelt between her spread legs. “I am going to get this nice and wet so it slides right in.”

“Wait, Joran, please. I don’t want anything up my ass.” She whimpered, seeing how huge the thing was. All she could imagine was pain. Ryan had fucked her up the ass once and she cried the entire time. It was not fun at all.

“Do I need to start your lesson all over again, Kara?” Joran asked in an ominous tone.

Her face drained of color and she shook her head no. “No! Please, I am just scared. It hurt last time anything was up there.”

“I promise to be gentle with you. If it hurts, I will stop,” Joran told her, his face full of confidence that she didn’t feel.

“How will you know?” she squealed trying to wiggle her ass away from the evil-looking vibrator.

“I have studied your every facial expression. I will know if you are in pain, my beautiful girl. Trust me,” he entreated.

He pushed the vibrator into her pussy, then pulled it out. He pushed it back in, twisted it, then pulled it back out.

“Oh,” Kara cried, gripping the ropes holding her hands up over her head. She did not expect it to feel so good.

“That’s it, my bonded, let your body take what I give you.” He knelt between her legs again and ran his tongue over her clit.

Kara moaned and pushed her hips up to his face to get more from him. She whimpered when he pulled the vibrator out. She was half afraid he would again leave her panting and in pain with the need to come. He stuck his tongue in her pussy, fucking it like he had with his cock. While it felt good, it did not relieve the ache pulsing in her clit. She whimpered while trying to push herself into his face.

“Hold on,” he warned her, then his mouth closed on her clit. He sucked on it hard while running his tongue over the top of it. At the same time, something hard and huge shoved against her ass. Her eyes opened wide. He really was going to fuck her ass with a vibrator, but he again sucked hard on her clit and all thoughts evaporated. She pulled her legs higher and farther apart as her orgasm rushed at her. A wave of pleasure crashed as burning pain seared in her ass. It combined, melting into a wave of pure bliss. Kara’s mouth opened wide as every muscle clamped hard. Everything disappeared but the feeling of his mouth on her clit and the stretching of her back hole. She shrieked when the orgasm gripped her, exploding throughout her body. Her hips bucked hard as she screamed. Lights flashed in her vision. Joran pulled the vibrator out of her ass, then pushed it back in, all while his tongue stroked her clit. Another orgasm crashed through her while her body shook.

She finally opened her eyes to see him smiling over her. “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever witnessed a lover of mine experience. You honor me with your body,” he told her. His eyes shone with something, but Kara did not dare think it could be love. They barely knew one another.

“Thank you,” she croaked, her voice close to giving out from all her screaming.

“Don’t thank me yet. We are far from done, my beauty.” Joran’s smile was sadistic.

“What are you going to do?” Kara asked worriedly. She did not know how much more she could take.

Joran twisted the vibrator and it suddenly came to life in her ass. She tensed as nerves she thought were sated were suddenly flaring back with need.

Kara bit her bottom lip and moaned again. “Joran, I can’t,” she hissed.

“Oh, you can, and you will,” he ordered her as his golden eyes bored into hers.

He climbed in between her legs and pushed his cock into her slowly. The vibrator in her ass made her pussy feel even tighter than their first time together.

Kara gasped as he forced his cock into her. He would pull out, then shove in harder, slowly entering her inch by inch.

“Fuck, oh fuck. Kara you are such a treasure,” Joran panted while pushing into her more with each thrust.

“Don’t stop. I will do anything, just please don’t stop,” Kara panted as he stretched her. She felt so overfull, but nerves she never knew existed screamed in pleasure. Finally, she felt his balls against her and knew he was all the way in. He stopped and rested his forehead against her.

“Do not move,” he hissed between clenched teeth. “I need to get my control, or I will spill too soon.”

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