Fueled by Lust: Drusus (MF)

Fueled by Lust 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,161
14 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, light spanking, HEA]
Drawn to Texas by a vortex link between Insedivertus and a plethora of potential mates, Prince Drusus Tarquinius focuses on ensuring the survival of his alien race. Avelina Roth is simply out on the town trying to forget her love troubles when their accidental meeting draws them both into a dangerous liaison that brings a hated enemy back into Drusus’s life and shatters Avelina’s belief that we are alone in this universe.
How does troubled in love Avelina Roth deal with the overwhelming Drusus Tarquinius, a force not of this Earth, when he engages her in his mating cycle the moment they meet?  Will Drusus overlook the past and move forward with the final mating?  Will Avelina survive to know the full depth of his love when the planetary war that pushed the aliens to seek mates knocks firmly on her door? 
Packed with plenty of romance, hot, hunky men, humor, and scorching, knee-wobbling sex, this author recommends gloves when reading.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fueled by Lust: Drusus (MF)
14 Ratings (4.5)

Fueled by Lust: Drusus (MF)

Fueled by Lust 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,161
14 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
OMG!!! Met the author in the elevator and heard about her book - downloaded it and absolutely COULD NOT stop reading it (at work no less). Decided I didn't want to get fired, so I MADE myself put it up til I could read it at home. Characters are sooo well written - wonderful plot/story lines and I love, love, love her characters - they are so 3 dimensional -- You go girl!!! Can't wait to read the rest. le from upstairs
Loved the characters. The story kept me engaged until I had to finish. I was an addict until I got my fix. Hope to read more from this author. Great book! I believe this is a must read.
Professional Reviews

"Who knew that Sci-Fi could be so sexy! If you have any doubts then read the Fueled by Lust series. I've only just read Drusus but am moving on to Severus immediately as I fell in love with their world - both the human one and the one through the vortex. Lina is a curvaceous, witty 'human' who has accepted her body and loves it the way it is (makes a refreshing change!) whilst Drusus is just H-O-T! We're talking sex on a stick here. I wouldn't mind being swept away by him. The wit is sharp, the sex is hot and the romance is sweet. Yes, it does all move fast - Lina admits that herself. However, with the help of a special fang necklace (trust me, it works!) they know that they are right for each other. A sassy, sexy, hot read - perfect for those summer evenings. Definitely recommended. " -- Merissa, Archaeolibrarian

4.5 STARS: "Big and beautiful, Avelina never kidded herself about her size. She had a healthy appetite, loved food, and was tired of guys trying to change that. Okay, so she would never be an anorexic Barbie doll with fake boobs and slender thighs, but she had a shapely figure—including naturally large breasts—beautiful hair, and she carried herself well. She also had a great personality and a good-hearted nature. Despite her string of bad boyfriends, she managed to retain a small measure of self-pride refused to be pushed around. And when her feelings got hurt or she felt down about her life, she had her best friend Cassie to boost her spirits. Cassie’s latest hair-brained scheme involved dragging Avelina to an exclusive strip joint in the middle of nowhere. Avelina had no idea how Cassie managed an invite but there was no refusing her friend’s excitement. Purposely dressed to avoid attention, she planned on sitting in the corner and nursing her wounded pride while Cassie went wild. One of them had to be sane for goodness sake. One look at the gorgeous men of Heat Seekers and Avelina thought she’d surely died and gone to heaven. It didn’t seem right or legal, even, to have so many bulging muscles, tight buns, and sculpted abs under one roof. No wonder women went crazy. Hell, if she weren’t certain none of them would be interested in the chubby girl on the sidelines, she’d be tempted to join Cassie and the other scantily clad, screaming women lined along the stage, ready to tuck a little green down the pants of a sexy guy. As her luck would have it, Cassie refused to let her sit and sulk. She forced her up front, shoved some money in her hand, and commanded her to have fun. All set to toss a few dollars and run, Avelina’s heart leapt to her throat when she came face to face with the most stunning man she’d ever laid eyes on. Drusus. In the blink of an eye and the brush of his hand, her whole world turned upside down. All set to perform his act and then return to his brooding, Drusus feels as though the air is sucked from his lungs when he lays eyes on Avelina. Who is this gorgeous creature shoving a wad of money toward his hand? Despite the bells of warning clamoring in his head, he has to touch her. As soon as he does, they’re both thrust into an adventure that will change their lives forever. Drusus—oh my goodness—even his name exudes sexiness. I was jealous of Avelina from the get go. Despite his outward appearance and ability to have just about any female he wanted, I think I fell in love with him even more when he chose her. The way he regarded her, both inside and out, spoke volumes about him as a man. Where others wanted to change her, he encouraged her to embrace the woman she was. He certainly never expected to find his mate, not after being hurt in the past. Even though he tries to deny what he feels, he never once treats her with disrespect or tries to take over her life. He might be an alien, but that doesn’t stop him from being a true gentleman. Avelina is equally supportive. When she discovers the truth about what Drusus is and the whole purpose behind the Heat Seekers ruse, she doesn’t get angry or run away screaming with fright. She takes the news surprisingly well and quickly vows to help him with his plight. She’s strong, funny, and kept me laughing at her witty sense of humor. Unfortunately, there are others from his past who will do anything to destroy his hopes of a better future for his kind, even if it means killing Avelina. Just when their relationship begins to bloom, Drusus’ enemy swoops in and threatens to ruin it all. He’ll have to work through deception and unbeatable odds to save the woman he loves. What else can I say? I really enjoyed Fueled by Lust: Drusus. Ms. Prater has penned an exciting, sexy, and passionate story the left me wanting more. I’m sure there’ll be many a reader who finds themselves wishing they had a Heat Seekers nearby. A girl can dream, after all. I even loved the secondary characters, especially Cassie and Severus. I could see that sassy little spitfire giving Severus a run for his money. If you’re into sexy aliens with some pretty amazing little tricks and full-figured women who aren’t afraid to be themselves, then grab a copy of Fueled by Lust: Drusus by Ms. Celeste Prater. It’s a rousing story with great characters, passionate sex, and the one thing we all long for…true love." -- Verbena, Long and Short Reviews

5 STARS: "At page 66 I already new what I was going to rate this book at and it earned 5 stars without a problem. A sorrowful past will make the best of men bitter, Drusus is no different. A male more than human, has it in his mind that he wont find his mate, but yet wears the mating collar so that if she is near he will know it. Avelina isn’t happy in the “relationship” she is in, I mean really who wants to change for someone?? She is the typical starving artist she may not like her boss but she does enjoy her job... it allows her to be around art. So Lina and Cassie her best friend arrive in a strip club, and Lina’s whole world is about to change. For the good?? or for the bad? Lina is drawn to the dance floor .. this male larger than life sexy as sin and she is lost mind, and body, probably soul as well. (smiles) Daniel (Drusus) isn’t all that he seems. As he is on the stage.. he rips his shirt tossing it to Lina and tells her to wait for him. Ms. Prater In so lovin your face about right now.. (smiles) Loved the book, the characters!! It just fit like a puzzle. It was really enjoyable to read the play by play between Drusus and Alina, even “Steven and Cassie”. The detail was just right.. not too much to be boring and not to little where nothing made since. The sex was even well detailed and scorching sheets type of hot and often. I hated it to end, and cant wait for the next one... I do and would recommend this.. enjoy. " -- Daria, RomFan Reviews

4 STARS: "Drusus is hot, no doubt about it. Avelina is average, in her eyes. When they meet and connect she becomes beautiful due to the confidence Drusus' interest in her makes her feel. It's rough going at first; what average female wouldn't wonder at a man with money and built like a Greek God suddenly having a devotional interest in you? But while biology and chemistry work together to bring these two together, they do have a say in things. I appreciated that Avelina wasn't too stupid to live when danger came knocking and Drusus warned her accordingly. She followed all his instructions but unfortunately that wasn’t enough. First story in a new series and so far so good. The speech patterns are a little awkward on the part of the Insedi but that makes for some entertainment later, I'm sure. This was a nice blend of legends of the past, explanations about Insedi biology and need to be on Earth as well as a creative way to have sex in a restaurant. Major revelations are made about the war between the Insedi and Protonecis and that doesn't end well for the protagonist in the story. I look forward to more developing romances in this series and the options are endless based on all the hot guys introduced throughout the book." -- Chris, Night Owl Reviews

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Lina settled into the surprisingly comfortable chair and glanced around. Women of every size, shape, ethnicity, and dress were milling around the dimly-lit, spacious club. The maroon-curtained stage was dark, but John Mayer was playing softly in the background, adding to the ambiance. Ah yes, my favorite pastime…people watching.

Flat-ironed hair appeared to be the predominant theme. That, and low tops with high skirts. Herds of giggling, skinny, young to who-gives-a-shit grandmas comprised the seething mass of estrogen. Shirtless waiters carrying trays of Jell-O shots above their heads weaved through the crowd. These men were built above average and not as packed as the poster hunks, but eye candy nonetheless. Glancing to her right, she spotted a grouping of black, high-backed sectional couches lining the dark walls, a drape of sheer black fabric hanging from ceiling to floor obscuring the dimly lit area. Lina surmised this was the designated area for the expensive, one-on-one private dances. Granted, she had never been in one of these clubs before but she wasn't ignorant of what they had to offer.

The gradual lift of the stage curtain accompanied by a disembodied, sultry, masculine voice brought her perusal and the floor action to a halt. “Ladies, Drusus is in need of a little love tonight. This cowboy believes he may have broken one of your hearts today. Who among you can bring him comfort?”

The opening electric guitar riffs of Sister Hazel’s “Your Winter” seeped out to the crowd like beckoning fingers. Women moved as one quiet body to plaster themselves against the stage. The agonizingly slow-lifting curtain began revealing black shit-kickers, leather chaps hugging long, muscular thighs, and a prominent bulge pushing out faded jeans below a glinting silver belt buckle. A tight, white wife-beater hugged his ridged abs, displaying sculpted pecs and broad shoulders. A thick tail of glistening, blue-black hair lay over his left shoulder, nearly reaching his small, tight nipple. A big leather-gloved hand gripped the horn of a saddle dangling by his right side, massive forearm and bicep flexing as he gradually lowered it to the floor. Slowly he went down to his knees, revealing a strong neck and jawline. A low-pulled straw Stetson hid his eyes, but only emphasized his full sensual lips and aquiline nose. Lina felt her heart flutter just taking in the massive size of this entirely too good-looking man. Mesmerized, she couldn't pull her eyes away from his fluid movements or the chiseled muscles working under that flawless skin. As the music strained and cried for the audience to forgive him, he stretched both arms out to the side, palms out, and slumped his head back, offering this body as compensation for his faults. His chest rose and fell quickly as he inhaled deeply and thoroughly.

As one, the crowd leaned closer, arms pushing forward, beseeching this beautiful creature to come to them. Head slowly tilting back down, one side of his lips lifted into a cocky grin as he gradually removed his gloves. Tossing them aside, he dropped slowly to his hands. He moved as a graceful predator now toward the enchanted, screaming women, rising back to his spread knees as their hands moved familiarly across his body and began stuffing money into his waistband. He lovingly ran his long fingers through their hair, touching exposed shoulders, kissing foreheads and cheeks before continuing slowly down the enthralled pack.

“Daaaayummmm!” exclaimed Cassie, jerking Lina from her open mouthed stupor. Lina’s eyes shot over to a wild-eyed Cassie vigorously pointing to their shot glasses.

“I need a drink and then some. Bottoms up, girlfriend!”

Simultaneously licking their left hands between thumb and forefinger then a haphazard application of salt, Lina and Cassie lifted their shots, clinked, and downed the fiery liquid. A quick swipe of tongue over salty skin, limes shoved between clenching teeth, they froze to enjoy the increasing warmth from gullet to belly.

Heaving a breathy sigh, Cassie perched her chin on her palm. “Now isn't this better than sitting in front of fifteen TVs tuned to ESPN while trolling guys with hot wing sauce dripping down their chins and a different type of six-pack under their shirt?”

Drawing in a cool gulp of what she considered the smoothest beer on Earth, Lina nodded enthusiastically at Cassie’s profile, still speechless even as she felt something shoved into her hand. Looking down at the wad of dollar bills, she stared stupidly at Cassie for a moment before shaking her head back and forth in denial. “Unh uh, no way.”

“Yes way. Get up there. I’m getting more shots. Go on now! I saw the way you were eye-balling him. Get a close-up, girl. Chest thumping, remember?” Unceremoniously pulling her from the chair and shoving her forward, Cassie pointed to the stage. “Quick, while the herd is thinning out.”

Walking on numb legs, clutching her stash of bills, Lina weaved her way through the tables, eventually sliding into an opening at the far end of the stage. The next song was beginning and the hunk picked up the saddle, tossing it to the side as if it weighed nothing.

Okay, calm the hell down, you idiot. He’s just a man…he’s just a man…hey is that Vertical Horizon playing now? I like that band…ah hell…he’s taking off his chaps…I knew it! His ass is magnificent! Not fair…not fair!”

Pulling her eyes away from his swaying body, she began smoothing out the crumpled bills in her shaking palm. One, two, three, four…is this enough? Why does Cassie wad her money this way? And why am I surprised? Her apartment screams of rumpled, too. Figures! Are those boots in front of me? No, those are knees now. Don’t look up…don’t look up…Ah hell!




“Nope, not before I finish this last shot and get the pleasure of stuffing some cash in Maxim’s caveman pants.” Cassie’s fingers fluttered in a mock good-bye as she dove into the crowd.

“Fine, but hurry up,” Lina groused, still mad at herself for giving that Lothario a second thought. Hugging her purse close in one hand, she downed the shot with the other. Slumping against the table, she screwed her eyes tight, losing herself to the choking fire.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Shooting upright at the deep voice, her back slammed into a hard wall of heat. Her purse dropped to the floor. Large hands gripped her shoulders, keeping her in place. She knew it had to be him. Breathing deeply of his specific scent, her head lolled back against his chest. Something pressed against her hair, warm breath caressing her cheek. The deep vibrations across her back and low-rumbling growl next to her ear snapped her to attention. Pushing his hands away, she swung round to face him. “What do you want from me?” With a valiant effort she kept her eyes to his, refusing to be intimidated by his overwhelming presence or zero in on how that black T-shirt clung to bulging chest and arms. He said nothing as she curiously watched his features soften then swiftly flicker from puzzlement back to stony determination. Had she just imagined the vulnerability before he masked it with that strong glare?

“I don’t know.”

Before she could huff out a comeback to his inane response, she froze when he rapidly moved his hands to the back of her head and removed her scrunchy. Slowly, he drifted his fingers through her hair, pulling it forward over her shoulders to drop against her breasts. His eyes lingered on her chest for a few moments before drifting back and locking with hers.

Instinctively, she grasped his thick wrists and casually moved them down to his sides, eyes never leaving his. Bravado firmly in place, she rose on the balls of her feet, reached up with one hand to the back of his neck, and began sliding the leather tie from his hair. Reaching the end of the silky tail, she gave it a quick tug. Lifting her chin higher, she cocked an eyebrow at his amused look.

Snatching her forearm, his face returned to that implacable stone he seemed to wear so easily. He turned her wrist to his nose and inhaled. Fascinated, she watched his sensual lips part and his pink tongue glide slowly across her wrist.

Suddenly flinging his head back, his eyes shut tight. Releasing a loud roar, he grabbed frantically at the center of his chest. White teeth clenching in agony, he yanked the front of his shirt forward then released it just as quickly. Those piercing, green eyes bore into hers as his beautifully arched brows lifted in surprise.

Breathless and frightened at the display, she tried to step back, but he only tightened his grip on her arm.

Dropping his chin to his chest, his breath came in labored bursts, his words low and gravelly. “Ah, mellisTam bona! So good, so good.”

“Who the hell is Mellis and what…oommphf!” She could do nothing but sink into the warmth of his sensuous mouth as it slammed down against hers. His tongue speared between her lips, demanding entry. He took ownership of her senses. He licked the inside of her cheeks, sucked her tongue into his mouth, nipped at her lips then soothed the stinging bites with a soft brush of his lips. She vaguely registered his big hands at her waist before he easily lifted and pinned her to the wall, his mouth never leaving hers. As his hard body pressed against hers, she threw willing arms around his neck, digging her short nails into his back. Oh! Christ, he tastes good! Releasing her waist, he pulled her thighs up to ride along his narrow hips. One broad hand cupped her ass as the other gripped her lower back, locking her in place. She felt his thick, hard length relentlessly pressing at her clit, fucking her through their clothes. Her heated pussy began clinching in response, aching for his heavy length to do more than press against her. Ripping her lips away from his, she buried her face in his neck, a low moan whispering across his skin, “Oh god! I’m going to come!”

“Yes my sweetness,” he hissed hotly into her ear. “Ride me. Feel how I want you.”

His hips rolled harder against the back of her thighs, pushing her jeans tightly against her clit with his hardness, stoking a fiery inferno already threatening to explode at any moment.

“Push that hot pussy on me! I feel your heat on my cock. That pussy is mine. Come for me!”

His raspy, seductive words alone took her over that fine edge. Her incoherent moan of completion stifled as his mouth slammed down on hers once again, drinking in her pleasure.

“Well, if this is what a private dance is like around here, where do I freaking sign up?”

Cassie! Oh shit! Jerking her head up, she gazed wide-eyed at the man wrapped around her. Chests heaving in unison, she gasped as he leaned forward and sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. She panted through the last throbbing pulses of the orgasm he had given her so easily. Releasing her slowly, he placed a soft kiss upon her lips. She read regret in his eyes, knowing they mirrored her own. Feeling the familiar heat rising across her chest and flaming to her cheeks, she released her grip on his shoulders and slid her legs down his. Moving his hands to her waist, he shifted back slightly to allow her feet to touch the ground. They stood there a moment, searching each other’s eyes for some type of answer to a question they didn't know how to ask.

“I am Dru…Daniel Tarquinius.” Seeing her eyes widen, he blinked rapidly then said, “I am known as Drusus.”

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