GayLords Inn (MM) (MMM)

by habu


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 58,836
1 Ratings (5.0)

GayLords Inn is both a primer in gay male Kama Sutra sexual positions, with Internet links to images of the positions, and a story of the first few months of an extraordinarily gay-friendly B&B set in the beach resort of Cape May, New Jersey.

Chef Alex Renard, who specializes in Kama Sutra positions, and antique dealer Sean Temple, who, as a former gymnast, can accommodate Alex’ fetish, have found and tried each other out only to find that they both are prepared to bid on a Victorian mansion just off the Cape May beach to turn into a gay-friendly B&B. They decide to combine their talents and resources and go into business together. They establish a twenty-eight-room inn, with each room named after a gay celebrity; hire a sex-services-willing staff; and embark on an enterprise that quickly crosses over into being a brothel and setting for porn films.

In their first two months of business, their clientele runs from a closeted tennis pro and TV anchorman, to rock star, transvestite couple, politician and aides, first-time trysts, bounty hunter, escaping lover, a prejudiced father, suicidal disgraced TV comedian, spring-winter couples, and the entire cast and crew of porn movies. They have to deal with providing a whole gamut of sex services and sex training; deaths, both natural and not; protection demands; thieving staffers; increasingly explicit sexual fetishes; the ominous attentions to Sean of Alex’ brother, Eddie; and the need to assure privacy and provide a safe haven from the outside world. It’s a wild ride that can either pull Alex and Sean apart or bring them closer together but that never suffers a dull moment.

When consulted as a primer in gay male Kama Sutra sexual positions, the reader will find over eighty positions described, which can be seen in multiple photos on the linked Internet site.

GayLords Inn (MM) (MMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

GayLords Inn (MM) (MMM)

by habu


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 58,836
1 Ratings (5.0)
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“You’ll be bidding against me?” Alex exclaimed when he saw Sean walk up to the large gingerbread Victorian house on Decatur that Alex was about to enter.

“You’re bidding on this property too?” Sean asked. “I thought you wanted to open a restaurant. This is much too big for that.”

“And I thought you wanted to open an antique store.”

“I was really thinking of a B&B that sold antiques on the public floor,” Sean answered.

“I was thinking of a B&B too,” Alex said. “One B is for breakfast. I hadn’t decided whether to add lunch or dinner.”

“So, we’re looking for the same thing.”

“I think we both got what we were looking for last night,” Alex said.

“Far beyond my fondest dream,” Sean answered. “I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk here today.”


“Not on your life. You took me to heaven and then to hell and back to heaven. I have never been fucked like that before.”

“I heard that Tommy Wells was real good. I know you told me about him because everyone knows he was a power top.”

“Not as good as you. But what are we going to do about this property? If we’re bidding against each other, it will just run the price up needlessly to where neither of us can afford it.”

“I can’t afford it anyway,” Alex said. “It’s just a dream for me. I don’t have the capital.”

“I’ve got a bundle burning a hole in my bank account,” Sean said.

“So, there’s that then,” Alex said. “You get it by default.”

“Not so fast,” Sean said. “You’re a chef. I’d need one. As you said, one of the Bs in B&B is for ‘breakfast.’ I can do the bed part, the front of house. You would need that. You can take care of the food. We could go into it together.”

“Yeah, maybe we could.”

“I want it to be a gay-friendly place,” Sean said.

“I want it to be a gay-exclusive place,” Alex countered. “A gay-insistent place. I want guys to feel free to fuck in their rooms and make noise at it, if they want. I want gay guys to have someplace here they’ll feel totally comfortable in. I don’t want them coming to the place unless they intend to come in the rooms.”

“Like the noise you pulled out of me last night?”

“Fucked you good, didn’t I?’ Alex grinned.

“Fucked me great.” Sean grinned back. “So, that would be fine with me. And it fits in with the name I was thinking of. How about GayLords Inn. Catching, I thought, and a clear welcome to those we’re targeting.”

“It’s good to go for me. Shall we go in and buy this sucker together?”

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