Prisoner of the Alpha (MM)

New Luna Werewolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,247
12 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA] 
Renoir Delacroix is a forensic photographer working for the Dallas County Police. He's well off the beaten track when he snaps a photo of something big and monstrous out in the woods. When it grabs him, he thinks he's a dead man until it changes into the most brutally handsome man he's ever seen, even with the burn scars.
Calvin, tries to explain himself while Renny is tied to a bed. Something about being mated and never wanting to hurt him? Not that Renny cares since his body is so hot and flustered that Renny is willing to overlook the strangeness of having amazing sex with a man he's just met—a man who can shift into a wolf.
What's not so amazing is the hunters who are after both of them, and when Calvin rushes off to rescue a friend, leaving Renny alone and vulnerable, he might not make it back before someone comes to take Renny's life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Prisoner of the Alpha (MM)
12 Ratings (4.3)

Prisoner of the Alpha (MM)

New Luna Werewolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,247
12 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I like the two I have read so far. This one and Carrying the Alpha's Baby. However, I do think the editing could be a lot better. It's very off putting to spend the amount of money you do on these ebooks only to find that the author or publisher has completely missed the fact that they are using the wrong person in certain places. Such as using "Calvin said," when Calvin isn't even in the scene, just because Calvin was mentioned. Otherwise, I like the overall story arc and plot. Wish there was a bit more build up in regards to the development between the emotions of the main characters though. Still a good read overall
I liked how Renny and Calvin's mating went and ultimately ended up. I'm wondering whether the author is going to coalesce everyone into a pack and have others join them, but I'll have to wait and see.

I was excited that Ash is pregnant although this is going to cause bad mojo for Dakota with his history and grief over what happened with his first mate.

I really need one of these alphas to kill Harris, Ash's ex, because that no-good POS needs to die. Truly.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"After the focus on Ash and Dakota in the first two books of the series, it is now Renny and Calvin’s turn. Forensic photographer Renoir (Renny in real life) has made a few far too revealing photos while providing evidence to the police and has been taken prisoner so luna werewolves Calvin and Dakota can decide what to do about him. Calvin knows Renny is his mate, but his recent disfigurement makes him hesitant. Meanwhile, the hunters are still trying to catch and kill everyone not human, and this story is full of their attacks, making it rather suspenseful. Renny has been abducted, tied to a bed, and yet he feels attracted to the huge man who also turns into a monster. Anyone would be confused by that, so I can’t blame him for wanting to run. Unfortunately he gets caught by the hunters, Calvin has to come to his rescue, and this sets off a whole new series of attacks not just on Calvin, but on Ash and Dakota as well. Nobody is safe in this story! Calvin has turned into an alpha, but he isn’t proud of having caused his friends’ deaths. He may have survived, but burn wounds now disfigure him and he isn’t sure anyone will give him the time of day, never mind wanting to be mated to him. His lack of self-confidence doesn’t stop him from claiming Renny, as soon as he is willing, but it does leave him with a guilty conscience and a lot of insecurity. If you want to find out how Renny and Calvin manage to deal with the fact that they are mates, if surprise attacks and constant vigilance sound interesting, and if you’re looking for a read that is as suspenseful as it is hot for a newly mated couple, then you might like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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His heart sped up again. He was panicking again because, as funny as he thought this was a second ago, he wasn’t ready to die. He didn’t want to die, and he especially didn’t want to die at the hands of someone who kept looking at him like that.t.

That look made Renny shiver and his groin tighten, and that was the absolute worst. He was going to die with his dick hard for the man who was going to kill him.

Calvin’s lips thinned. He looked up at both the other men in the room. “You should leave us.”

Renny’s breath hitched again. He looked back to the other men in the room, knowing what would happen after they left. If they left him here, there would be no chance for him. No chance that he could get out of here, that he could survive, not if they left. Maybe their presence had been the only thing keeping him alive. Calvin might not want witnesses.

As Renny stared at the other men, Ash especially, imploring them not to leave him, they both looked decidedly uncomfortable.

But then Dakota put his hand on Ash’s back, leading him to the door.

Ash sputtered. “But…what’s gonna…”

“This is for them to work out.” Dakota replied.

Renny tried to call out for them, to at least get Ash to come back, to not leave him alone. His words were garbed through the ripped up pillowcase that gagged him.

When the door closed behind them, he strained against his ropes again, crying out.

He was going to die. He was going to die.

Calvin’s hands touched Renny’s face. Renny gasped and tried sinking deeper into the mattress beneath him as he stared with wide eyes up at Calvin.

The man was closer than ever.

Renny swallowed, shaking his head and trying to speak through the gag.

“Please. Please…” he begged.

Single syllable words seemed easy enough for him to get out and be understood, even with a rope of ripped-up cotton material in his mouth.

Calvin shook his head, his thumbs swiping across Renny’s cheeks. He wiped away terrified tears Renny hadn’t realized he’d shed.

“I won’t hurt you,” Calvin said softly. “You know that.”

Renny shook his head. Or he tried to with his face firmly set between Calvin’s hands.

There was something about his touch, however, that made Renny feel warm…kind of safe. He had wanted to hide behind Calvin when Dakota had walked in a few minutes ago.

Calvin stuck his fingers beneath the gag in Renny’s mouth, pulling it down.

Renny frowned, his mouth and tongue working now that the gag was no longer there so soak up all the moisture.

“Sorry. I guess that couldn’t have been pleasant.”

His heart still thumped hard and heavy in his chest.

Calvin looked at him. “Are you really so scared of me?”

It took Renny a few seconds to realize what Calvin was talking about. He was talking about Renny’s heartbeat. He could hear it. Holy shit.

Renny swallowed. “I guess…I guess I shouldn’t be shocked you can hear my heart beat.”

Calvin looked at him, his eyes flashing to gold, making Renny’s breath hitch.

“You are scared of me,” he said, as if this should’ve been a big surprise.

Renny didn’t know what to say to that. What could he say that wouldn’t land him in more trouble than he was in right now?

Calvin touched his face again. Renny’s heart fluttered, and his breath hitched when Calvin’s callused, burned finger touched him.

He wasn’t burned all over his body. Most of his face was still all right, but some of his fingers were badly scarred. Renny could really feel the scarring like this, as Calvin’s palms and finger touched his face, Renny could feel the bits that were soft, the parts that were callused and rough, and the parts that had been ruined from fire.

“Is it my face? This?” Calvin asked, pointing up at his forehead and down the side of his face and neck. He was dressed now, so Renny couldn’t see all the scars that had been there. He could still remember them, though.

Renny shook his head. “No, it’s not that.”

Why the hell was he so interested in sparing the feelings of the man who had tied him down like this? Part of Renny wanted to be as cruel as he possibly could and yell about how ugly Calvin was, to hurt him in any way he could before Calvin killed him.

No. Instead he was acting like a total sucker and being nice to the guy.

Calvin smiled, and this time Renny’s heart fluttered for an entirely different reason. That smile was almost enough to make the scars on Calvin’s face and throat vanish.

“I suppose then that it could only be the monster you saw me turn into.”

Renny said nothing.

Calvin touched his chest, and again, that thing within Renny responded. God, he really hoped Calvin couldn’t feel how hard his dick was getting.

“I can feel your heart still. I can hear it. Sounds as fast as a hummingbird’s wings.”

Renny lifted a brow.

Calvin laughed. “Okay, not quite, but still. It’s there. I can’t believe it’s all fear though because there’s something else I feel in you.”

Renny swallowed. “What’s that?”

“Your heat,” Calvin said, his voice becoming barely a whisper as he leaned down and pressed his mouth, his still smooth lips, to Renny’s in a soft, sweet kiss.




Calvin’s hands worked on the buckle of Renny’s belt, pulling it free from the loops before his hands worked on the button and zipper of his jeans.s.

“Uh-huh,” Renny said, biting his lower lip and listening as the metal teeth of the zipper were pulled apart. His cock ached and throbbed hotly. When Calvin reached in and pulled it out, there was an instant of relief and pleasure at the feel of his warm hand surrounding the length of his cock, and then, almost immediately after, that feeling of relief was gone, replaced with more desire that coiled inside him, demanding to be let loose.

He was going to implode again.

“Fuck,” Renny moaned, thrusting into Calvin’s hand and desperate for more. “H-how are you doing this? I just…I just had…”

“I know, sweetheart,” Calvin said. “It’ll be a while before this passes, but it will pass.”

“You sure you didn’t drug me?”

Calvin’s eyes glowed again, only this time they turned red. “No. I didn’t drug you.”

He sounded annoyed when he said that, but Renny couldn’t put much thought or care into why. He didn’t care why. The only thing he cared about was how much his balls were starting to ache. He needed to get off. He shouldn’t need to. He’d already had an embarrassing orgasm in his pants, so he shouldn’t need to get off like this.

This was insane.

But then Calvin was pulling at his jeans, making him naked from the waist down. Renny moaned again when there was nothing on his legs. Calvin even took off the socks.

“Will you tell me your name yet?” Calvin asked, putting his body on top of Renny’s, their cocks flush together, as though saying hello.

Renny moaned. The heat, and the pleasure was all nearly too much for him to handle, and he almost forgot his name, never mind having the ability to say it out loud.

He’d kept his name from the other man because he’d been too damned terrified of him. Now he was keeping his name from Calvin because, with every forward thrust, Renny lost his mind a little more.

And then Calvin’s mouth was on top of his again, warm and pliant and opening Renny’s lips so his tongue could sink inside and lick him deep.

It was good. It was so good. Renny pulled at his restraints, wanting to hold Calvin around the neck and shoulders, to kiss him harder. He groaned with the frustration of it, making the bonds on his wrists even tighter.

He didn’t care anymore.

“Oh, baby you’re so good. You’re gonna feel so good around my cock,” Calvin said hoarsely.

Renny released a moan of agreement. Sure. Whatever. He’d agree to anything and everything he could so long as it got him what he desperately needed.

Renny didn’t consider himself a total bottom, but he did prefer it to topping. That was a good thing because, from the sound of it, this man was going all alpha on him. He was going to fuck Renny while he was still tied to this bed. That should have disturbed Renny more than it did right now, but he couldn’t bring himself to care too much about anything else.

Renny wanted to be filled. He wanted to be fucked, and he wanted to submit. Everything inside him ached for it, called out for this man to do it, to fuck him and take everything he needed from Renny’s body.

Renny wasn’t questioning this anymore, this weird feeling that gave him a buzz so strong he no longer cared about why he was here or who this was.

Well, maybe he cared a little about who this was. Renny honestly couldn’t see himself in this position with Ash or Dakota. That thought actually bothered him.

“Wait, stop. Stop,” Renny said, a little shocked when Calvin actually did stop.

He stopped, but he also looked horrified that he had been told to stop. “What? What is it?”

Impatient, too.

Renny swallowed hard, blinking a couple of times to gather himself up out of that haze of pleasure he’d fallen into. “This…this isn’t like…a sex orgy or anything, is it?” he asked. “Your friends outside aren’t going to come in here and get a turn, are they?”

There had been a time in Renny’s life, when he was much younger, when the idea wouldn’t have bothered him so much. Multiple partners, that is, not the idea of being kidnapped and fucked. Still, Renny didn’t want to be passed around right now. The thought that it wouldn’t be Calvin who was with him, that Calvin might give him to other people to be fucked as well, bothered him.

It made something in his chest squeeze painfully tight.

And right then, Calvin got that angry look back on his face, the one that said he was offended Renny could even think such a thing. His eyes glowed red again. “Of course not! You’re mine! You’re mine, and no one else will ever touch you!”

Renny didn’t have the chance to ask what Calvin meant by that because then the man was kissing him again.

Not the hard kisses from before but ones that were still gentle in their own way as they claimed him. Did that make sense? Well, these kisses were nothing like the first ones Calvin had given him. Those had a hint of passion in them while, at the same time, they tested the waters.

Renny moaned as he opened up wide for the other man, believing with everything in his body that he really did belong to Calvin, despite how crazy that sounded.

He was a human being. He didn’t belong to anyone!

But then why did he feel so at home here in Calvin’s arms?

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