[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]

One click and it's all over… Photographer Logan Tucker loves his job snapping hunks for Hot Jocks, but the last place he wanted to be was in a mountain town during the winter. That is, until he realizes the Twin Pines College campus is literally filled with sexy athletes. When his lens captures a man unlike any other, Logan debates sticking to his strict no-dating-the-models policy. Adrian Grace worked hard to get into Twin Pines College on his own merit, and the last thing he needs is some photographer plastering his image everywhere and blowing his cover. But there is no denying the instant and intense attraction between them. Hungry for freedom, Adrian decides that for one weekend he'll indulge himself with Logan. Breaking the rules releases Adrian's deeply sensual side, and Logan is there to capture every erotic image, but when their playing turns serious, will either man survive what fate has in store for them?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Proud Alpha (MM)
15 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This book was a bit out of the line related to the books before. A new nexus has been found without any explanation of how Dylan choose him. And the situation with Adrian's father was a bit unsatisfying, we knew about it only because of what Adrian told Logan. The realtionship between Adrian and Logan made it up for me for the things, I missed.
I enjoyed this one I liked the main characters and their chemistry between each other. My favorite one so far



Logan Tucker had never laid his eyes on so much beefcake in his life. Every guy who went by was hotter than the last. Thank God for his long coat or he’d be showing off a big, hard, and potentially off-putting erection. Not like this was anything new, just that Logan had never had the cloak of winter clothing before. Blending in was a hell of a lot easier this way than wearing baggy pants and hoping they covered up his lust.

Rather than continuing to wish evil upon his boss for sending him to this godforsaken town nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains—affectionately known as the Snowbelt—Logan was starting to thank the man. Profusely. Every click of his camera showed him why the all-male college of Twin Pines Colorado was the perfect hunting ground for Hot Jocks.

Even if half these guys weren’t technically athletes, he’d be willing to fudge that fact just to get them on the website. If he were very lucky, he might be able to get a handful of them to disrobe. If he were extremely blessed, Logan might find one that would fit his most particular bill.

Most of their downloadable hunks stayed fully dressed, but every once in a while Logan managed to find a guy who wanted the extra money a naked photo shoot would bring. The guys also got a percentage from the downloads, which encouraged them to spread the word and drop the clothes.

Generally, it was the exhibitionists who stripped down and posed for Logan. But sometimes, it was the shy ones who found freedom in being on the other side of the lens. Somehow, being in that kind of space allowed them to let their freak flag fly. Only once had one of the guys changed his mind after the shoot. Logan had destroyed the photos. Reluctantly, but he’d done it because a deal was a deal. And Logan was a man of his word.

Logan had long ago learned to keep his hands off the merchandise. As cold as that seemed, to call the male models “merchandise,” it also kept his relationship with the men in perspective. He loved looking at them, and he loved making them look their best, but he also loved his job. Logan wanted to keep working for Hot Jocks. He also loathed drama. Some guys were cool with a quick hookup, but Logan found those kinds of relationships left him feeling hollow. So he didn’t go there.

Logan wanted more than a fling.

Although, considering what he did for a living, that was going to be unlikely. Any serious guy wouldn’t want to forge a relationship with a photographer whose job it was to go to various campuses around the country and photograph scantily clad sportsmen.

Maybe he would find what he was looking for here, buried under the snow. Wouldn’t that be fitting? Logan hated the cold. He’d lived his entire life near the sunny beaches of Southern California. His travels over the United States were mostly done in spring, summer, and fall—the prime time for most sports and the most likely time for him to find Hot Jocks in their element.

But this place was special.

Or so his boss had said. Their most popular downloaded Hot Jock of all time was from here. What made that more stunning was that the hunk in question—Mitch Gay—was clothed in all his shots and he was still the number-one download.

Given that Mitch was twenty-one, six foot four, and two hundred twenty pounds of hunky wide receiver, it was no wonder men and women alike loved downloading his pictures. Mitch had a way of looking over his shoulder, with his tousled, dirty-blond hair tumbling into his sky-blue eyes, that just made the viewer beg for him to turn around. Mitch’s ass was nice, but the people wanted to see the front. When they finally got to that shot, they weren’t disappointed.

Mitch Gay had been number one for over four months now. The only thing Mitch had taken off during his shoot with Denis was his shirt. Everything else stayed on. Frankly, in Logan’s humble opinion, removing the shirt was enough.

Mitch Gay’s chest was utter perfection. His pecs were so profound that they could probably turn straight men gay. But the man had a cock that even through the thick weave of his football pants stood out. The most popular shot was one of Mitch in his black football pants that were wet from him chugging a bottle of water and letting it dribble down his chest. Fuck. Just picturing that shot aggravated the already tense situation in Logan’s boxers.

The fans of the site loved Mitch, and they clamored for more of his brothers. So here Logan was in the middle of winter hoping to find some other guys from the Grizzlies football team. Or maybe just one special guy so he could finally beat out Denis and Mitch for that number-one spot.

And then, Dreamboat walked by surrounded by a cluster of males who paled in Logan’s gaze. Dark auburn hair glittered in the sunlight, and his eyes, not hidden by sunglasses, were the most perfect shade of emerald green. A faded splash of freckles washed across the bridge of his nose. He was tall, at least as tall as Logan at six foot two, and he had to match Logan’s own two hundred pounds.

“We could fuck the hell out of each other,” Logan whispered to himself as he focused his camera. At the exact second that he clicked, the man looked right at him.




“There. All signed, sealed, and delivered.”

Logan blinked at the paperwork. He’d done this a hundred times, but for the life of him, he couldn’t recall what steps he was supposed to take next. “Yeah. I. Uh.”

“Yes?” Adrian leaned closer, concerned. “Why, is something wrong, Mr. Tucker?”

“Fuck yeah, something’s wrong.” Logan placed his hand over Adrian’s to get him to stop massaging his dick. “You’ve got me all revved up, and my balls are throbbing.”

“We should attend to that situation at once.” Adrian looked around. “I see a closet over there.”

Frowning, Logan looked over at the closet. “There?”


Logan practically did just at the way Adrian said the one word. When he extracted his hand from his lap, Logan almost whimpered.

Standing, Adrian said, “We shall attend to your issue forthwith.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” Logan looked around, but the cafeteria was now mostly empty.

“Why, my dear Mr. Tucker, I’m proposing to take you into that closet and suck your cock.”

Logan’s eyes almost bugged right out of his head. “You what?”

“Come.” Adrian offered out his hand. “No one will bother our things. The campus is quite safe.”

Logan slipped his hand into Adrian’s and felt like he’d just tumbled down a hole and wound up in some alternate dimension. With a dozen steps they were at the closet door. Adrian looked casually about then slipped inside, pulling Logan in after him.

“Now, to attend to your dilemma.” Adrian’s dexterous fingers had Logan’s jeans open and down in three seconds. “You have a stunning cock, Mr. Tucker.”

“Good Lord. If you’re going to suck my dick, you should probably use my first—name.” He gasped the last because that was when Adrian bent over and pulled Logan’s cock into his mouth. Logan was so stunned by how hungrily Adrian went after him that he had barely settled into a rocking rhythm when he came. Adrian cupped his buttocks, pulled him as deeply into his throat as he could, and drank him down. Never in his life had he had a blow job like what Adrian had just done to him.

Adrian stood up. Now that Logan’s eyes had adjusted to the limited light in the closet, he was able to see Adrian lick his lips and grin.

“Are you quite ready to go now?”

“No.” Logan grasped the back of Adrian’s neck, pulled him close, and kissed him. The taste of his pleasure combined with the taste of Adrian was astoundingly rich. Logan threaded his fingers through Adrian’s short hair, loving the silky feel of his strands and the slightly sweaty spot right where his collar pressed against his neck. Rather than pull away, Adrian pressed close, wrapping his hands around Logan’s waist, pressing their hips together. This caused Logan to feel Adrian’s needy prick.

Tearing his mouth away, he dropped to his knees and struggled to expose Adrian’s cock. “What the hell is up with these fucking pants?” For the life of him, Logan couldn’t figure out how to undo the complicated fasteners of Adrian’s trousers.

“I’ve never had a man so hungry to suck my cock.”

Logan looked up to find Adrian peering down at him with a lusty grin. Ever so tauntingly, Adrian unfastened his pants and then pushed them down.

“Fuck me.” Logan had never seen such a perfect cock. Just like the rest of him, his prick was beautifully put together. It was thick, long, and since he was fully hard, the foreskin was pushed down around the head.

“Right now?” Adrian teased. “I thought you wanted to—”

Logan didn’t let him finish. He wrapped his lips around the crown and sucked him into and out of his mouth while flicking his tongue over the slit.

Adrian stumbled back a bit, clutching the wall for balance.

Logan couldn’t help a satisfied little grin. If he knew anything, he knew how to suck a dick. His tongue was talented, but the real factor that made him so good at oral sex was the fact he utterly loved to do it. Nothing made a man an expert like taking full pleasure in what he was doing.

Adrian trailed his fingers through Logan’s hair. Rather than trying to direct his movements as some control freaks did, Adrian seemed content to let Logan do whatever he wanted. So he did.


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