[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, HEA]

Left with her uncle by her mother, Savannah Perry didn't have an easy life. Overworked and emotionally scarred, she dreams of escape.

Meeting Wyatt Matlock and Hayes Hawkins, she falls under their spell, and in a night of passion, gives herself to them, never realizing that she'd been starving for love.

Ashamed and desperate for a new life, Savannah slips away from town and heads toward freedom. Before she can start a life somewhere else, though, she needs to make sure her friend is all right.

She heads to Desire, Oklahoma, a town her friend's husbands have built, a town where people can live as they choose.

Wyatt and Hayes, though, aren't about to let her get away. They follow her, protecting her, knowing they have to do whatever they can in order to keep her here with them forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Leah Brooke/Lana Dare is a Siren-exclusive author.

Scandalous Desire (MFM)
76 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love Leah Brooke, and the Desire stories are one of my absolute fav, BUT the heroine Savannah was a brat. It was hard to warm up to her, and really care what happened to her. Her lovers on the other hand were fantastic. The sexual chemistry between them seemed to center on the male's in the story and that made it a 4 instead of a 5. She really didn't have to argue about EVERYTHING every moment of the book.
Lori King
I love Desire, OK!!!! What woman wouldn't?? To be loved and protected by ever man in town? Then you find you true love it is usually with two hunky men!!! Awesome!!!
Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Savannah has led a life of drudgery and fear. Her abusive uncle has controlled her for years. If it weren't for her friend Maggie and the Tyler family, she may not have survived. When US Marshalls Wyatt and Hayes come to town, they find the woman they want share their lives with, but Savannah is wary and frightened. She already has her escape planned and she couldn't let a night of passion sway her; even if it was the most wonderful night of her life. What kind of woman let herself be taken by two men? After she checks on her friend in Desire, Oklahoma, Savannah will begin a new life elsewhere. But Hayes and Wyatt won't be shaken so easily. They'll do whatever it takes to keep Savannah safe and convince her that the three of them can be together. After all, that was the reason the town of Desire was created. Welcome back to the Founding Fathers series. This is the second in the series and a more than worthy part of the Desire saga, both past and present. As expected, the sex is steamy and erotic. However, there is a strong emotional connection between the three. For me, that makes the sex scenes even hotter Savannah is more than a match for the men. Her strength and vulnerability make her a very likable character. Hayes and Wyatt are alpha all the way. They will do anything to keep their woman safe and happy. Even at their most arrogant, it's clear that Savannah's welfare and happiness is foremost in their minds. An engaging plot pulls you in and makes you part of the formation of the town of Desire and a witness to a scorching yet tender romance. The other men of Desire are intriguing and I love the way the author is setting the stage for future stories. This is simply a wonderful read that is reminiscent of the contemporary Desire series with strong men and women, erotic and sizzling sexuality and a deep and abiding love. Can't wait for the next one." -- Susan P., The Romance Studio

4.5 KISSES: "Savannah is determined she will remain an independent women who depends on no man. Yet, she wants to see her friend Maggie one last time before she heads to Texas. Wyatt and Hayes were friends and partners within the U.S. Marshall Service. They also both love Savannah. Wyatt and Hayes gave up their commissions as U.S. Marshalls to become sheriffs of Desire, Oklahoma. In Desire they would both be Savannah's husbands. Can Wyatt and Hayes convince Savannah her place is with them? Or will she allow fear that her uncle will ruin Desire before it has a chance to prosper prevail? Scandalous Desire by Lana Dare is second book in the Desire, Oklahoma, Founding Fathers series, and can be read as a standalone book. I enjoyed Savannah's feisty personality; she’s a strong woman at a time when strength is not a virtue for a woman. She loves deeply and will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to protect those she loves. I loved that Wyatt and Hayes learned to respect the strength of the woman they both loved. They were determined she would become theirs, but they were willing to give her an incentive to want to stay. Although they used her love and desire for them against her, their love for Savannah was apparent in their actions. I loved seeing how the town of Desire came into being and what the men were willing to do to protect the women. I look forward to finding out more about the lives of the tiny down of Desire, Oklahoma." -- Tangie, Two Lips Reviews

4 RAVENS: "When I first met Savannah, she wasn’t living in Desire, Oklahoma. She appeared at that time to be a good friend, obedient niece to an uncle who didn’t deserve her kindness, and a bit skittish of the prospect of two hot shot, sexy Rangers noticing her. In Scandalous Desire, Savannah is definitely all grown up and turned into a basket of nerves and desire by the very two men she was desperately trying to forget. Dominant, determined, and demanding are just a few words that describe her two sexy men, Wyatt and Hayes. The city of Desire definitely invokes the true meaning of the word in this newly founded western town hell bent on providing a safe haven for men to love women the way they want. Err, should I say, a woman can love more than one man any way she wants. Due to the shortage of women in the West, Desire is catching on as a new place to settle. Only problem is, Savannah wasn’t planning on settling with Wyatt and Hayes. I loved how Leah Brooke had Savannah literally grow right before our eyes from a bratty girl into a woman who realizes her destiny. Don’t expect modern attitudes, actions or allowances for a woman and her needs or wants. Scandalous Desire is set in the West and those sexy cowboys are all male in every aspect, right down to their thinking. Sizzling sexy cowboys light up these pages and will have you wishing you were living in Desire yourself." -- Trixie, Black Ravens Reviews

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“What are you talking about? You had no idea where I was. You couldn’t have tracked me.”

Lifting a brow, Wyatt grinned coldly.

“We’ve been following you ever since you left Kansas City.”

Savannah blinked, not even attempting to hide her surprise. “Why?”

Shaking his head, Wyatt smiled faintly. “You know the answer to that, Savannah.”

She couldn’t stop glancing at Hayes, unnerved by his cold silence. “What you want from me isn’t possible.”

Wyatt’s smile widened. “Of course it is. We want you with us. We’ll make it possible.”

Suddenly aware of Eb’s and Maggie’s attention, she forced a sarcastic smile. “If you wanted my company so badly, why didn’t you ride with me instead of trailing behind?” The thought of being watched made her uneasy.

Wyatt stepped closer and bent, keeping his voice low. “We wanted to know where you were headed.” Cupping her jaw, he slid his thumb over her bottom lip.

“We figured you were shaken by leaving—and other things—and that you needed some time alone.”

Hayes, with his hands on his hips, dangerously close to the guns he wore there, turned his head to glare at the shopkeeper, who’d moved closer in an obvious attempt to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“What do you want?”

The shopkeeper paled. “I couldn’t, uh, help but overhear. Uh, she called you Wyatt and Hayes. You, uh, wouldn’t happen to be the US Marshalls, Wyatt Matlock and Hayes Hawkins, would you?”

Every hard line of Hayes’s body tightened with threatening menace.

“Yeah. So?”

Shooting a smug look at Savannah, the shopkeeper came forward, pointing at her.

“I knew she was trouble. She’s a thief, isn’t she? And look how she dresses! What kind of woman, other than an outlaw, wears pants and a holster? I knew she was no good. I knew it. I told Emma that she looks like trouble. I been watchin’ her every time she comes in here, just to make sure she don’t steal nothin’. She must have really done something bad for you to be after her. Did she kill somebody?”

He eyed Eb nervously, but straightened to his full height as though proud that he’d done something that Eb would be thankful for.

Amused, Savannah lifted a brow, sharing a look with Maggie.

Wyatt, on the other hand, looked far from amused. His face turned to stone, devoid of all expression as he turned and faced the other man squarely, placing his body between the shopkeeper and Savannah.

A muscle worked in Hayes’s jaw, his eyes turning even colder.

“Miss Perry is no outlaw. She’s the daughter of a preacher and happens to be our woman.”

He took a step toward the shopkeeper, beating Wyatt by a split second.

“If I hear any talk about her, or if I hear about you treating her with anything but the utmost respect, I won’t be happy at all.”

Reaching out a fist, he grabbed the shopkeeper by the collar and lifted him several inches off the floor.

“You might want to pass that along.”

Even Savannah shivered at his icy tone.

She imagined the looks on their faces as the ones they wore when facing outlaws and, seeing them this way, understood just how they’d earned their reputations.

The shopkeeper looked as though he might pass out.

“Y–Yes, s–sir.”

Hayes spent no more time on him, releasing the stuttering shopkeeper to scramble away before turning back to Savannah.

“We’ve been staying in the room across from yours in the hotel.” At her look of surprise, he raised a brow, as though daring her to protest.

“You really didn’t think we were going to let you out of our sight, did you?”

Her face burned at the intimacy and possession in his hooded gaze, a look she saw in her dreams, night after night. Shifting restlessly at the moisture that dampened her thighs, she looked away, promising herself she wouldn’t be taken in by that look ever again.

Aware of Maggie’s rapt attention and the amusement and suspicion gleaming in Eb’s eyes, Savannah cleared her throat, careful to keep her voice at an angry whisper.

“Perhaps you didn’t understand when I told you that there could never be anything between us, especially…you know.”

Wyatt stepped closer, touching her arm.

“With both of us?”

With her face even hotter, Savannah nodded. “Yes, and I don’t appreciate you telling the shopkeeper otherwise.”

She eyed both of them and straightened to her full height in an instinctive effort to intimidate them, clenching her jaw at the amusement in their eyes at her ineffective ploy as they towered over her.

“You expect something from me that I just can’t give you.”

Wyatt’s slow, devious smile made her belly tighten with arousal and more than just a small amount of trepidation.

“We’re the sheriffs in Desire. Living there, you can give us exactly what we want.”

With his hands on his hips and the hard glint of challenge in his eyes, he looked every inch the dangerous lawman, the amusement curving his lips making him even more dangerous to her senses.

“Appreciate you getting here on your own and saving us the trouble of dragging you here.”

The knot in her stomach turned cold.

“I’m not staying.”

Hayes gave her one of his rare smiles.

“Oh, yes. You are. And you’re going to marry us. Both of us.”




“There’s no shame in liking what we do to you. You’re ours, Savannah. It’s all right for us to enjoy each other.”

Releasing his cock, he lifted his hands to cover her breasts, the shock of cold drawing a gasp from her.

“Wyatt, your hands are freezing from the pond!” No matter how she twisted, she couldn’t get away from the fingers he used to roll her nipples.

Wyatt’s slow grin was her only warning before he lowered one of his hands and sank a cold finger into her pussy.

“Are they? I guess I’d better warm them.”

With a cry, Savannah came to her toes, falling against him.


From behind her, Hayes ran his hands up and down her sides.

“In case you’re wondering, you’re not anything like your mother. Yeah, we know all about her. You’re a warm, passionate woman, one who needs more than just sex. You need men who love you—men who will give you all the affection you need. God knows you’ve had very little in your life. And, you’re not getting dressed yet. We still haven’t settled that we’re getting married on Saturday.”

“S–Saturday?” Shivering under his hands, she rolled her hips, fucking herself on Wyatt’s cold finger, something that apparently fascinated him.

Tightening his hands on her waist, Hayes touched his lips to her shoulder.

“Yes, Saturday. You committed to it in front of others, but then as soon as we’re alone, you tell us you don’t want to get married. I’m not letting you play games with us, Savannah.”

He ran his hands over her hips and to her bottom.

“Not that kind of game, anyway.”

Savannah’s skin tingled everywhere he touched, her body becoming languid and slumping even more against Wyatt. Even weak with need, she couldn’t stop clenching on the now-warm finger inside her pussy.

“I told you I can’t stay, but you won’t listen. I told you…ah…that I don’t want to belong to anyone.”

Wyatt withdrew his finger from her pussy with a speed that left her inner walls clenching. He lifted her against him, and with one smooth stroke, he impaled her on his cock, lifting her legs to wrap around his waist.

“Too late. You already belong to us and you know it. As much as you want to fight it, it’s there and there’s no getting away from it—or us.”

Fisting a hand in her hair, Wyatt tilted her head back, his eyes dark with anger and need.

“You’re ours, Savannah. I’d kill any man who touched you. We belong together and you know it, and we can live here the way we want. We’d be happy here.” His cock jumped inside her as he moved his hips, not stopping until he drew a moan from her.

Surprised by the desire that raged through her so soon on the heels of being taken by Hayes, Savannah clamped down on the cock filling her, trying to ignore the awareness that he’d already created in her bottom.

“No. If I stay, your town would be ruined.”

Wyatt stilled, glancing over her shoulder to where Hayes stood.


It embarrassed her to tell him, and she didn’t like talking about the life she’d left behind, but knew they wouldn’t give up until they knew.

“My uncle. He sent me a telegram while I was in Tulsa. He knew where I would be going and told me if I didn’t come home within a month, he would come and drag me back.”

Hayes slid his hands up to cup her breasts, toying with her nipples. “No one’s dragging you anywhere.”

Struck by the ice in his lethal tone, Savannah turned to look over her shoulder at him, shivering at the look of deadly intent on his face.

His eyes darkened dangerously, his scar on his cheek moving as a muscle worked in his jaw. “If he tries to take you, he’ll pay. He’ll have to come through me to get to you, Savannah, and that won’t happen. I thought you understood that.”

Shaking her head, Savannah gasped again as her movement shifted Wyatt’s cock inside her. “He’s more evil than you know. I don’t want to talk about this now.”

Whimpering at the slight tug of her sensitized nipples, she moved on Wyatt, shocked that she took him so deep. With a cry, she sank her fingers into his hair, knocking his hat to the ground.


Hayes ran a slow hand over her bottom, somehow making an affectionate gesture seem threatening. Running his teeth over her shoulder, he slid the other hand up her body, the backs of his fingers lightly stroking the delicate underside of her breast.

“Please what, Savannah? Please give you the pleasure you’re already learning to expect? Please fuck you? Please paddle this soft ass for playing games with us and for knocking us out with that stuff you put in our food?”

Savannah wanted it all, and only years of keeping her needs to herself kept her from blurting that out. She shouldn’t want like this. She shouldn’t need this way. Every inch of her body tingled with awareness and heat, heightening her senses, her already-sensitive body aroused to a razor-sharp edge.

Her pussy felt stretched and hot around Wyatt’s cock. Her clit demanded attention, but the pleasure gained by rubbing the too-sensitive flesh against Wyatt proved to be too sharp to bear.

Frustrated at the inability to move enough to get that delicious feeling again, she bucked against Wyatt.

“I can’t do this. Let me go!”

“Never,” Hayes’s voice rasped over her ear, making her shiver.

A second later, a sharp slap to her vulnerable bottom had her crying out, stilling in shock. The slight pain almost immediately spread, becoming a diffused heat that made her entire slit hot and tingly.

Her breasts seemed to swell against Wyatt’s chest, her nipples tight and in need of attention. Her bottom hole, still slick from salve, clenched at emptiness, her inner walls still quivering with awareness at Wyatt’s recent play.

She needed to be filled there.


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