Head Games (MM)

South Coast Tales 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,483
5 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Sam Lester has endured years of abuse. First, his uncle, his guardian after his parents died, treated him badly, and then his boyfriend, Chris, enjoyed using his fists instead of his mouth to communicate. Seeing no end in sight to the way his life was moving, Sam was at the end of his tether, with no home, no family, and no one to care if he was gone.  
Max Turner decides, in the spur of the moment, to walk over the hill at Hengistbury Head rather than around the road. Upon finding Sam, cold and on the brink of hypothermia, he persuades the man to walk with him to his holiday beach hut, his weekend retreat.  
Attraction on both sides is clear from the start, and, with Max’s encouragement, Sam finally accepts help dealing with his past and moving on.  
Sam moves in with Max, and they settle down together—but Chris hasn’t quite finished with Sam. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Head Games (MM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Head Games (MM)

South Coast Tales 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,483
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The wind whistled across the top of Hengistbury Head as Sam reached the top of the ancient headland. For October, the weather was unusually bad, and the wind had a cold edge which gave more than a taste of the coming winter.

Sam’s jacket wasn’t thick, and he wore only thin jeans and a t-shirt under it, but he couldn’t care less. His life was a mess and he had no idea what he was going to do about it.

Sinking down on to the bench situated at the top of the incline, he dropped his head into his hands. The tears, that he had been holding back all day, finally escaped from his stinging eyes. His shoulders heaved as he let out all the pain and anguish of the past few days.

As the rain grew heavier and the wind picked up even more, Sam rose from the bench and walked, in a dream, into the relative shelter of the old coastguard station. He curled up into a ball and let the cold wash over him. No point in going down the hill now, there was nothing left for him. This was as good a place as any to just let go.

Sam’s eyes drifted closed as hypothermia started its slow journey through his chilled, unprotected body.


* * * *


Max cursed himself for giving in to his decision to climb over the Head as opposed to walking the sheltered path along the bay. He was wet and cold and really it wasn’t the best way to start his stay in his beach hut on Mudeford Sandbank. Still, he had a gas heater and solar power so he knew that once inside, out of the wind, he would soon be warm and dry. He felt that after a week in the city, stuck in an office, he needed the stretch of the walk over the top of the Head and fresh air, however cold, would clear his head.

Reaching the top of the steep path that led up the side of the sandy headland, the wind caught his breath and he put his head down as he started along the gravel path.

As he passed the coastguard station, a glimpse of colour caught his eye. For a moment, he ignored it, thinking it must be a piece of the litter that the tourists often left behind after their visits. As he drew nearer, he realised that it wasn’t a discarded carrier bag or crisp packet, but something bigger, the shape, as he neared it, turning out to be…

“Christ!” he shouted, as he realised that the shape was, in fact, a person.

He raced over, heart beating fast, as his brain took in the sight of the young man, dressed for a summer’s day, not the biting cold wind and rain that was still falling.

“Hey! Hey!” Max shouted at the perfectly still form, which was curled up against the cold stone of the old building. He sent up a silent prayer of thanks as he spotted a small movement of an arm wrapping itself closer to the thin body.

Max knelt on the stone beside the boy…man… he wasn’t sure yet. In fact it could even be a girl for all he could see of the curled up form on the ground.

Leaning in, he sheltered the person from the worst of the wind and gently shook a shoulder.

“Hey, what are you doing? Are you hurt? You can’t stay here, you’ll freeze to death.”

Max, recoiled as a thin, anguished voice answered with what sounded like, “Good.” Even though the voice was soft, Max could make out that it was a young man’s voice. As he had spoken, his head had lifted and for a fraction of a second Max was looking into the greenest eyes he had ever seen. A shot of arousal tingled down his spine, quickly quelled by the practicalities of the situation he had on his hands.

Mind in turmoil, he knew that he couldn’t leave someone here open to the elements, with the certain knowledge that he would surely die of exposure or hypothermia. Whatever this guy’s problem was, Max wasn’t about to leave him here at the mercy of the elements.

Shifting his back pack off his shoulders, he rummaged around inside and pulled out the spare rain poncho he kept for emergencies. He quickly shook it out and tried to cover the shivering young man with it as best he could. In the back of his mind, he remembered reading that shivering was the body’s way to keep warm and that this young man wasn’t so cold that he had passed that stage.

Muttering under his breath, and with difficulty, Max pulled the man up and was treated to another glimpse of those amazing eyes, this time narrowed in a frown.

“Leave me…just leave me. I’ve had enough. Please…just leave me alone.”

Max’s heart stilled. He had never heard such despair in a man before and it chilled him to the bone. Whatever had happened with this man, it had pushed him to the point of no return. Whatever he felt, it was making him want to die, alone and cold, here on the cliff top.

“Tough,” Max thought, “Not if I have anything to do with it.”

As he wrapped the poncho tighter around the thin body, Max pulled him closer in an effort to share some of his warmth. He started walking, making the man move, despite his reluctance.

Gritting his teeth, he swore as the man resisted his efforts to make him walk. Max knew he needed to get him to shelter sooner, rather than later, so, leaning the man against the stone wall of the building, he hoisted his backpack back onto his shoulders. Grabbing the man around his waist, he supported him as he reluctantly walked, almost dragging him along the path, toward the shelter of some bushes further along the path.

The going was slow, but finally they reached the dip by the lake, where the wind wasn’t so fierce and walking was easier. In answer to Max’s prayers, the rain, too, seemed to abate and soon they were at the large steps leading down to the beach and the huts.

Max had never been so happy to see his hut.

The man, finally realising that Max wasn’t going to give up, had tried his best to walk and hadn’t resisted when, at last, they had reached ‘Haven’ and Max unlocked the door and pushed him inside. Max dropped his bag and lowered the man onto the small sofa, then switched on the gas and then the small heater. It was only four in the afternoon but the weather made the sky dark, so Max also switched on the solar electric supply and clicked on the small reading lamp on the built-in dresser.

Finally, Max could take the time to look properly at the man who he’d half dragged, half carried here.

Dirty, blond, shoulder-length hair, gaunt features and those amazing green eyes, made up an almost beautiful face, despite the hurt and anguish he could see etched across his face.

Again Max felt the pull of arousal, which was doused immediately by the words the man now whispered.

“Why did you save me? You should have left me there. I want to die. I’m not worth saving. Now I’ll have to find another way.”

The last was said with a measure of conviction that chilled Max to the bone for the second time in the past hour. And there seemed no doubt that this young man meant every word that he’d uttered.




“Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to sound so possessive, but he has quite a reputation for being a bit of a bastard. I could see he was interested in you and didn’t want him to think you were fair game…unless…?” The question hung in the air.

Sam shook his head vigorously.

“God, no. I hate that type of guy. In fact, he reminded me of…of…Chris.” He shuddered. “And not only that…” he raised his eyebrows in question. “We…we…er…we were sort of …in the middle of something? Unless you’ve changed your mind?”

Max answered him by grabbing him and kissing him hard. In seconds he was as hard as he’d been before. His tongue pushed into Sam’s mouth and they explored and sucked on each other, racking up the tension until Max broke away, panting. He struggled to speak but managed to say, “Hold that thought. I have to lock the door and close the blinds. Don’t want Mr Nosey next door ‘popping in’ for any reason.” He walked around, closing blinds and locking the front entrance, pulling off his coat as he did so.

Likewise, Sam pulled off the borrowed coat and moved to hang it but was grabbed from behind before he reached the hooks.

“Forget tidy.” Max murmured in his ear, as his arms surrounded him and his lips started to kiss and bite a path down the back of Sam’s neck. He gasped. Max took the time to bite and lick every inch of his neck on one side, then shifted slightly and did the same on the other. As he moved, Sam could feel his arousal pressing into his ass. He groaned. His own cock was hard and leaking and he couldn’t resist pushing back against the bigger man’s hard member.

When he’d had his fill of Sam’s neck, he spun his round for another kiss. They moved, as if one, across the short distance to the sofa, where Max gently lowered Sam down, mouths still joined.

As Max looked down, his eyes took in the sight of the man beneath him.

Sam’s lips were red and glistening from their kiss. He could see the outline of his small, but rock hard nipples through the T-shirt. As his eyes roamed down, he could see that Sam was every bit as turned on as he was.

Max moved his lips down, across Sam’s slightly bristled chin and down over his throat. Sam whimpered as Max’s teeth sank into the soft skin on his shoulder, biting and marking him. Max moved down further until he came to the slight peak of a nipple. With gentle teeth now he pulled, through the material, making Sam cry out in pleasure. He went on to the other and then pulled the T-shirt up and over Sam’s head. Now he tugged on the nipple without the barrier of the shirt, causing Sam to whimper again, the sound making Max even harder, if that were possible.

Max didn’t want to make assumptions again but was almost certain that Sam was less top than bottom, but he had to make sure before things went any further.

“Sam…sweetheart. I want to be inside you.”

In his head Max was pleading…please, please say yes, and was gratified when Sam nodded and groaned.

“Oh my God, Max. I want you to fuck me so much.”

It was all Max needed to take this to the next level.

Sliding down onto the floor next to the sofa, he pulled down the sweats covering Sam’s cock and swiftly took the engorged member into his mouth. He licked and tasted the silky smooth skin, urged on by the erotic noises Sam was making above him. His tongue lapped at the slit, tasting the pre-cum, which was now oozing out.

“You taste amazing, Sam.”

Sam groaned again and lifted his hips slightly, urging Max to take his cock into his warm mouth. Max obliged. Taking the long length into his mouth he gently sucked. As the head hit his throat, he relaxed and took it even deeper. Sam bucked and gave himself over to Max’s ministrations. Sucking licking and teasing, Max held the base tightly, wanting the sensation to last for Sam.

“Please….” Sam pleaded and Max withdrew slightly.

“Please what, sweetheart?” This said as he pulled away and again licked at the slit in the swollen head.

“Please fuck me, Max. God, I need you to fuck me…now…please…please…”

Sam’s words became almost incoherent as Max reached to the small table beside the sofa and grabbed the lube and condom from the small drawer. Liberally covering his fingers with the silky lube, he pressed one finger against Sam’s puckered hole. Sam drew in a breath and again whispered, “Please….”

Max pressed in with his index finger. Sam was tight and warm and Max gently moved in and out, giving him time to accustom himself. Once he was knuckle deep, he tried with another slick finger. Sam moaned and rotated his hips in invitation.

“More, please….more…oh God….please Max.”

Max obliged with an added finger, which he moved in, scissoring and rotating until he found the bundle of nerves he’d been seeking. Sam almost shot off the sofa as Max plunged his fingers in and out, grazing the sweet spot, until Sam stiffened and gave a small cry, “Now, please, Max, now!”

Panting, opening eyes that had been screwed shut whilst Max had been plundering his hole, he blew away a few rogue strands of blond hair that had fallen over his face and whispered, “Pleeease!”

Max grinned.

He sat up, opened the condom package with his teeth and lined up his rock hard cock with Sam’s, still slick, hole.

The tight ring of muscle within momentarily blocked his entry, but as Sam relaxed a little, Max slid in, inch by inch, until he was balls deep. He slowed, resting his forehead against Sam’s.

“You OK Sam?”

Sam let out the breath he’d been holding and smiled up at Max.

It was the first time Max had seen him smile full on and it blew him away. Gone was the shy, scared man of yesterday and in his place was a beautiful, sweet man, begging to be fucked.

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