Training Nathan (MM)

Hard Hits 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,764
6 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Detective Nathan Stow is new to District Four’s elite department. On his first night out with the team, Nathan messes up big time. He arrests Chief Anderson’s son and mistakenly hauls him in for interrogation.
Department of Defense instructor, Reed Anderson, is finally home to face his past after a long time away. He never expects life to be turned upside down by the devastating Detective Nathan Stow a few hours after returning home. Reed is a Dom who is tempted to take Nathan as his sub.
Nathan can’t hide how he feels about Reed when they are together, but he knows that the chief’s son is untouchable. When Reed confronts Nathan about those long looks he’s casting, things rush out of control with a fiery kiss. Nathan has fallen for Reed, but he knows they can never be together. Will Nathan tell Reed how he feels before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Training Nathan (MM)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Training Nathan (MM)

Hard Hits 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,764
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Fantastic as always!!!!! Loved loved loved Reed and Nathan. .. whats not to love than kinky loving sexy as hell men!!!!!
donna b buccella
I really loved this book. The relationship between Reed and Nathan was outstanding. I'm looking forward to the next book. :)
Alicia White




Detective Nathan Stow couldn’t remember the last time he got laid.

The slow moments of a stakeout did that. They made one think about things they didn’t want to think about. Like oh, how he couldn’t remember the last time he slapped bodies without clothes on with a man.

He lifted the binoculars to scan the flat box-style truck stop hotel off I-75. Night had given him added cover along the tree line. Off in the distance, the Cincinnati skyline edged into the Covington, Kentucky side. The Big Mac Bridge arched over the Ohio River like a lover desperate for more attention. The Motel Sex was busy with lots of people having sex tonight. They weren’t there about the sex though.

Outside, there was a whole lot of nothing going on that resulted in jokes flying back and forth on the radio. He’d heard the one about the cowboy’s favorite position before and it still made him smile.

Nathan sighed as he thought about calling his sometime fling Brant who worked with the prosecutor’s office. He’d give him a rough ride. Plus, he was good at getting him there fast, but in the end it was just pent up release, nothing more than exercise.

Nathan thought about a hot thick cock shoving in and out of his ass, making his rim tingle with anticipation. Nathan reached for his cell phone and thought about sending Brant a text. The man was always ready and willing, no questions asked on either side. He stared at the phone a long time before putting it aside without sending the text. The last time they’d knocked boots was about four months ago, if he remembered right.

Rain started to drip on the windshield from the oak tree shading his car. Nathan rolled his shoulders, trying to get comfortable. He tapped his thumb against the steering wheel. Frustration echoed through his body. He did not like the waiting game of police work.

Their suspect wasn’t going to show. Nathan lifted the military grade binoculars, adjusting the fine definition. Lightning spun across the sky with thunder stalking after it. He adjusted the definition on the binoculars one last time before he lowered them.

What’s this? Nathan ducked lower in his seat to catch a glimpse out of the driver’s side mirror. At the same time, he reached for the radio sitting on his lap. “Heads up. We got a hit on that black Wrangler. South side of the building, pulling in. I can’t make out the license plate from this distance.”

TJ responded back. “Everyone, be cool. Let the target enter his room.”

Nathan sat up straighter, every one of his muscles tensing as he saw their suspect get out of the vehicle. He was bigger than the average build the witness had given them. That wasn’t unusual. Eyewitness accounts tended to be off. He lifted the binoculars and zeroed in on his shadowed face.

Dark black hair came down to his nape. His black leather jacket could easily hide weapons. A three-inch scar bridged the side of his cheek and cut hard to his ear. A shiver of heat started at the nape of Nathan’s neck and zipped down his spine. Intrigue had Nathan adjusting the binoculars closer. It was as though Nathan was merely inches away. His gaze landed on their suspect’s full lips. There was something really sexual and sensual about a man with full lips. Nathan’s tongue licked out over his lower lip as though he could get close enough to taste. Their suspect grabbed a black duffle from the back of his vehicle and took the outside corridor to his hotel room. This thief was brazen with an urban edge and swagger that told the rest of the world to piss off.

Nathan wanted him taken down bad. Tonight.

“Nathan, are we a go?” TJ asked.

Nathan picked up the radio and hesitated. His gut was screaming that this wasn’t their guy. There hadn’t been any mention of that scar from their eyewitness. That scar was too defined for it to go unnoticed. “Anyone get that license plate?”

“Negative. We gotta go, Nathan. What’s the call?” TJ asked.

The crackle of the radio had Nathan fine-tuning the adjustment. Safer was better than sorry as far as he was concerned. The tip that brought them out there to the Motel Sex was reliable. “As we planned.”

“Copy that.”

Nathan set the radio down and adjusted the wire beneath his hoodie. “Can you hear me?”

“Loud and clear. Be safe out there,” TJ said.

“Copy that.”

Wind whipped a few strands of Nathan’s hair around his face that had managed to pull free from his baseball cap as he got out of the car. Rain hit his shoulders as he made his way across the parking lot and up the stairwell that led to the rooms. His Glock was buttoned down tight beneath his jacket and his badge was clipped to his jeans. The plan was simple, get in close enough to find out if their missing art was in the hotel room. Then he’d make the call to take down the suspect. It was risky. They usually didn’t get this close without just doing a takedown.

Nathan sensed their team positioning around the motel. His bullet proof vest was tight against his white T-shirt. Adrenaline pumped through his blood. He lived for the rush of taking down a bad guy. Room twenty-one was at the end of the walkway. The lights were on inside. Nathan froze. The sound of headboard pounding sex came from the room next door. The woman was a screamer and the guy a groaner.

Nathan whispered into the air. “Not our guy making sex time. Next door.”




“Undress for me.”

Reed backed up, crossing his arms. He could see Nathan swallow hard as his hands dropped to the bottom of his shirt. Nathan pulled it over his head with one easy move. He dropped it from the tip of his fingers onto the floor. Reed let his gaze move down over Nathan’s perfect body. His well-defined chest was free of tattoos, piercings, and hair. He kicked off his shoes. Nathan unbuttoned his jeans and teased them slowly lower. Reed’s gaze went to the tight chastity belt, pleased to see that the rope was holding strong.

There wasn’t a birthmark or scar visible on Nathan’s body. He was perfect. A thick happy trail went from his navel down to his well-groomed pubic hair. He was the complete physical opposite of Reed. He was so beautiful. His cock was standing at attention, ready and willing to do anything Reed asked. Reed was suddenly afraid that he would ruin Nathan. Reed was damaged goods inside and out. Nathan didn’t deserve that type of baggage. Reed turned away, trying to get control of the rollercoaster deep inside his chest. He couldn’t believe how fucking scared he was to take Nathan as his lover.

“You need a safe word,” Reed said.

“Red.” Nathan sighed. “Why won’t you meet my gaze? Does my body not please you?”

“Your body is perfect.” Reed came in close. “I don’t want to fucking ruin you.”

“You won’t ruin me. I’m strong.”

“Get the fuck upstairs before I change my mind.”

Nathan hesitated. Reed reached out, grabbing Nathan by the rope around his waist. He pulled him in close. Reed slid the pad of his thumb over Nathan’s cockhead, making him shiver violently. Reed pulled Nathan up the stairs, taking him down the short hallway to his bedroom. The master bedroom was the one room in the house that Reed had furnished.

“Hands and knees on the bed,” Reed said.

Nathan went to the bed, quickly obeying. Reed was shaking inside as he went to the walk-in closet, changing into his leather. The intricate straps wrapped around his hips, thighs, and chest. A harness wrapped around Reed’s hips. Reed took the cock cylinder, slipping it over his throbbing prick. Heat from Reed’s cock warmed the cool metal. Reed grabbed a ball gag from the shelf and a flogger. Reed heard Nathan’s gasp of approval as he circled the bed.

Reed knelt onto the bed, putting his cock up into Nathan’s face as he teased the ball gag into Nathan’s mouth. Reed tightened the straps behind Nathan’s head. Reed eased off the bed, picking up the leather flogger. He slapped the flogger in his hand over and over, feeling the biting sting of the raised edges.

“You need to be punished for touching yourself without permission,” Reed said.

Nathan groaned as Reed slid his hand over his ass cheeks. The leather flogger slid easily over Nathan’s ass cheeks. Reed pulled the flogger away and came back in hard, hitting Nathan’s ass. Nathan groaned as his balls rocked back and forth hard. Reed slipped his thumb between the rope, rubbing Nathan’s hot rim. He moved his thumb, striking Nathan across his ass cheeks over and over. His creamy white skin turned pink and then slowly a hard red. Reed knew he was getting to the point of marking his lover with bruises. Nathan’s fists tightened down into the navy blue comforter. He physically relaxed after every hit, silently begging for more.

Reed tossed the flogger aside. He walked to the end of the bed, grabbing onto the rope around Nathan’s waist. Reed yanked Nathan down to the foot of the bed. He slipped his fingers beneath the two ropes edged up between his ass cheeks. Reed pulled the rope open. He leaned down, licking his tongue over Nathan’s rim. Nathan squirmed beneath his tongue, arching his ass back for more. Reed pushed his cock cover up against Nathan’s rim, rubbing against his ass. Nathan moaned for more, but Reed wasn’t ready to go there unless his cock was free. Reed moved his cock cover up and down Nathan’s rim. Reed pulled away, letting go of the rope. Reed reached around, rubbing his hand over Nathan’s hard prick.

Pre-cum wet Reed’s palm. Nathan mumbled through the ball gag. It sounded a lot like I’m close.

“Do not come until I give you permission.”

Nathan’s entire body glistened with sweat. His muscles were flexed tight. Reed rubbed his hands down over Nathan’s balls, giving them a caressing squeeze. His balls pulled up tight. Reed knew he was close to coming. He squeezed Nathan’s balls with a firm hold.

“Do not come.”

Nathan groaned. Reed was feeling the same way. He was so close to coming undone too. It’d been so long since he let anyone within licking distance. In fact, Nathan was the first person to break through that wall with a battering-ram when they met. Reed’s resisting arrest had been the best thing emotionally he could have done for himself. It forced him to confront what he always wanted and was too afraid to take the next step on.

Reed leaned down, pulling the rope aside with both hands. He licked his tongue over Nathan’s rim. He loved ass. He loved having his sub on all fours with their ass in the air. He loved it when they were so vulnerable and ready for the taking. Reed used the rope for leverage to bounce Nathan’s ass and rim over his tongue. Moans of pleasure echoed from deep within Nathan’s chest. Reed pulled away, going back to his closet. Reed pulled his cock cover off. He grabbed several condoms from the shelf. Reed grabbed two sets of handcuffs and a bottle of lube before he headed back to the bed.

“On your back.” Reed wanted to be eye to eye with Nathan the first time he mounted him. “Arms up.”

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