John's Irish Dexter (MM)

Bourne Bulls 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,690
3 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance M/M, HEA]
John Bourne hated being duped. And after being left high and dry on the best night of his life, the man who abandoned him now stood in front of him on a farm in the dales desperately needing help.
Adrian Mahoney had left his amazing hook-up on the hotel bed for one reason only: his animals. He had not been expecting John to be the Bourne Bulls vet he so desperately needed help from.
How was he supposed to get his help now?
The only reason John was going to help this man was not because of what the man had given him already, but for his animals. It was the only thing John would put above all else. And Adrian had a herd of his beloved Irish Dexters. How could he not help the despicable—yet gorgeous—and vulnerable man?
A Siren Erotic Romance
John's Irish Dexter (MM)
3 Ratings (5.0)

John's Irish Dexter (MM)

Bourne Bulls 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,690
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Still, he wanted to help Adrian with his farm. He’d seen the vegetable plot, it was vast and he had a hard time believing one man had set it all up. Rian had a lot of determination and John admired that in a man. In fact, there was an awful lot he admired about his one-night stand. Except the fact that he was and always would be, a one-night stand.

“Okay Adrian, we at Bourne Bulls are solely a breeding operation. We have our own pure Irish Dexters that we milk for sperm, then we can either give you the sperm at a cost or artificially inseminate your heifers that will cost more but we will guarantee at least eighty-five percent of your herd to be with calves at the end.”

“What about Laurel and Hardy?” Rian asked. John looked over at him and frowned.

“My bulls,” Adrian explained, though there was no need John had realised already exactly who Laurel and Hardy were.

John watched as the man realised what he had just said and John wished they were in a better place with each other so that he could say he’d named his cattle also . But that boat had sailed so he kept quiet about Elmo and Fozzie, but couldn’t shake the feeling of a heavy heart that descended upon him.

Why him, why now? Life can be so fucking unfair.

“We don’t know the lineage of your herd. Your bulls could be their brothers or fathers, I will need to take blood and analyse it to be sure.”

“Okay, so what’s my next move?”

“You need to separate the bulls out, you have plenty of land so that shouldn’t be a problem. Check your fields are secure and then move them. That’s it until I get the lab results back.”

“Right, that sounds good,” Rian said. He looked a little lost to John and he took pity on his one-night stand. Bring me the bulls I’ll take the samples and we’ll tag your herd.”

“Tag?” Rian repeated.

Was Adrian really that clueless?

John reached into his bag for a syringe, before realising his tag was still in his vehicle. “I need my tag machine. I won’t be more than a moment,” John said as he ran toward his car.

John returned to find Rian holding court over two of the friendliest bulls John had ever met, and he’d met his fair share of bulls.

“This is Laurel and Mr. Grumpy  over there is Hardy.”

“Why is he grumpy?” John asked as the bull nudged his hand.

“He’s after a carrot, I only had one so he had to share and he wasn’t happy about it.” Rian smiled at John and some of the ice he’d wrapped round his heart for safety melted away.

Why him?

John took the blood and explained how they would use the samples to clear up the genetics. John was sure his bulls were in no way related to Rian’s and he’d get the heifers inseminated as soon as everything was clear. That would guarantee calves by late fall.

“You will need a waterproof barn by then and milking capabilities. Although your herd is small they will still provide you with several gallons of milk.”

“Enough to make cheese?” Rian replied, the excitement in his eyes struck John again at the complete unfairness of this. But whose fault was that? If he could not get over himself and his hurt pride at being left high and dry at The Rainbow Inn, they could really have…


John valued his principals and wanted a man he could trust who was veracious and held his own integrity. So far in John’s eyes, Adrian fell short on all counts.

“Yes cheese would be possible on a small scale, but you’ll need to pass health and safety code regulations if you wish to sell your produce.”

“That would be a very long-term goal. For now, I’m just aiming to provide for myself.”

“Hmmm, I see.” John didn’t bother adding anything to that statement as it was the complete truth. He would watch Adrian (Rian) Mahoney closely and he’d even admit not entirely on a professional level.

“Are we done?” 

“Not completely, I have a possibly pregnant pig and a hen house fully of nasty chickens that could really do with a dose of Valium.” 

John couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. He could have really gotten along with his newest client. It was a shame he’d treated him like a pile of crap on his shoe.

“I’m afraid there is no Valium for chickens, you just have to give them time to get used to you and try and be subtle when taking their eggs, which is what I assume you are after.” John almost felt sorry for Adrian when he held up his pecked and pitted hands.

“Wear gloves,” John advised. “Now let’s see this pregnant sow or is she gilt?”

“Edwina? She’s a British Landrace and Percy is the daddy I think?”

“No, gilt is a female pig that has yet to have a litter. A male is a boar . Edwina will be a sow after her first litter. A British Landrace is the breed and a good one for your purposes.”

John thought he’d feel good showing Rian up like that. But he ended up feeling like a spoiled, arrogant know-it-all vet. So much for his integrity.

“They are in the pigpen,” Rian said quietly, putting his head down and walking from the field.

“She is pregnant and I believe she is a gilt and may need some help with her first litter. You have some time left before she’ll give birth.”

“How long does it take?” Rian asked. John decided to put the technical one-hundred-and-fourteen days to bed and use the timeline most farmers did.

“The full gestational period is three months, three weeks and three days. Give or take a day or two, timing is always a little difficult to gauge.”




“Wow, when you do a room…” John didn’t get to finish his sentence as Rian had him pushed up against the wall and was devouring his lips and mouth. John opened for him as Rian’s lips swept across his lower lip once again.

John heard the pop, pop, pop, of the fastenings to his overalls. Rian pulled back and dove into his neck as John’s damp Iron Maiden shirt appeared beneath.

“Let’s get clean Rian,” John gasped.

“I like you dirty, your musky flavour is addictive.” Rian didn’t stop his tongue’s travels over John’s collarbone, neck, and his Adam’s apple.

John was losing his damn mind in from the sensation’s Rian was creating. “I want a taste, too, but…, but not fond of mud,” .” John nearly lost his train of thought as Rian bit down on the sensitive skin behind his ear. At this point John realised words were overrated and pushed his lover back.

“Clean!” John said, and pointed to the multi-headed shower.

“Oh a bossy bottom,” Rian said with a grin and started to divest himself of his clothes. John got with the programme and dropped his overalls to the floor.

“Iron Maiden, —nice. And here I thought you were such a nice boy.” Rian stood up completely naked, his cock armed and ready. The mud smeared on his body only added to his appeal. John reached for his underwear and in one move, had them down and off his legs, —socks, too. He was almost impressed until he stood up and realised his T-shirt was still on.

“Let me rephrase that, the last thing you are Mr. Bourne is a boy.” Rian’s words erased any insecurities John had over his prowess and with his seduction techniques. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head letting the fabric fall to the floor. His own cock throbbed and a pearl of pre-cum collected in his slit. 

Rian approached and leaned passed past him to reach into the shower. John shivered as their chests rubbed, Rian was smooth and feeling the skin against his fur hair was perfect. He grabbed Rian and pulled the man so they were skin to skin from thigh to chin, the heat of Rian’s body seared searing him and he felt the pre-cum ooze from his dick. He could feel his body trembling and was at a loss as to what he should do next.

“Come here lover of mine I’ve got you,” Rian murmured as he took hold of John’s hands and walked into the spray, which was warm right from the start. No waiting in this shower. Thank God.

As the water hit Rian’s body John’s eyes were glued to the droplets racing down his body to rest in the trimmed curls surrounding his cock.

John wanted to be those drops of water and leaned in putting his tongue where the drops first hit his lover. He followed their path down the man with his tongue, the man’s musky scent getting stronger the farther down he went. John sank to his knees, letting his tongue follow a trail of water trickling down Rian’s dick.

“Fuck yess!” Rian hissed as John swallowed the head of his cock, sucking the pre-cum down his throat. John loved Rian’s salty tang hitting his taste buds, making him desperate for more. 

The feel of Rian’s pulsing vein on the underside of his cock was bliss on John’s tongue. He felt it as Rian’s cock swelled even further in his mouth, sliding his tongue on the edge where the sensitive nerves were located. John had Rian moaning incoherently. John’s own cock was also working with him on this, but John wanted his lover’s cock buried in his ass and neither of them were teenage boys any more. John slid his hands from Rian’s hips to his inner thighs, his intention to pull Rian’s balls so the man was pulled back from the edge he was clearly hanging on to.

But Rian was closer than John had realised as one simple caress of the man’s ball sac had Rian throwing his head back and yelling John’s names as his cock released ropes of cum down John’s throat.

The explosion of the man’s flavour was all it took for John’s cock to fill to capacity and John reached down to stroke his sensitive flesh,— and he exploded in even less time than Rian, but John had no complaints as he stood and kissed his lover sharing the man’s flavour with him.

The kiss was a slow and lingering caress of both mouths and hands. John loved how tactile Rian was. John felt a change in texture and realised Ryan had one of those natural sponges in his hand and using a citrusy shower gel on his skin as he washed away the day’s dirt.  

“That was impressive, where’d you get the sponge and soap?” 

“I am impressive,” Rian answered, full of confidence that danced in his eyes. Ryan pulled John round and pointed to a window high up along the side of the shower. The window was high enough and had frosted glass to keep it discrete discreet but it also served as a shelf with shower gel and sponges as well as soap and shampoo. John grabbed a second sponge and wet it covering it with more gel to wash down Rian.

Thirty minutes later and after a lot of heavy handling, John finally stepped out of the shower.

“Towels are in the airing cupboard at the end there,” Rian muttered as he exited from the shower behind John. John grabbed two handing a rich and obviously Egyptian cotton towel to Rian.

“Nice,” John commented as he wrapped the towel around him.

“I haven’t always been a small holder you know,” Rian answered.

“We’ve not been very good at opening ourselves up,” John said, thinking Rian knew a hell of a lot more than he did. 

“You mean I haven’t,” Rian voiced John’s silent thoughts.

Again, John went for the honest approach. “Yes.”

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