[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Cowboy Romance, M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Bull rider Luke Pendleton is a Dom who only plays by his rules. When he accuses a competitor of cheating, he gets into a good old fashioned fistfight. When they’re both arrested, Luke knows he’s made a career-ending mistake.
Border agent Dade Riley is a submissive without a Dom. He’s always had a secret crush on Luke, but he’s never had time to explore his fantasies until now. When he arrests one of his favorite bull riders, Dade gives Luke an ultimatum that he knows he will never accept.
Luke only sees one way out of the tight spot he’s in. He has to play by Dade’s rules to avoid jail time. As things intensify, Luke takes control and discovers that Dade’s brother is missing. Luke knows that Dade needs him, but will he be willing to play by his rules, or will he search for his missing brother alone?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Branding Dade (MM)
8 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Fantastic as always!!!!!! I love this group of guys, and Dade and Luke were perfect together. Sweet sexy loving. Woot can't wait for more
donna b buccella




Luke Pendleton flew through the air and hit the ground hard. The bull stomped around his legs, kicking and flinging its hooves up toward his chest. Dust from the bull’s hooves hit him in the face. Luke had to get away before he was trampled. He landed wrong on his shoulder as he rolled away. He staggered toward the edge of the ring. The crowd gasped as the bull charged him. Luke jumped up onto the fence just before the bull could take a piece of his ass. He looked up at the scoreboard. That was not eight seconds. Fuck him. He was in last place.

Across the arena, he caught sight of his ex, John, watching him closely. Pain twisted through his heart. Luke spent a long time getting over that idiot. John had cheated on him far too many times for him to ever give him a second chance. To his chagrin, the man had some nerve to come to one of his comps. John was the least of his problems tonight.

He had enough of his competitor, Trevor Stokes, getting preferential treatment. Luke sauntered out of the ring as the crowd went wild. He dusted off his Stetson, putting it down hard on his head. He caught sight of Trevor across the way. He was going to find out how or who he was paying off to get the tamer bulls. This thing was going down now. He didn’t know how he was doing it, but he was cheating. Maybe he was paying somebody off. As he crossed the outer edge of the ring, Luke didn’t bother listing to the announcers or his scores. He knew he did piss poor tonight. He wanted only one thing. He wanted to confront Trevor now.

“Hey, Trevor! You fucking piece of shit!”

Trevor froze, turning around.

“Bring it,” Trevor said.

“You fucking cheated,” Luke said.

“You can’t freaking cheat in bull riding,” Trevor replied.

“Bullshit. I don’t know how you did it, but you fucking cheated!”

“I don’t know where you got your information from, but I did not cheat.”

 “I don’t know how you did it, bribery maybe,” Luke said. “You got one of the tamest bulls out here tonight.”

“That don’t mean I cheated. I can’t help it you lost. You’re just a sore fucking loser,” Trevor said.

Luke grabbed him roughly by the waist, taking him hard to the ground. People circled around as the punches flew. Most backed up, giving them lots of room. Luke didn’t care that they were drawing a crowd. Shouts erupted around them as a punch landed on his ribs. Trevor’s fist came flying at his face and connected, making his teeth rattle. Luke fell back, hitting the ground. Blood pooled in his mouth. He was not about to let Trevor win. Luke charged again, but Trevor kicked him away. Luke stumbled backward as his size-ten cowboy boot cut into his skin. He grabbed his side where Trevor’s boot had been. He felt the wind get knocked out of him.

Trevor’s arm cocked back and his hand slammed into his jaw with enough force to rattle his emotional cage. Luke never lost a fight. Never. Luke fell back onto the ground. He fisted his hand into the dirt, grabbing a handful. He swung his hand out, throwing the dirt into Trevor’s face. A wave of dust went through the air. Trevor groaned as the dirt connected with his eyes, but he didn’t take the bait to rub them. Luke threw several wild punches, but only connected with a few. Luke drove Trevor back against the fence. They landed with an audible gasp from the crowd. Luke was quite certain that they were drawing a huge crowd and it wasn’t going to be good when it ended.

Trevor took him to the ground, wrestling him into a hold. Luke tried to push him off, but he couldn’t. All of a sudden they were grabbed by the arms and pulled off of each other. Police officers were tearing them apart. Luke was swung off of Trevor and taken down hard. Luke’s face was planted in the dirt. Dirt brushed against his mouth. He stared at Trevor, hating him, hating his ex, and hating the fact that he let his emotions get the better of him. He was shocked that the man had the balls to buy his way in. Somehow, someway he was paying somebody to give him an easier bull to ride. Luke didn’t know how he was doing it, but he sure as shit was going to find out.

From faraway, Luke was suddenly aware of the police officer patting him down. He felt his hands move down over his ass, grabbing it hard. His rough hands went down and up over his thighs. They slid inside, grabbing his balls. Luke couldn’t remember the last time any man had manhandled him like this. As a Dom, he decided when and how anybody touched him. Luke was dragged to his feet. He was taken outside the arena to an unmarked patrol car. His face was pushed up against the hood.

“Do you have any weapons on you that I need to be aware of?”





A groan tore from the back of Luke’s throat. He was having trouble driving to Dade’s place. It was because his submissive was really good at sucking cock. Luke licked and bit his lip, sucking it in as another grunt of pleasure tore through his body. He tightened his hand down on the wheel, relieved that there wasn’t any traffic on the road. At this rate, they wouldn’t make it inside Dade’s place at all.

The front porch light to Dade’s house caught his attention before he missed the turn. He turned down the long dirt driveway, heading toward the house. Luke was surprise that Dade lived at the old Miller residence. Luke had heard that it went up for sale at auction about a year ago. Dade had obviously been the man who had bought the place. The driveway turned to gravel the closer Luke got to the house. He stopped in front of the old whitewashed farmhouse with coal black shutters. He shut down the truck before he wrecked it into the wide wraparound porch.

They weren’t going to make it inside. Luke was shocked that this thing was getting so far out of control so quickly. He felt like he should have better control but he didn’t. It wasn’t as though his sub wasn’t following orders. It was just that Dade was following orders too well. Luke threaded his fingers into Dade hair, loving the feel of his teeth and lips and tongue sliding over his cockhead as he pulled his mouth off of his throbbing prick. Luke needed control of his prick. He wanted so much more than a quick blowjob.

Luke’s dick contracted as he starting to come, but he stopped himself before his juice could fly and hit Dade in the face. He’d never been so far out of control before. Luke knew he had to get a handle on the situation. He came in close, kissing Dade passionately. He flicked his tongue deep within his mouth, fucking his tongue against Dade’s. He took ownership of his submissive, loving the feel of his sub yielding to his kiss and touch. Dade moaned as Luke worked his fingers down over his fly of his tactical pants. Luke grabbed hold of his throbbing dick and jerked the fabric hard. Dade moaned for more as Luke worked his cock out of his pants and stroked his dick roughly. Luke pulled his lips away.

“Do you like that?”

“Fuck yes!”

Everything was spinning out between them. Both of them knew it and neither one could stop it from happening.

“You want me?” Dade asked.

“I want you naked ten minutes ago.”

Dade groaned as he started pulling his clothes off inside the cab of the truck, but Luke stopped him before he could.


As Dade got out of the truck and undressed, Luke reached for the bottle of lube he kept in the glove box. Over the hood of the truck, Luke watched Dade undress. Luke couldn’t resist to eye fuck his new lover. Luke got out of the truck. He took off his clothes as well, dropping them to the ground next to Dade’s. A shiver tore through Luke’s body when Dade’s hungry gaze landed on his cock. He muscled Dade up against the side of the truck. He pulled his hips in close. He loved the feel of his athletic ass beneath his palms.

“Turn around. Hands on the truck.”

Luke loved the way Dade arched his athletic ass out. He wanted to sink his tongue over his rim, but he couldn’t. He needed to bring Dade closer to the edge first. With that thought in mind, Luke started to spank Dade and spank him hard. Dade groaned as he held onto the side of the truck. He could see that he loved being spanked. Luke watched his cock bounce up and down against his abdomen with each hit of his hand against his ass. His ass cheeks were spread wide, exposing his rim. Luke was loving the feel of his hand hitting ass hard. With Dade leaning down and his ass arched out, Luke couldn’t deny the urge he had to lean down and lick his sub’s rim. He leaned down, licking his tongue roughly over his rim. He loved the feel of his tongue running over his rim.

Dade’s moan of pleasure echoed into the night. Luke bit his lip hard as he stood up. Luke loved to see his submissive coming so undone. There was so much Luke wanted to do to his submissive, but he couldn’t do it all. Not now. Not when all of his playthings were at home and out of reach. He was out of his zone and improvising with Dade. He wanted to take him hard. Now. Luke dug into the pants pocket of his jeans. He found a condom and put it between his teeth. He found his way back to Dade within the moonlight. He tore open the condom and rolled it down over his cockhead. He licked his fingers as he came in behind Dade. When they were really wet, he started to fuck his sub with two of his knuckles. It was a test to see if his sub wanted more. Dade moaned, arching his ass out. It was all the encouragement Luke needed. Luke used all four knuckles to fist Dade. He pushed his fist in and out of Dade’s ass, loving the way his rim opened to him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Luke asked.

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