Her Mountain Home (MFM)

Menage Mountain 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,628
5 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA] 
Selena isn’t looking for a relationship. All she wants to do is write, but when two sexy mountain men set their sights on her, she’s more than tempted. They show her what it feels like to be treasured and cared for.
Austin and Caleb are sure Selena is the woman for them. They want nothing more than to shower her with love and seal her to them forever. There’s just something about her that calls to them. She’s it for them and they can’t wait to make her theirs.
When someone targets Selena they go into protect-mode and will do anything to keep her safe. Together with some of their friends who live on Mount Ménage, as well, they capture the culprit responsible for scaring their woman. No matter what it takes, they will make sure Selena is always safe and happy.
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Her Mountain Home (MFM)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Her Mountain Home (MFM)

Menage Mountain 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,628
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Austin narrowed his eyes as they drove down the road that led up to their mountain. Someone was moving in at the old Marshall place. The owners must have sold the house. He frowned. He and Caleb had been waiting for the house to come down some before they put in an offer to buy it. It wasn’t as if the place was actually on their mountain, but it was close enough that they’d worried about who might move in. Now it looked as if they’d missed their chance.

“I wonder who it is?” Caleb asked.

“Don’t know, but we screwed up. Should have put in an offer anyway.”

“Maybe. They haven’t taken the For Sale sign down yet. Maybe they’re only renting it,” Caleb said.



Austin drove slowly past the house in hopes of catching a glance of someone as they carried boxes out, but no one appeared. Once they’d passed the place, he looked over at Caleb to see his friend frowning, as well.

“We’ll find out in town who it is. Nothing like small-town gossip,” he said.

“Maybe they’ve already been at the diner or the lumber company for supplies,” Caleb said.

They pulled into the lumber company and climbed down from the truck. They needed to check to see if the granite countertop had come in yet.

“Hey there, guys. That counter you ordered is here.” Quincy, one of the owners of the lumber company, said in greeting.

Once they had the delivery of the countertop worked out, they drove to the diner for an early lunch.

“Hey, guys. What can I get for you?” asked Tracy, one of the waitresses.

“Iced tea and whatever you have on special will be fine,” Caleb said.

“Same for me,” Austin added.

After she brought their tea, they settled back in their chairs and listened to the talk around them. The sound of the bell over the door drew Austin’s gaze toward the door. Walking in was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. She had long black hair that curled at the ends into spiral ringlets, and her curvy body defied reason. When she walked toward them, he could see her bright blue eyes.

He looked over at Caleb to catch his attention, but his friend had already noticed the new customer. His eyes were fastened tightly to the woman’s ass. He couldn’t help but grin. Caleb was always fascinated with women’s asses. Austin was a breast man. Well, breasts and necks. There was just something about licking a woman’s neck that got to him.

“Do you see her?” Caleb asked once the woman had walked past them to settle at a table near the back.

“Yeah. Hard to miss someone as hot as she is. Wonder who she is and if she lives here. Never seen her before,” Austin said.

“Me either. Maybe she’s the one moving into the Marshall place,” Caleb said.

“Maybe. It’s a big place for one person though. Did you see a wedding band on her hand?”

“Nope. No jewelry at all that I could see. Not even earrings.”

“Odd. Women usually dress up to go out, no matter where they’re going.”

Caleb shrugged. “If she’s moving in, she might not wear it while she’s working.”

Austin agreed, but still couldn’t figure out why she would be moving into such a large house by herself. Then again, there weren’t a lot of choices in Cozy. Why was she even in Cozy? There wasn’t anything there to draw most people. No industry other than the few shops in town. Most people either ran a ranch or worked in one of the towns on either side of them.

“Here you go, guys. Need anything else?” Tracy asked.

“Who’s the woman over there who just walked in?” Caleb asked.

Austin grinned. Caleb was forever the extrovert of the two of them. Leave it to him to get to the point.

“Her name’s Selena Riley. She’s new in town. Got the old Marshall place, but I think she’s renting it. Not sure that she’s buying,” Tracy said.

“What does she do?” Austin asked.

“Don’t know. Works from home according to Barb.”

They ate in silence, occasionally casting a glance in the direction of the mystery woman. Austin was sure she was the prettiest woman he’d ever seen. She had full lips and a heart-shaped face, along with curves he would love to trace with his tongue. Hell, he’d trace every inch of her with his tongue if given half the chance.

“You’re staring,” Caleb said with a grin.

“Can’t help it. She’s perfect.”

“I know. She’s got the juiciest-looking ass I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, well, her breasts are perfect, as well. How are we going to meet her?” Austin asked.

“Go up to her and introduce ourselves. We know she’s moving into the house—we can offer our help if she needs any carpentry work,” Caleb said.

“I guess. Seems kind of stalkerish to just walk up and start talking to her.”

“Any more so than watching her from the mountain with binoculars? ’Cause you know that’s what you’re going to do first chance you get,” Caleb pointed out.


“Fucker. I’ll do the talking. You can just stand there and look pretty,” Caleb told him.

Austin flashed him the finger, then finished off his iced tea.


“Let’s do this.”

Austin followed his best friend to the woman’s table and listened as Caleb introduced them to her.

Once he was done, Austin added, “We live up on the mountain and do carpentry work. We hear you’re living in the Marshall place and wanted to let you know we’d be glad to help out with anything you need.”

“It’s nice to meet you guys. I’m Selena. I’m leasing the place right now. Not sure if I’m going to buy it yet or not. I might need some shelves built later, but right now, still moving in and figuring out where things go.”

“Do you have help moving the heavier stuff? We’d be glad to stop by on our way back home and help,” Caleb said.

“I appreciate it, but I can manage.”

She smiled up at them, and Austin thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Her smile was like a ray of sunshine after a particularly nasty storm. He could get used to waking up to that smile and seeing it every time he opened his eyes. She brightened the diner just by being there.

“If you need our help with anything, here’s our card.” Caleb handed her a business card from his wallet and nodded. “Great to meet you, Selena.”




Selena sighed as they reached the landing and Austin continued down the hall to the last door on the right. Caleb reached around them to open the door so that they could walk inside. The room was enormous, easily the size of the living room downstairs. The bed was in the center of the room and was huge. It had to be larger than a king size. Where had they gotten a mattress and sheets to fit it? And they’d built it themselves. It was amazing with pillars at least thirty inches around at all four corners.

The dresser and chest were works of art as well and perfectly matched the bed. She couldn’t help but admire the workmanship and wanted Austin to put her down so she could explore.

“Wow. Just wow, guys. It’s gorgeous.”

“Thanks. We wanted something unique that fit us, and this is it,” Austin said as he slowly lowered her to the bed.

“How long did it take you to build it all?” she asked.

“A couple of months of nonstop work,” Caleb said.

“Well, it’s perfect. You could make a living creating furniture alone,” she said.

“We like cabinetry more. This was just for us,” Caleb said. “Show her the closets, Austin.”

Austin took her hand, led her to one door against the far wall, and opened it to show her a massive walk-in closet that was empty.

“This is the men’s side, and this”—he led her over to the far door and opened it—“is the woman’s side.”

Selena was astonished. It was larger than the other closet, with built-in shelving and a small set in the middle of the room so that someone could put on her shoes and emerge fully dressed from the room. And it was a room. It could have been a small bedroom.

“Let me show you the bathroom, babe.” Caleb pulled her out of the dream closet and opened the door in the middle to reveal a bathroom that was the size of a spa and fitted like one, as well.

There were three sinks at the vanity and a walk-in shower that would hold four people as well as a massive soaker tub. The shower was made of slate and glass with four showerheads and a hand-held unit, as well. She couldn’t help but ooh and aah over it all.

“There are three other bedrooms with one having its own bathroom and the other two sharing a Jack and Jill bath. All of the rooms are big, but the master is the largest,” Caleb said.

“It’s all amazing,” she said.

“Thanks,” Austin said.

“So, how about continuing what we started on the couch, babe? I really want to feel you wrapped around my body,” Caleb said.

Selena smiled. She wanted to feel him inside of her as well. “I think you guys are overdressed.”

“Not yet, hon. We’ll never last if you get your hands on us too soon,” Austin said.

“But I want to touch you guys,” she pouted.

“You can. After we get you naked and ready,” Caleb said.

Austin pulled the oversized T-shirt over her head, then kissed her as he unfastened her bra and tugged it off. She kissed him back, reveling in the taste of him as he devoured her mouth.

She felt another set of hands at her waist, sliding down to cup her pussy. She leaned back to see Caleb over Austin’s shoulder as he slid his fingers into her wet heat.

“You’re so fucking wet, babe. I can’t wait to sink my dick deep inside of you,” Caleb said.

“I want that. I want both of you,” she confessed.

Selena couldn’t believe how much she wanted them, both of them. She didn’t want one of them more than the other one or like one more than the other one. She liked them both the same and couldn’t wait to find out how much better it could be with both men loving on her like they had down on the couch.

“If you’re not ready for this, tell us, Selena. We want to make love to you, but it’s up to you, honey,” Austin said.

“I want this. Whatever it is between us. I want you to make love to me. Both of you,” she said.

Both men closed their eyes for a brief moment, before opening them again. Pure, blazing need burned in them. Hot, heady need.

Austin backed her up to the bed once more and helped her climb up on it. She was naked whereas they still wore sweats and boxers. It wasn’t exactly fair. She tugged at Austin’s pants until he slapped at her hands with a chuckle.

“Not yet. Bad girl,” he said.

“But I want to see you guys,” she said.

“You will. First, we want to see you. You’re beautiful, babe.” Caleb stared down at her as she reclined on the bed. “I love that ass. I want to sink my teeth into it and squeeze it. You have no idea how hard it’s been not to pinch it every time we’ve been together. Austin threatened my nuts if I squeezed it before we’d had a chance to woo you first.”

“He did?” She chuckled.

“Yeah. He didn’t want to scare you away and thought my pinching that perfect butt of yours would have done it.” Caleb reached over and gave her ass cheek a pinch from the side.

“Ow.” She glared at him as she rubbed the sore spot.

“See why I threatened him?” Austin asked.

“But it’s so juicy. I really want to take a bite out of it,” Caleb said.

“Not a chance,” Selena said with a giggle.

“My turn to taste that pussy,” Caleb said with a serious expression. “Spread your legs for me, Selena.”

She immediately complied. She wanted him to taste her just as much as he wanted to, she was sure. He climbed on top of the bed and settled between her legs, then used both hands to lift her ass off the bed before he leaned in and licked her slit from bottom to top. She gasped at the feel of his tongue sliding through her wet heat.

“You taste amazing. Austin was right,” Caleb said.

“Please don’t stop,” Selena begged.

“I’m not stopping until you come for me, baby girl.”

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