A Menage to Celebrate (MFM)

Menage Mountain 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,017
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA]

Adonna didn’t exactly have a normal lifestyle since she owned an adult toy store, but dating two men seemed a little over the top to her, right? David and Mitch didn’t think so. They wanted a chance to get to know her.

Adonna relented and agreed to date them not expecting it to go anywhere, but found out that they were more than she expected and couldn’t help falling in love with them. They were kind and funny, and sexy as hell.

Mitch and David were serious with wanting to get to know Adonna. They meant to make her theirs. All they had to do was convince her that they meant business and were in it for keeps. Could they make her understand that sometimes three people could fall in love and be a perfect family? One to celebrate?


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Menage to Celebrate (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

A Menage to Celebrate (MFM)

Menage Mountain 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,017
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Adonna locked the door and looked around her before sloshing through the water standing in the parking lot toward her car. It had been raining nonstop for hours, not only keeping the clientele away, but also overflowing the drains and flooding the parking lot so that she had to wade through ankle deep water. So much for her ankle boots. She’d have to dry them with the hair dryer, or they’d be ruined if they weren’t already.

Her commute to and from work each day was about thirty minutes. Not long, and usually she enjoyed the time to think about the day ahead or unwind from the day’s activities. Today though, she was wired from the storms and ready to be home with a cup of hot chocolate and a book. With it being early Sunday morning, she didn’t have to work again until she had to go in at six Monday evening.

Her hours were strange because she ran an adult store on the interstate outside of town. It was open from ten in the morning till two the next morning, six days a week. She normally worked the six p.m. till two a.m. slot so she could do the books, and because all she could get were college students who didn’t want to work such late hours.

She’d just turned down her street when her car sputtered, then coughed, then choked and died.

“Well, hell.” It was nearly five in the morning. No one would be open at this hour to help her. She grabbed her phone and bumped her head with it.

“Siri, what’s the name of the nearest automobile shop?”

“Evan’s Performance Motors on Castel street. Would you like me to dial it for you?”

“Yes, please.”

She listened as it rang, not believing for a moment that anyone would answer. When they did, she nearly shouted with joy.

“Evan’s Performance Motors. How can I help you?” The voice was husky sounding, as if he’d been asleep when she’d called.

“Um, my car just quit on me, and I need it towed. Can you do that, or do you know of a shop who will?” she asked.

“Um, hold on a second.”

After a few seconds the voice returned. “Where are you located?”

She gave her address. “I’m actually only about six blocks from home, but it still needs to be fixed.”

“I’ll be there in thirty minutes. Are you safe where you are, or do you need me to call someone to come sit with you?” he asked.

That took her by surprise. They did that sort of thing? “Um, I’m fine until you get here. Uh, thanks though.”

“No problem. Lock your doors and stay in the car until I get there. I’ll hurry.” The line went dead and Adonna shook her head.

That was interesting. She’d never had anyone actually worry about her safety before. Really, she owned and operated an adult store, and no one had ever worried that she’d get some freak job in the store who’d go crazy on her ass or something. Then there would have to be someone in her life to worry, and she didn’t have anyone. Her parents had long since disowned her. Her sister had as well. When she’d refused to toe the Harrington line, they’d locked her out of their life and never looked back. Well, she was doing fine without them.

Her parents had expected her to marry a man they’d picked out for her and pop out two perfect little angels, one boy and one girl, who they would dote on while she kept a perfect house and did the charity rounds like her mom and sister. Well, that wasn’t the life for her. She wanted to do something with her life. Maybe she hadn’t envisioned an adult store, but at least it was hers and it was a success.

She sighed. Another year, if business stayed strong, and she’d have enough capital to open a women’s lingerie store in town as well. She would sell upscale intimates for the discerning woman. It was one of her dream ventures.

I can make it work just like I made this work. I’m not a failure like my parents see me.

She wasn’t. She was successful in her own right. Even if she made millions of dollars, they’d never see her as anything but a disgrace, so why should she even think about them?

Probably because they were her family, and it was only natural to wish they were around when she was lonely, like now while she sat waiting on a tow truck to pick up her piece of junk car.

Twenty minutes later, the truck arrived, and a devilishly handsome man with sleep-tussled hair that was just a little shaggy stepped out of the truck as she got out of her car. He had a strong jaw and high cheekbones with vivid green eyes and light brown hair. He stood at a little over six feet tall next to her five foot three inches and had shoulders wide enough to handle any crises a woman could come up with.

“Hi, I’m Mitch. Pop the hood and let me take a look first,” he said.

Adonna nodded and climbed back inside to pull on the latch to release the hood catch. She watched as he fiddled around inside.

“Try to crank it,” he said.

She turned the key, but nothing happened. He closed the hood and dusted off his hands.

“Definitely dead. I’ll tow it to the shop, and we’ll take a look at it. Come on and get into the truck. It’s safer for you in there while I hook up the car,” he said.

She climbed into the big truck. He handed her a clipboard and asked her to fill it out with her basic information as he drove around her car, then backed in front of it. When he climbed down and proceeded to hook up the car, she noticed that the inside of the cab was clean and smelled decent. Nothing like she would have expected a tow truck to look and smell like. She would have expected trash and the stench of cigarettes and stale food.

“Gotcha hooked up. Ready?” he asked.

“Ready,” she said, holding on to her purse.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“Oh, sorry. I’m Adonna Harrington. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said.

“I’d shake your hand, but mine’s dirty. Good to meet you, though not under these circumstances. Don’t worry, we’ll figure out the problem and fix you right up. Now direct me to your house and I’ll drop you off on my way to the shop.”

Adonna directed him to her house, then waved good-bye as he drove off. She unlocked the door and walked inside, hoping that whatever was wrong wouldn’t cost her a fortune in parts and labor.

As she showered off, she couldn’t help but think about the handsome man who’d picked up her car. He’d been easy on the eyes and friendly. On top of that, he’d been a perfect gentleman and hadn’t made a pass at her. When had she last been around a man who hadn’t made her feel dirty just by being in the same room with them? Even the few men she’d dated hadn’t treated her as nice as he had, when all he’d done was picked her car up to tow to his garage.

I wonder what he’d be like out on a date? Would he convert to an obnoxious octopus like all the other men I’ve gone out with, or would he be just as nice as he was this morning?




Adonna woke to something tickling her nose. She swatted at it and didn’t find anything. Then she felt it again and opened one eye to see David waving a tissue across her nose. “What are you doing?” she mumbled.

“Waking you up. You’ve had a nice long nap now. Time to wake up, sleeping beauty,” he said.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“One a.m.,” he said.

“Oh, my, God.” She shot up in the bed and started to get up.

“Whoa there, darling. There’s no need to jump up. You don’t have to be anywhere. I’ll take you home in plenty of time to get ready for work Monday evening. You’ve got all the time in the world,” David said.

“You want me to stay all night?” she asked, blinking.

“Of course. Besides, we still want to make love to you.” Mitch walked into the room stark naked.

Adonna couldn’t help but stare, then quickly averted her eyes, making Mitch burst out laughing.

“What? You work at an adult store and you act all shy around a naked man?” he asked.

“I’ve never seen you naked,” she said, sure her cheeks were five shades of red from the heat radiating from them.

“Look at her blush. I love it,” David said. “And she hasn’t even noticed that I’m naked yet. I’m disappointed.”

“What?” She looked over at David and gasped, then threw both hands over her face and groaned.

Both men laughed at that. She needed sunglasses so that they couldn’t see what she was looking at. She really was curious what they looked like. The quick peek she’d seen said they were very well endowed. Both men looked long and thick with heavy ball sacks. She also noticed that they had thick thighs and muscular shoulders and arms. She guessed they would have to be muscular in the chest area working with cars and engines all day.

“Open those eyes, babe. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of us anyway. Might as well get used to it now,” Mitch said as he sat on the bed, making it dip next to her.

“I can’t help it. We really barely know each other. I mean, this is really only our, what, fourth date?” she asked.

“Doesn’t matter. We’re comfortable around you and we want you to be comfortable around us. Now open those pretty eyes and let us show you some more love,” David said.

Adonna slowly removed her hands and opened her eyes. Both men were on the bed on either side of her. She looked at them as they smiled down at her. First Mitch, then David, kissed her, stroking her mouth with their tongues, dipping deep then backing away to kiss her cheek.

“You’re beautiful when you’re asleep, babe,” Mitch said. Your lips get this little pout to them and you have this tiny little snore.”

“I don’t snore,” she insisted.

“Yes, you do. It’s a little one, but it’s there,” David agreed.

She huffed out a breath and frowned. “It’s not nice to point it out.”

“We love it,” Mitch said.

“Love seeing you all relaxed and happy.” David trailed a finger down the side of her face.

“Know what we’re going to do now?” he asked.

“What?” she asked.

“I’m going to fuck that hot mouth of yours while Mitch takes that sweet pussy. You going to make me come with your mouth, angel?” David asked.

Adonna licked her lips. She smiled. She enjoyed giving head. Most women didn’t like it, but she did. In fact, she liked to start when a man was small and soft and bring him up, so to speak, then make him all soft and spent again. She looked down. Unfortunately, he was already at the hard stage.

“I’ll take care of you,” she purred.

Neither man needed any more prompting. Mitch scooted down to the end of the bed while David knelt next to her head after removing the pillows. She opened her mouth and he fed his dick to her an inch at a time. She backed off him and licked him from top to balls and back up again, then circled his crown with just the tip of her tongue before sucking him deep. She hummed around him, making him curse as she slowly came off him once again.

“Fuck, that feels fantastic,” David said.

Mitch knelt between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, getting the crown of his dick wet with her juices before slowly entering her. She moaned as he pushed deeper inside of her. He was thick and hard, and felt so damn good she had to concentrate on what she was doing for David and not nip him accidentally.

As she sucked hard on David’s cock, Mitch pumped his in and out of her wet cunt. He slowly picked up speed as she began to buck to meet his thrusts. He felt so good. His hard shaft hit all the right spots inside her. She was already close as he pumped. Adonna hadn’t felt this turned on in so long, she couldn’t remember.

David’s dick was hot in her mouth as she sucked and licked up and down the long shaft. She gently grazed him with her teeth then sucked him to the back of her throat, then swallowed down on him so that he cursed and threw back his head. It wouldn’t take much more to have him coming down her throat. All she had to do was swallow around him a few more times and he’d go. She wanted to taste him. Wanted to find out if he’d be salty or bitter. The precum was salty, but that didn’t mean all of him would be that way.

She hummed around him as he struggled not to force himself between her lips. She couldn’t help but admire his self-control. Most men weren’t able to keep from taking over when sex got to the point that it felt this good. She’d had men who’d grab her head and start thrusting down her throat without her being able to breathe. David wasn’t one of those and she admired him for that.

Adonna breathed in and sucked his cock down her throat as deep as she could, then swallowed around him while growling. The combination of swallowing and the throaty growl had him shouting out as he lost control and climaxed down her throat. She came up off him enough that she could taste him and found him salty and tasty. He pumped his jism in long ropes until he was spent, then he fell back on his heels with one hand still threaded through her hair. He caressed her cheek with the other one.

He cupped her cheek and shook his head. “Damn, woman.”

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