Erin's Lazy R Men (MFMMMM)

Men of Montana 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 87,107
6 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Menage Romance, Reverse Harem, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Erin Masters took the job at the Tipsy Tavern because she needed the work, but also to have time for herself. Nobody knew about the secret she had at home, not even the owner or previous manager, and she prayed no one ever would.
The five men from the Lazy R had fallen head over heels for Erin a year ago. Danny Newton, Ozzie Luna, JR Littleton, Tyler Adams, and Benny Adler knew they wanted her in their lives forever and would spend practically every night off trying to convince her to give them a chance. However, how could they do that when she shot them down at every turn?
When her secret is revealed, the men are shocked as are the people closest to her. Will they be able to finally claim their woman and protect her from her secret? Will Erin actually accept anyone’s help, or will she push them away as usual?
Note: This book contains triple penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Erin's Lazy R Men (MFMMMM)
6 Ratings (4.0)

Erin's Lazy R Men (MFMMMM)

Men of Montana 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 87,107
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Benjamin Adler was at his wit’s end. The woman who sat next to him was becoming a conundrum. She was beautiful and loving, but she had told Tyler she didn’t know if she was in love with them.

Benny knew that he and his friends were deeply in love with her. It wasn’t just from her beauty. That was only a smidgeon of it. Her beauty radiated from within.

Friendly, kind, loving, helpful, compassionate. All qualities that made a beautiful person from the inside. From the moment they had set eyes on Erin that night so long ago. They set their eyes on a waitress named Anita, but she was soon claimed by three men. When she left, she seemed so happy.

Five separate minds began to work in unison after that, all set on winning over the angel that was Erin. After many discussions, they all agreed they could have her together. Looking around, they had seen several of the polyamorous relationships and how they worked. They sat down with Ray and his brother, Brian, and discussed the ins and outs of loving one woman by multiple men. After that, they began working on their woman. It was a shock to see how Erin had been living and the ordeal she had been through.

The time was now. Their intentions were all laid out on the proverbial table. They would have her, but she needed time to process everything. After the bombshell Tyler had dropped on them about her statement earlier, Benny hoped they would be able to assure her soon.

Once dinner was finished over at the main house, Erin was escorted back to the bunkhouse. Out front the guys had a fire pit that could be used by all three of the homes for the ranch hands. It sat between all three buildings since the way they were situated created a courtyard.

Adirondack chairs had been positioned around the pit, which was now burning several large logs. The weather was clear, stars twinkling brightly above them. Crisp cold air burned the lungs if one was to take a deep breath. However, it was still romantic.

Erin sat to Benny’s right, and Danny sat to her right. The other three sat across the fire from them. Benny held one hand while Danny held her other one.

All five men were watching Erin as she was looking up at the sky. “I always would sit in my backyard at night and watch the stars. In August, my mother would join me, and we’d watch the meteor shower that comes through each year.” Her smile was infectious as she enjoyed the memory. “We would try to count them, but we would lose track. Then, my dad would bring us hot chocolate and we’d watch some more.”

“It sounds as if you had some good times growing up,” JR commented as he turned the long-necked bottle of beer he had in his hand. “I’m glad you had good memories. Some people don’t get that.”

Erin’s smile lit up. “Yeah. We were pretty close as a family. It was probably because there were only three of us.” Then her smile disappeared. “When Mama began to forget things, it hurt. At first, it was little things. Her keys, her phone. Then, she would start something on the stove and then walk away. After the third or fourth time, my dad knew it was time to put her where she would be cared for. He moved to be closer to her. I stayed behind because I needed to work, and then I met Paul. He wouldn’t let me see her too much, probably because he thought I’d leave him, or tell my dad what was going on. I miss my parents so much.”

“Let’s get you healed, and then we’ll take you to go see her as much as you want.” Danny was always the voice of reason. “Plus, we have to make sure Paul is behind bars before we take you anywhere off this ranch.”

Erin nodded sadly. This whole ordeal was trying on her, as much as on all of them. Just knowing Paul was out there somewhere was a blow to all of them.

Tyler stood and moved around the fire pit until he stood before Erin. When he crouched down in front of her, JR and Ozzie followed suit. Tyler placed a hand upon one of her knees and gazed into her face.

Firelight danced on her face, creating an ethereal view of her loveliness.

“Erin, we need to discuss what you said this afternoon.” Tyler spoke softly, without any accusation in his tone.

Her tongue darted out and licked her upper lip. A quick nod of understanding from her solidified that there would be no going backward now.

Benny pulled Erin’s hand that he was holding to his lips. He kissed the back of it before he held it to his chest. “Sweetheart, everyone who is in a relationship starts out wondering if the feelings they have for the other person is love, like, or lust. I’m sure your parents went through the same thing. Everyone enters a relationship with some kind of feelings toward the other. Back in the old days, people would get married when they were but children. A lot of the time, they didn’t even know their spouse. A friendship would form over time, and they became comfortable with each other.

“This.” Benny gestured with his free hand towards the other men. “This is something we have all discussed before. When we first saw you in the Tavern after you started working there, we all had the same feelings towards you. We stopped looking at the other waitresses and only felt attracted to you.”




Erin knew before she looked up at him where Danny was staring, for she could feel his dark gaze upon her pussy. She saw the pure lust in his eyes, and her heart beat wildly in her chest. The look was something she never received from Paul, and now she knew she had never loved him, nor he her.

Ozzie pulled her jeans the rest of the way off her legs. He picked up her right foot and began laying kisses on her arch as his free hand slid sensuously up her calf. JR and Tyler resumed their ministrations on her breasts, laving, kissing, nipping, and suckling. Benny was still rubbing between her shoulders.

The shifting on the bed had Danny pulling her left leg up and over his forearm before settling between her legs. His huge shoulders spread her out, exposing her lace-covered cunt. She waited with bated breath for him to touch her. Time stopped for Erin even though four men were touching or caressing her with their hands or mouths.

Dark eyes continued to bore into her, creating a nervousness within her that had her lids lowering and a fire developing in her face. It was only these five men who could make her feel dainty and shy.

In a flash, Danny reached out, slid his fingers under the crotch of her thong, pulled hard, and ripped the material from her that seemed to offend him. There was a slight pull against her hips, but she ignored that and lifted her gaze. Nostrils flaring along with a firm set of his lips, Danny looked almost animal like as he stared at her pussy.

With his dark looks, he reminded her of a panther, ready to pounce as if she was his prey.

As her heart beat quicker, her own breathing quickened. She felt moisture coat her pussy. Danny took a deep breath, and a growl escaped him.

Moans and groans sounded from the other men, which she didn’t understand. Ozzie moved his mouth along the outside of her calf, holding her leg aside from Danny. Tyler and JR pulled away from her breasts and gave their attention to Danny.

Lowering his head, Danny was just inches away from her pussy, looking at it as if were his last meal. Erin knew what he wanted to, and she longed for him to do it. Having her pussy eaten was something Paul never did. He had said it was a disgusting task, and he refused to do it. But of course, he demanded she give him a blow job whenever he wanted. There had been one boyfriend before Paul who would go down on her, and she loved it. However, he never was able to get her to come.

A finger touched the top of her labia, sending delicious electrical currents through her body. She tried to stay still, but her body wanted more. It was as if it knew who it belonged to.

Danny slid his finger down into her cunt slowly. Erin closed her eyes the closer he got to her clit.

“Open your eyes, baby girl,” Danny ordered.

She opened her eyes wide and looked at him. His finger continued to move, bypassing the sensitive bundle of nerves she hoped he would touch. Near black eyes had locked onto hers when she had opened her eyes, and she couldn’t look away.

His finger continued downward until he was at her opening. There was a slight hesitation before he pushed his digit inward. Erin felt the thickness of his finger, and she marveled at the feeling. Since the men had become constants in her life, she had never really looked at their hands even though they had all held her hands at one time or another.

They all had manly hands, callused from hard work, not soft and clammy like Paul’s were. Danny’s hands were the largest, his fingers thick and long, yet delicate enough to touch the most fragile of animals here on the ranch. Ozzie’s hands were probably the smallest of the five, but they were still bigger than hers. Tyler’s, Benny’s, and JR’s were somewhere in the middle between Danny’s and Ozzie’s.

It surprised Erin that when they weren’t touching her in some way, she craved it. There had been no hugs, no cuddling with Paul. Well, at the beginning of their relationship there was, but once he revealed himself to be the monster he was, that all stopped.

There was an article she had read once about humans needing touch from other humans. Even animals hugged in some way. She had gone through her relationship with Paul thinking there was something wrong with her, and that was why he had done what he did and not wanted to spend time just holding her. She had wondered if she would ever want to be touched again. With five men staring at her as if they had gone a month without eating, she knew she was wrong.

Tyler and JR used their hands to play with her breasts, twisting her nipples, rubbing their knuckles on them. Benny was kissing the expanse of her shoulders and up and down the back and sides of her neck. Occasionally, he let his teeth nip at her, while Ozzie was licking or placing open-mouthed kisses along her leg. All this attention was sending zaps of fire to her pussy.

Danny moved his finger in and out of her pussy several times before he removed it. Disappointment flooded her, causing her anxiety to build. It didn’t have time to go anywhere, for Danny replaced his one finger with two. Turning them to where they faced up, he hooked them as he pulled back until he was almost out of her. Without stopping, Danny pushed back in and repeated the movement as he fucked her with his fingers.

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