Healing Hearts 16: Happiness in a Heartbeat (LoveXtreme)

Healing Hearts 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,793
9 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, reverse harem, HEA]

Sue is determined to handle life and any problems on her own just like she's done since she was sixteen. So when one bad decision costs her her job, her apartment, and the successful future she's determined to get, she doesn't quit, she works harder, ignoring the past until that bad decision catches back up with her.

A little too sweet, and a little naive, Sue thinks she can walk away from men who want her as an escort for some top business people. She never agreed to anything, was drugged and touched against her will, and she's lucky worse didn't happen. She won't tell a soul and tried to ignore the bad decision and just be thankful to be alive. It makes her more resistant to accepting any man's advances, and her focus is on making money and surviving. Falling in love with the owner of the bar she works at along with his three brothers who she met before and ignored, may turn out to be the best decision of her life, and the only chance she has of surviving.

Vin, Nolte, Cane, and Cobra's love for her, as well as their determination and resources they have, are what ultimately saves her life. If she never fell in love with them, never accepted their claim of her, she would be just another victim, another lost woman forced into a world and an abuse she would never get free from. That happiness in a heartbeat she felt in the moment she was in her lovers' arms was a life saver. She grabbed onto it, held on tight, and wouldn't let it go. She took the chance and got what she finally needed and deserved. Happiness and love, instead of a life of loneliness and empty promises.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Healing Hearts 16: Happiness in a Heartbeat (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.8)

Healing Hearts 16: Happiness in a Heartbeat (LoveXtreme)

Healing Hearts 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,793
9 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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By the time she cashed out, went over tips with Scott, and prepared to leave, it was after three in the morning. She was going to feel like shit with only a couple of hours of sleep. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to pull this off after all. “I’ll walk you out,” Scott said.

She glanced toward the table where Vin, Nolte, Cane, Cobra, and a few other men had been all night. The four men watched her constantly and it was unnerving. She didn’t have time to entertain an attraction, and knew they were after a good time. She had enough on her plate with her cell phone buzzing all night, her family trying to lay a guilt trip on her, and her cousin Taylor pleading for some cash.

“Sue,” Cobra called her name just as Scott walked with her from behind the bar.

“Come on over here. We’ll walk you out in a few minutes,” Cobra said.

She glanced at Scott. “The bosses have their eyes on you. See you next week,” he said to her.

“The bosses?” He walked away, and she wondered if he meant that Vin, Nolte, and Cane were bosses with Cobra and they all owned the place. Wonderful. She had been hoping that none of her friends would find out about this. They would know something was up and that she needed money. She walked over toward the table of men and three guys stepped aside, but gazed over her body with their eyes. Cobra stood up.

“Have a seat.” He offered her the one next to Vin. The dark hair, those deep green eyes bore into hers and her gut clenched. Vin and his brothers, as well as Cobra, were intimidating.

“Tired?” Vin asked her, his arm over the back of the chair she sat in as he faced her. She nodded.

“We won’t keep you long, we were just surprised to see you here tonight. Is everything okay at work at the firm?” Vin asked.

She looked away and down at her hands. “It’s fine. I’m just looking to go somewhere else.”

He cupped her cheek, then slid his palm to her chin, gripping it. He stared into her eyes. “They treating you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine, really. I just need the money and don’t want to quit unless I have enough hours and can pay my bills.”

“What about the offer we discussed several weeks ago? Nolte and Cane said you thought we were just making that up.” He challenged her and she felt badly.

She went to speak and then swallowed. “I didn’t mean to insult you. I just felt like you made you it up. Anyway, I have the job here two nights and then work Monday through Friday for a little while.”

“That’s a long day, every day,” Cane said to her.

She couldn’t believe how intense these men were, and the effect they had on her, too. The four of them were one more intimidating than the next. All dark hair, tanned skin, big muscles, and tall. Way taller than most men, and at least six feet three. They were powerful men, too, she assumed, since they hung out with the Corpese men and Marquis men.

“I have no choice right now.”

“I want you to think about sitting down with us and discussing the PA job. Our cousin can use the help, too,” Vin said to her.

“Cousin?” She asked.

“Cobra, he’s our cousin. We share a few businesses together. This being the main one,” Vin said to her.

She licked her lower lip and glanced at Cobra, who reached out and stroked her hair. His eyes gazed over her breasts, and then back to her eyes. “When are you quitting the job at the law firm?” Cobra asked her.

She lowered her eyes. She wasn’t rich like them. She was just trying to survive on her own like she had been since finally having the courage to leave her screwed up family at sixteen. Money made the world go round. It paid the bills, and kept her from living on the streets. She cleared her head. These men would think even less of her if they knew that. Knew she was almost homeless once, hell, could wind up in that position again if she wasn’t smart and didn’t make money. She had to do what was necessary. What would her friends think? They were so well off now, successful, and she was in a worse position every day that passed.

“When I have more hours and can handle everything.”

“I can work things out for you here, and maybe you can talk to us about the PA job, and with both jobs, you can handle your responsibilities?” he suggested.

She wasn’t sure about this. She felt like everywhere she turned some man or men were trying to get her into bed, or to spread her legs and she was fearful that these men could be after that. She didn’t want to be rude though. They knew her friends’ boyfriends, and they had power and pull she knew very little about.

“I’ll think about it. I really should get going. As is I’ll be running on two hours sleep for work tomorrow,” she said, and stood up. She bumped into Cobra. He placed his hand on her hip and stared down into her eyes. He gave it a tap, and his large hand felt huge against her smaller frame.

“Cane and Nolte will walk you out,” Cobra said to her.

“They don’t have to.”

Vin narrowed his eyes at her, so did Cobra. She lowered her head submissively. She knew men like this ruled and had the final word. She’d witnessed her friends’ boyfriends’ attitudes and authority. When she felt Cobra’s palm caress her arm then her neck, causing her to look back up at him, she was shocked by the sensations, the attraction she felt. She was attracted to all four of these men and that was just stupid. “You’ll do as we say. For your protection,” he added, then stroked her lower lip with his thumb before he released her.

“Walk her out,” he commanded, and she said goodnight and then walked through the bar with Nolte in front of her and Cane behind her. A feeling of protection consumed her senses and she had to remind herself that there was no such thing as men caring enough that they would protect her. They wanted something from her, just like everyone else in her life, or that she ever met.

As they got to her car, she hit the unlock on her keychain and then turned. Cane took her hand and brought it to his lips. “Be careful driving,” he said, and kissed her knuckles.

She worried her bottom lip and stared up at him, and then at Nolte who reached out and stroked her hair. She noticed two men, maybe guards, standing nearby that had followed them outside.

“We’ll talk soon. Discuss things,” Nolte said.

“We’ll see,” she said, dismissing his comment.

“See you soon,” Nolte told her, and then she got into her car, started the engine and slowly pulled away. The two sexy men remained watching her as she left the parking lot. Holy crap were they so good looking and fierce. God, she wished she could have men like that. That they could love someone like her who came from nothing and continued to fight for everything she had. She was embarrassed about her life, her debt. Her family that hounded her and the need to work more hours so she could send them money. Her life sucked and men like that could get a hell of a lot better than stupid her.




Nolte walked into the bedroom and he smiled. “Poor thing is exhausted and passed out,” he said as his brothers and cousin walked into the room and started getting undressed.

“She’ll wake up,” Vin stated.

“She looks so tiny on that huge bed,” Cane added, pulling off his shirt, just staring at her.

Nolte felt his heart racing, she was so damn beautiful.

“Remember, if she isn’t ready we hold back,” Cobra said.

“She’s ready and so are we. We confirmed that thirty minutes ago when that dick Sully McCue decided to fuck with our men as they took Duplex’s possessions back. I’m glad they weren’t sold,” Cane said.

“Yes, and the message we sent should let the others know if they want their businesses to keep running, they better stay clear of Sue,” Nolte added.

“She looks like an angel,” Cane said, reaching out to stroke her hair.

“She’s lost in this bed. Jesus, we’re huge compared to her,” Vin said, climbing up, and sliding his palms from her ankle and calves to her knees.

“We’ll take our time, like we discussed,” Nolte said, looking at how huge Vin’s hands looked caressing up Sue’s legs.

“Sue? Hey baby, we’re here,” Cobra whispered to her lowering down to his forearms onto the bed close to her, and began to scatter kisses along her shoulder and neck.

She blinked her eyes open. “Cobra?”

“Yeah baby, sorry we’re late. We had business to handle. Things got a little crazy,” he said to her, then kissed her lips. She lifted up, the gap in the robe exposing her deep cleavage and then her pussy as Vin pressed his palms higher.

“Are you all okay?” she asked, shocking Nolte that she cared to ask and looked concerned.

He didn’t know how he felt about that. About a woman caring, and maybe even softening him up. He wouldn’t let that happen. There would be rules. He focused on her concerned expression. “Hell yeah, and much better now that we’re here with you,” he said, then reached over and pulled on the tie that held her robe together. The silk fell to the sides revealing her sexy, perfect body. The belly ring, her large full breasts, the tattoo of sunflowers and her clean shaven pussy. Vin’s fingers slid to the redness.

“Vin.” She reached down and covered his hand.

“No, we take away that memory, that pain, and replace it with pleasure right now,” he told her. She swallowed hard and Vin held her gaze as he lowered down and kissed where the red mars were.

Nolte saw the tears escape from her eyes. “No pain baby,” Nolte said to her.

Vin lifted up, spread her thighs wide, then leaned forward and licked her pussy.

“Oh. My. God.” She moaned.

“Feel good?” Cane asked, and lowered down to the bed to suckle her breast on her left side.

“Yesss,” she hissed, and tilted her pussy up as Nolte leaned down to kiss her other breast and suckle on her tit. “Oh, oh.” She moaned and then shook, coming.

“Holy shit that is hot. She came,” Cobra said, standing behind Vin.

Nolte released her nipple. “She’ll be coming all night. We own all your orgasms, Sue. Every one of them is ours.”

Her eyes widened.

Vin slid a finger to her cunt and she moaned some more.

“She is very responsive. Come have a taste, Cobra, before we fill her up with cock,” Vin said, and eased from between her legs.

Cobra took his place, slid his palms along her calves, and then licked and kissed her left calf, then under her knee and along her inner thigh. She squirmed and giggled, but he held her tight and Nolte and Cane grabbed her wrists and placed her arms above her head. She shook.

“Oh please, please I can’t take it. It tickles.” She shook and her breasts did too, making them chuckle.

“God damn, she sure is ticklish,” Vin said, and reached out to pinch her nipple.

Cobra leaned toward her other thigh and suckled and kissed his way up as she squealed and shook until she moaned when his tongue licked her cunt. “Oh, Cobra.”

He lifted up. “That tight little bud is awfully tasty, too.” He went back down on her and she closed her eyes and wiggled then moaned.

“My turn,” Cane said, and Cobra pulled back, but kept his eyes on Sue as he slid a finger to her asshole.


“Don’t close those legs. Every part of you will be explored. Even this tight, sexy asshole.” He slid his finger in and out of her asshole.

“God damn, look at her,” Nolte said, then slid a thumb to her clit and pussy, rubbing her there.

“I can’t take it. You’re so wild, so experienced. I never.”

“You will with us. Belonging to us means every part of you, every inch of your body, every hole,” Vin commanded.

“I need a taste before we take her,” Cane said, and he moved between her legs.

Nolte slid to the side. “So sweet and wet, you want us, Sue? Want us to make love to you? To take you together and make you our woman?” Cane asked.

“Together?” she asked.

Vin clenched her chin. She looked up at him with wide eyes but with a passion, an obvious desire they all felt. “Together, our woman fully and only ours. That means no other men, Sue, got it?” Vin said to her.

“I never did that before.”

“Good, then we’ll be your firsts and only. You’ll love it and be begging for it,” Vin told her, then pressed his lips to hers. When he released her as Cane feasted on her cunt and played with her asshole, she spoke her mind, her voice sounding shaky, exposing how intimidated she was of them. Nolte wanted her begging for it. Feeling no pain, no fear, only desire, pleasure, and an acceptance of their possession of her.

“No other women for you guys either, right?” she asked, sounding scared and hesitant.

Nolte cupped her breast. “No other women. Only you,” Nolte reiterated.

“Then yes.”

“Good.” Vin leaned down and kissed her lips as Cane slid fingers to her cunt.

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