The Teacher's Pets (MFM)

Riverbend, Texas Heat 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,000
7 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense Western Romance: M/F/M, HEA]

Wesson and Cole are attracted to Jessie. Can they convince her to give two men a try? Will she risk losing her job for them?

With someone shooting darts at the cattle, the men’s attentions are divided between dating her and protecting their ranch. Neither man wants Jessie hurt, so when she is hit by a tranquilizer dart they feel responsible and panic.

Jessie has fallen for the two men and despite threats to her job teaching children, she continues to see them. They aren’t taking any chances with her safety but never think that the threat could be closer to her than to them.

Finding out that the attacker is someone Jessie sees most every day only reinforces

the need to protect their woman. Wesson and Cole close ranks around her. Jessie loves that they are so protective of her. Once the threat is eliminated, she agrees to be their wife.


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Teacher's Pets (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.1)

The Teacher's Pets (MFM)

Riverbend, Texas Heat 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,000
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I have only gave this book 3 stars because the editing is not good... The story is great but the author needs to make sure the book is edited... A few examples .... Her eyes are green in one sentence and then in the next chapter they are brown... She stay Friday night with the guys and goes home on Saturday because she has to get ready for school the next day, on Sunday?... At first she doesn't drink coffee and then in the next chapter Wesson is pouring a cup of coffee....... Brenda calls her boyfriend Steve thought his name was Tommy. I think either the editor, proofreaders or beta readers should have got these. It kinda takes away from the story.. Come Siren get better editors.




“See, I told you that coming out tonight would be good for you. The way you’re smiling I can tell you enjoyed the dance,” Brenda pointed out with a smirk.

Jessie resisted rolling her eyes. There was no putting on the brakes with Brenda. She was going to push her toward the poor man the next chance she got.

Before Jessie could point out that it had only been one dance, another man walked up and smiled down at her. This one had warm brown hair and hazel eyes. He looked to be about six feet two inches and built just as fine as the last man had been. In fact, they looked a little alike. He smiled down at her.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

Jessie couldn’t help but be flattered that two amazingly handsome men had asked her to dance before she’d even had time to drink her beer. She opened her mouth then closed it before finally answering him.

“Yes, I’d like that.” Jessie let him help her to her feet then held his hand as they made their way through the throng to reach the dance floor.

For the second time in less than an hour Jessie found herself attracted to a man after only just meeting him. She leaned back slightly and looked up at him.

“My name’s Jessie,” she said.

“Sorry. That was rude of me. I’m Wesson. It’s good to meet you, Jessie.” He smiled down at her. “Very good to meet you.”

She smothered the urge to giggle. She hadn’t felt like giggling since she’d been a teenager. What was going on with her?

“You must be new to Riverbend. I haven’t seen you before.”

“Been here about three years now. Guess that could be considered new. My brother and I bought a ranch outside of town,” he said.

Jessie nearly stopped dancing. Was this Cole’s brother? What were the odds that she’d dance with both men back to back?

“Um, is Cole your brother?” she finally asked.

He smiled. “Yeah. You danced with him a few minutes ago.”

“I see.”

She wasn’t sure she saw at all though. Why would both men want to dance with her?

“Said you were gorgeous, so I had to see for myself, and he wasn’t lying. You are.”

“Thank you. Do you usually dance with the same women your brother dances with?” she asked.

“Not all the time, but he was really taken with you. Had to meet you myself to see if he was crazy or not,” he said.

“I guess it’s a little crazy to me to realize that I’ve danced with two brothers in one night,” she admitted.

“Don’t let it bother you. Cole and I share everything. We’re not in competition with each other,” Wesson told her.

Jessie’s mouth dropped open at his revelation. Shared everything? Did that mean they shared women? She closed her mouth and tried to think of something to say, but for the life of her, she couldn’t come up with a single thing.

“I can tell I shocked you,” he said. “I didn’t mean to, but we don’t hide how we feel about it.”

“I know there are guys here in Riverbend who share, but I’ve never met any of them before. I guess it just shocked me to hear you say it,” she admitted.

“That’s okay. Does it bother you?” he asked.

She wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Did it bother her? No. Not really. She could feel her face grow warm at his question and knew she was blushing. Damn her fair skin.

“It doesn’t bother me, but I guess I am a little unsure about it all. It seems wrong to dance with both of you like this,” she said.

“Why? We planned to both dance with you to get to know you. Nothing wrong with getting to know you, is there?” he asked.

“No, I guess not.” She liked both men, and that bothered her.

The song ended, and Wesson walked her back to the table where her friend was waiting on her. Tommy was notably absent.

“Thanks for the dance, Jessie,” he said, holding her chair for her.

She smiled up at him, unable to do anything else since she’d enjoyed it and liked him despite the fact she’d found his brother just as attractive and interesting.

“He looks hot, too. What did you think about him?” Brenda asked.

“He’s nice. Um, he’s the other guy’s brother,” she admitted.

Brenda covered her mouth with one hand and squealed. “They both danced with you? That’s great. I bet they share. Did he say anything about it?”

“Yeah. He did. It feels kind of weird to have danced with two brothers like that,” she said.

“What did he say?”

“That they shared everything and both wanted to get to know me.”

“Oh. My. God. They’re hitting on you.”

“I don’t think it’s like that. We just met, Brenda.” She looked around. “Where’s Tommy?”

“Bathroom and to get us fresh beers.” Brenda reached over and grasped her hand. “Do you like them?”

“Brenda. I just danced one dance with each of them. It’s not like I got their life history or anything.”

“Still. It’s exciting. You’ve only been out this once and already have the attention of a couple of hot-looking men,” Brenda said.

“You better not be talking about other men looking hot while I’m slaving away at the bar trying to get you another beer, woman.” Tommy plopped the three bottles on the table and sat next to Brenda.

“I’m talking about hot men for Jessie. I have my own personal hot hunk of man right here,” she said, leaning into him.

“Mind watching our drinks again? I want to dance,” Brenda said, jumping up and dragging her fiancé up behind her.

“I’ve got them.” Jessie smiled at the couple as they were swallowed up in the crowd.

“Mind if we join you while your friends are dancing?”

Jessie looked up to see both Cole and Wesson standing next to her. Separately they were amazing to look at. Together they were awe inspiring with their good looks and the way their eyes brightened with their smiles. She could only nod as they sat down next to her.




Cole leaned over and brushed a kiss against the corner of her mouth before cupping her cheek in one large, calloused hand and turning her to face him.

“I’m going to kiss you, Jessie. Say no if you don’t want that,” Cole said.

Jessie remained quiet. She wanted that kiss just as much as she wanted their hands on her body. Somewhere during the time they were eating and talking, Jessie had made up her mind that she wanted to find out where things would take them if she just let go. They were charming but firm in their beliefs and didn’t appear to be afraid of hard work. They’d built the ranch back into a working entity that they could be proud of. Jessie wanted to know where their budding relationship might take them.

Slowly Cole lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. He added the slightest amount of pressure until she opened her mouth to his. He didn’t waste time after that. His tongue slipped inside and ravished her mouth, drinking from her low cries as he devoured her from the inside out.

Heat poured into her from their hands as they touched and caressed every part of her body through her clothes. She desperately wanted out of them to see what the heat from their caresses would feel like. How could she feel this way after only a couple of dates?

Cole’s mouth released hers, and she felt herself turned toward Wesson as Cole nipped at her shoulder just below her neck. Wesson didn’t brush lightly over her lips. He covered hers with a needy pressure that had her opening to him immediately. He built the need for more with the way he took her mouth with his, demanding her acceptance of his tongue tangling with hers as he took everything she could give with that one kiss.

When he released her, Jessie was gasping for breath, burning up with arousal, and certain that she was going to combust with even one more touch from them. Even as her head swam, they continued to kiss her, their mouths at her neck, her jaw, and the curve of her shoulder. Jessie could only moan at the mirrored exploration as they devoured her between them.

“Oh, God,” she finally managed to get out.

“What do you need?” Wesson asked her. “Just tell us what you need, babe.”

“I’m burning up,” she whispered. “So hot.”

“Let’s get you out of those clothes then,” Cole said.

She couldn’t think with how they were touching her. She could only nod before they pulled her shirt over her head then removed her shoes and jeans. They left her underwear on as if giving her that one little piece of modesty while they explored her body with their hands and mouths.

“You taste so good, sweet darling,” Wesson said. “I could eat you up.”

They stretched her out on the couch and knelt next to her, loving on her as she writhed between them. They were killing her with their soft touches then the urgent feel of their mouths at her skin and through the lace of her underwear.

Wesson sucked at her nipple through the material of her bra He nipped at it then sucked again. When he moved to the other nipple, she felt Cole move one of her legs off the couch before settling between her legs and kissing down her abdomen to where her pussy was soaking her panties from their touches and kisses.

She tried to close her legs when he blew across the wet material, but with him lodged there, she couldn’t do it. Heat burned her cheeks that he would see how wet she was.

“Be still, little wild cat. I’m going to taste you. You’re soaking wet down here. Your little pussy is wet for us,” Cole said.

She moaned when she felt his tongue through the material of her panties. He lapped at her with his hands against her inner thighs burning her skin there. She wanted more. She wanted them naked with her, letting her explore their amazing bodies as well. Jessie opened her mouth to tell them but could only gasp when Wesson bit at one nipple as he pinched the other one through her bra.

“God how I want you,” Wesson rasped out. “You’re so damn responsive.”

“Please,” she managed to get out.

“What do you want, babe?” Wesson asked.

“I want you naked. I want to touch both of you like you’re touching me,” she told him.

“If we get undressed, Jessie, we aren’t going to be able to stop until we’ve had you between us,” Wesson said.

“I don’t care. I need you. Need you both.” Jessie squirmed, looking up at him, pleading with her eyes for him to agree.

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