Belonging to Her Mountain Men (MFM)

Menage Mountain 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,236
6 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense Romance, MFM, HEA]

Tammy is more concerned about what her boss is into than romance, but Baldwin and Gabriel want to change her mind. She’s worried she’s about to get dragged into something shady while the men want to make her theirs.

Baldwin ad Gabriel have known since their days in the army that they wanted to share a woman between them. Now that they’ve made a home on Ménage Mountain they are ready to find that one special woman for them. When they are instantly attracted to Tammy, they set their sights on her.

Kidnapped by the men mixed up with her boss, Tammy is sure she’s done for, but the men from Ménage Mountain band together to help Baldwin and Gabriel find and save her in time.

Now she has to decide if she can trust them with her heart as well as her safety.

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Belonging to Her Mountain Men (MFM)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Belonging to Her Mountain Men (MFM)

Menage Mountain 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,236
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Gabriel couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful woman sitting at the table with them. Her heart-shaped face and pretty sandy-blonde hair with those expressive hazel eyes was amazing. He loved to hear her talk in a husky voice with a touch of a southern accent. She couldn’t be more than five foot two or three inches and had curves he could appreciate. Her breasts were a little more than a handful, and her ass was made for squeezing.

He’d enjoyed having her in his arms but had to make himself keep his hands off that ample ass of hers. He’d wanted to hold it while he ground his hips against hers, but they didn’t know each other yet, and he felt it would be a little much to dirty dance on a first date. Hell, it wasn’t even a first date. They’d just asked her to sit with them.

He wanted to get to know her. Wanted to find out everything he could about her and ask her out on a proper date. He was sure Baldwin was on board with that idea from the way he’d danced with her. He hadn’t shied away from her ass by much. The other man had moved his hands up and down her back as though he owned it. No, his friend was just as interested in Tammy as he was.

Once the band took a break, Gabriel started asking questions to find out more about their new friend.

“What do you do, Tammy?”

“Do? Oh, I’m a secretary for Bigsby and Sessions. They’re lawyers here in town,” she said.

“Do you like your job?” Baldwin asked.

She grimaced, then looked guilty. “It’s a good job.”

“But you don’t really enjoy it,” Gabriel said.

“Not really, but like I said, it’s a good job, and those are hard to come by in a small town.”

“You’re right. What about brothers and sisters? Your folks?” Baldwin asked.

“My parents still live in Mississippi, and my brother and sister are living there, as well. I think Aaron, my brother, will be moving to Georgia soon. He’s been looking there for a job since he graduated college last month.”

“I thought I detected some southern in your accent. What brought you here?” Gabriel asked.

“Came here with a friend to a dude ranch and fell in love with the area. We both did. Moved here together about six years ago and haven’t regretted it once,” she said.

“Not even when it snows twenty feet?” Baldwin asked with a huge grin.

“Not even. I love the snow. There’s nothing like standing outside when there’s at least a foot of snow on the ground and listening. There’s just this deep quietness that surrounds you,” she said. 

Gabriel nodded. “I know what you mean.”

“So, what do you guys do?” she asked.

“We work for an accounting firm out of Billings, handling all their IT needs. They have a tech on-site, but we do most everything they need from here. Have to love technology where you can work from home and not have to brave traffic and the weather,” Gabriel said.

“We occasionally have to make a trip to Billings for meetings and such, but not very often, so this works for us,” Baldwin added.

“That’s amazing. I’d love to work from home. I’d never get out of my PJs,” she said.

“It has its perks,” Gabriel said.

“What about family? I gather you’re not brothers, since you don’t look very much alike,” she said.

“Actually, we’re stepbrothers,” Gabriel said. “My mom married his father when we were teenagers. Fought like cats and dogs at first, but finally figured out that we liked each other.”

“Any other siblings?” she asked.

“We’ve got a younger half-sister who’s just turned twenty-one. Mom and Dad are having fits with her. She wants to move out to California, and they’re worried to death about her living out there,” Baldwin said.

“What do you guys think?” Tammy asked.

Gabriel smiled. “We think she needs to finish college, then move out there if she really wants to.”

“Have you told her that?” Tammy asked.

“Yep. So far, looks like she’s going get her degree, then make a decision on where she wants to move to. She’s tired of Billings and the cold,” Gabriel said.

“She’s lucky to have half-brothers like you who will support her decision. My parents and my siblings thought I was crazy to move up here. I still get the ‘when are you coming home?’ speeches when I talk to any of them.” Tammy shook her head and laughed. “Not going to happen.”

“I, for one, am glad you moved out here. We would never have met you if you hadn’t,” Baldwin said.

Gabriel felt the same way. She was sweet and fun to talk with. He had a feeling they’d enjoy spending even more time with her. He hoped they got that chance.

Tammy’s face grew a sweet shade of pink at Baldwin’s words. Yeah, she was just as sweet as her name implied.

What is it about her that appeals to me so much? Is it how shy she is or that smile? I love seeing her smile.

He had no idea what it was that had caught his eye the other day when they’d nearly run her over, but he’d thought about her off and on all that night, and then seeing her standing there leaning against that post had seemed like destiny. Baldwin had beaten him to the punch and stood to go get her.

“Oh, the band’s starting back up,” she said with a huge smile.

Gabriel couldn’t wait to get her in his arms again. The first slow song they played he was asking her to dance. He didn’t have to wait long. They played one fast song, then immediately transitioned into “Knights in White Satin.” Gabriel pulled her to her feet and led her to the dance floor, where he held her close as they swayed to the haunting melody. She was heaven in his arms.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this attracted to a woman in such a short time. I want to know everything about her.

Once the song was over, he reluctantly led her back to the table, then held her chair for her as she sat. He took his seat and smiled at her.

“I’m glad we saw you standing over there. You’ve made this a great night by sitting with us, Tammy.”

He loved seeing the blush creep over her cheeks. He wondered if her breasts flushed as well. Gabriel could easily imagine her naked with that soft blush coloring her body as he made love to her with Baldwin, making her come over and over.

“I’m having a good time, too. Thanks for asking me,” she said.

“Are you busy tomorrow? We’d love to take you out to eat lunch,” Baldwin said.

“Um.” She seemed to hesitate before answering. “Sure. I’d like that.”

Gabriel smiled. She was probably a little confused that Baldwin had said they wanted to take her to lunch. It wasn’t normal for two men to ask one woman out, but then they weren’t the normal kind of men. They preferred to share their woman. Together they could give a woman more pleasure than they could alone. There was nothing like watching a woman come apart between them.




Tammy smiled, then sipped her wine. She was enjoying herself and couldn’t remember the last time she’d had so much fun with a man. The fact that this was with two men didn’t bother her right now. That was something she’d think about another time. For now, she was just going to enjoy herself.

Twenty minutes later, they were laughing and drinking and talking about some of the amusing anecdotes from the guys’ army days.

“I hadn’t realized that you’d been in the army before,” she said.

“Yeah, all of us up here on the mountain were stationed together. It’s why we all settled on the same mountain. We know each other and get along well,” Gabriel told her.

“I’ve heard that two of the women who live up here are with two men each. They talk about it in town. Doesn’t that bother them?” she asked.

“Yes, four of our buddies have found their women. They’re married and committed to one another. Does that bother you?” Baldwin asked.

“No. Everyone has the right to live like they want to, but I can’t help but wonder how that works. Is this what you guys are looking for?” she asked.

That had been the main question in her head almost from the beginning. She blamed the wine and the hot tub for loosening her tongue enough to ask them. She’d planned on waiting for another day to broach that subject.

“It works because the three of them work together,” Gabriel said.

“And, yes. That’s what we’re wanting for ourselves,” Baldwin said.

She squirmed under his direct gaze. She was sure she was a little giddy from the wine. Though she was used to drinking, paired with the hot tub and she was sure it had all gone to her head.

“How does that work? Don’t you get jealous? I mean, most men don’t like it when another man pays attention to their girlfriend,” she pointed out.

“Not when it’s between us. If any other man paid attention to you, we’d have to set him straight,” Gabriel said.

“It works because we talk things through. If one of us has a problem, then we work it out between us and the woman would never know about it. We aren’t going to make our woman choose sides over anything that’s between just us. If it is something the woman needs to be a part of, we include her, but for most stuff, we just decide and go on,” Gabriel said.

“It’s so unconventional. I still don’t see how it works,” she said.

“Does it bother you that both of us are dating you?” Baldwin asked.

“I guess I hadn’t really thought about it until now. I kept thinking that one of you would back off or something. Now I realize you never planned to do that,” she admitted.

“No. We’re a package deal. We both want to be with you at the same time, babe. Are you willing to give us a try?” Gabriel asked.

“I guess I already am,” she said.

“Yeah. I guess you are.” Gabriel scooted closer to her. “I want to kiss you, babe. You good with that?”

“Yes,” she breathed out.

Baldwin slid over next and settled his mouth on the side of her neck. “Mind if I kiss your neck while he kisses your mouth, hon?”


She lifted her face to Gabriel, and he held the back of her neck as he slid his mouth over hers. She immediately felt giddy with the kiss. She was sure part of it was the alcohol and part of it was that the man could kiss. He slanted his head and sucked on her lower lip before thrusting his tongue in to tangle with hers. He sucked on it, then nibbled at her lip.

Baldwin kissed down her neck before nipping at her shoulder. He licked his way back up to bite at her jaw before sucking on her earlobe. Her daydreams and fantasies hadn’t come nearly close enough to what it actually felt like to have two men paying attention to her at one time. It was heady stuff.

Gabriel and Baldwin made love to her mouth and neck and shoulders. When they lowered the straps on her bathing suit, she didn’t even protest. Baldwin picked her up and settled her across his lap so that he could reach one of her breasts while Gabriel took the other one in his mouth. God, their mouths on her breasts were almost too much. They sucked and nipped and pulled on her nipples until she was squirming on Baldwin’s lap. That’s when she felt his very hard, very big erection pushing at her ass.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry,” she mumbled, attempting to slide off his lap.

“Easy there, babe. There’s no reason to get down. I’m fine. Let us take care of you. It’s what we want to do. Nothing else has to happen. We’re men, not schoolboys. We can handle it,” Gabriel told her.

“But I’m not ready to sleep with you. I’m not a tease,” she said.

“We know you’re not, but we want to make you feel good. Just relax and enjoy, babe. Want to see you come apart in our arms,” Gabriel said.

She stilled and tried to relax, but it was awfully difficult with the feel of Baldwin’s hard cock beneath her. Didn’t it hurt him or something?

They continued teasing her with their mouths. Then she felt one of their hands between her legs, slipping beneath her swimsuit. She moaned when fingers began to rub gently up and down her slit until they breached her pussy and thrust inside. Tammy nearly bucked off of Baldwin’s lap at the pleasure it sent through her body.


“Feel good, baby girl?” Gabriel asked against her neck as he sucked and licked her there.

“Too good,” she said.

“It’s never too good, hon. We want to make you come for us,” Baldwin said against her hair.

“I don’t know if I can like this. I mean out in the open in a hot tub and all,” Tammy said.

“You can, babe. Just relax and let us do all the work,” Gabriel said.

She leaned back into Baldwin’s arms just as one of them thrust two fingers deeper into her pussy over and over. Gabriel sucked on her nipples so that her body felt as if it were on fire from the attention they were giving her. Her pussy ached and vibrated with need while her breasts felt heavy and tingly.

When she was certain she couldn’t take any more, someone pinched her clit and she saw stars. Her cry was muffled when Baldwin covered her mouth with his and kissed her while they brought her down slowly from her climax. Never had anything felt so good and so bad all at the same time.

She was in so much trouble.

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