His Willing Slave (MMMM)

Zero Five 1

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,650
2 Ratings (5.0)

Station Zero Five is the one place in the galaxy where you can choose your pleasure, and choose the male who gives it to you…

Cal has worked on the space station Zero Five since he left his home planet a year ago. In that time he has pleasured male after male, and is one of the most desired pleasure slaves in the entire galaxy. So when a human walks through his door, Cal expects more of the same, and he is more than willing to give it.

But, to Cal’s surprise, Jack hasn’t come for pleasure. He is a bounty hunter who has been paid by Cal’s family to rescue him from Zero Five and return him home. Trouble is, Cal doesn’t want to go back home. Not now. Not ever.

He needs to give the human something that is worth more than the bounty that has been placed on his head...and Cal has only one thing to give. Will his years of training on Zero Five be enough to convince Jack to set him free? Or will Cal find that some humans don’t want a willing slave, they want something else entirely.

His Willing Slave (MMMM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

His Willing Slave (MMMM)

Zero Five 1

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,650
2 Ratings (5.0)
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“Unless I walked through the wrong door I’m guessing you must be Cal,” Jack said.

Cal nodded and shot Jack a smile, but it was not necessarily the practiced one that he used on new customers. Instead it was open and honest. Because how could he not enjoy himself with this human? It was already practically a foregone conclusion.

“And you must be Jack?” he said.

Jack, wonderfully human Jack, nodded and held out his hand. Cal shivered slightly as he closed the distance between them. It was just a few steps as Cal had been waiting close to the door for Jack to arrive. In fact, it seemed like he had been waiting all day.

The moment their skin touched—Jack’s hand engulfing his—Cal shivered for real. A tremor assailing him and running all the way along his spine before curving down his tailbone. It was portent of what was to come and Cal could barely stop himself from letting out a slight groan. He was ridiculously excited already.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Jack said.

“And you,” Cal whispered.

He glanced up and locked eyes with Jack, looking into those deep swirls of green. What he saw there battled with the sensations now running up his arm. Quickly, Cal identified them all.

Jack’s skin was soft.

His palms were callused.

There was strength in his grip.

Cal couldn’t wait to have those hands running over his body. “You’re exactly what I expected,” he whispered.

“How so?” Jack asked.

His accent held a curious twang to it. Cal couldn’t quite work it out. Probably it was from an area of Earth that he was unfamiliar with, but then there were many areas of Earth that Cal hadn’t read about. Just like there were numerous planets he hadn’t yet studied. That was what Cal liked to do with his spare time—read up on where all his customers came from.

“You’re human for a start,” Cal said.

“I can’t be the first human you’ve met. We’re everywhere.” Jack squeezed his hand with the lightest of pressure. Cal’s spine shivered again.

“You’re not the first through my door,” Cal admitted.


“I saw your image on the application form,” Cal said. “Your eyes are beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“You are beautiful.”

“I don’t know that I’ve ever been called beautiful before,” Jack said with a grin. He made to pull his hand back. Cal did not let him. Instead he stroked up and down the side of Jack’s hand with his thumb.

“Do you prefer handsome? Sexy? All of those apply.”

“Do you call all your customers by those names?”


“Because they pay you to do so?”

“No,” Cal said. “Because they are. I only pick customers who attract me. What’s the point otherwise?”

Jack tilted his head slightly. It was an oddly appealing gesture. “What if someone offered you an obscene amount of money? Someone who is not sexy, or handsome, or beautiful?”

“They have.”


Cal continued to stroke up and down the side of Jack’s thumb. “I’m sure you can guess.”

“I’m sure I can,” Jack said and he pulled his hand free.

Cal stepped away, giving Jack a bit of space. He walked across to his drinks cabinet and poured them both a synthetic brandy. It was the good stuff. Cal had learned early on to only stock the best. He held one out and Jack took it, sniffing it slightly before downing it in one go.


“You struck me as a brandy kid of guy,” Cal said.

“You guessed right.”

Cal took a sip of his own drink and as he did so he eyed Jack from below his lids. The other man stood on the spot, empty glass in hand, head still tilted slightly. It was then that Cal realized that something was not quite right. Even with the excitement thrumming through him, even though his cock was already hard in his pants, something felt...odd. By now most of his customers were already stripping off or attempting to strip him.

“Jack?” he asked.


“Can I ask you a question?”


“You seem...”

“Nervous?” Jack asked.

“No,” Cal said. “Nervous I’m used to. Many men come through my doors practically shaking with nerves. Often I am their first.” He paused. “It’s...something else...”

“It’s adrenaline.”

“Because of what we’re about to do?”


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