[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]
Jace Jules doesn't like his brother Jarred. For years, their paths didn’t cross, but fate steps in and forces the two brothers to work together.
When Jace meets Yune, Jarred's lead scientist, sparks fly, but those sparks turn into something more. Jace realizes that Yune isn't just a hot man with a weird sense of style. Yune is his lifemate.
Yune fell for Jace the moment their eyes met across a communication screen. Then Jace opened his mouth and angry words flew between them. When an accident leaves them stranded in the middle of the desert, they connect on a different level.
When it’s discovered the shuttle accident wasn't an accident, the situation turns dangerous. Jace jumps in to protect Yune but when Yune leans on Jarred, Jace’s jealousy chases Yune away. Will Jace ever get over the hatred he feels for his brother enough to allow Yune into his life? Will Yune open up and tell Jace everything before secrets push them apart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jace's Scientist (MM)
17 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Jace pressed a foot against Yune’s arm. It was a light touch, but just the thought of having Jace’s dirty boot against his shirt forced a growl from him, so Yune did the mature thing and turned away and proceeded to be as uncooperative as possible.

Yune refused to open his eyes just because Jace deemed it time for him to wake up. The man was impossible. In Jace’s perfectly scheduled world, just before sunrise was the best time to get up, but Yune was a get-out-of-bed-after-first-light type of guy. He cracked open one eye, and from what he could see coming in from the space shuttle’s cracked window, he had at least another few hours of sleep before the light forced him up. Yune did the only thing he could think of to avoid Jace and his tapping foot. He pretended to sleep. Maybe Jace hadn’t heard the low throaty growl after his large foot pressed against Yune’s arm. If Jace had, then who was to say that Yune didn’t growl after sinking into a deep sleep?

“I can hear your heart beating. Right now it spiked. There it goes again,” Jace said matter-of-factly.

Now that Jace drew Yune’s attention to his thumping heart, he could feel it pounding. Damn, Jace just had that effect on him, but the warrior hadn’t realized his increased pulse rate had nothing to do with the rude wakeup call. Jace made his heart race, a secret he’d take to the grave or jump off a high building in order to protect it.

Jace was Jarred’s younger brother, but the similarities ended with their dark hair and dark brown eyes. Jarred would never wake him with a firm push one foot push. Jarred was patient and treated Yune like a little brother. After rescuing him fifteen years ago, Jarred had raised him, sent Yune to school, and then hired him when no one in the universe would consider someone like him as a possible employee. But Jace wasn’t Jarred’s pretend little brother, he was the real thing. Maybe that was why he never got along with Jace. Both of them were competing for the same place in Jarred’s life.

No, that wasn’t right. Instead of appreciating Jarred for being the best brother in the universe, Jace verbally attacked his brother with snide remarks like “Those clothes make you look weak.” or “Warriors don’t worry about business deals.” Yune thought about the bright colors he liked to wear. Somehow he doubted the bright reds, blues, and greens that filled his wardrobe impressed Jace. The man probably thought he was some kind of freak that liked to look flowery. In Yune’s defense, only one shirt and a pair of pants had flowers on it and he made sure not to wear them when Jace was around.

“Get up,” Jace ordered in an even more impatient tone than Yune had thought impossible to achieve. He resisted the bratty urge to clap and offer to reward Jace for being a complete asshole. Last week, Jace had accused him of being immature, so he bit down and kept the comments to himself. Take that, he thought, but it wasn’t the same without saying the words. Jace didn’t know the restraint he demonstrated by keeping his bratty remarks inside.

“I know you’re awake. Stop being lazy and get up. This is your last warning.”

If Jace knew he was awake, then so what. If he yelled, “jump,” Yune’s response wouldn’t be “how high” but “fuck you.” So each time the warrior ordered him up, Yune curled into an even tighter ball.

A flash from Yune’s dream trickled in. It hadn’t been a good dream, but most, if not all, of them weren’t. Snippets flashed through his head—Jarred, horrible smells, and blood. The answer came to him almost immediately. The first time he’d met Jarred often forced him awake, but over the years the dreams no longer kept him up at night. Fifteen years had passed. He’d grown from a boy into a man, but still he couldn’t stop dreaming about the night Jarred had purchased him from the man he’d been forced to call “Master.” Was that why he was being difficult? Jace’s orders reminded him of a time when he couldn’t say no, but now, Yune obeyed no one.

Fingers wrapped around Yune’s arm and pulled him into a sitting position. When he tried to force his body back down onto the shuttle floor, Jace yanked harder. Yune bit down to keep the scream from escaping as Jace practically pulled his arm out of Yune’s socket. Still, Yune pretended to sleep. He wouldn’t give into Jace’s demands. Only he was in control of his life and if he wanted to sleep for days, then Yune would close his eyes and do just that.

“Get up,” Jace ordered as he pulled Yune onto his feet.

Yune hissed, opened his eyes, and tried to kick Jace, but he’d have better luck kicking a space shuttle as it flew past him millions of miles up in space. Jace was a warrior that knew fighting positions and kept Yune’s foot from making contact.

“What the hell are you doing?” Yune’s tone demanded an answer.

Jace shoved Yune against the wall. Their close proximity screamed danger, but not the fear of being beaten up. Yune was worried about more than punches and kicks. He was worried about bending over too easily and letting Jace screw him. His heart skipped a beat as his legs wobbled. Jace licked his lower lip and Yune shivered. The cold desert air no longer bothered him. Instead, he welcomed it as his body began to burn with need. An image of Jace’s perfect lips descending toward him flashed through Yune’s mind as he remembered their first kiss.




A strong masculine scent filled him, and all thoughts left him. Before Yune didn’t have permission to reach out. Now, he had permission to touch.

“What are you thinking about?” Jace asked as he continued to pinch and tease Yune’s nipples. The tender touch made them hard and needy.

Yune nibbled on his lower lip, thinking of the best way to answer Jace’s question. “Just that I like this side of you.”

Jace arched an eyebrow. “The side that wants to sink deep inside and make you mine? I want you on your back with your legs opened. But that won’t be enough. Then I’ll take you on hands and knees with your ass in the air.”

Yune nodded. If he listened to every way Jace planned to screw him, he’d be begging for it. He was stronger than that. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Jace’s lips. It was the first time he initiated the kiss. Jace pulled him closer. Their bodies rubbed against each other as if they were trying to become one. Jace’s hands grabbed his backside, taking hold of his butt and squeezing.

Yune’s heart beat faster while his skin became tender under Jace’s touches. Every caress sent a spark of electricity down his body. His cock whimpered in his pants, silently demanding to be stroked and sucked.

“Strip,” Jace ordered.

Yune challenged orders, but this one he would happily obey. He shot off of Jace. The warrior stood and began to yank off his clothes. Yune’s fingers shook. He couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. When his clothes rested on the floor, he turned to watch as Jace removed his pants.

His mouth watered as the scrumptious sight came into view. Jace had the body of a god. Every inch was hard ripped muscles, showing the warrior’s power.

Yune swallowed when Jace’s cock burst free, springing up and hitting the warrior’s belly. Yune licked his lips, ready to attack. Jace smirked and moved in the opposite direction. Yune was about to call after him, when the warrior spread out the makeshift bed made from the portable tent. Jace’s backside was just as good as the front. Yune’s eyes zoomed in on the hard ass. Jace turned his head and caught him staring. He swallowed, but relaxed when Jace reached out a hand and called him over.

He almost tripped hurrying over to Jace, but strong arms pulled him close. “I want to touch you,” Yune confessed.

“Then go head. I want to feel your hands on my body.”

That was all he needed. Yune reached out and ran his hands over Jace’s chest. This was all of his wet fantasies come to life in one unbelievable dream. He stepped forward and then placed kisses on Jace’s chest. He moved down and went onto his knees like he was worshiping the man before him.

Jace’s cock twitched in front of him. He licked his lips, ready to taste. Jace’s eyes turned bloodred and Yune smiled, pleased to be doing this to someone so strong and proud. He licked the tip of Jace’s cock. The salty sweetness was the best treat he could’ve asked for. Slowly he relaxed his mouth and took in more. His hands squeezed the warrior’s testicles and Jace hissed at the unexpected move. Yune liked being able to force Jace to lose a little bit of control. He lifted his lips off of the warrior’s cock and began to suck on the tip. It tasted like everything good in the world in one delicious treat, but he wasn’t done. Jace deserved a lot more teasing. Yune let Jace’s cock leave his mouth. Jace tried to push Yune’s head back down to get him to continue to suck him off, but he wasn’t going to let it be that easy. Instead of listening to the silent command, Yune moved his tongue along the underside of Jace’s cock, tracing the vein and moving down to the warrior’s balls. When he reached them, Yune gently kissed each one before sucking on them one at a time. Jace grabbed onto his hair as the strong warrior practically purred under Yune’s touches.

“You’re driving me crazy,” Jace said.

Yune tugged on one testicle with his lips as his hands rubbed up and down Jace’s thighs. He was too busy to verbally respond with anything more. He looked up and Jace’s gaze nearly sent Yune over the edge. It was like his entire soul was bared under Jace’s scrutiny. He swallowed and continued his attack on Jace’s shaft. Yune nearly whimpered as his cock demanded attention. He moved his free hand toward his shaft.

“No touching yourself,” Jace ordered. His hand froze. “As long as we’re together, no self-pleasuring. Not when I’m here to take care of it.”

Yune bobbed his head, unable to think or argue. He moved faster, taking in as much as he could. As soon as Jace released his cum, he’d start touching Yune. Those thoughts kept him going.

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