Right as Rain (MM)

Hidden Lake 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,189
14 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
For Langley Day, mating the alpha Aiden Macmillan is just the tip of the iceberg: there are more forces at play than meets the eye. At first, there’s Aiden’s reluctance into the mating, but there are also problems from the past as well as the future that they both have to meet head on.
Aiden’s past is filled with secrets that could shatter Hidden Lake pack itself, not to mention his concern for werewolf lore, where mates of an Alpha turn into an Omega. Aiden doesn’t want anything to happen to Langley, let alone something that could endanger his life, especially because of Langley’s youth and inexperience. Upbeat, effervescent Langley, however, couldn’t care less.
From psychotic people who think they have a say in Aiden and Langley’s life to a war right on the streets of Hidden Lake itself, Aiden and Langley will have to trust each other and fight for the day their lives finally become Right as Rain.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Right as Rain (MM)
14 Ratings (4.2)

Right as Rain (MM)

Hidden Lake 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,189
14 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Enjoyed even more than book 1 and can't wait for the next one. Langley might be half Adian's age, but he's still his mate. Enjoy the adventure of Adain's discovery of this fact and the battle to save their home. Will be adding this to the reread list.
Great second installment to the Hidden Lake series. Aiden and Langley and their happily ever after was an enjoyable read. Hoping that the series next go around goes to an Enforcer :)
Laura A.S.




“I want to kiss you.”

Langley’s lips parted as he looked up at Aiden with shock. The alpha could hear the way the younger man’s heart thundered in his chest, and as a pink flush appeared on Langley’s cheeks and his eyes roamed over Aiden’s form, the man was clearly considering it. “Kiss… me?”

Aiden nodded.

Not to toot his own horn, but why wouldn’t Langley? Despite having only turned forty, Aiden was still well-built. Granted, he was probably as hairy as his animal, with a fine dusting of chest hair and a beard covering his face, but he was handsome. And didn’t he just look a lot more robust that way? He certainly still had his fair share of admirers. It wasn’t just Finn, his son, who was batting away both men and women for attention.

Langley turned his deep blue eyes up towards those golden amber-colored ones Aiden had, and he nodded just once. There was understanding in the young wolf’s face, and Aiden couldn’t help but grin as he saw the way Langley looked him over. “Okay,” Langley said. His voice had barely become a squeak in his surprise.

Aiden grinned. He brought a hand up to gently cup Langley’s cheek, his thumb lazily making circles against Langley’s skin as he finally pressed forward, his lips pressing against Langley’s own.

But when he did so, something inside him was unleashed. His inner wolf nipped and prodded, pushing him until his lips parted and his tongue sought succor inside of Langley’s own.

The blond-haired wolf gasped, and Aiden took it as permission for his tongue to slip inside. Tenderly, he rubbed against the soft, pink muscle of Langley’s tongue, coaxing the younger man for a taste.

Aiden had never tasted anything quite as delicious as how Langley tasted at that very moment.

Langley’s lips parted and his tongue ventured out on its own, slowly running across Aiden’s lips, catching against some of his beard before they pressed their bodies heatedly together. Aiden’s teeth pressed almost painfully against Langley’s, threatening to consume the smaller man in a kiss as the alpha grabbed the wolf shifter with nary a single thought except how good the man felt in his arms at that moment.

Langley tasted like sunshine, the very same sunshine and happiness that seemed to permeate his entire body. But as Langley’s arms slowly wrapped around Aiden’s neck, he caught himself. Although the pleasure that wafted over Aiden felt good, and his inner wolf growled to let him claim the younger wolf, Aiden knew he needed to get off of Langley before things got even more heated than they already were. The alpha stopped and slowly pulled away, gasping and trying to catch his breath.

Just what exactly was he doing, kissing a man more than half his age?

Aiden slowly rubbed his thumb against Langley’s cheek before pulling away. Langley finally opened his eyes, blinking and staring up at Aiden.

“I knew it,” Langley whispered softly. “You’re my mate. My wolf’s been calling out to you for some time now, and I was right.” The young man cupped Aiden’s cheek, gently running his fingers up and down the slight fuzz as he smiled.

Aiden swallowed down. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, and then opening them to peer into Langley’s own.

Even if his body sang and his lips could still feel the sunny taste of the wolf shifter against his mouth, Aiden was shocked. It wasn’t that he couldn’t accept the younger man as his own, but… could he really claim someone who was half his own age? Langley was younger than his own son!

It wasn’t the fact that the younger wolf was a man – in fact, Aiden couldn’t care less if Langley was a man or a woman – it wouldn’t change the fact that Aiden suddenly wanted to splay Langley out onto the grass and make sweet, sweet love to him. He was inexperienced, but he’d learn.

But even so, Aiden sighed in resolution. He had no choice in who his mate was going to be. Wolf shifters just… knew. Even now, everything inside of Aiden was pushing him to take Langley and have his way with the young wolf. His heart knew exactly what it wanted, and that blond, tousled male was exactly what Aiden wanted, no, what he needed. “Yes.” He muttered softly. “You’re my mate.”

Langley grinned widely in joy, beaming at Aiden’s acceptance of their mating. Aiden, however, looked at Langley apprehensively. But if the young man had actually really heard Aiden, it was clear that there was fear tinged in his voice.

And without another word, Aiden gently removed his hand from Langley’s face, and walked back to his home, his thoughts jumbled, and his desire brimming through every pore.

What was he going to do now?




“If I touch you, Langley, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.” Aiden said. His voice became huskier, rougher and more guttural as his hands slowly rubbed up and down Langley’s shoulders, down his forearms and finally to his hands, clasping them together. “And I don’t know if I’m ready to be addicted.”

“It’s kind of too late to say that now, isn’t it?” Langley whispered as he drew ever closer to Aiden’s body, pressing their chests together and making the office chair lean back. Langley could feel Aiden strain to keep his feet planted on the ground. The tensing of the man’s muscles, all the way from his shins to his thighs, was apparent even to Langley, who was just sitting on top of him. “Because all I know is that I’ve been thinking of you for the past few weeks, trying to figure out why you pushed me away. I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to you already. By the way, I forgive you for leaving me in the lurch like that.” Langley grinned.

Aiden smiled softly. “Thank you, Langley.” He said, just his touch becoming firm as he placed his hands on either side of Langley’s waist. “But you’re right. I can’t stop now.” Those hands traveled down to Langley’s shorts, unbuttoning them and then quickly removing them from the younger wolf’s body, throwing them to the side. “Now I want to feel every little part of you.”

Langley’s cheeks turned just slightly pink. He had gone commando, and as Aiden saw Langley’s half-erect shaft bob slightly, the alpha’s grin widened and a twinkle appeared in his eyes. But even as he felt a slight sense of embarrassment permeate inside of him, he could also feel a sense of need that strengthened all the more as he looked at that mischievous twinkle in Aiden’s eyes.

Langley’s pecker twitched underneath Aiden’s gaze, and Langley couldn’t help but slowly take one of Aiden’s hands, guiding Aiden’s calloused fingers up his smooth, supple thighs, towards the softness of his pelvis, and then curling around the hairless base of his shaft.

And there, inside Aiden’s heat and his palm, did Langley’s cock grow to full length.

“Well, this isn’t really a little part at all, isn’t it?” Aiden said, breathing heavily against Langley’s ear. Aiden’s hands simply curled around Langley’s shaft, slow and gentle at first but then the grip tightened until Langley could feel the ache permeate from around the base of his shaft all the way through his body.

Langley gasped. His fingers curled, gently pressing into Aiden’s biceps. Rocking his hips forward and back, trying to buck his hips into Aiden’s touch, Langley’s eyes closed. This was bad. He’d originally set out to try and seduce Aiden, and it seemed that the man was seducing him. Langley knew he needed to take matters back into his own hands.

First, he needed to lower Aiden’s inhibitions. Langley grinned. It almost seemed like he was planning something rather nefarious, when really, all he wanted to do was make Aiden feel a little bit of payback for making Langley feel as though he was going to be thrown aside.

Gently nudging himself away, Langley pulled himself off of Aiden’s lap, settling down to his knees in front of his mate. Methodically, Langley had begun to unbuckle the man’s belt, as well as unzip and unbutton his pants simply to reveal what was underneath. Aiden didn’t seem to be doing anything in response. His hands grabbed ever tighter at his armrests, but otherwise, he was breathing deeply and staring into Langley’s eyes.

When Langley looked up, he could almost see the way those amber pools twinkled in lust.

Aiden’s cock was huge, more than anything Langley had ever seen. True, there was porn, and he’d experimented a few times with a couple of friends in high school, but none of it was ever as seriously large as… this gargantuan pillar right in front of him.

Nothing could have prepared him for seeing his mate’s cock up close and personal. It throbbed in arousal, a veritable pillar of virility with veins that looked like they moved with every beat of Aiden’s heart. For some reason, the shaft looked thicker in the middle than it did at the top, and it just daunted Langley even more. Already, the shaft was an angry shade of reddish purple.

It seemed that no matter how calm and collected Aiden looked on the outside, he was certainly affected by his arousal deep inside.

“Wow,” Langley breathed softly. “I guess I’ve never really seen anything this big up close and personal.”

“Well, then, you better get used to it,” Aiden said, his voice almost a guttural growl. “Because it’s all yours.”

Langley smirked. “It’s even bigger than some of the ones I’ve seen.”

Aiden glared at Langley. “Are you trying to make me jealous? Because it’s working.”

“Of course not,” the younger wolf said, almost in a purr. Langley’s lips parted, and darting out his tongue, he placed the tip of Aiden’s cock against his soft tendril, gently bouncing the shaft up and down with slow curls of his tongue. “I only want to please and claim my mate.”

“Take me, then,” Aiden whispered. “Because I’m done fighting it. Before the night is over, I’m going to claim you, too.”

Aiden was his, and there was no doubt in either of their minds.

Langley wrapped his lips around the tip of Aiden’s cock. Slowly, he hollowed out his cheeks until a slurp resounded in the air and the taste of pre-cum and sweat-slicked flesh filled his mouth.

He opened his lips wide, closing his eyes and concentrating on the feeling of that thick, hard cock inside of his mouth. It was almost intimate, the way Langley felt each throb of that shaft like he heard the sound of a drumming heartbeat. Looking up, he saw Aiden lean back against his chair, his own lips parted in a soft exhale of pleasure.

Langley’s fingers found their way behind his back as he lightly dragged his tongue forward and back, sliding the slick muscle slowly, gently, up and down the alpha’s cock. He pressed forward, each fractional increment of that cock entering his lips with a soft, audible slurp.

It wasn’t long until he felt his lover’s fingers slowly comb through his hair, shakily grabbing a hold of his head and steadying Langley’s head as best as the alpha could while Aiden slid his hips forward.

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