Sex at Work 1

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,400
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A collection of five erotic stories based on the theme of sex at work.

Kingmaker by Justine Elyot

The day after the election, Ms Saffron finds herself in a unique position – holding the balance of power. If her rivals want to win, they must woo her – but both are surprised at just how literally she takes the concept of getting into bed with another party. Who will make her the best offer? Which of her suitors will she make king?

Freedom of the Breast by Landon Dixon

The first brassiere had been patented six years earlier, in 1913, consisting of little more than two silk handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon. Milky Matthews had taken that basic breast-cupping premise and set sail with it, in an effort to ensure a snug and sexy fit for big-breasted women. He worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week, driven by the burgeoning demand for his big tit bras. Until, one day, Milky meets a beautiful, busty member of the Freedom of the Breast Movement, who demands total tit emancipation for women, unfettered boobs for all. She’s seeking Milky’s “support”, while he’s seeking release of a different kind.

Cardboard by Kay Jaybee

When, during a passionate encounter, Pia tells her courier boyfriend Owen, of how aroused the aroma of cardboard makes her, and of all the kinkily submissive things she’d like to experience on a pile of boxes, his lack of response makes her think he hasn’t heard her. It is a total surprise to Pia when, weeks later, Owen guides her into the middle of a deserted delivery depot, staring at a vast bed of cardboard boxes. Stripped, her wrists bound with parcel tape, Pia quickly realises Owen had taken in every word of her deepest desire after all ... will the reality live up to her fantasies?

Employees Only by Angel Propps

Sometimes to get ahead in your career you have to start off at the bottom, or on the bottom. In Employees Only, a beautiful and ambitious employee is pitted against her sexy and lust-driven employer in a kinky girl-on-girl tale that proves that sometimes paying the cost to be the boss is incredibly hot.

Jumping the Gun by Zee Kensington

It’s the sultriest night of the year, and the air conditioning is on the fritz. The only thing that can make this female tattoo artist any hotter is an after-hours job with sexy rockabilly hunk Travis. But, is he trying to get on her good side to scam some free ink, or is he genuinely looking to make a connection? Whatever his reason, she’s still going to take what she wants, and get a hell of a lot more than overtime pay out of the deal.

These stories have also been published in Sex at Work ISBN 9781907016578

0 Ratings (0.0)


Sex at Work 1

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,400
0 Ratings (0.0)
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‘I’m wet for you,’ I tell him, lifting a sex-scented fingertip to his nose. ‘That’s what I want right now. But I need to put your mind at rest, dear Mr Cobalt, and it seems there is only one way for me to do it. Go and bend over the desk.’
‘What?’ The urbanity has fled from his vowels. He half-laughs, then looks desperately over at Ruby, as if pleading for help.
‘I won’t ask you again.’
He shrugs, gives another bitter little laugh. ‘I’ll remember this, you know.’
‘I know you will. Fondly, I think.’
Huffing, he bends his body, naked from the waist down, over the desk. How I love to see his tie dangling, his smart Jermyn Street jacket not quite covering his peachy bum cheeks.
‘What you have been lamenting,’ I say softly, standing beside him, my hand caressing those pale pink globes, ‘is something you like to call the smack of firm government. Isn’t it, Cobalt?’
‘It’s a figure of speech!’ he half-shrieks, twisting his head around, knowing full well what I have in mind. ‘And I want Ruby out of here!’
‘I just want you to know,’ I continue, ignoring him for the moment, ‘that I can provide that. Together, we can still give the electorate exactly that quality. Let me show you.’
My hand stings with the force of the slap I land on his true-blue bottom, but he is made of stern stuff and doesn’t utter so much as a squeak. I know he won’t beg, no matter what, and I admire him for it almost as much as I find it irritating. I try my level best to get a reaction from him, but he accepts my hail of punishing slaps with stoicism and my arm tires before his resolve does. All the same, his buttocks are a glorious sunset shade by the time I have finished and I stand back to admire my handiwork.
‘You’ve never been redder,’ I tell him with a chuckle, and then I squeal as a strong arm circles my waist from behind and rough, hot breath in my ear suggests that I am in need of exactly this treatment myself.
‘We’ve provided that smack of firm government for the last ten years,’ Ruby growls. ‘If you want the proof of that on your arse, you’ve only to say the word. Believe me, Ms Saffron, I am an expert in that field.’
‘I know you are,’ I purr. ‘I don’t need a demonstration. All the same ...’
I am tempted by the idea of being thrown over Ruby’s lap and lit up like firework night ... but I have to retain control, for the sake of the party. For the sake of the nation, goddammit!
But Ruby’s hand is halfway up my leg now and I am weakening, on the verge of conceding ...
And then Cobalt straightens up and swivels around, his face like thunder, his cock like a lightning rod.
‘I think that spanking turned you on,’ I goad, increasingly losing the capacity to form words as Ruby’s fingers work their magic in my knickers, between my lips.
‘I never thought I’d say these words,’ says Cobalt dangerously, pacing towards us, throwing off his jacket. ‘But, Ruby, I’m prepared to deal. You and me in coalition against this dirty little slut.’

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