[Siren LoveXtreme Forever Manlove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Menage Paranormal Romance, M/M/M/M/M, HEA]
The three hellhounds, Everett Parrish, Edward Parrish, and Ellis Parrish, and the grim reaper, Silas Gibson, are banished from hell after committing one the biggest infractions of the underworld. They may return when they manage to impregnate a man. It’s an impossible condition. No known magic can create such a miracle.
Quentin Ryland, a witch from an ancient lineage with his own secret, enters their lives. Every full moon, his male sex organs are replaced by a female sex organs, including a womb. It’s a lesson from Luna, the moon goddess, for the cruelty committed by one of Quentin’s ancestors. He needs to fulfill three conditions to complete the lesson.
Everett, Edward, Ellis, and Silas come up with the perfect solution for everyone in the form of an eternal mating. Unfortunately, someone isn’t pleased with their mating, abducting Quentin before he can be impregnated.
Can they find their way back to one another and get their forever happily ever after?
Note: This book contains double and triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Luna's Lesson (MMMMM)
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This book was well written. The characters are written in a way that they are not to Alpha, but they are looking for that someone to bring their family to full circle. Quentin has had some bad luck in life, but since getting a job at the hotel maybe he will finally find what family truly means. This is a must-read book
virginia lee




“Do you think—”

“Maybe,” Edward replied and shrugged in a nonchalant manner, cutting off Ellis’s question. “He may turn out to be the solution to our predicament.”

The four of them were in their bedroom at that moment. It was dimly lit with a few floating candles in the air. They preferred it that way because it reminded them of the underworld.

“I’m sensing a ‘but’ somewhere in your statement, Ed,” Silas mumbled while palming his face tiredly.

Edward eyed all three of his lovers quietly for a few seconds longer before clarifying his position.

“I’m just as excited as all of you, but we need to consider the situation more carefully. Based on the conversations about his past, Quentin didn’t seem to have an enjoyable childhood or adolescent years. For hell’s sake! He was disowned by his family at eighteen. He has survived on his own ever since, working and scraping to get by on meager wages.”

“Your point?” Everett asked impatiently.

“Come on, guys. Think about it from his point of view. Keeping his painful past in mind, how would you feel if four demons approached you with the sole purpose of fucking you as many times as possible to ensure your pregnancy because they needed to breed you in order to return to the underworld and resume their former duties?”

“We’re not abandoning him on earth. He’ll be coming with us,” Ellis pointed out in a belligerent tone of voice and scowled at nobody in particular.

He stared at his lover in disbelief. “Oh, wow! Presumptuous much?”

“If we breed him, he’s ours!” Ellis retaliated, loud and furious now.

“That’s not what I’m getting at. What makes you so sure that he wants to be with us in that way?”

“He…” He smirked when Ellis’s mouth gaped widely, unable to continue. “You’re right. Damn it!”

“Besides, he has enough on his plate at the moment. He just knows about the possibility of him being magical. I also have the feeling that he’s never had sex with anyone during the full-moon period. There’s one more important point that none of us can be certain of.”

“What’s that?” Everett piped up.

“He may not be fertile.”

“What are you talking about? He must be. If his condition is an ancient lesson handed down by Luna, the moon goddess, he—”

“Luna may not make it that easy for him,” he said, interrupting Everett’s rambling.

He sneered at his flabbergasted lovers. Apparently, none of them had considered the possibility that Quentin might not be impregnated effortlessly. The goddess could make it difficult. After all, some women found it hard to get pregnant. Why shouldn’t Luna place that same hurdle on the Ryland descendants, as well? They gazed at one another without uttering a single word. Eventually, Ellis broke the silence.

“Okay, smart-ass. What’s your suggestion then?”

“We need to tell Quentin the truth.”

“About our punishment?” Silas inquired.

“Yeah. It’s only fair. We’re pack mates, albeit temporarily.”

“I agree with Edward,” Everett remarked. “It will be weird if we start courting him without coming clean. At least we all know where we stand right from the beginning.”

“Okay. What can we offer him?”

He blew out an exasperated sigh when the other three men stared at him in confusion. He could have sworn that none of them were so clueless at other times. They were probably overexcited at the thought of possibly returning to the underworld to contemplate every aspect of the situation at hand.

“I can’t believe…shit! We’re essentially asking Quentin to be our cum dumpster. We’ll be fucking him as many times as possible and depositing our cum inside him, hoping to breed him. What is he getting from this?”

“Oh…” Ellis trailed off.

“Yes! Oh! Fucking hell! Come on. Think of this as a business deal between him and us.”

“Uh, great sex?” Everett responded with a snicker.

He glared at his lover, who subsided in embarrassment. “And we’re not getting that from him? We’re the ones fucking and coming inside him. We’ll get just as much pleasure from the sex.”

Everett smiled apologetically at him and shrugged. He eyed the other two men and raised his eyebrow expectantly. The silence stretched on for a few moments. He almost gave up before Silas cleared his throat.

“Aren’t there three conditions that Quentin has to fulfill to end Luna’s lessons once and for all?”


“We can question him about them, Ed,” Everett interjected, obviously catching on to Silas’s line of thought. “Quid pro quo. He helps us out and we can do the same for him.”




He wasn’t certain if all five of them were waiting for someone to make the first move. They all knew what mating involved, but they weren’t sure how to get started without all the weird tension among them. He jumped a little when Quentin turned toward him and hugged him. He could feel the line of the young man’s hard cock pressing against his left side. His cock hardened instantly. He placed his palm on Quentin’s cheek before leaning forward for a gentle kiss.

He growled deep in his throat as he observed Ellis licking Quentin’s neck and rubbing insistently against one of the young man’s butt cheeks. Meanwhile, Edward was rutting against Quentin on the other side, and Silas was pinching Edward’s nipples. The combined sounds of their moaning aroused him even further, and he climbed on top of Quentin before kissing and licking his way down the young man’s body.

When he reached Quentin’s leaking cock, he stuck his tongue out and tasted the salty precum, teasing the slit over and over again. Quentin writhed and moaned while gripping his hair rather painfully. He wasn’t done yet, though. He continued to lap at the cockhead. Once in a while, he would lick his way down the length of Quentin’s hard cock or suckle on the man’s tightening balls. He repeated the movements until he was satisfied. Then he looked up and noticed that Ellis and Edward were biting and licking Quentin’s nipples while Silas was face-fucking Quentin’s mouth with a slow in-and-out motion of his cock.

He grabbed Quentin’s cock and kissed the tip before opening his mouth and going down one inch at a time. When he managed to bury the seven inches all the way down his throat, he hummed and increased the suction. He was astounded when Quentin’s cock expanded slightly inside his mouth. Then he felt shot after shot of cum spewing out. Quentin’s hips bucked up, so he pushed the man’s thighs down as gently as he could. He continued to swallow until Quentin had nothing left to give. The young man was also more relaxed after that.

He wasn’t done, though. He pulled off Quentin’s cock and moved down lower. He gazed at the delectable hole before sticking his tongue out and placing it flat against the crease. He lapped up and down hungrily. Every few strokes, he would lick directly on the hole, causing Quentin to squirm. He growled lustfully when Quentin wrapped his thighs around his neck to pull him in deeper. He obliged and continued to please his lover. When it was shiny and wet, he pushed one finger into the tight hole and bit his lips to suppress his groan. It was so warm, and it squeezed around his finger like a vice.

“Fuck, baby. Your hole is so tight,” he blurted out.

“Fuck me, please,” Quentin pleaded.

“I will,” he promised. “Let me get you ready.”

He resumed fingering the tight hole. Soon, his finger was joined by one of Ellis’s fingers. The two of them worked together, scissoring in and out. Once it was loosened enough, he nodded at Edward, who had been staring hopefully at him. Edward moaned at him and hurriedly pressed one finger to join Ellis’s and his inside Quentin’s quivering hole. In the meantime, he watched as Silas pushed his cock into Quentin’s mouth before pumping it in and out. This time, the movement was a little bit faster than before.

“I think he’s ready,” Ellis whispered.

He nodded and took the lube from Edward’s hand. He had no idea when his lover took the bottle of lube from the bedside drawer, but he didn’t stop and think about it. He was too eager to bury his cock inside Quentin’s hole. He knelt right next to Quentin’s ass and pressed the tip of his cock against the tight hole. Unfortunately, it was so tight that it wouldn’t open up. He pushed a little harder and gritted his teeth when the head of his cock slipped inside. He rubbed his palms all over Quentin’s thighs and lifted the man’s legs onto his shoulders.

He was dying to fuck his new lover hard and fast, but he knew that he had to wait for Quentin to relax further. When Quentin’s hole was no longer clenching around the head of his cock, he drove his cock inside one exquisite inch at a time. It was tight and warm. He knew he couldn’t last, but he wanted to savor the sensation a little longer. He groaned when he was finally all the way inside Quentin. He leaned down and took one aroused nipple in his mouth. He suckled on it as he began to move his cock in and out.

“Shit! His mouth is…” Silas trailed off. “Whatever you’re doing, Ev, keep doing it. His mouth is sucking my dick so hard, I don’t think I can last.”

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