[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Bailey Crawford’s life changed forever when visiting friends in Silver. He was there for fun and relaxation, not to fall in lust, let alone love. But that’s exactly what began to happen when he saw a hot cowboy at a rodeo. The man had "badass" stamped on him. His friends warned him about the man. He was no good. It wasn’t easy to give up even thinking about the man, especially when he discovered the cowboy had a brother. They invaded his thoughts and dreams when he was the most vulnerable.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Forever Kind of Guy (MMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Bailey visit his friends in Silver and he decides that he will move there. He see 2 brothers Razor and Cole. Bailey know that he wants them, but his friends warn him that they are bad boys and they will hurt him. Bailey wants to start up his cleaning business in Silver. The brothers are his first customer. He gets there home in to shape, except for the one room that is off limit. Bailey try to get the brothers interested in him and that does not work, so he stop going to their home and see send one of his employees to clean their home. Then out of the blue the brothers show up at Bailey home and confess their feeling for him. This book draws you in with all the mix feeling that everyone is having. It must be true don't always judge a book by it cover only. This is series is a must read and this book is another great add to the family.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: This is series is a must read and this book is another great add to the family.

MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****
virginia lee
I just love this series!!!! Razor,Cole and Bailey were sweet, sexy, loving Perfect!!!!
Loved this FANTASTIC
donna b buccella




Cowboys. Dozens and dozens of cowboys. There were too many to count. Bailey could feel the saliva collecting in his mouth. It wouldn’t be long before he began drooling. He swallowed and moved along the choices until he spotted one he thought was hotter than all the rest.

And damn if he wasn’t wearing black. A badass cowboy was just what Bailey wanted, even if it was only an image the guy was projecting.

“Breathe,” Wesley teased, slapping Bailey on the back between his shoulder blades. “He’s not going anywhere.”

“Do you know him?”

Teddy answered. “We know who he is, but we’ve never met him. His name’s Razor McLoughlin. His brother should be around here somewhere. You hardly ever see them alone.” He glanced around the crowd for a moment. “There he is. That’s Cole.” Bailey looked and nearly swallowed his tongue. If he had thought Razor was something to stare at with his dangerous dark looks, Cole was hands down the most handsome man he had ever seen. “I know you won’t take my advice, but here goes anyway. You should look elsewhere for a hook up. Neither brother is known for being sociable, though Cole could be considered the nicer of the two.”

Cole McLoughlin went to stand at the table beside his brother. Crap, but they were hot.

Bailey could see the bad attitude from where he stood with his friends. While Razor was signing autographs on hats, shirts, and the occasional female chest, there was no smile on his handsome face. He didn’t want to be there and it showed. Even when he stood for photographs, the man couldn’t be bothered to fake a smile. Jerk. It was a real turnoff for Bailey. He’d met that type before and he wasn’t interested in repeating the experience.

“In fact,” Wesley put in, “they’re known for being downright nasty at times. You’re too nice a guy for that, Bailey. Why don’t you let Teddy and me fix you up with someone? We know plenty of cowboys. Silver’s crawling with them. You don’t need to waste your time with those two. They’ll use you up and toss you out when they’re finished.”

Bailey’s days of making the wrong choices were hopefully over. He was about to celebrate his second anniversary of being free of his former asshole lover. They had only been together three months when the abuse began, but that was enough for Bailey. He was no one’s punching bag. The first blow had convinced him that Ray didn’t love him. You didn’t hit people you loved. He was fortunate that anything he felt for the guy also disappeared the moment the violence began. He knew there was no making it better. He had moved out as soon as Ray left for work, and never heard from the guy again.

Having bad attitudes didn’t mean either Cole or Razor were violent, abusive men. Still, he was up for some fun and he couldn’t see him experiencing it with either man.

Turning away with an odd reluctance, Bailey listened as Wesley and Teddy discussed a list of eligible males. There was hope, after all. As they made their way through the crowd, he felt relief replace regret. By the time they were packed into two SUVs, he was looking forward to the blind date his friends planned for him. He even thought about what he would wear.

Four hours later Bailey was waiting nervously for his date to arrive. It hadn’t taken long for his friends to decide which man he should go out with. One phone call later and it was set. The guy’s name was TJ Waters. Bailey remembered hearing the name announced at the rodeo, but he couldn’t recall what the guy looked like. Wesley said he had competed in and won the calf roping event. TJ was a friend of Nick and Breck’s. They had known him for years. He was single, gay, and liked his men small. Well, that was a good thing. Bailey was definitely on the small side, at five feet four inches. He had a light build and while he was fit, he wasn’t overly endowed with muscles. His body was nicely defined. He took care of himself and it showed.

Bailey and TJ hit it off the moment they met. The man was a lot of fun. They went out to supper at a nice restaurant on the square, and then for some dancing at the Silver Spur Saloon. It was a real honky-tonk, the kind of place Bailey hadn’t been before. He looked around in amazement at the thousands of twinkling lights above his head. There was a country band at one end of the room and people packed in and dancing in front of the low stage.

“Great, isn’t it?” TJ asked, grinning as he looked over the crowd. Several people shouted at him and waved. He returned their greetings. “Why don’t we just jump in?”

“I don’t know how to dance to country music,” Bailey shouted back, disappointed because he wanted to get out there and have as much fun as everyone else was having.

TJ grabbed his hand to pull him into the mass of jostling bodies. “You don’t have to know how. Just find the beat and stomp your feet.”




Cole’s body shifted. He began moving down the length of Bailey’s body, nipping a trail on Bailey’s skin with strong, white teeth. Each sting caused his cock to jerk. Each sting was soothed with the warm, wet tip of a tongue. Moaning, he slid his fingers into Cole’s dark hair, the tips stroking the man’s scalp. He held him close, encouraging him to be bolder, becoming emboldened as he did so. The desire running like wildfire before the wind, scorched along every nerve ending. Bailey moaned, his back arching, as Cole took his nipple into his mouth to begin suckling, his tongue toying with the small ring running through it.

Pins and needles seemed to prickle along his skin. Bailey moaned and gasped, his back arching, needing so much more than Cole was giving him. The man seemed bent upon torturing him. Lifting his hips, he rubbed his cock against the hair-roughened skin covering Cole’s upper abs. The friction of their flesh rubbing together felt good, but wasn’t nearly enough. Bailey wanted more heat. He wanted more kisses. He wanted more nibbling bites on his body. But what he wanted most was for Cole to sink his large cock into his body. He wanted to feel the demands of that rigid flesh as it stretched his asshole, shaping it, filling him until they were completely joined.

Bailey wanted to watch Cole’s face as the man staked his claim on him. He wanted to watch every emotion, expression, the tiniest nuance telling him just what the man was feeling at their shared moment.

He caught his breath when Cole lifted his body slightly and a hand moved between them. Long, strong fingers wrapped around his aching cock, stroking it until Bailey was trembling violently. He was going to come at any second. Cole was unknowingly testing his control. The teeth playing with the ring in his nipple released it. Cole lifted his head to stare down into Bailey’s eyes again.

“Like that, do you?”

“Yes. Can you do it again?”

There was no way they could mistake the eagerness in his voice.

That brought a laugh from both Cole and Razor. Though he wanted to be fucked by them in the worst possible way, and a few of the better ones, too, laughing with the two sizzling hot and naked cowboys eased some of the inner tension Bailey was experiencing. It faded, allowing him to relax as Cole began to explore between his legs and lowered his head once more to take the neglected nipple into his mouth.

Bailey’s tight balls were explored by skillful fingers. They stroked over the hairless, wrinkled skin, circling, gently rubbing the orbs within, before dipping lower to leisurely stroke his perineum. Bending his knees, he spread himself wide, giving Cole all the room he needed. As he did so he turned his head on the pillow again to look up at Razor. A cocky smile lifted the corner of his mouth and he stepped closer, until his thighs touched the mattress.

There was no mystery about what the man was wanting from him. With a wriggle and a hitch of his shoulders, he managed to shift his upper body to the edge of the bed. His mouth watered for a taste of the man’s cock. A callused thumb swiped at the leaking pre-cum and smeared it over the head, making it glisten in the light from the lamp beside the bed.

Bailey licked his lower lip, certain he was drooling. His eyelids slid shut as the head of Razor’s cock softly touched his lips. They parted, his tongue darting out to lick at the pearly droplets. Pulling his tongue back in, he took a moment to savor the man’s essence. It was tangy, with just a touch of saltiness, and definitely worthy of another sampling. Dipping his head forward once more, his parted lips slid over the head, widening slightly where it flared, and then along the thick shaft. The flat of his tongue stroked the flat plane beneath the head, where the bundle of sensitive nerves was located.

Razor’s low, rumbling groan sent shivers of pleasure over Bailey’s ultra-sensitized body. He hummed around the head of Razor’s cock as he took inch after inch closer to the back of his throat.

There was so much happening, Bailey didn’t know what to focus on. Cole was working his way down his body, stroking and teasing as he made his way to Bailey’s cock. Just another few inches and Cole would be able to take Bailey’s throbbing flesh into his mouth. Would he? Some men didn’t give blow jobs, no more than they would take a dick up their ass. Those men were just too alpha, too dominant, to even consider it. Though he had rarely topped, Bailey had no desire to fuck either man. But getting a blow job from them? Oh yeah, he was all for that. And the sooner one of them had their lips wrapped around his cock, the better.

Cole granted Bailey’s unspoken wish by taking his cock into his mouth and sliding down slowly, until the spongy head hit the back of Cole’s throat. If he hadn’t had a cock in his own mouth, Bailey would have praised and thanked him. As it was, he moaned loudly around Razor’s cock. Reaching out, he slid his hand around a powerful thigh, holding on as his head began to bob, his mouth sliding up and down until Razor’s hips began to thrust. It matched his action. His hips lifted off the mattress as he began thrusting into Cole’s mouth.

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