kitten's tale (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 16,665
33 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, spanking, caning, sex toys, HEA]

Sarah, aka kitten, has a wonderful BDSM play relationship with Ray and Oot. She knows they aren’t looking for anything other than play and friendship, and she loves being a submissive and sex toy to them. But when Ray enlists a good friend to help out with play at the club one night, she soon sees another side to Ray and discovers what a lucky kitten she is.

Ray and Oot love playing with kitten at the club and in their bed, but neither are they planning on adding her as a permanent third. Then a night at the club changes Ray’s perspective when he realizes they’re not the only one with their eyes on kitten. Now he’s about to find out that when you have a kitten by the tail, she just might steal your heart.

Note: This for-sale version has been revised and expanded and is at 16,665 words. The original short version at 12,909 words is available for free only inside the BookStrand App.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

kitten's tale (MMF)
33 Ratings (4.3)

kitten's tale (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 16,665
33 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Since this book was a novella, we don't get a chance to get to know the characters. But, what we do see is very good.
I really love how this book shows that the relationship doesn't happen over night but builds up over time.
Katy Beth




She followed him inside. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the dim lighting, punctuated by strands of colored lights strung all over the place in a haphazard manner. One half of the converted space was filled with round café tables and chairs where people sat and stood, talking. Candles on each table gave the area a nice, intimate feeling.

The other half of the space was, from what she could tell, the dungeon proper. Various pieces of equipment sat along the wall and the middle of the space was dominated by a huge, wooden A-frame, similar to what might support a large swing.

“The bathroom’s over there,” Ray said, pointing. He led her around what she knew from the website was called the social area to the far corner. She tried not to look over at the play equipment, where several people were already playing. People in the social area were dressed in everything from formal fetish wear to jeans.

“Thanks.” She locked herself in and looked in the mirror.

What am I doing? Fear warred with excitement. Ray had assured her in their messages back and forth that she was under no obligation to do anything but watch and ask questions if she wanted. Or if she wanted to try something, he could accommodate her there, too. Excitement, and eagerness, she realized, were winning the upper hand over caution and trepidation in her mental war.

Ray and Oot were both waiting outside for her when she emerged. Ray and Oot spent half an hour discussing the dungeon rules and protocols with her, showing her around, explaining equipment and the scenes she was watching. It was a lot to take in, and both confirmed and debunked a lot of BDSM fiction she’d read in the past year.

“And there’s no worry about anyone just grabbing me and playing with me since I don’t have a collar on?” she nervously asked.

The men looked at each other and laughed. “Not quite,” Ray said. “Not unless they want to be kicked out and banned from the club, or brought up on assault charges. Everything you see here tonight is consensual. You might see stuff that looks like it’s spur of the moment, or a bunch of people piling on, but it’s all been prenegotiated at some point.”

That relaxed her. “Okay.”

After talking for a while longer, the men started introducing her around to their friends in the social area. As they did, Sarah noticed a man standing under the A-frame with a woman who wore nothing but a thong.

“What’s he doing?” she asked.

Ray looked. “Ah. That’s Teufel. He’s a rigger.”

“A what?”

He smiled. “Just watch.”

Teufel had used a rope to secure a large brass ring to the center of the A-frame’s upper brace. Then he proceeded to use rope to tie an intricate harness across the woman’s torso. After finishing that, which took nearly twenty minutes, he then used more ropes strung through the brass ring to help hoist her into the air.

The woman had closed her eyes upon being suspended, and her face bore what Sarah thought was one of the most blissful expressions of peace she’d ever seen in her life. Teufel used yet more rope to contort her body into the desired position. Then he pushed her and stood back.

Something in Sarah’s soul cried out to trade places with her.

The woman slowly spun in a lazy circle, looking something akin to a floating imp. Her smile never faded.

“Wow,” Sarah whispered.

Oot grinned. “Teufel’s flown me before. I love it.”

“You know how you told me to ask if I wanted to try something,” she said to Ray.


She pointed. “That. I want to try that.”


* * * *


After Teufel finished with the woman and had unwound the ropes from her, Ray led Sarah over to him and introduced them.

Not the tallest of men, Teufel stood about her height, with piercing brown almond-shaped eyes behind his wire-rimmed glasses. He wore jeans and black motorcycle boots, but he’d taken his shirt off in the middle of the scene, exposing two tribal tattoos on his upper biceps. He had a trim, lithely muscled dancer’s body.

“She’s a noob, Teufel,” Ray said. “This is her first time in a dungeon. Go easy on her.”

Teufel didn’t smile, but he nodded. She suddenly thought about one of her college profs, who’d had a nearly identical way about him. Happy or irritated, he always appeared to be sizing you and the situation up.

“I’d be happy to suspend you.” He asked her a series of questions about her health and any physical injuries she had before asking permission to touch her. He then efficiently prodded her shoulders, arms, sides, and hips before having her push down on his arms to judge her upper-body strength.

“Is your bra underwire?” he asked.

She thought it was an odd question, but she shook her head.

“Any problems taking your dress off, or do you have a T-shirt or something you want to wear over your underwear?”

“Oh. No, I don’t mind.” She smiled nervously. “Sort of like a bathing suit.”

He nodded. “Okay. I’m ready if you are.”

She set her purse down and kicked off her shoes. With more than a twinge of nervous anxiety, she peeled her sundress off over her head and neatly folded it, laying it on top of her purse. She didn’t miss how Ray and Oot stayed close, talking with her and Teufel the entire time as the rigger constructed a rope harness around her torso. Teufel explained every step of the process to her, joked with her, and set her mind at ease.

She also noticed that while he did occasionally brush against her breasts in the course of tying the harness, he never tried to cop a feel.

By the time he was ready to suspend her, she felt her pulse spike. The feel of the rope against her skin was like nothing she had words to describe. Teufel looped a rope through the ring, then through the harness, and scooped her into his arms.

“Grab the ring,” he said.

She did, and he took his hands off her for a moment to do something before supporting her again. “Okay, relax.”

She felt him guide her back into a reclining position as the rope took up the slack. He made a few adjustments, then gave her a gentle push that sent her swaying back and forth.

Eyes closed, she spread her arms and…

I’m flying.

That was what it felt like, the rope comfortably confining as she felt him reach out and push her again so she began floating in a lazy arc.

She barely registered Ray’s voice at first. “How does it feel?”

She let out a deep breath. “Wonderful!”

All three men laughed. “You just created another rope slut, Teufel,” Oot said.

“Yeah, that’s me. Inspiring rope-gasms all over the place.”




Both she and Oot stripped for dinner, eating dressed in nothing but their collars.

Just the way she liked it.

After she helped Oot clean up the kitchen, they joined Ray in the bedroom.

“On the bed, kitten,” he told her. “On your back, legs spread.”

Oot wore a hopeful expression. Ray laughed. “Go get your cock sucked, buddy.”

She’d started to laugh, but found herself pinned down between Oot’s legs as he straddled her chest, his stiff cock bobbing right above her mouth.

She needed no coaxing to open wide for him, her soft moan escaping around his flesh as he slid his cock between her lips.

He braced himself against the headboard. “That’s it, baby. Just like that.”

The tone of his words stirred her passion so much she lost herself in worshipping his cock with her mouth. That was why it briefly surprised her when she felt Ray’s lips clamp down on her clit.

Ray hooked his arms under and around her thighs, fingers digging in and securely holding her so she couldn’t squirm free. She knew what that meant.

He planned on torturing her, keeping her coming until he was ready to let her go.

With her arms pinned at her sides by Oot’s body, she could do nothing but lie there while giving and receiving pleasure. It didn’t take long for Ray to pull the first orgasm out of her, his tongue flicking at her swollen clit until the cries rolled out of her.

“Fuck yeah,” Oot grunted, slowly fucking her mouth, going deeper with every stroke, knowing how much of him she could take.

The beautiful, sweet haze of subspace set in. Being pinned, helpless, between her men always triggered the freefall in her brain. She didn’t need to be spanked for that blissful state to set in.

Ray barely gave her time to breathe before he started in again, alternating between fucking her cunt with his tongue and circling her clit with it, driving her closer to the edge with every warm, wet stroke.

Meanwhile, Oot withdrew his cock from her mouth and reached down, holding it up and out of the way while he dangled his balls over her mouth. He kept himself shaved down there per Ray’s orders, and she laved them with her tongue, licking and sucking while his hips rocked in time with her ministrations.

“That’s it, baby,” he hoarsely said. “You know what to do.”

She gently sucked first one, then the other into her mouth, alternating between them the way she knew he loved. One time she’d actually gotten him off like that, and she didn’t know which of the two of them had been more surprised at the time by it.

Now she’d made it a personal goal to repeat it.

Not that Oot minded in the least.

She had one of his balls in her mouth when the next orgasm hit her. As she moaned around him, he let out a moan of his own.

“Fuck, Ray, keep doing that to her,” he begged. “That feels so fucking good when she does that.”

Between her legs, Ray redoubled his efforts and kept her climax spiraling, rolling, never really stopping as she hit that sweet spot and he managed to keep the delicious release tumbling end over end.

Hence why he had to keep a firm grip on her when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Nooo,” Oot mumbled. “You’re not going anywhere. I can feel you trying to get away from him. We’ve got you right where we want you now.”

His tone tripped another switch inside her, sinking her even deeper into pleasure. She moaned again, unable to hold it back against Ray’s skilled mouth.

Oot raised up enough to slide his cock back into her mouth. “Suck it, kitten,” he ordered. “Gonna fuck that sweet mouth of yours. You belong to us and you’re not going anywhere.”

It felt like something deep inside her exploded. Pleasure spiraled through every nerve ending as his tone and Ray’s tongue on her clit sent her off the edge again into another climax.

“That’s it,” Oot urged. “Take every bit of it, baby.”

She let out a moan as Ray sat up. “Turn around, Oot.”

She barely had time to suck in a deep breath as he fluidly rose up, changed positions, and then buried his cock in her mouth again.

Oot’s mouth replaced Ray’s on her clit.

And then she felt Ray’s cock sink into her cunt.

The moan that delicious sensation triggered made Oot rock his hips against her face even faster, his cock growing harder as he struggled to hold back his release.

Ray fucked her hard and fast, his motions forcing Oot’s mouth hard against her and making her come yet again. She couldn’t begin to keep track of how many times they’d made her come because they began to blend together into one sharply sweet sensation she both didn’t want to end and wasn’t sure she could endure.

As always, they made her endure it.

“Hold it, Oot,” Ray ordered as he fucked her, his voice sounding strained. “Don’t you fucking come until I tell you to.”

Oot let out a moan of his own that vibrated through her clit.

She flicked his glans with her tongue, taking a little bit of playfully evil satisfaction when she was rewarded with pre-cum. He moaned into her pussy again and fought back, working her clit with his lips and making her come again.

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