Jack's Sweets (MM)

Rescue for Hire 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,906
35 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire. Meet the team members that make up a company that form a family of heroes.
Jack Woods is a paramedic of the team, a caregiver by nature, but on his off time turns in to a wild, hard partier. After watching his best friend and boss fall in love he decides he wants that. Putting his party ways behind him turns out to be harder than he thought when an ex won’t s stay an ex.
Brian Hayward is tiny, delicate, and fragile. He has never felt an accepted part of anything. Meeting Jack and being brought into the family of the rescue team is a dream come true. Then a horrible tragedy strikes, causing Jack to use his every medical skill to keep life going.
Can Brian and Jack’s relationship survive the consequences of the past? When the whole team moves in, can the couple survive the chaos?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jack's Sweets (MM)
35 Ratings (4.6)

Jack's Sweets (MM)

Rescue for Hire 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,906
35 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Simply Perfect
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A great entry in a great series.
Professional Reviews

"After reading book one in Bellann Summer's 'Rescue for Hire' series, I was more than ready to jump right into Jack's adventure. As Cade's best friend, a valued member of the team, and a paramedic, I really wanted to see Jack find the love that Cade and Bret had. Plus, I wanted to see more of the guys. Sue me. I like 'em big, strong, and tough. The team is on a rescue mission right in their town at the community center after some whack job opened fire. Brian is hiding in the closet in his room with his seven three-year-olds having them believe they're playing hide-and-seek with the manager of the center. I couldn't imagine anyone being that calm and self-possessed, especially when dealing with very small children. It made me like Brian immediately. Jack and Brian only need one look at each other to know they've found their one. Everything would have been perfect for Jack and Brian, and their new relationship, if it weren’t for Sherrie. Jack and Sherrie had been on-again, off-again for a year, more off than on, though. Jack ended it with her before he met Brian, but she doesn't want to let Jack go. I had visions of a bunny boiling on the stove in a pot. What happened next didn't come as a big surprise, but I really enjoyed the way the author handled it. Even better was the aftermath a few weeks later that left me laughing in more than one place. And no, I'm not telling, it's a spoiler. Another fun, sexy installment in a series about tough men and the smaller men who tame them." -- Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Slipping inside the front door of the community center and immediately stepping sideways behind a fake interior tree, Jack surveyed the lobby. He didn’t see the shooter but could hear shouting coming from down the hall where he knew the pool area was. Silently he made his way to a woman lying on the floor, bleeding from her abdomen area. Tony, was crouched down next to her. Jack recognized the woman as the manager of the community center, Mrs. Grayson.

Jack had just pulled a plastic pack from his pocket that contained special wound sealing sterile dressings when the woman grabbed his wrist and pleaded. “Please, you have to get the babies out.”

“Where are the babies?” he demanded.

Mrs. Grayson pointed to a small hallway to the right. “The three-year-olds’ room.”

Tony grabbed the pack of dressings and said, “I’ll take care of her and get her out of here.You see about the children.” Jack then remembered Tony’s last name was Grayson and realized the handsome Italian must be related to this woman somehow.

Straightening, Jack quietly made his way around the corner to the door where there was a paper sign hanging above it with hand drawn colorful letters that said, “Three Year Olds Welcome.”

Slipping into the room, he saw that it was empty. But there was a closed door at the far side of the room. Quietly he shut the door to the hall and made his way to the other door, staying along the parameter of the room, not wanting to give the shooter any open targets.

Reaching the door, he found it locked. Taking out a special device that Tony had created, he had the door unlocked in seconds. Turning the knob, he pushed the door open only to have it crash against some metal shelving.

A chorus of high-pitched shrieks echoed through the room. Then he heard a shushing sound, followed by a low murmur of the sweetest voice Jack had ever heard.

“Hello. My name is Jack Woods. I’m here to get you out,” Jack softly called out.

“But Mrs. Grayson hasn’t found us yet,” Jack heard one of the children object inside the room.

Jack then again heard the low murmur of the voice that had caught his attention. Jack was stunned when he felt a sudden overwhelming need, deep the depths of his body, triggered just by the sound of that voice. Jack found that need was demanding to hear more.

There was a moment of quiet and then he heard metal scraping across the hard surface of the floor as the shelving was pushed away from the door. A voice that marched goose bumps up and down his arms said, “You can open the door all the way now.” Jack’s breath caught in anticipation at what he would find behind that door. Brian had managed to keep the kids thinking they were still playing a game. He had, again, somehow pushed those shelves aside to let their would-be rescuer in. At least he hoped it was rescuing that was happening and not killing. He knew after moving the metal shelving twice he wouldn’t be much of a threat. He had never been a strong person and now his arms felt like spaghetti. But these kids were his responsibility.

So, he stood there ready to protect his children from a potential threat with a broom. Brian prayed he had made the right decision letting the guy in. Then the door opened further and what he saw made him freeze. A mountain of a man walked in. He had to be at least six foot five and he was all dressed in black. His shoulders looked to be as wide as a yard stick. He was wearing some kind of vest and a helmet on his head, but Brian could still see blond hair sticking out from beneath it. His face was suntanned and Brian fell into the most piercing grass-green eyes he had ever seen. Brian wasn’t quite sure if he should go plaster himself up against the guy or run the other way.

Jack opened the door and stopped in mid-step. Before him stood the most beautiful man he had ever seen. He was very small, maybe about five foot three or so. He wasn’t just thin, he was almost fragile looking. He had tiny hands that were fisted around a broom handle in front of him, ready to fight. His face was delicate, with a cute little nose tipped up at the end and pouty lips. But what drew Jack in were his eyes. They were large and blue. Not light blue or dark blue, but a blue, blue with long, thick, dark lashes surrounding them. For just a moment Jack stood there, memorized by those gorgeous eyes. He watched as they filled with an answering spark of attraction.

Jack knew the man was scared, yet the tiny teacher was determined to protect the children in his care. Jack noted that this was not an easy task as another little head popped out and then disappeared, from their hiding place behind a large box. And just like that Jack decided after the rescue was over he was keeping him.




When he had reached Jack’s eyes to admire the grass-green color framed by thick dark golden lashes, he realized Jack had stopped walking and was staring at him with such lust it took his breath away. Lips descended down on his and he was swept away by the intensity of the kiss. Jack’s tongue demanded entrance and when he gave it, it ruthlessly started fucking his mouth, making his dick fill. Brian had never been kissed this way before. Instead of scaring his sweet nature, he found himself responding and basking in the overwhelming waves of passion flowing through his body.

Breaking the kiss, Jack carried Brian into the house and through to his bedroom. Laying him down on a king-size sleigh bed, he proceeded to strip off all of the small man’s clothes. When they were gone, thrown over his shoulder somewhere, he took a moment to admire the beautiful fragile looking man before him. But the whispered words, “Please, fuck me” had him whipping off his own clothes in record time.

Grabbing a tube of slick out of the side table drawer, Jack hesitated. Turning his head, he looked at Brian. “I have to be tested regularly for the job, sweets. I’m clean. Do I need to use a condom?’

Brian hadn’t been with anyone in about a year and had been tested since. He had never gone bare, had never been tempted. “I think we should both be tested again, together. Then if we still want to go bare, we can.”

Jack nodded. Scooping up a strip of condoms and the lube, he set them beside the pillow. Lying down between Brian’s spread legs Jack decided the feeling of this man’s bare skin under him was heaven. Sucking a coin-size nipple into his mouth, he rolled it with his tongue until it was a tender red color. Moving to the other side he proceeded to redden the other to match.

His soon to be lover was not a passive lover. Even if he couldn’t use his hands, Brian’s arms were wrapped around Jack’s shoulders and his slim legs were locked around his waist. Jack glanced down and watched as the man’s hips humped up against his abs, his slender dick decorating Jack’s belly with trails of pre-cum.

Jack would have loved to flip the man over, open him up, and slide home into that tight ass, but those ripped up knees wouldn’t be able to handle that. So he reached for the lube and after pouring some onto his fingers, he breached Brian’s opening with one finger. The muscles tightened around his knuckle, squeezing tight. “Baby, you’re going to have to relax. I’m a big boy and I’m never going to fit.”

Jack wasn’t lying about being big. His dick was a good ten inches and very wide around. Because he liked his partner’s small, this always presented a challenge. Lifting his head, he took those pouty lips in another kiss. Immediately the muscles strangling his finger relaxed and he could slip another in. Scissoring and loosening the muscles even more, finger number three joined the party. He broke the kiss and started sucking and nipping the side of Brian’s neck. The man was writhing under him, moaning words of “more and harder.” Deciding he was ready for number four, Jack slowly pressed it in and stopped letting Brian adjust.

Brian looked up at the man that had him opened wider than he had ever been before. They may not have known each other long but in Jack’s eyes he saw deep feelings of lust, possession, and more caring than he had ever seen in anyone else’s. And in that moment Brian fell in love.

Jack pulled out his fingers and quickly tore open the condom, sliding it on and coating it with lube. With a slow steady thrust, he opened Brian up even more. Jack started a rhythm of deep thrusts that rubbed against the small bundle of nerves that had Brian moaning and babbling. Then Jack stopped moving and grass-green eyes met wide, baby blue eyes. Holding him tight in his arms and with his dick possessing him completely, Jack gave the small man his heart.

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