[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Josh Mitchell has had enough of werewolves, especially after being kidnapped by them for some stupid revenge plot that should have nothing to do with him. Josh is human, and he's not sure what these people want with him. He hopes for a rescue, but doesn't expect one, especially from Brant Hollis, the handsome beta who he might have had sex with once, in the barn, right before Josh walked away.
But Brant does come for him, he comes for Josh and rescues him, even though he owes Josh nothing. Certainly no emotional feelings worthy of a dangerous rescue. But he's here now, and Josh's feelings for the man swell within him.
Brant loves Josh, has loved him since the moment he first saw him, but his mate is scared and has been running. Brant has every intention of taking back what's his, and he will keep Josh alive and take his mate home. No one takes what's his.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Taking Back What's His (MM)
14 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

"It’s a good thing this fourth book of the ‘Mating with Wolves’ series starts right where the previous one left off, since I was on pins and needles about what had happened to Josh, what with him having vanished. Of course everyone suspects it was the same bunch of idiotic werewolves who had tried to harm him and Sam before, but someone will have to go and find him. That someone, not surprisingly, turns out to be Brant, but as I found out, there is a lot more to his and Josh’s relationship – or lack thereof – than was obvious from what happened in book three. As a result, this volume is full of surprises (good and bad) and makes for a suspenseful read. Josh has a whole lot of issues. Some of them are about his past, which wasn’t rosy by any means, and that he is kind of ashamed about. Some of them are in the present and have to do with the fact that he can’t get used to the idea that there are werewolves – never mind that he seems to be lusting after one of them. But when he gets kidnapped and dragged through the woods for days, tied up and not given enough food to keep up his energy, that is when his real problems start. He can’t believe Brant actually comes for him, but he is glad. Josh soon begins to realize there is a whole lot more to this lust he feels and the mating heat gets hold of him despite the fact that he is human. Brant is determined to get back what is his, i.e., Josh. He also wants to do whatever is best for Josh. He years to be with him, but in the end, if Josh were to reject him again like he id after their first encounter, Brant would do his best to stay away. First he has to find Josh, deal with his kidnappers, and bring him home. Most of the story focuses on that return trip and how Brant slowly gets to know Josh better, only to discover he wants him more than ever. If you like stories about humans needing to get used to the existence of paranormal beings and the fact they are suddenly mated to one, if you like werewolves who are patient about their human mate taking his time to accept what has happened to him, and if you’re looking for a read that is full of suspense, yet a wonderful love story and sweet at the same time, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Okay, this is fine. Don’t move. Don’t think, don’t even breathe. You don’t need any of it.

Josh told himself these things again and again, trying to will himself to look small and dead and unappetizing to whatever it was out there that was tearing these men apart.

There was barking and growling, and even a long howl, but then there was a whine, and it suddenly sounded like the barking and growling was coming from very far away.

They were running? What the fuck? What sort of kidnappers were these guys that they just gave up like this?

A low, growling rumble sounded very close to where Josh happened to be sitting, and he swore that he nearly shit a brick because of it.

He managed to keep from humiliating himself, though he doubted he would care much about that in the face of his death.

A face that he was going to refuse to look at. He didn’t want to see the eyes of whatever monster this was, didn’t want to see the teeth.

He could already feel the warm breath all over his skin. The creature was close, so close that Josh couldn’t fake it anymore.

His body started to tremble, and a pathetic, weak noise left his throat as he realized he was helpless to do anything that would get him through the night. 

A soft whine erupted from the creature in front of him, too soft to belong to some wild animal, or monster.

It was crying?

His curiosity took over his fear, though not by much.

Josh opened his eyes, barely enough, just enough to squint and see whatever it was that was so close to him.

It was a gray wolf. Josh could make out the fur from the corner of his eye, and slowly, very slowly, Josh took the risk.

He lifted his head and opened his eyes a little wider.

The wolf barked and smiled like a dog who had just found its master.

Maybe not a wolf. Maybe this was a dog?

That made no sense. Not if the body that Josh saw over there by the fire was anything to go by.

Then the animal in front of him changed. The fur shimmered, and its body thickened as the creature stood on two feet. Bones snapped. They sounded like thick tree branches being broken over someone’s knee. Josh winced, but then the fur fell away, revealing Brant’s naked body, and then the man was down on his knees in front of Josh, his hands on Josh’s cheeks, the back of his head, and then his throat, like he was searching for wounds.

Brant’s eyes glowed that bright yellow-gold, and there was no way that Josh could pretend all of this was just in his mind.

Holy shit, Brant was here, and now the man was hugging him close.

As close as he could get with the chains that kept him firmly tied to the tree.

And Josh had never been happier. His body soaked up Brant’s warmth, taking it all in and reminding him of how cold he’d been.

Josh shivered again, but this time it had nothing to do with fear.

At least Brant was naked. That meant there was nothing to get in between Josh and the warmth that was in Brant’s body. His face was pressed right to Brant’s chest, and he swore that he could hear the sound of the man’s heartbeat.

It pounded quickly and heavily against Josh’s ear. It felt good, being pressed against him again. Josh hadn’t realized how much he’d been scared that he would never get this again, and he sighed through his gag.

Warm and safe. He wanted to pass out again, but then he wouldn’t be able to appreciate this, so he stayed awake. To the best of his ability. He was still kind of groggy and out of it.

He was shivering, however. No matter how tightly Brant held him, Josh couldn’t seem to get warm, no matter what he did.

Maybe it had been colder than he thought. It even took him a minute or so to realize that Brant was speaking to him. He tried to pay attention to that, just in case it happened to be something important.

“Fuck, finally found you…thought I’d lost you. I nearly lost my mind.”

Considering what Brant had done to those shifters when he was in a proper state of mind, Josh wasn’t sure he wanted to know what would have happened if he had lost it.

Brant pulled back just a little, seemed to see the gag in Josh’s mouth for the first time, and let out a sorry noise that seemed partly like a wail.

He pulled the gag from Josh’s mouth, and Josh sucked in a deep, refreshing breath.

That was better. That was loads better. He’d nearly choked on that thing a couple of times, and that wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

“I’ll get these chains off you. I promise,” Brant said, and he started to pull at them with his hands.

Josh wanted to tell the man that there were keys somewhere, possibly on one of the dead bodies. Josh hoped that was the case, because he didn’t want to think about what would happen if Brant had to leave him here, trapped and helpless, just so he could get some keys.

Josh must’ve passed out before he could tell Brant anything, because he was engulfed in a thick blanket of warmth after that, and he didn’t care that he was sleeping.




Brant leaned back, until he was lying on his back and Josh was straddling his hips and looking a touch confused.

The omega of the wolf relationship wasn’t usually on top, and once more, it interested Brant to realize how much Josh was still affected by these rules and instincts, despite the fact that he was not a wolf.

“Sit on my cock, and ride me,” Brant said. This might go easier if he spoke in commanding tones to his lover.

It did. Brant watched the change in Josh’s eyes, how the pupils became bigger, until there was almost no blue to be seen at all.

This position would allow Josh to decide the rhythm. It would also, hopefully, make it harder for Brant to accidentally reach out and touch his healing back. Humans healed so damned slowly it was a wonder that any of them had survived the evolution phase.

Josh lifted his hips and reached back behind himself. He grabbed onto Brant’s prick by the base, and slowly lowered himself down onto it.

Brant hissed at the sudden, tight warmth that he’d been craving ever since that day in the barn. Josh’s asshole resisted, but then stretched and finally accommodated the intrusion.

Josh threw his head back and sighed, his lips curling up in a satisfied smile as he lowered himself down, down, down, until he was perfectly seated.

Brant released the breath he hadn’t even been aware that he’d been holding. His fingers gripped Josh’s hips tightly, and he hadn’t been aware of that either until he let the man go.

Better his hips instead of his back.

Move,” Brant said, his wild side taking over, needing this, wanting this. His claws were coming out, and now he would really struggle to not hold on so tight.

Josh did as he was told. He shifted his hips, canting back and forth, slowly, his mouth remaining dropped open as he rocked back and forth.

The best part was the way he clenched his hole around Brant’s dick. It was enough to make Brant’s toes curl from the ecstasy of it.

And the way he moved. Brant had no words for that either, but he most definitely loved the way Josh swiveled his hips.

The first time they’d both lost control, Brant had pretty much just pushed Josh against the nearest wall, yanked his jeans down, and fucked him from behind.

This position was offering something different in a very good way.

Especially when Josh started using his hips and thighs to lift himself up and down, his asshole still clenching around Brant’s cock.

“That’s good. Oh! That feels really good,” Josh said.

“That’s all you, sweetheart. You got this,” Brant said, trying not to look at his mate with a wolf’s eyes. He wanted to see Josh in color, wanted to see that beautiful flush that spread all across the man’s body, up his neck and face, and down his chest.

Brant reached up and pressed his fingertips against Josh’s nipples. They were already hard like little buds, but the man still groaned and sighed, leaning forward into the touch.

Brant had to be extra careful to not touch the man accidentally with his claws, but they seemed to be doing well.

“You like that?”

Josh nodded. His hair was becoming damp with sweat. “Y–yeah!”

Brant put one hand on Josh’s hips, encouraging that sweet circular motion he was making while he flicked his fingers over those rosy nipples.

Josh moaned the sweetest sound, and he slammed his hips down harder, faster, and Brant grit his teeth, unable to stop himself from thrusting back to meet that hard demand.

Josh slumped forward, still moving, still thrusting, but he was losing control. Brant could tell.

“Fuck me harder.”

He would if he could. Brant would turn him onto his back and fuck him right across this field if he could, but until Josh’s back healed that would not be possible.

Brant put his hand on the back of Josh’s neck instead, dragging him down the rest of the way because those pink lips were just staring at him, demanding to be kissed and licked and sucked on.

Josh moaned as Brant slid his tongue across the crease of his lips. Brant felt that soft vibration through their joined mouths. It brought a jolt to his cock, increasing his pleasure, and he thrust forward harder. He didn’t mean to. He knew it couldn’t feel so great to be bounced up and down on his dick like that, but Josh wasn’t complaining, and he pushed back as hard as he could. Both of Josh’s hands held onto Brant’s face, as though he needed to hang on before opening his lips wider and coaxing Brant’s tongue into his mouth.

Brant pushed forward. He licked deep and tasted his lover’s natural flavor.

Even after being asleep for so long, he was still perfect.

The intense pleasure became something he could no longer hold back or keep any sort of control over. Brant was going to come. It was right there, getting closer and hotter inside with each thrust, and Josh moaned and bucked, his body squeezing tightly around Brant’s prick before his hand went to his own cock and stroked hard and fast.

“I’m close,” he said, finally opening his eyes.

Brant nodded. “Do it, come on me, I want your scent all over me. Do it.”

Josh did. He came hard and fast with a loud yell that probably scared all the squirrels out of their nests. Warm seed spurted onto Brant’s stomach and chest, and he was pretty sure some of it even got him in the chin.

That, the feel of it, the smell of it, and the fact that Josh’s asshole clenched even tighter around Brant’s cock was the thing that yanked his orgasm right out of him.

Brant’s wolf teeth popped through his gums, and he tasted his own blood as he roared, gripping Josh’s hips as he bucked forward, filling his seed into the man’s body.

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