Lust for the Soothsayer (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 67,672
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, M/F with multiple secondary partners, vampires, public exhibition]

In the debauchery of late-1970s Louisiana, Tobias awakens from a coma with no memory of how he came to this torrid Southern hamlet plagued by a spree of deaths and steeped in supernatural folklore. Deliciously tormented by demonic fantasies and subsequent blackouts that his doctors can’t explain, he teeters on the edge of lunacy.

Rising panic leads him to Madam Genevie, a beautiful soothsayer yearning for a mysterious man she can’t yet have and harboring a dark secret. Genevie is an immortal psychic vampire, a succubus that feeds off the life force of others. She emits a sensual allure that Tobias is helpless to resist, even if it kills him.

Seeking answers while falling into this dangerously passionate lust, Genevie discovers a seductive entity possessing the locals, a Legion of psychic vampires on its tail, and the sacrifices she must make to be with the elusive man she loves.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lust for the Soothsayer (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Lust for the Soothsayer (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 67,672
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This book was great! Lots of surprises and an original idea on vampires. Moved at a fast pace. I couldn't stop reading. According to the author's page, it's the beginning of a series to come. It's wonderful as a stand-alone though. Loved it.



She moved below the water, letting it shower down her body. It soaked through her clothes, warming her skin. Dale cocked his head to one side, and Genevie saw her white T-shirt was partially transparent. “Don’t stare,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest. She stepped under a rock overhang, hiding behind the arced drapery of falling water.

“It’s a lovely show, but that’s not what I’m looking at.” He shook his head and passed through the falls. “Give me your hand. I want to see something.”

Genevie kept one arm across her chest and offered him the other. He held it tight. “Do you feel anything?”

She waited. No electric crackling, no tingle, only the churning of water between them. “No.”

“Ha! This place is a miracle. The river is a natural buffer. We can’t draw from each other or anyone else. You could have a safe water birth here, if you want.”

“Is that why I was brought here?” She let go of his hand and crossed her arms.

“Not exactly. Nobody else knows about the power of this place. I wasn’t sure until now. It’ll have to stay our secret. If something like the incubus found it, our people would be done in.” He rested his back against the rocky wall.

“How’d you find it?”

“By chance. I bought the house you’re staying in about three years ago. The area is very secluded. I explored the surrounding terrain and something drew me here. My theory is, our ancestors drank from a fountain like this and changed the biology of their offspring.”

Genevie knew from her grandmother’s story that Dale and Constance O’Clery were cousins and came from Europe. The rest was cloaked in mystery. “What else do you know about them?”

“Not much from memory. As I told you before, I was orphaned as a child, only it was many more decades back than I let on. Constance’s family members took me in and passed me from clan to clan. I’m researching the source, but with centuries between the original psychic vampire and who we are, I’m hitting dead ends.”

“What are you hoping to accomplish, finding the key to evolving your kind into godlike beings and killing the rest of us in the process?” Genevie sloshed toward the bank in a huff.

Dale did his best to catch her, high-stepping through the water. He grabbed her arm and jerked her to face him. “That has never been my plan. I’m trying to find a way around your mortal death. You wouldn’t be here, alive, if I hadn’t convinced the Legion not to attempt the resurrection yet. Go ahead and hate me since I’m keeping you against your will, but understand why I’m doing it and what the alternative is.”

The water around them began to churn once more as she tried out of spite to weaken him. Dale glanced down at the river and back to her eyes. She was caught. Her bottom lip quivered as she held back tears. “I don’t hate you. I’m just scared.”

Dale wrapped his strong arms around her, and Genevie could no longer hold in her emotion. She cried against his bare chest. Her fingers crept around his waist, pulling him closer. He didn’t try to shush her or whisper sweet nothings in her ear. He held her until the sobs lessened and were overcome by the thudding of his heart.

Steam rose from their wet shoulders as she looked up to meet his dark eyes. “You know, as long as we’ve been holding each other the world hasn’t started to collapse.”

“I suppose not, but I bet if we weren’t standing in this river it would,” he said. “You want to find out?”

Genevie shook her head.

“Kiss me,” he said. “For the research.”

She shrugged and closed her eyes. Dale leaned down and planted his eager mouth on hers. The blood rush came with a vengeance for both of them. When Genevie tried to pull back, he held her tighter against him. She parted her lips, and he invaded with his tongue.

Their hands tore away at their clothing. Genevie’s shorts and panties dropped to her ankles. Dale grabbed her collar with both hands and ripped her shirt open down the center. Beckoning erect nipples spurred him on. He sucked her breasts into his mouth.  

“Wait, no, we shouldn’t.” Genevie made a last effort to resist.

“If you’re still mad at me for not telling you who I was when we first met, I’m sorry.”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Then shut up.” He kept kissing her face as he shoved her down, pinning her shoulders against the spongy bank and her arms above her head. With her legs still safely in the shallow water, Dale slid in between them, his unzipped pants gaping open.

He held her wrists together with one hand and, with the other, caressed her pulsating nub. She moaned and stopped fighting. She needed him to take her. She found his mouth and covered it with her own.

Dale released her wrists and slid his hand down her body, groping her breasts and sending tingles from her budding areolae down to the sweet crevice below. Her tender lower lips swelled as the tip of his cock hovered around the rim. She gripped his buttocks and drew him deep inside.

He moved slowly at first, as if enjoying her pussy’s tight sheath of delicate flesh. He softly bit into her neck, not enough to break the skin, just to add a twinge of pain to intensify the pleasure. Then he pulled Genevie up to straddle him as he sat back in a few inches of water. “Fuck me, baby!”

Her shredded T-shirt clung to wet skin. She rolled her slim hips up and down, letting the walls of her cunt massage his stiff rod. He grew harder and harder.

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