The Dom's Patience is Rewarded (MFM)

Unchained Love 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,695
27 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, spanking, flogging, caning, pegging, sex toys, HEA]

Panther Dom Oliver Simpson has wanted to claim Leticia Brooks, another panther, for over a year, but her father, Sam, is paranoid about attacks by the rogue panthers. Now, a human nurse, William Chapman, has fallen in love with her too. It’s time for Leticia to decide what she wants.

Sam flees from the community after trying unsuccessfully to kidnap Leticia. With her father out of the picture, Leticia agrees to a three-way mating with both Oliver and William. Oliver teaches her the release and freedom that are found in BDSM sex, but the trio isn’t out of the woods yet.

Just as they settle down to begin their happily ever after, Sam tries to kill the leader of the rogue panthers because the man is his son. Now Leticia has to deal with a crazy father and an evil brother. Will Oliver, William, and Leticia’s new love be strong enough to survive?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Dom's Patience is Rewarded (MFM)
27 Ratings (4.6)

The Dom's Patience is Rewarded (MFM)

Unchained Love 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,695
27 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Leticia opened her door the merest crack and peeked out. No one in the hallway? Good. Even though her shoulder was strapped to her body and hurt like hell, Leticia was determined to go out into the garden and begin planning how she’d tackle turning it from a tangled wilderness into a productive vegetable garden again.

She tucked her notepad under her chin, grasped her pen between her teeth, and used her one good hand to shut the door as silently as possible.

She only got as far as the staircase down to the ground floor before William Chapman appeared around the corner, his dark eyes filled with worry.

“Where are you going? Please let me hold your good arm. I can carry the notepad and pen. What if you trip and fall?”

William, a human nurse, refused to leave her side, wanting to keep his arm around her waist every step of the way. She really liked William and Oliver, a panther like her, too, but was so very tired of being confined by the people who loved her. She knew William only wanted to care for her and she appreciated that, but she needed to have some freedom and space, too.

Leticia shook herself free from his arm and said firmly, “I’m going out to the garden now. You can follow me if you want to. I won’t fall. I didn’t dislocate my shoulder by falling.”

“I’m well aware your father did it. It’s only a few months since you were rushed to the hospital after he shot you in the leg. I hope the community here never lets him come back.”

Leticia felt confused and turned to look William in the face. “What? Why shouldn’t he come back here? It’s our home now.”

“It may be your home, but it’s never been his. He’s never joined the community, has he?”

“No, but neither have I.”

“Exactly. He never let you. Most of the panthers have joined Carnal Connections, though, haven’t they?”

“I don’t know. My father kept me in my room so much I never went to many of the meetings and I’d never been to any celebrations until I went to Serena and Verity’s twenty-first birthday party. I hadn’t thought about it, but I guess many of them have asked to be part of Carnal Connections.” Leticia sat down on the bottom step of the deck leading into the garden. With one part of her mind she was looking at how very neglected the garden was and planning how she could make it flourish again. But with the rest of her mind she was thinking about what William had said. Her father had forced her to stay in her room most of the time because he was worried about the danger of the rogue panthers.

“The rogue panthers constantly attack us. I was in great danger as an unmated full-blood. It was the only way my father could keep me safe.”

“Ding! Wrong answer. No rogue panther has ever even gotten onto the property here. I agree a person might have worried about you running near the fence line alone or walking around the front gates alone, but there’s no reason to believe there was any danger to you or anyone else in the buildings or around other people here. Think, Leticia. Use your head. What danger has there ever been inside the property here?”

She stared at him. In all their conversations he’d never been this blunt before. William had nursed her in hospital twice now, the first time after her father shot her in the leg, and the second after he dislocated her shoulder. She knew William was a deeply caring person who’d made it very clear that he loved her. She loved him, too, but she also loved the panther, Oliver, who’d loved her in silence for over a year. The other panthers had been quite circumspect about what they said to her about her father, but the humans had been more forthright. More and more she was coming to see that her father protecting her so fiercely had prevented her from knowing the true facts about their situation. She’d only known things from her father’s viewpoint, not as they may have truly been.

“I–I believed my father. He does—did—love me. He always cared for me, and after my mother was shot by a hunter when I was thirteen we were both traumatized, yet he tried to be both mother and father to me then. But more recently… None of the other women were made to stay in their rooms, were they? And no one else had their father sleeping against their bedroom door.”

“No one else’s father shot them, either,” added William acerbically.




Oliver handed her the massage oil and she rubbed it into William’s shoulders, trying to use the deep, helpful strokes the men used on her. The kind of pressure that loosened any tension knots and made her feel so good.

She was still concentrating on William when the paddle thumped on her ass again.

“You’re a bad sub who swore,” said Oliver, paddling first her right cheek then her left. They were burning now. With the previous paddling, the massage oil, and now more paddling, she could feel the heat lifting off them. But it was still good. Good enough to distract her from massaging William. Purposefully, she concentrated on pleasing him instead of the sensations throbbing deep inside her.

“Why don’t you decorate his ass?” suggested Oliver.

Leticia took the red and blue tubes of paint he was offering her and began drawing spirals on William’s pink ass. Soon she’d filled her canvas and was wondering about painting his back. But her own ass was quite hot and she’d likely been paddled enough for one night.

Just then the butt plug inside her began to vibrate, making her gasp and stop moving. Boy howdy! I wasn’t expecting that!

Oliver moved around and undid the manacles. “I think we’re ready to move on to the next part of the program.”

Oh yes, she was ready for an orgasm. The butt plug stopped vibrating right then, and for a few seconds she really missed it but then decided she’d much rather have a real cock inside her. Who would it be tonight? Oliver or William?

Oliver lay down on the big sheet of plastic now, which was smeared with blue and red body paint, and said, “Climb on me now, Leticia.”

Contentedly, she did so, sliding down on his cock, loving the way it stretched her wide apart, her inner muscles clenching tight on his cock.

“You can take out the vibrating egg and enter her now, William,” said Oliver.

“Thank you, Sir,” said William. Leticia could hear the relief in his voice. He must have been finding it hard to wait. After all, she’d spent quite a lot of time teasing and arousing him so far tonight. Well, now he’d be rewarded. They all would. Nothing was better than when they all fucked together like this. Like a triad. A unit. A family.

Leticia was determined not to explode the moment William entered her. If he was that aroused he’d come, too, and he deserved better from her than that. He’d waited patiently for this moment, so the least she could do was let him get a few decent strokes in first.

And Oliver. He truly was the most patient Dom she’d ever met. Once again he’d aroused his two subs, let them play with body paint, and heating massage oil, and a vibrating butt plug, with no touching of himself or any kind of relief at all. Here he was, still patiently waiting for her and William to get organized so he could fuck her. He had to be the most patient and thoughtful Dom ever.

William wiggled the butt plug as he removed it, causing her heated tissues to send shards of delight through her body. Then he pushed his cock at her entry and slid deep inside her, his cock far better than the butt plug, wider, thicker, warmer, and more enticing, more real. Yes, real. She liked the realism of the men over toys. Not that toys weren’t a lot of fun as well, of course. But her two men were way better than any toy could ever be.

Sometimes they thrust in and out together. Leticia liked that. It was very powerful. So powerful that often the bed rocked on its legs. But part of the intensity was because for brief seconds she was left empty before being filled. So it was an emotional ride as well as a physical one. But she also liked it when one moved in as the other moved out. To her that symbolized the two of them taking turns, being a team, sharing her. Which made that an incredibly powerful mental image, too. So whatever they did, she liked it.

Face it, Leticia. You just like being fucked by Oliver and William.



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