Mason's Smile (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,102
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, HEA]
Trinity Case is lying in the hospital with a shattered foot. Mason Robertson gets the wrong room. Sparks fly between them. On their second meeting, Mason is going away for work, and he insists that she will get better care at his home. Trinity finds herself in his luxury bed with a private nurse and a butler to wait on her. When he returns, they discover that they have the potential to be the perfect match. 
Trinity and Mason have ghosts of their broken pasts hiding in their closets, but they are both longing for a happily ever after. 
Trinity’s ex-boyfriend wants her back, and he will stop at nothing to get her. Trinity finds herself in a reality where she is not sure who or what to believe. Her heart and mind are broken and confused. When she learns the truth, Trinity finds that it is not love, but trust that proves to be the ultimate challenge.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mason's Smile (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Mason's Smile (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,102
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“How’s your sister?”

“She’s in pain, but doing okay. They are gonna release her tomorrow. What about you?”

“They keep telling me that they want me to stay for at least a week. I live alone, and they are being pissy about it.”

“So why don’t you hire a nurse to care for you?”

The question made her smile. “I don’t know. I guess I didn’t think about it.”

“You could always come to my house.”

“Thank you. I don’t even know you.”

“What do you want to know?”

She couldn’t think of anything in particular. “I don’t know. You just usually get to know someone before you offer to take care of them.”

“I didn’t offer to care for you. I won’t be there. I have to replace one of my pilots, and he already had flights scheduled. I’ll be back on Friday. I can get you a nurse if you want.”

“If I’m gonna do that, I could go to my own house and get a nurse.”

“Yeah, but I have a butler who would be there to help if you needed it. You don’t. Plus I can see you once I get home.”

It was a nice thought. She wanted to see him once he got home. “When are you flying out?”

“Five a.m.”

“So I wouldn’t even get a tour before you leave,” she said cutely.

“You want a tour? I’ll hire you a transport right now.”

“Mason, I was joking. I can’t go stay at your house. I really appreciate the offer, but it doesn’t seem right.”

“You can play with the dogs.”

She giggled at his adorable expression. “That’s helpful. I’m not really in a condition to play with anything.”

He shrugged, looking up from under his dark eyelashes. “I’ve had my share of hard times. I also know that the some home nurses are less than exemplary. A friend of mine almost died because his nurse couldn’t find a babysitter. She called for a replacement who didn’t show up. If his friend hadn’t stopped over to see him, he would have choked to death because his oxygen tank got clogged.”

“That sounds horrible. What happened? Is he okay?”

“Yeah he is. He was in a car accident and had crappy insurance. When the insurance ran out, the hospital offered him home care. He was alone, and it was cheaper than remaining in the hospital. It seemed safe enough. It probably would have been okay if he didn’t have asthma. Laying flat on his back in bed aggravated that condition, and they sent him home with oxygen. To make a long story short, he had an attack, couldn’t get up or reach the phone, and…”

“I’m not on oxygen. The worst thing that can happen is I fall on my ass.”

“Not the worse thing in the world. What if you hit your head when you fall? What if you smash your foot and you’re in too much pain to get up? There are a bunch of things that can go wrong.”

“Nothing will go wrong.”

“I’m sure you thought that before you dropped the pot on your foot, too.”

He had a point. It didn’t really matter. It seemed pretty unlikely that he would be able to get her out anyway. Her doctor was not about to release her at seven at night. The best thing she could do to get off the subject was to call his bluff, and let him find out that it couldn’t be done. “Okay. Give me your address so I can at least call and give it to my brother.”

He jotted it down on a piece of paper. Handing it to her, Mason stood and walked from the room. Trinity giggled at his audacity, and then called Victor.


“Hey, what’s up?”

“Do you have piece of paper? I need to give you an address.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“It says seventeen Oliver Lane in Guilford.”

“Wow, what’s there? Those are half million dollar homes with a view of the ocean.”

She chuckled. “It figures. It’s Mason’s address. He insists that I should come stay at his house. He has a butler who will be there to wait on me, and he’s gonna get me out tonight. There is no way that my doctor is going to release me.”

“Mason? Is that the guy? What’s his last name?”

“Yes. His last name is Robertson.”

Victor whistled in her ear. “No way. As in Robertson Aviation?”

“He said that he owns a private plane business. What is Robertson Aviation?”

“The firm that Mathew works for uses them for all their charter flights. The guy is loaded. Actually, from what I’ve seen, he’s also gorgeous. On the hush, Mathew said that he went through a really nasty divorce a few years back. Maybe you can heal his broken heart. You lucky ducky.”

She laughed at his comment. “So this guy is legit?”

“Well, he has money, and a really nice house. I haven’t done any research on him. Would you like me to?”

“I would really appreciate it.” She frowned. “You don’t think he can actually get me released tonight? Can he?”

“I don’t know. Money tends to bend the rules. You may have just bought yourself a few days at Mason’s house without meaning to. Lucky ducky.”

“He isn’t going to be there. He has a flight.”

“Too bad. Maybe he’ll come back early.”

She could almost see Victor grinning on the other end of the phone. “You are incorrigible. Give me a call if you find anything disturbing.”

“I will. I’m gonna send you a picture of him, just to make sure it’s the same guy.”

“Okay.” A moment later her text message chimed and she opened it, grinning at Mason’s photo. He was dressed in a really nice suit, and looked absolutely handsome. She shut the text down. “Yes. It’s him.”




Mason kissed her gently, his lips soft against hers. It was a slow and casual kiss, filled with the rising need of their bodies. He was walking her backwards across the lawn, the grass thick and soft against her bare feet. She braced herself for the spray of cold droplets as Mason positioned her body into the rain of water. It hit with the stinging impact of wet ice against her lower buttocks, and Mason chuckled as she jumped. The water continued on its circumference, but a moment later she was hit with another sprinkling. Mason had positioned her in the center of the cross spray. She had often sat on the upper porch, watching as the water cycled hard to the right in one direction and then reversed, the shorter spray covering the lawn closer in. On the way out it was long, direct spurts, but on the way back, it sputtered, sending the water out in a wider pattern. She could hear the change of the cycle, both sprinklers chugging back to the left. The water hit her again, spraying from the center of her back to the center of her thighs with an intermittent blast of chilled liquid.

Mason was watching her face, judging her reaction. “You wanted rain. Sorry, but it’s a clear night.”

“Please don’t tell me that you are going to shackle me out here? I will be blue before morning.”

He chuckled. “No. The water is a bit too cold for that. I was actually thinking about something a bit less ab.”

She tilted her head, her freshly cut bangs hanging to the side. “Like what?”

“Like, bend over and suck on my dick.”

Sucking on his dick was fine, but she wondered how the water was involved. Trinity went to kneel on the soft grass, and he grabbed her hair, pulling her back to her gently upward. Mason backed up two steps, and softly urged her head down. He continued to apply pressure until her head was in line with her kneecaps. He left her where she was and walked around beside her to take a look. The angel and the devil, both muttered, “Oh shit!” in unison. Trinity knew exactly what they meant as she bent at the hips.

He tapped her thigh with his fingers. “Spread em,” ordered Mason in his teasing, somewhat dark voice. She could almost see the smile spreading across his face. “Nice and wide. I want my pussy really clean.”

She did as she was told, almost screaming as the chink, chink, chink of the water blasted into the exposed skin of her pussy. It pulsated her clit, leaving her skin wet and icy as it continued in its path. A moment later the other one came around, a barrage against her thigh, hitting her cunt and then splattering against her clit. Mason slapped her ass, making the skin sting before he walked around and knelt before her. His dick was an aroused presence before her eyes, but she had to lean forward even farther to take him into her mouth. Chick, chick, chick, the sprinklers reversed direction, and she tried to concentrate on his cock, as she rolled her tongue over his skin. Mason put his hands to her shoulders, balancing her slightly so she could add her palm to the motion. Her head was bobbing up and down in tune with her palm, but her ears were tuned to the sound of the water. It hit her skin, wet and cold, pulsing in an oddly invigorating rhythm as she was again pelted with the small, stinging droplets. It was infuriating, distracting, her pussy pulsing in a combination of complaint and growing arousal. Mason had done this before with the shower massage, but this was not warm and comforting. She shifted her free hand, massaging the muscles of his thigh as she increased the motion of her head. Mason moaned softly and then urged her back. “Enough.” He helped her stand, and then put his hands back to her face, drawing her into a kiss.

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