Safe and Assigned to Ecstasy (MFM)

The Heroes of Silver Island 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,955
7 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting:: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]
At her best friend’s urging, Jennifer Moss takes a vacation to ménage-inhabited Silver Island. She’s not looking for a man, let alone two, but the instant attraction she feels for Alec is off the charts. When Adam shows up, all her old desires resurface for him, too.
Battling amnesia, retired FBI Agent Alec McIntyre knows he shouldn’t get involved with Jennifer, but the smart, sexy, and beautiful woman gives him an escape from the dark thoughts and empty spots he can’t remember. But an enemy from his past is determined to see that doesn’t last long.
Two years ago, Jennifer awakened a desire in FBI team leader Adam Cooper he can’t control. He’s kept his distance, but that option is about to be taken away. A ruthless kingpin has targeted Alec, Jennifer is vacationing on Silver Island, and Adam is about to find himself smack in the middle of an assignment that will change all of their lives.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.


Safe and Assigned to Ecstasy (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.3)

Safe and Assigned to Ecstasy (MFM)

The Heroes of Silver Island 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,955
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I really enjoy this series and hope that there is more to come.
Karlyn Plett




“Abbreviations don’t usually count for words in Scrabble.”

“I’m not taking score here, but you might want to. I’ll give you another one. I’ll put an ‘s’ after the ‘i’ this time. IS.”

IS—Investigative Specialist. According to the information Alec had uncovered on FBI special agent Cameron Stone, the man was considered to be one of the best investigative specialists in the bureau.

Stone’s gaze slid sideways to Malis who had shifted slightly, the semiautomatic still in his hand now aimed directly at Stone’s head. Alec hadn’t revealed the information he’d discovered to his men. He hadn’t seen the need. They would follow his orders without question or explanation when the time came.

“At least you spelled a word,” Stone said, turning his attention back to Alec. “I would think with all the tiles you’ve got you could come up with something better.”

“I take it that one isn’t good enough for you. Then how about I play off of the other ‘i’? Do you like FBI better?”

Nothing. No jolt, no blink, not even a slight change to Stone’s facial expression. The agent was good. Alec would give him that. If the fucker hadn’t been a Fed, Alec might would have even considered recruiting him for the cartel. He could’ve used a man so experienced in keeping his inner emotions in check.

“At least it’s an accepted acronym in the rule book.”

“Perhaps in Scrabble, but not in my rule book or that of my business, Agent Stone.” The man still didn’t flinch, but something finally flickered through his eyes. His cover had been blown. He knew that now and had to be wondering how. “I’ll answer your question for you since you can’t seem to find your tongue again. There were cameras in the dining room of the restaurant last night. The name you gave me, Curt Sawyer, he would have been a man I would have liked to have as a partner. But the face that came with that name didn’t check out so well.”

“So what now?”

What now indeed. “Today is your lucky day.”

“How so?”

Alec flicked a pointed look toward Malis. “I’m not going to give my man over there the signal to pump you full of holes.”

“Why not?” Stone’s voice remained conversational as if they were talking about the color of the paint on the cottage’s walls rather than the impending end to his life.

“It would be stupid of me don’t you think? At least before I find out everything you know, everything you’ve shared with your buddies at the bureau.”

That wouldn’t happen here, on this yacht. It was too risky. Sticking around longer than necessary at the marina was too risky.

“You should know an agent never reveals his information, or his sources.”

Alec felt his lips unfold in a grin that he felt confident likely chilled Stone’s blood to his toes. “Oh, you will before I’m through with you.”

Stone wouldn’t easily give up the information. A man like him would be trained to deal with the hardships of capture, taught to survive fear, and coached on how to keep it together in the face of extreme torture. Alec would wait until they set sea back to Cambodia, back to the compound on the cartel’s home turf to begin and see just how well trained FBI special agent Cameron Stone was after all.

“I’ve got a word for you,” Stone told him calmly. “I’ll play off the ‘t.’ McIntyre.”

Alec dropped his gaze to the glass in his hands, spun it in slow circles, and watched the brown liquid splash against the side. Could he have been wrong about Stone all along? Was the agent really cracking already?

“Would that be a source? Are you giving in so easily?”

“That would be the name of a fellow agent, one who is currently listed with the bureau as MIA.”

“What would I want with that information? If he’s missing, he’s no asset to me.”

“That access to the facial recognition program you’ve got. Have you ever bothered to run it on yourself?”

Why in hell would he do that? He knew who he was. He was Alec Veansa, loyal only to Boran Roumduol, a man who had nurtured and pulled him back from certain death after Alec had been heinously tortured under the command of Veng Kim Phay. Phay was the one who was dead now, a satisfying result of a joint operation between the FBI, DEA, US Navy SEALs, and Thai and Cambodian officials nearly two years ago that had all but destroyed the cartel. All but destroyed it because Roumduol had stepped in, rebuilt the cartel, and was making it even larger and more powerful than before…with Alec’s help.

Except the one thing Stone couldn’t know, the one thing Alec had confided only to Roumduol was that he couldn’t remember a single thing of his life before the torture he’d endured. No matter how hard he tried to think back, the start of his memories began with pain. Unspeakable, horrible pain. He’d been certain he would die and had come to terms with it the few scant times he’d managed to think through the agony. He didn’t remember the things that had been done to him. He only remembered the darkness, the insanity in his head, and the suffering that wouldn’t end.

Until Roumduol had come for him.

“You should try it sometime. You might be surprised by the results.”

“What’s he talking about, boss?” Kesor took a single step closer to the sofa and stopped in his tracks when Alec shot him a cold, hard look.

“Damn if I know.” Stone was grasping at straws, but damn if Alec didn’t feel unnerved by the way the man was studying him now.

Stone turned to his right, the movement causing both of Alec’s men to jerk their weapons in warning, and placed his glass on the table at the end of the sofa. He nodded slowly as he turned his attention back to Alec. “Yes, I’m an agent with the FBI.” He paused, and Alec saw the man’s muscles stiffen as if he were readying his body to strike. But it was his next words that delivered a blow harder than his fist could have. “And so are you.”




“Why am I the only one naked here, gentlemen?”

Adam crawled onto the bed and lowered over her, his knees bracketing the outside of hers. “We’ll get to that,” he promised as he leaned down and captured her mouth in a scorching kiss that heated her blood to the temperature of molten lava and made her pussy wet all over again.

He lifted his head, and Alec’s mouth came down next, his lips grazing lightly over hers, his tongue tenderly delving inside as Adam shifted and wedged between her legs. Alec licked his way out of her mouth, his tongue painting a fiery trail to her breasts. Between her legs, she felt the warmth of Adam’s breath fan her pussy lips, and then his mouth was on her most sensitive flesh.

“Oh, wow.”

Pleasure, more intense and mind-blowing than what had accompanied the orgasm they’d given her in the living room, swamped her. Alec had eaten her pussy more than once during their night together, and it had been beyond fantastic, but Adam…

She knew she shouldn’t compare the men, but Adam’s mouth should’ve come equipped with a warning label. He licked her folds, sucked her clit, and drove his tongue into her flaming channel. Her hips lifted on their own accord, meeting the thrusts of his tongue, seeking deeper penetration. Alec turned her upper body into his personal smorgasbord, tasting every inch of her flesh from her bellybutton to her mouth and back again.

She writhed in ecstasy as the pressure built in her womb, astonished that she was so close to coming again already. As if sensing just how close she truly was, Alec settled his mouth on one of her breasts, and Adam worked her clit with the pad of his thumb as he fucked her deep and fast with his tongue until she shattered.

Adam licked her release until the last of it trickled out of her before both men lifted their heads to gaze at her.

“That’s two,” Adam said as he skimmed his hands down her legs.

She lifted a brow. “Are we keeping score?”

Alec danced a finger down the valley between her breasts. “We might be.”

“It’s our way of making sure we follow through with our current assignment.”

Amused, Jennifer bit back a smile. “And, what assignment might that be, Special Agent Cooper?”

“To make sure you are ecstafied over and over again,” Alec answered before Adam could.

Adam snickered. “I don’t that ‘ecstafied’ is a word, man.”

Alec shrugged as he dragged a finger to her navel and paused to dip inside. He gave low chuckle when Jennifer laughed and wiggled.

“Stop! You’re tickling me.” She locked her fingers around his wrist and pulled his hand away. “Neither of you are going to make it any further with your assignment if you don’t get naked.”

“There’s something about a woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it,” Alec told Adam.

“Yeah, she scares men into submission,” Adam said as he backed off the bed, steadied himself on his feet, and started to undress.

Alec didn’t bother to get off the bed. He sat up, toed off his tennis shoes and kicked them across the room as he pulled his shirt over his head and went to work on his shorts.

Watching both men undress at the same time was impossible. She caught glimpses of corrugated abs, hard chests, powerful thighs, and stupendously tantalizing cocks as her attention shifted from one man to the other. When Adam rounded the foot of the bed and returned to the side, her gaze dropped to his massive cock, and she licked her lips.

“Is that what you want, sweetheart?”

She dragged her attention back to his face and nodded. “I want to suck your cock. I want to taste you the way you just tasted me.”

“Jesus, Jennifer,” Adam growled, his eyes dark and flaring with lust.

“Grab me a condom from that drawer before you get started,” Alec told Adam. When Jennifer looked at him, he scooted closer on his knees and bent over her for a kiss. “I want to be inside you while you suck him off. Is that okay?”

“Hell, yes.” Her response made him grin as he backed away. She scooted closer to the side of the bed as Adam tossed a condom to Alec. She started to roll onto her hands and knees, figuring she would need the extra height to reach Adam’s cock with her mouth, but realized it wasn’t necessary. Silver Island truly did cater to the ménage lifestyle in every way, including ensuring the beds were optimal for the various threesome positions.

Reaching out, Jennifer closed her fingers around the base of Adam’s shaft and gave his cock a gentle tug. He stepped in until his knees bumped the side of the bed. It was perfect. She only had to turn her face to the side and stick out her tongue to swipe at the pre-cum leaking from the head of his bulbous cock.

“Shit.” The word hissed from his lips as his hips jerked forward.

She parted her lips, greedily accepting his hard flesh, sucking it deeper until she felt his cockhead bump the back of her throat. Determined to take every inch, she relaxed her throat muscles and calmed her gag reflex until her lips met with the base of his body.

“Christ! Your mouth is like liquid silk.”

Smiling to herself, she concentrated on giving him as much pleasure as he’d given her. She jolted slightly when she felt Alec move between her legs, his hands on the insides of her thighs, spreading them wider.

Her heart racing, anticipation surging through her veins, and heat spiraling through her very soul, she tightened her mouth around Adam’s cock as Alec plunged his dick into her pussy without warning.

She cried out, the sound muffled by Adam’s cock in her mouth, as Alec’s dick pushed hard through the tight muscles in her channel.

“Fuck! You feel so good.” Alec pulled back only to ram his cock deeper, using her juices to ease the way. His hands were on her hips, his grip sure and steady, as he settled his dick balls-deep in her pussy.

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