Jack Connors and Sean Delaney, who’ve survived being hunted down by aliens, are living under assumed names in Mexico. They’re finally getting over the events that sent them into hiding, but Jack is taunted by nightmares of his son, Nicky, calling out to him. Jack is traumatized as these episodes become more frequent, and he starts to worry that the secret government agency that was creating hybrid human-alien babies has found them.

Sean tries to calm Jack, assuring him that he is just being paranoid and fearful. But then nightmares begin to haunt both men, and strange things start to happen. Can everything they’re experiencing be a coincidence? Are they hallucinating? Or are they about to find out that monsters are real and lurking just around the corner?

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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

…Jack had lost everything. His cool studio job, his family, the life he thought he’d been leading.

He glanced at the door as he let his hand rub over the comforting knobs of imperfect, hand-spun silk in the bedspread. Sean was asleep. He sat and listened, but Nicky wasn’t screaming for him anymore. Sometimes, his mind went back to that moment, when he and Dex took Nicky to Universal Studios in Hollywood for a long-promised holiday. He’d waited as Dex took Nicky for a ride, and still could not wrap his mind around the fact that by the time they came back, they were two different people.

Jack closed his eyes and took his hand away from the bed. In his worst moments, he wondered why nature, God, whoever, whatever, had punished him by tearing the life he’d created away from him. That moment when he’d seen a completely strange man and boy step off the ride and claim to be his husband and son was the second his whole life changed. Nothing would ever be the same.

He stood. Though the screaming in his mind had stopped, the love he’d felt for his son still clawed at him. God. He was crying again. He’d loved Nicky. He’d loved every minute of being his father. What did one do with all the love they had for their child, but the child no longer existed?

Jack knew first-hand the unimaginable pain parents who lost their children felt. It was unnatural to outlive your offspring. Even more unnatural to lose them to violence…

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