[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]
Hisoka Henderson wants to make the most of having Ciel in the beautiful French countryside. Despite the threat the Circle poses to their newfound happiness, he's determined to enjoy himself. After several failed kidnapping attempts, he's not sure if he is going to get his wish.
Ciel St. Germaine is a man used to being in control of his environment, but when people get past all his best defenses, he's furious at his own helplessness. He just wanted to enjoy the time in Europe with his familiar, not worry about twisted plots by power-hungry casters and a governing body determined to make him sorry for falling in love.
When Hisoka goes missing, Ciel will have to pull every trick out of his hat in order to achieve the happily ever after they both desperately want. Can they find their place in Ciel's world or will outsiders finally drive a wedge between them that even magick can't fix?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bespelled (MM)
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters




The plane touched down just as the sun was coming up over the bustling city that was Paris. Hisoka didn’t even stir as the pilot announced their imminent arrival. Ciel had never been able to sleep on planes. It probably had something to do with his magick, but he couldn’t be sure. It wasn’t like there were any obvious signs like crackling energy or pressure. It was simply a general unease on his part.

He reached over and shook Hisoka’s shoulder gently. “Hey, love. We’re about to land.” His familiar was reasonably exhausted from the overnight plane ride and all the drama they were heading headlong into. There had been a lot of changes in their lives in the past few weeks, so it was easy to understand that his lover needed a break.

Hisoka’s eyes fluttered open. “Um, what?” His poor love looked more than a little groggy. Ciel chuckled. To achieve such a deep sleep on an airplane ride seemed absolutely bizarre to him. Granted, they were in first class and the ticket price alone had guaranteed some luxuries. However, at the end of the day it was still a long-ass plane ride.

“We’re about to land, my love. I just wanted you to get awake beforehand.” Hisoka had been so excited about this trip, and Ciel had fed into it by announcing that this wouldn’t be all business. A vacation with his lover was greatly needed after the weeks he’d spent being a growling asshole due to his lack of magical capabilities.

His father’s lover, Thomas, had put a binding spell on him when he’d first learned that Ciel was going to bind himself to a familiar. Casters, or witches if a human was talking about them, had very stringent rules against casters taking up with familiars. Since familiars increased their power and made them unwilling and, frankly, unable to share their power with their families or their designated spouses, they were seen as a danger to the caster way of life.

Thomas had wanted to protect Ciel’s father from censure as well as punish Ciel for his defiance. Unfortunately, once he’d calmed down he’d realized that Hisoka wasn’t the problem with Ciel and Seven’s relationship. He had been unable to take off the powerful magick he’d enacted though. That in turn had forced Ciel to seek out the assistance of a mage with a fearsome reputation for violence in order to get it taken care of. With Hisoka’s help they’d lifted the binding. However, they hadn’t been able to take a breath quite yet.

The Circle had ordered them to go to their headquarters in France and perform whatever task they were handed out in order to avoid further prosecutions for breaking the law forbidding casters from taking up with familiars. Ciel wasn’t exactly happy about that. But, it was better than being bound for the rest of his life or having the bond between him and Hisoka shattered. The latter was supposed to be quite painful, and Ciel had had quite enough pain in the most recent weeks.

France was his home country and one he enjoyed visiting frequently. He was determined to create pleasant memories for Hisoka here even though they were technically here for business. He wanted his lover to enjoy this land as much as he did.

As if sensing the direction of his thoughts, Hisoka reached over and twined their hands. “I’m excited,” he announced, smiling. He still looked like he was half-asleep, but that just made him that much more adorable. “Do you think your mother will like me?”

Ciel snorted. “My mother is going to love you. I’m sure by now my grandfather has told her all about you, at least what I told him about you. My mother is a big believer in love and all that fairy-tale nonsense, so she’ll be tickled pink by our courtship.”

His mother was a very bubbly person. For a caster, she was downright odd. The fact that she was an open book was very strange. Most casters were excellent poker players. His mother was not. She and Hisoka would get along fabulously. They both had the same inability to be untruthful.

“I hope you’re right.”




Ciel slicked him with waterproof lube and slowly fucked him open with a silicone vibrator that danced along the edge of “please, more” and “too much.” Hisoka had bought himself a small one when he’d turned eighteen as an experiment. While he’d enjoyed the sensation of a vibrator against his dick and teasing the opening of his hole, he’d never had the balls to actually fuck himself with it.

The one Ciel had was unlike any vibrator Hisoka had ever seen. It was twisted with ridges at various increments for whatever reason, and its base had a few things dangling off of it that Hisoka was fairly sure he had no inkling what the true purpose of was. The bright-teal monstrosity must’ve been a real chuckle to the TSA back at home.

His thoughts scattered as the vibrating wonder hit several of his spots at once as Ciel pushed it deeper into the confines of his body. He groaned, hips jerking of their own accord. He felt like he was getting massaged inside, and the need to fuck was getting out of hand. Only the thought of pleasing Ciel kept him still. His lover wanted this, and Hisoka couldn’t say he wasn’t curious as to how this was going to go.

“Please,” he whispered. “Stop teasing.”

Ciel’s pleased chuckle met his plea. “I’m not teasing. I’m going to fuck you open with this dildo.” As if to demonstrate, his wrist moved a little faster, giving Hisoka a taste of what it was going to be like. He gave a strangled groan when Ciel pressed even deeper and slowed once again. “Then I’m going to attach the pleasure cords.”

“Pleasure cords?” Hisoka asked, dazed.

Ciel gave his ass a hard slap, making Hisoka cry out as the two opposing sensations blended together to make the pleasure even sharper. “Yes. Pleasure cords.” He took two of the cords dangling from the end of the vibrator and wove one over top and the other underneath of his thigh. They attached with a little click, securing the position of the toy on one side. Ciel repeated the motion with the other side and then pulled the two sides toward his cock.

Hisoka watched in fascination as they formed a snug ring around his dick. He looked up. “You’re putting a cock ring on me?”

Ciel grinned. “Not just a cock ring, my pet. There is no restriction here. Is it too tight?”

Hisoka shook his head. Not too tight. It was snug, but it didn’t strangle his dick.

His lover reached behind him and did something to the toy that made it lurch inside him. Hisoka’s knees nearly buckled as pleasure wrapped around his cock and pulsed inside him in unison as the dildo extended and retracted inside of him.

Being fucked by a toy was a singularly strange and erotic experience. On one hand, watching Ciel stroke himself as Hisoka was put on display made him feel sexy as hell. On the other hand, it made him feel needy in a way that went beyond the normal need to have Ciel fuck him. He wanted to be claimed by his caster lover.

He clung to the tile as his legs threatened to buckle under the stimulation. “Ciel!” he gasped, pleasure radiating through him.

Ciel growled in answer. “Get on your knees, Hisoka.”

Hisoka trembled. “I don’t know if I can.” Everything was a little overwhelming.

His lover’s expression immediately softened. “Try. If not, you know I’m going to be fine.”

Hisoka nodded. He could do that. He could definitely—

He nearly came as he went to his knees on the tile. He raised his eyes to meet his lover’s gaze. A thousand thoughts flitted through his mind, each more erotic than the last. Use me. Use my mouth. The tide shifted, taking him to the sensual rather than the fearful. This. Was. Awesome.

The machine buzzed against his internal pleasure spot even harder from this position, and his sac tightened in an effort to come. He needed something to focus on. Warm water hit his back, and a hotter man stood at his front. Ciel’s eyes were twin flames as they stared down at him.

“You’re so damn beautiful, Hisoka,” he rumbled, moving his hand over the head of his prick with jerky, desperate motions. “I want you to suck me, baby. Will you?”

Hisoka opened his mouth in answer.

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