[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]

Scarred inside and out from an intense battle with his former wolf pack, werewolf Cord Briggs wants to be left alone to heal. The last thing he expects is to catch the scent of his mate during a run. Cord knows Cam is the one but will the human be able to look past his flaws and give him a chance? 

Needing a vacation, Cameron decides to spend some few days in the country. When Cam’s car breaks down and he’s suddenly attacked by two shifters, Cam thinks he’s doomed. The last thing Cam expects is to be rescued by one of the fearsome beasts of Iron Stone. Cord frightens him, but he also can’t help but be drawn to the sexy werewolf. Cord might think his old injuries will get in the way of their relationship, but Cam’s out to prove to Cord that his scars don’t matter.
Outlaw Beast (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




In moments, a large, sexy stranger replaced the wolf. His mouth went dry. God, he looked like a titan. Unlike the uneasy feeling he experienced when he first encountered Al and Rigger, he felt nothing but intense attraction for this man.

He had short black hair, the same rich color as his fur, and damn, he was buff. Every inch of the shifter seemed to be made of muscle. Scars and rake marks crisscrossed his body, too. Cam blushed hard, realizing his gaze began to go lower, so he focused on the shifter’s face instead. He gasped, unprepared for the scars, a vivid rake mark that went from left cheek to the shifter’s neck, all the way to his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m not so pretty to look at,” came the shifter’s gruff voice. “You got tools?”

“Um. What?” He couldn’t focus on the shifter’s words. The guy was simply too distracting. Damn. Cam had trouble speaking coherent sentences around hot boys, and this guy just took sexy to the next level. Even the shifter’s scars only made him appear so warrior-like, but more the Viking berserker type than a proper knight. Yum.

Wait. Did Cam really just think yum?”

The shifter let out an impatient snarl. “Tools, to fix your truck. I know Rem. He’s mated to my brother.”

“Oh! Thank God, you know Rem?” he blurted. “And you can fix my truck? Are you like heaven-sent or something?”

“Heaven-what?” Oh great. The guy looked amused now.

“What’s your name? I’m Cam by the way. I’m here because Gary, that’s Rem’s second-cousin, mentioned Rem was looking for guests to try out the cabins.” Wow did he have a tendency to rumble. He reminded himself to speak slower, just in case this shifter seen him as a silly, barely coherent human.

“I’m Cord.”

“Cord?” he asked with an eyebrow raised. “What kind of parents would name their kid Cord, or did you pick that?”

Cord grunted. “The kind of assholes who leave behind their three kids on the doorstep of a pack and never look back.”

Opps. He swallowed. “I’m sorry.”

Cord shook his head. “Don’t know why I told you that. I’m not the sharing kind, not to strangers.”

“You’re more than a stranger. You’re like, my rescuer.”

Cord laughed. “Most people around these parts don’t see me as such. Don’t make a mistake of thinking I’m some kind of knight.”

He crossed his arms. “I never said you were a knight, more like, you know, some kind of hot Viking warrior.” He coughed, blush deepening. “Pretend you didn’t hear that.”

“You know we shifters have excellent hearing.”

“Can you help me or not?” he blurted. 

“Sure, can’t say no to a paying customer and Rem’s a sweet guy.”

“But I’m not paying, I mean, I’m here to test out the cabins.” He and his big mouth. What if Cord ended up refusing to help him out?

“Then maybe you’d like a private tour,” Cord said with a wolfish grin.

“A tour—of just you and me?” Did he sound too excited? Cam had never been great at keeping his emotions in. He cleared his throat and asked, “Do you work with Rem?”

“My brothers and I helped build the cabins. We’re kind of staying there, too.”

“So I’ll see you a lot?” Cam gulped. 

Cord gave him a considering, thoughtful look. “Sure.”

“Ahem, well. I think I have some tools in the back.” He walked to the back of the truck. “Can you like, put on some pants? It’s kind of distracting.”

“Distracting in a good or bad way?”

Was it his imagination or was hot guy werewolf Cord flirting with him? He reached for his duffel bag, the one containing all his clothes and found a loose pair of jogging shorts that might fit Cord. Trying not to look and admire those muscles, he thrust the shorts out and Cord plucked it from his fingers without comment. 

Relieved, he searched for the toolbox. “Crap, I thought the old owner of the truck left it here.”

“Never mind. You have a cellphone? I’ll call my brother Ford over.”

He handed Cord his phone. “Wait, your brother is named Ford?”

“Hahah, funny I know. Hmm.” Cord swiped his phone screen and he swallowed, remembering what his wallpaper had been, that of Brody and him, except he blackened out Brody’s face and put devil horns on the side of Brody’s head. “Who’s this?”

“My asshole ex,” he mumbled. “That’s why I came here, to forget about him.”

“He’s certainly one foolish fucker if he let go of you,” Cord said and dialed a number on the phone.

His face couldn’t get any redder. Did he imagine Cord saying those words?

“Aw, come on. There’s nothing great about me.” Cam scolded himself to stop talking. Cord would really think he was some kind of loser and he couldn’t have that. Cam couldn’t recall the last time he’d ever had a guy hit on him. Before Brody, all his dates had been abysmal. 

“What little you know about yourself,” Cord said, then his brother must have answered. “Ford? … Need you to drive over to Pickle Lane. … Yep, the one leading to town. Got a stranded Cam here. … Cam’s Rem’s trial cabin guest.”

Cord finally ended the call but didn’t return his phone. “He’ll be here soon.”

He blinked when Cord opened the camera.

“What are you doing?” he blurted.

“Say cheese. We’re about to change your wallpaper.” 

Baffled, he stood near Cord, until their shoulders brushed. Oh wow, he thought, Cord felt really big that he seemed tiny in comparison. He smiled as Cord flipped the camera settings and took a shot of the two of them. Cord changed his wallpaper and handed him back the phone.

“There, a start of your new life without your ex,” Cord said.

Speechless, he could only look at Cord.




The kiss seemed to go on forever and he didn’t mind, but his dick would. It seemed to rub painfully against his boxers, the zipper of his jeans, and it didn’t help he could feel Cord’s erection against him.

“Clothes,” Cord said after releasing his mouth. The shifter’s eyes glowed a bright yellow under the starry night. Silhouetted against the tall pine and oaks, was a full moon. He felt like he’d been thrust into one of those romances he liked to devour during his free time, but his kiss-swollen lips told him this was real alright.

“What about them?”

“Off,” Cord said simply. He hadn’t realized they’d finally returned to his cabin porch.

“Good idea,” he said. Cord took his mouth again, and they both stumbled inside, but made it as far as the living room.

Cord took a handful of his clothes. One jerk and fabric tore. Stunned, he broke from the kiss to watch it flutter to the ground. His heart felt too big for his chest to contain. The werewolf seemed to watch him intently, carefully as if waiting for what Cam would do next.”

“God, that’s so hot. Come get me, big bad wolf.”

Cord tugged off his shirt with an impatient grunt and he took that time to admire Cord’s hard lines of muscle.

“Yummy,” he said, incredibly turned on that he unzipped his jeans. 

His boxers soon followed. Cord dropped his bottoms and he sucked in a breath, finally seeing the package between Cord’s legs. Wow. He’d never had anything so big inside him before and he told Cord so.

“I’ll be gentle,” Cord told him, concern evident in those yellow-streaked pupils.

“I don’t want gentle. I want—you.”

Cord let out a rumble. “You have no idea how much those words mean to me. Most guys only see me as a conquest, good enough for a quick fuck and nothing else. I didn’t want anything more, didn’t dare dream either until you.”

His heart ached for Cord at those words. Until you. Those two words blazed in his mind like a sunburst, and made his heart hammer.

Cam let out a breath and told his werewolf the truth. “Now I’m scared of disappointing you.”

Cord shook his head. “That will never happen.”

Cam had no other words left to say, didn’t protest when Cord gave his chest a little shove. He ended up lying on his back on the couch. Cord climbed onto him, arms coming up on either side of Cam’s head, careful to keep his weight off. Cord lowered his mouth for another sizzling kiss that left him unable to think. 

He didn’t think a man like Cord had any patience for foreplay, but Cord took his time, kissing the side of his neck, his collarbones, his chest. Every time Cord placed his mouth to his skin, all the nerve endings in his entire body felt incredibly alive, alight with fire. He moaned, and rubbed his dick furiously against Cord’s. Both their engorged dicks kissed, touched. Cord used one hand to close his fingers over his prick. He whimpered as Cord began moving his hand up and down his crown and base.

“If you keep doing that, I’ll come,” he whispered.

“Who said I didn’t want that?” Cord said, devil in his smile, continuing to stroke. 

When Cord reached for his balls and gave them a squeeze, his mind fogged over. Gasping, he came, painting Cord’s big hand with his jizz. Cord lifted his hand, still slick with his jizz and gave them a lick. His blazing golden eyes reminded him of a languid, satisfied predator. He reached for Cord’s fingers and used his tongue to clean off the rest.

Cord growled softly. “Fuck, baby, but that’s hot.”

“You haven’t taken me yet,” he said, eying Cord’s erection.


“I got some inside my bag, in my black duffel’s inner pockets.” Cam blushed as he said those words. Cord raised an eyebrow.

“Now, now, baby. Careful there. We shifters get incredibly jealous.”

“You’re getting envious of my hand?” he asked. God. Cam swore his face must look like a tomato by now. 

Cord grinned.

“When I return, I want you on all fours, waiting like a good boy for me.” 

Cord got off him and shivers of anticipation broke through his entire body at that order. Strange, but he never thought he’d like someone giving him commands when it came to the bedroom. From Cord’s lips though, he didn’t mind because he wanted to surrender and give his all to this gorgeous man.

He got into position by the time Cord returned. Feeling playful, he wagged his ass at the sound of Cord’s footsteps only to feel a light swat on his ass cheek. He jumped, and groaned as Cord fondled his balls, then his cock. 

“Tempting,” Cord said, running his big hand down his spine, then the curve of his ass. He began to close his thighs on instinct, but Cord easily nudged them farther apart with his feet. “Don’t hide what’s mine from me.”

“What’s yours?” he asked.

“That’s right, baby. From now onwards, this sweet body of yours, including your dick, balls, and ass, they now belong to me.”

His heart beat like the erratic wings of a hummingbird. His breathing quickened. Yearning surged through his entire body, making his muscles tense up. Cam didn’t know such blunt words could spear right through him so easily, leaving him wide open, vulnerable, but with Cord he could do that. Open all his barriers and bare it all.

“Yes,” was all he could manage to answer but it seemed enough.

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