P.A. Partner (MM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 11,040
1 Ratings (4.0)

Martin has had the hots for his boss for as long as he can remember, so when Byron declares he needs a date to keep his mother off his back, of course Martin jumps at the chance.

He has one condition—he wants a night of unbridled sex with his boss. From P.A. to partner, can they make it last, or is this strictly a one time only offer?

Be Warned: m/m sex

P.A. Partner (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

P.A. Partner (MM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 11,040
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Martin is a hot P.A. with a serious hard-on for his boss. He has to work with him daily and he sends out the ‘dear john’ letters when his boss is done with another guy.

Byron is the hot boss who needs a diversion to keep his mom in check because she wants him to find a partner and settle down.

Martin agrees to be that diversion and to go with Byron to meet his mother for lunch, with one condition. He will play the part of devoted boyfriend if Byron will agree to one night of no holds barred sex.

Things aren’t always what they seem and the two of them both learn about each other’s fantasies and what it means for their future. Will Martin still be Byron’s P.A.? Will Martin finally be able to tell his mom she can wear the hat she bought (you have to read the book to understand that comment)?

Short, fun, hot and many other things. This book has it all. A must read.

In pure lustful pleasure, Byron watched Martin's arse clench as Martin scrambled onto the bed, rolled over and stretched out on his back with his head on two pillows. The deep golden linen was a perfect foil for Martin's dark hair. Byron wondered if he'd subconsciously chosen it with Martin in mind? The silver ring through one of Martin's nipples shouted 'tug me, pull me', to Byron as he took in the sight in front of him. Martin really did have an exceptional body. Toned, but not over muscular. Tanned but not leathery, and sprinkled with that dark hair that matched the color of the short brown hair on his head, and surrounded his prick. Byron didn't know whether to salivate or genuflect at the sight.

"Well, Boss?" Martin waggled his ears and crossed his eyes, two tricks Byron envied. Combined with a cock—coated with pre cum—that stood up proudly out of its nest of hair, and the faint sheen of perspiration that covered his body, it could have been silly, but it wasn't. It was climax inducing, erotic thoughts and needs.

"Oh, very well." Byron walked slowly across the carpeted floor to the edge of the bed, and opened the cupboard placed along side of it.

He took out condoms and lube and handed them to Martin before climbing on to the mattress to kneel at Martin’s feet.

Carefully, Byron lifted Martin's legs, so Martin's heels rested on Byron's shoulders, and his ass was a few inches off the sheets. The perfect position to fill him. Then he took the condom packet and slid the latex sheath out of it.

"Next time I'm going to ask you to put this on me. This time I want to come in you, not on you, so I daren't. Will you hand fuck yourself, Mart? Show me what you like while I get ready to cock fuck you?"

Martin's eyes blazed, and he licked his lips.

Fuck, that's sexy.

"My pleasure."

"And mine." Byron rolled the condom on with more haste than finesse. His hand shook as he smothered it with lube, and guided the tip of his cock towards Martin's ass.

Martin stroked his own prick from tip to base, very slowly.

He licked his lips and moved his gaze from Byron's face, downward toward where Byron held himself almost stroking the skin between Martin's ass and balls.

"Fuck it, Martin, I'm shaking. I've wanted this for so long, and now I'm almost there I'm worried I won't be good for you. I want you so much. I'm scared shitless that I'll fuck you too hard or come like a kid in a sweetie shop."

"Too much and be sick?"

"Nah, all at once." Byron controlled his erratic breathing as best he could and pushed against the ring of muscles that guarded Martin’s ass hole. "Sweet lord, you're so tight. It's fucking perfect."

Martin groaned. "Push, for god's sake. Fill me, fuck me, and let's both fly." He lifted his ass even higher in the air. Byron gently tugged Martin closer and slowly pushed his cock into Martin's ass. His body shook with the effort of taking time and care and not succumbing to a ‘bull in a china shop’ moment. Martin's sphincter muscles held Byron tight as he edged inwards.

"Now, got to be now," Martin almost sobbed the words, as his hands flew over his prick. "I want to come as I feel you fill me."

The panted plea was enough to convince Byron to push. His cock sank through the ring of muscles that guarded Martin’s passage and pushed home.

Martin's eyes glazed over and his breath came in jerky beats.

Byron began a steady push and relaxed, as his cock swelled and gained heat from its cocoon inside Martin. Rolls of heat pulsed through him, as his skin tingled and the roaring in his ears increased. His world shrank to the room, their breath harsh and erratic and the feel of his cock held tightly.

"Gonna come." He groaned the words as he watched Martin's cock gather pre-cum over its head. Martin used the liquid to coat his hand and then stroked one slick digit over Byron's lips. The sweet, salty, musky, taste of his lover was like Manna to Byron. He sucked eagerly, pleased to see that Martin still continued to play with himself. If that sharp up and down movement could be called playing.

Now if only he could summon up the energy and had the ability to be a contortionist, he'd be able to give Martin a helping hand. However as he watched the erotic show, Byron was glad he couldn't and wasn't. A voyeur was so much better. He concentrated on holding his climax in check.

Martin stiffened. "Now." He shouted the words. His cum shot out of his cock to coat his hands and Byron's chest.

It was all Byron needed. His own cum sped out of him and filled the condom as he spilled over the edge and roared his release.

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