Paris Bites (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 66,775
6 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Capture Romance, vampires, HEA]

Christopher D’Angelo is from a very long and distinguished line of vampires, but years of blood and sex aren’t enough to make him happy. Only finding his mate can make him complete, and he doesn’t have a chance in hell without finding his family’s lost blood diamond first. Samantha Panini is living and working as a thief on the streets of Paris dressed as a young man. Her entire life changes abruptly when she picks the pocket of a vampire. In retaliation, he kidnaps her. Once Christopher discovers her secrets and her lush curves, he is unwilling to let her go, but he made a promise to release her if she cooperates. In a quirk of fate, his captive turns out to be his lifemate, and she holds the keys to his heart. Will she break it completely when it comes time to release her, or will his enemies destroy her first?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Paris Bites (MF)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Paris Bites (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 66,775
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I haven't read a vampire book in along time but I really enjoyed this book.And I'm looking forward to the book 2!
I loved this book! So exciting that it took Christopher by surprise that Sam was a girl. Then the sparks flew. I cant wait for book 2. A must read.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "Paris Bites is one of those novels that you just cannot stop turning the pages. I love it! Sam is as feisty and fiery as they come, and I love how Christopher thinks he can control her while she just keeps him on his toes. Even his brother cannot best her, and I really love that little scene! The love between Sam and Christopher is very real, but so is the danger each must face because of it. Overcoming obstacles is the theme for this book. Sam and Christopher definitely have their fair share of them. The ending to this lovely story is perfect, and I for one will definitely be buying more of this author’s books. Oh, and the sex? Positively scorching and not to be missed!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance & More

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James’s voice came from behind her. “Is there something I can get for you, Madam?”

She turned to find James politely smiling at her.

“Yes, a change of clothes,” she gritted out.

“I am afraid the Master insisted you were to wear the ones Petra brought for you. Were they unsatisfactory?”

“There is no way in hell I am wearing this,” she said, stomping her bare foot for emphasis, slightly disappointed when it made no sound on the cool tile.

“Then you will have to address Mr. D’Angelo as he gave strict orders—”

Of course it was him. It had to be Christopher’s fault! She needed to focus her anger on him, not his peon. “I will as soon as you tell me just where the hell he is.”

James looked taken aback, not used to being addressed in such a frank manner. 

When she cocked her head in a silent question, he finished. “He’s in the library downstairs, the second door on the right, but I am not sure he wants to be disturbed.”

“Thank you,” she huffed, promptly following his directions down the stairs. She practically ran, skipping the last few steps in a single leap, throwing open the door in her haste to confront Christopher.

James was quickly coming up behind to stop her. “Madam, I don’t think this is a good idea.”

She paid no attention to James’s protests, quick to accuse Christopher, when she found him in his library. “Just who do you think you are?” Her eyes froze on Christopher, glued to his naked chest. The man was built like a god. Christopher looked up from the book he was reading at the sound of her voice. He was still reclined in the leather chair, lounging in only a pair of pants. He had his feet kicked up on an old wooden trunk and was a model of male seduction. If Satan himself had come to Earth in a physical form to seduce women, he would have the same black hair swept haphazardly to one side, boyish strands escaping, hanging over his raven black eyes, but it was his heavily muscled chest which stopped Sam in her tracks. Hard pectoral muscles and well-defined abs formed a solid wall. Her eyes drifted over his display of rippling muscles and she froze. He could have been a predator poised to strike, his washboard abs underscoring his restrained power. He didn’t move. The only sign of his preparation to leap on her was the muscle flexing in his jaw.

A powerful wave of emotion nearly knocked her over. Sam stopped breathing. Stopped everything to stare, admiring his strong body. Sam wasn’t able to speak after seeing her captor in all his bronzed glory. She was unable to speak. Unable to move, she was too dumbstruck to do much more than drool.

“Master, I apologize for the intrusion, but she insisted,” James stammered.

Christopher seemed amused, his lips tilted up in a slight smile. “She may speak with me, James. It will be fine.” Christopher spoke calmly to James, but his eyes never strayed from hers.

Sam barely comprehended the conversation was about her. She was so enraptured by Christopher’s body on display. It wasn’t like she had not ever seen a man’s body before, but this man was like a work of art, and he made her body react like no other man had. She was familiar with sex, but none of the men looked like this man.

She thought of sex as a natural act. It was a simple enough action, and the whores didn’t care if their Johns were married. They came to get what they were not getting at home. With the whores, it was never about love, not even attraction, just primitive urges being released. The men used the women for those basic needs. They could be handsome or not so much so, but most of their pricks looked the same. Their little cocks came out of their pants, fast, and the girls bent over, flipped up their skirts, and they usually fucked right there in the alley or in the man’s car. Most times, they never lay together, just took care of business until the man had sated himself with the woman of his choice.

She may be a virgin, but she was no stranger to sexual urges and release.

This was something different. Something primal. Needy. Desperate. A yearning Sam had never felt or understood. She had seen many men over the years, but none of them were built quite like this one. Christopher just seemed to be more male than any of them. He was predatory, and much more dangerous. Sam picked her jaw up off the floor and attempted to put all of her frustration and emotion into the eloquence her words deserved.

Instead all that came out was a single word. “You!”

“Yes? You were expecting someone else?” Christopher’s half smile underscored his amusement.

“No—I?” She expelled a breath in frustration, her chest heaving. She noted his eyes were glued to her chest, and her action was immediate. She felt weak in the knees, and she felt the towel drop just slightly before she pulled it up and wrapped it even tighter around herself. He must have liked what he saw because his eyes were just as hungry looking as she felt. The heat rose to her face as she attempted to control her breathing. This was not working out like she had planned. “You are an irritating man. Do you know that?”

“I wouldn’t know. Most people are afraid to say anything so bluntly to my face.” The edge of his lips kicked up in a smile.




Finally naked, she asked, “Is that better?”

“Much,” he growled. He stood erect and his glistening eyes were fully intent on her as his prey. He crouched over her and stopped when she pressed her hands lightly against his chest.

“Good, now it’s your turn. I want to see you out of these shoes and pants.” She cast a sly smile at him. His chest was like chiseled marble, and he looked like he worked out to keep in shape. His abs were well defined beneath his chest. A line of dark hair began around his navel and disappeared into his pants. Samantha would love to follow it and see where it led.

“You mean these clothes?” He motioned downward with his hands.

“Yeah.” Her mouth felt dry and she licked her lips.

“You sure can be a demanding woman.” He stood by the side of the bed and made short work of his clothes before returning to bed with her.

Her chest tightened and her pussy ached. She clamped her legs shut to alleviate some of the pressure building there.

Christopher had a gorgeous body, and she knew she was lucky to have such a gentle and attentive lover as her first. Somehow she didn’t want to think of anyone else taking his place. “Those weren’t even half of the demands I wanted to make of you tonight. Are you sure you are up to the job?”

“Absolutely.” He silenced her with a kiss and his kisses were divine. This one melted her from the inside out. His body lay down, pressing against hers, and she eagerly pressed her body to his. He separated her knees with one leg and pressed his hard cock against her pussy.

Christopher separated her slick folds and centered his hard cock against her wet pussy.

“This may hurt at first,” he warned her.

She clenched her teeth tightly, preparing for him. His thickened cock slowly pushed inside until it met resistance. Then he used his weight to suddenly, painfully breach her virgin opening. He sank inside of her until he was completely filling her. His body stilled when he had entered her to the hilt. His balls rested against her skin, tight and hard with seed.

She froze, afraid to move, but instinctively she wanted to. The pain wasn’t bad once he was inside of her. She felt deliciously full. She opened her eyes to realize he was staring at her and waited for her to breathe again.



“Did I hurt you?” he asked, his eyes were awash with concern.

Surprised, she answered him, “No.” She began to move her hips tentatively under him, testing her new position, and the feel of him sliding inside of her. “I expected it to be worse.”

“Not if you—” He groaned low and primal deep in his throat. With her straining under him, arching her lean body against his. “Damn, if you keep that up, I won’t be able to stop myself.”

She thrust her hips up, taking him inside of her and then pulling away slightly. “Do it, Christopher. I want to know what it’s like. I want all of you.”

His cock throbbed inside of her, sending electrifying pulses of desire through her body. He sounded surprised. “You’re not sore?”

“If I was sore, would I be doing this?” She pulled back and then pressed her body against his, taking him inside of her completely.

Instinct drove her.

He responded and sank into her and retreated. Her body answered his. Each pelvic thrust grew needier than the last. He was being too careful with her as if she was breakable when she didn’t want him to hold back. “Please fuck me, Christopher.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, baby.” His cock pushed into her again and again, and his mouth opened as if he wanted to bite down on her. His canines visibly lengthened.

Her heart tightened at the endearment. “I won’t break. Fuck me harder. Faster.”

To her intense pleasure, he obeyed her command.

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