Stephanie's Homecoming (MFM)

Men of Kinsey 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,193
14 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Stephanie Morrison hasn't been back to Kinsey in ten years. It was ten years ago that she made an ass of herself with Kane Bryson. Ten years of pain and humiliation, but despite everything, she is finally home.

Kane Bryson was heartbroken when Stephanie left without giving him a chance to explain. He never stopped loving her, and now that she is back, he and his business partner Turk Delray are going to make sure she never gets away again.

Kane and Turk have shared women before, but Stephanie is different. After all of Kane’s stories about the mysterious Stephanie Morrison, Turk is starting to believe his friend has lost his marbles. Until she walks into the diner, and one look from her is all it takes to claim his heart.

But with a person from their past trying to keep them apart, will Stephanie trust her men or run like she did before?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Stephanie's Homecoming (MFM)
14 Ratings (4.3)

Stephanie's Homecoming (MFM)

Men of Kinsey 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,193
14 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I liked this book, it mentioned other characters from the series as well as new characters are introduced
The first quarter of Stephanie’s Homecoming is about her taking control of the town newspaper. There is heated reconnect with her man, Kane and an introduction to Turk and verbal cat fight with the resident psycho slut thrown for a little spice. From there the focus changes more to the vary fast developing relationship between Stephanie and her men, Kane and Turk.

I enjoyed reading Stephanie’s Homecoming because of how well rounded the story was. You weren’t left in the dark about what the psycho slut was thinking or plotting thanks to the Debbie Bailey including those scenes into the story line. I really liked how outspoken Stephanie is and how she isn’t afraid to put her self out there and owns her fuck ups. I also liked how she interacted with her men.

The only thing I didn’t like were the 8 edits (mostly missing quote marks) the were missed in the editing processes. I also wasn’t crazy about Turk’s brother, Brian, who should have probably called his brother immediately following the psycho sluts contacting him rather than believing her blindly.

I am really glad I found Stephanie’s Homecoming and I am looking forward to finding the books in the series.

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Holy Hannah on a half shell! The moment Stephanie spotted the gorgeous blond crossing toward them, her heart started racing, and her panties soaked right through.

“Oh, cut the crap, Turk. I know it’s not me you’re coming over to see. It’s this lovely lady with me.” Joe smiled at her, tweaking her nose just like he had done when she was a little girl.

Stephanie couldn’t help but smile at Joe.

“Well…are you going to introduce me, or do I have to do it myself, old man?” Turk laughed and slapped Joe on the back.

“Old man, eh, I’m sure to remind you of your comment next time we have a bronc-busting contest out at the Triple K and you’re lying flat on your back while I’m collecting the gold buckle…again.” Turk had enough sense to actually blush then.

“But I’ll put you out of your misery, youngster. This here is the new owner of the Kinsey Pictorial, Miss Stephanie Morrison. Stephanie, this young buck here is Turk Delray.”

“Not the Stephanie Morrison, Joe?” Turk slid in beside her, his arm moving along the back of the booth behind Stephanie.

“So, darlin’, you’re Kane’s Stephanie. No wonder the idiot wouldn’t budge from the booth,” Turk muttered.

“Shit, is Kane here?” she squeaked.

Hell, why did she have to almost forget her name whenever someone mentioned that jackass, Kane?

“Yup, he’s sitting at our usual booth, growling into his burger while making eyes at you.” Grabbing her by the hand, he pulled her from the booth and headed back toward his booth and Kane.

“Dammit, Turk, this is so not a good idea. You don’t know how much Kane hates me.” Stephanie started to panic the closer they got to Kane.

Stopping suddenly, she almost ran into the back of Turk. “What do you mean he hates you? Whatever gave you that idea, baby? Kane’s been waiting for you to come home for years.” He started dragging her toward Kane again.

“Hey, Kane, look what I found over in the booth with Joe. The new owner of the Kinsey Pictorial and, I believe, a very special old friend of yours, Miss Stephanie Morrison.” Turk smiled and presented her like she was a show pony.

Without so much as lifting his head, Kane said, “Been a long time, brat. What took you so long to come home?”

Stephanie couldn’t believe how her body still reacted so strongly to Kane Bryson. Her palms started to sweat, and she could feel the heat rising in her pussy. It was as if she’d never left and never spent the last ten years working her ass off trying to forget the man now sitting in front of her.

“Gee, I don’t know, Kane. After our last meeting, I didn’t think you’d want me around ever again.” Steph could have kicked herself for the bitchy comment. She of all people knew better than to bait Kane.

Lifting his head, he finally looked at her. His eyes were just as she remembered them, pale gray and surrounded by the longest eyelashes she’d ever seen. She knew women in the city that would kill for lashes that long and thick.

“You left without giving me a chance to explain, angel eyes.” Kane smiled and sat back, resting his arms along the back of the booth.

Fuck, I forgot how huge he really is.

Standing six feet seven inches tall, Kane Bryson was huge by anyone’s standards. His arms and chest reminded her of a linebacker, and his legs were like tree trunks. But no matter how big he was, he was one of the gentlest men she’d ever met.

Swallowing loudly, Stephanie was trying to figure a graceful way out of this.

“Wasn’t much to explain now was there, Kane. Jenny Black was wrapped pretty tight around you when I interrupted that night. And if I remember correctly, she had very few clothes on.” Stephanie leaned forward, snatched a French fry from his plate, and turned to Turk, saying, “It was really nice to meet you, Turk. Maybe you and I could have dinner one night?”

Stupid, stupid, stupid Steph, an invitation like that to another man was like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Before Turk could answer, Kane was out of his seat with his arms around her waist, pulling her front hard against his solid body.

“Baby, you’ll have dinner with Turk, but I’ll be there, too. Turk and I share our women and have for a very long time now. When you’re ready, both of us are going to show you exactly what that means.”

Turk came to stand behind her, resting his hands on her hips and gently nuzzling the side of her neck.

“I can smell your cream, baby, and I can’t wait until I get to have a taste.” Turk’s voice was deep and laden with desire.




Lying naked and vulnerable with these two gorgeous men, Stephanie had trouble believing it was really happening at all. She wanted each man desperately, the need so strong it threatened to overwhelm her.

“Sir…?” she asked quietly. “Would you please restrain me? I need to know that what I’m feeling is really happening. It all feels so surreal to have such a strong desire for both of you. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

Stephanie trembled as Turk, releasing her hands, got off the bed and moved to the stand at the end, while Kane positioned himself to the side. Taking one of her hands in his, Kane fastened a fur-lined cuff around her wrists, making sure that it wasn’t too tight before repeating the process with her other wrist.

Turk was busy almost mirroring the moves, but with her ankles, before dropping his towel and climbing up on the bed.

It felt so naughty and erotic as she watched him shoulder his way between her thighs. Her clit felt huge, and they hadn’t even touched her much yet, and she could see by the way both their large cocks stood out from their bodies that she affected them just as strongly.

The first touch of Turk’s tongue on her slit had her crying out and arching off the bed.

“You’re going to go off like the Fourth of July, angel eyes.” Kane smiled down at her before leaning over and ravaging her mouth once again.

“She tastes so sweet, Kane. I can’t wait to sink my cock into our baby girl.” The words Turk used only inflamed her body further. She desperately tried to lift her pussy up to his mouth, only to have Kane grasp her sensitive nipple in between his fingers and grip tightly, saying, “We’ve only just begun, angel. Just lay back and let your Masters take care of you.”

Turk’s tongue continued to slide over her labia and into her wet opening. No one other than these two men had ever made her feel this amazing. She moaned harshly as he slid first one and then a second finger into her opening and began to pump slowly in and out. All the while, his mouth and tongue sucked and ate at her pussy lips. Just as she started to feel as if she was about to explode, Turk lifted his head and removed his fingers from her body. She wanted to scream at him to put them back and give her her orgasm, but before she had the chance, he’d moved to the side, and Kane replaced him between her legs.

Steph watched in amazement as he stroked himself and then leaned forward a little and ran the head of his cock through her slick folds. He let go and slowly slid his hard shaft over her engorged clit.

“Do you remember how good it was between us all those years ago, baby?” He kept rubbing his cock across her clit but never filled her like she needed to be filled.

“Oh God, Kane. Yes, I remember. It’s what got me through some very lonely nights.” Steph eyes widened at her admission. She’d never meant to let him know just how much she’d missed him.

“You shouldn’t have stayed away from me for so long, angel eyes. Now that we have you, we’re not going to let you get away again.”

Lifting off of her, Kane leaned back and rested on his knees between her thighs. She was trembling all over and wanted nothing more than for one of them to fuck her hard.

“I think our little sub would like to you to fuck her, Kane,” Turk said as he ran his hand down her torso.

“She hasn’t earned it yet, Turk. She’s got some serious apologizing to do before she gets that, and besides, we have to make sure her cute, little ass is stretched enough to take you at the same time.

Stephanie started to fight the restraints. “I’ve never done that before, sir. I’m a little scared.”

Kane leaned over, staring down at her, his eyes glittering darkly, but he kept his voice low. “Don’t worry, angel eyes. By the time you’re stretched enough, you’ll be begging for it.”

She shuddered at the intense look in his eyes.

“You will be punished for leaving and not waiting for an explanation. We’re going to release you, and you are going to lay yourself over my lap and present your ass for spanking, and when that is finished, when your cute, little ass is a nice bright-pink, Turk is going to prepare you so that when you are ready, you will only feel pleasure as he slides that monster of a cock into your tight, little ass.”


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