Playing for Keeps (MF)

Playing for Keeps 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,729
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Left broken and bleeding, night club owner and accountant Cassidy Samson did her best to pick up the pieces of her broken self and move on with her life. She vowed never to let anyone get close to her heart again…until the potent force of a pair of green eyes threatens to bring her to her knees.
Hired as the new guitarist in the band at the Escape Lounge, Cameron Chase is intrigued and aroused by Cassidy’s tough-as-nails attitude and sets out to barrel through the formidable wall she has constructed around her heart, to get to the real woman behind the façade. He agrees to play by her rules in a reckless game of lust in hopes of finding love.
But will Cam be able to chase away the demons of Cassidy’s past that threaten to consume her? Will his love be strong enough to make her whole again?
Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Playing for Keeps (MF)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Playing for Keeps (MF)

Playing for Keeps 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,729
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "I have no idea where to start... This story was unique and a little on the dark side. Raw, edgy and unpredictable. Author Bell Kelsie had me guessing constantly. An awesome story about an imperfect love that despite all the obstacles, it could lead to the most amazing things. The developing romance between the main characters was very well done. Will definitely read more books by Kelsie Belle." -- Cheryl, Sensuous Reviews

4 STARS: "I love a good erotic read but I found that Cassidy’s and Cam’s story was so much more than just hot sex. Each character has a past that is not so pleasant and has affected each of them deeply. They are who they are today because of their pasts. Even it one of them is broken, hiding and just trying to survive life. Cassidy is one hardass chick with a lot going on in her life. A business owner, men in and out of the bedroom and what I would think to be a drinking problem. She is doing her damnedest to hide and bury her past in more than one way. But then comes along Mr. HOT, SEXY guitar player Cam. Whew, now here is a man that can melt you in your panties and sweep you off your feet with his kind and loving heart. Although I knew their love for each other would be a fight and hard bumpy road I was willing to hang on for the ride and boy am I happy I did. These two were amazingly real. Not just as characters but with each other. That in your face tell it how it is will stun you. GOD I LOVED IT!!! This may be my first read from Kelsie Belle, but it will not be my last. I can’t wait to read more from her. Maybe something on the secondary characters in Playing for Keeps." -- Shanean, Just One More Romance

4 STARS: "Cassidy is a successful bar owner and is pleased with her life. She has overcome the past and is running her life the way she wants it without anyone else. That is until her house band hires a new guitarist, Cameron Chase. When Cassidy and Cam meet for the first time the vibe is electric and this scares Cassidy. She is not interested in any kind of relationship or getting closer to any man other than an anonymous roll in the hay. Unfortunately, the very persistent Cam has other ideas and he won’t let up until Cassidy will let him in. How long will Cassidy let the past dictate her future and if she can move passed it will Cam still be there to love her? This was a great little novel. It had lots of steamy sex scenes that spice up a story that can have very emotional turns. I really loved Cam. I think he is definitely a guy that any girl would want chasing her. Cassidy eventually grew on me but it took time. The story was good and I liked the little bit of intrigue that was thrown in there. Though it was predictable who the bad guy was. Overall, I think it was an enjoyable read and would recommend it to anyone look for a some spice and a good story." -- Jackie, The Book Maven

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The club filled quickly, all areas were packed with bodies in seemingly no time at all. The music was totally on point and overzealous patrons were soon drinking and dancing freely on the dance floor. We mingled among the booths in our section, greeting regulars and VIPs and the night passed before I even registered that time was moving on.

At 2:00 a.m. when the band had rendered their last item, the security team began flickering the lights to indicate to the patrons that it was time to leave. I was downright exhausted, my feet ached from walking around all evening and I kicked off my Converse to give them some breathing space. Barefooted, I oversaw the count off of the cash registers at the bar and then at the door, balanced the books and stored the profits away in the safe behind my desk.

With that taken care of I returned to the lounge to see that the band had finished packing away the last of their equipment. They descended on the bar for a few drinks on the house before Jake took off for the night, although his team had already left. Rose sat in Em’s lap on a stool, Allie rested on Nick’s thigh where she was standing between his legs, and New Guy sat facing the bar with both elbows on the counter, nursing a beer.

“You guys were awesome tonight,” I offered as I neared them. “The new talent was a welcome addition.” I came to stand next to Allie and Nick and they both looked up to smile at me.

“Cameron Chase, meet Cassidy Samson, my partner in crime here at Escape,” Allie said cheerfully. New Guy spun on his stool in my direction and I was met with the most potent pair of green eyes I have ever had the pleasure to look into. They were riveting, a compelling force that gripped and held my gaze even as I struggled to look away. A tidal wave of emotions crashed through my system as I was held spellbound by those spectacular jade diamonds- surprise, awe, disbelief, lust, pleasure. Never before had I seen anything so lovely.

“Hello.” The sultry rasp of his voice made me blink rapidly. Suddenly the image of the demigod before me struck me with the full force of its intensity. He was breathtaking. A brooding green stare and a perfect nose set among high cheekbones and an angular jawline that added raw masculinity to pure beauty. Atop his head sat a tousle of haphazard, slightly overlong, bronze locks, making him appear gloriously naughty and disheveled. His full lips turned up slightly in a knowing smirk. He was fully aware of the effect he was having on my heart rate.

“Ah, uh, hi,” I stuttered foolishly. I shook my head in an attempt to gather my composure and tried again. “Pleased to meet you, welcome to Escape.” That was much better.

“Something to drink, Cassie?” Jay asked, a weird expression on his face. He probably noticed me eye-fucking New Guy, shit!

“Jack and club soda.” I ordered my usual drink and noticed New Guy raise his eyebrow slightly.

“A whiskey woman, no shit,” he said with a cocky grin.

“Yep, Cassie here is our local badass around here,” Emerson piped up.

“Totally,” Allie chimed in. “She’ll kick your ass faster than Rose can apply lip gloss!” That got the whole group chuckling, whether because of the unlikelihood of me kicking any ass with my slight stature or because Rose did apply lip gloss pretty frequently, I wasn’t quite sure.

“No ass kicking,” I said, glancing at him nervously, “I just know how to hold my waters, unlike these other pansies here.”

“A sailor’s kid?” he asked, looking genuinely interested.

“Cop,” Emerson answered for me.

“Close enough,” he responded and the group laughed again.

The conversation petered out as the two couples went off into their own private realms, successfully shutting the rest of us out. I sat nursing my Jack, staring straight ahead as I watched Jayson wipe down the counters and put away the liquor bottles. Every so often I glanced up to see New Guy—I really need to stop calling him that, I do know his name after all—watching me with unabashed interest in his startling green gaze. Jay kept glancing my way with obvious disapproval on his face which I deftly avoided each time by taking a sip of my drink. Well, this does make for a pretty pickle, doesn’t it?




He leaned back in his seat and studied me for a moment, taking a long swig of his beer. I took the opportunity to do the same. He was a fairly attractive man – good build, fair skin and blue eyes with shoulder-length sandy blond hair. I know I’m no beauty queen but I’m  fairly attractive. My long brown hair hung down my back in slightly unruly waves, I had chocolate brown eyes, full pouty lips, and a neat nose. My body, although somewhat petite, was adequately voluptuous, offering pleasant curves and rises in just the right areas.

What seemed like a very long time elapsed before he rose slowly from his chair, removed his wallet, tossed a few bills on the table then stretched out his hand for mine. I took it calmly, allowing him to help me up.

“Your place or mine? He asked the mundane, clichéd question calmly.

“Yours, please,” I said, equally as unruffled.

I followed him in my car. I was not in the mood to call a cab to come get my car here at wee hours of the morning. He lived in an apartment complex on the outskirts of town, perfect. Inside his apartment was fairly decent, he obviously lived alone and wasn’t much of a slob although some evidence of a mess was present.

I threw my bag on a chair in his bedroom and reached for him. He came to me easily, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck. “I don’t even know your name…” he started but I cut him off.

“It’s not important,” I said roughly and tore at his shirt, kissing the visible skin of his chest at the opening.

“Married?” he wanted to know, running his tongue along the side of my neck.

 I shivered. “No,” I answered simply.

“How old are you?” I was getting a little annoyed with the questions and groaned loudly.

“I’m twenty-five and I’m not crazy, I just want you to fuck me!”

 With a little gasp of exasperation he released me to remove his clothing and I did the same with my own, undressing quickly. Then I turned to him and shoved him to sit on the bed. He was hard and ready for me. His dick was an acceptable size and I knew I would enjoy this.

“Condom,” I said brusquely.

 With obvious surprise in his eyes, he reached into his bedside drawer and extracted the necessary tool. After he sheathed himself, I turned my back to him and straddled his hips in reverse. I didn’t need to look into his eyes while I used him to get myself off.

Slowly I opened my sex above his greedy cock and impaled myself swiftly. I was not as wet as I should have been and his intrusion was a bit painful causing me to wince slightly. My body stretched to accommodate his organ and I allowed myself a few seconds to get used to the sensation. Then I began to move on his lap, jerking my hips up and down to ease his cock in and out of me. “Ah baby, so tight,” he groaned behind me.

“Shhh!” I said sharply, “No words…mmm.” I trailed off as the sensation between my thighs overwhelmed me and I continued to ride his dick. He clenched my ass firmly and matched my rhythm, pumping me up and down on his shaft.

“Oh fuck, baby, your cunt is so soft.” His words jarred on my over sensitized nerves and I began to grind down on his cock, seeking my release. I felt the pressure building inside me, and I reached down between my legs to touch my clit, pressing my thumb against it to urge myself toward orgasm. He obviously sensed my building climax because he gripped my ass tighter and started thrusting his hips, driving his dick deeper into my body, seeking out his own release.

The pressure coiled in my stomach as he drove into me again and again. I rubbed my clit franticly, squeezing it tightly. I moaned loudly as waves of pleasure washed over me. I felt my body clench around his hard shaft and knew this was it. I braced myself for the onslaught of my orgasm.

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