Kitty Anne in Charge (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 100,758
13 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Nick Dickles never believed in love at first sight, but things change the moment he lays eyes on Kitty Anne. Beautiful, funny, and crazy as the day is long, she’s an addiction he doesn’t want to be cured of. There is just one little problem—Lynn Anne, the mother-in-law from hell.
GD is on a mission. He has a kid to protect, a mystery to solve, and club to manage, but none of that matters when he first sees Kitty Anne. She’s his Venus, and he stands ready to worship her, though the harder job will be to keep her out of mischief.
Kitty Anne knows she’s in trouble the minute she catches a glimpse of GD. Fortunately for her, she loves trouble, but things spin completely out of control when Nick Dickles joins them. It’s two against one, but Kitty Anne is still in charge.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Kitty Anne in Charge (MFM)
13 Ratings (4.3)

Kitty Anne in Charge (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 100,758
13 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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George Davis sighed and cracked his head from side to side as he pointedly shifted in his seat. He tried to stretch out every muscle he could as he waited outside the Dothan library in his truck for the supposedly hot and totally psychotic librarian to come out.

That’s how Aaron and Jacob had described Kitty Anne.

Of course, if those two idiots were to be believed, the woman was not only nuts but scary as hell, not that GD put any faith in to those knuckleheads’ opinions. What the hell did they know about women anyway?

Not much as far as GD was concerned. Sure, the brothers were known to be weird. Very weird. That was a hell of a reputation to earn given the things that went down at the Cattleman’s Club. Cattlemen, after all, were not known for their normalcy.

Apparently, Kitty Anne was or, at least, that’s what she wanted Cole and his cousins to believe. She’d sold them all a story about how she was just a good girl, who happened to be engaged to a very boring guy and wanted one last hurrah before she settled down. Of course, that was a crock of shit.

It hadn’t taken GD more than two hours online to bust that barrel of lies right open. First off, there was no fiancé. Second off, Kitty Anne was apparently far from being a good girl. After all, a good girl wouldn’t be trying to lure Cole into paying her for sex.

Not just sex.

Kinky, tie-a-man-to-the-bed sex, which GD didn’t object to on principal, but there was something more going on here. Cole had enough sense to figure that out before Kitty had gotten out the chains. Instead, he’d sent his cousins in to check things out, but Aaron and Jacob weren’t half as stupid as Cole thought. They’d caught the scent of trouble and were not coming back for more.

Fortunately, GD didn’t mind trouble…or being bound and at the mercy of a woman who knew how to make him beg. Just as long as a woman could take what she gave, she was free to have her fun. GD didn’t believe there should be any limits on that commodity.

That’s just the way he lived his life, with a diehard conviction that every day should be enjoyed…at some point. This was not his point. This was the point in the day when he wondered if he could have a more boring job. Watching people was only entertaining when there were people to watch.

Right then, Miss Kitty Anne was a no show.

Maybe it was time to go take a peek for himself and make sure she hadn’t given him the slip. That thought was laughable, but GD rolled with it, taking any excuse to stretch his legs. After all, this wasn’t a real case and he wasn’t getting paid for his time. He might as well make the most of it and get some practice in doing something other than sitting on his ass.

So, he spent the next half hour creeping up on the library. Sticking to the thickest shadows, he moved silently through the night, avoiding the overhead, security cameras and the lights. GD finally reached the line of shrubs that ran down the back of the brightly-colored building. He crawled behind them up to the door that he knew was locked but doubted was alarmed.

He was about to find out.

Keeping his big body tucked up behind the prickly bush that hedged the back entrance, GD allowed only his hands to creep into the light as he made short work of picking the outdated bolt on the library’s door. Then it was just a matter of holding his breath and opening it with slow caution.

Thankfully no alarms sounded.

The hinges didn’t even squeak as he pulled the door open far enough for him to slip into a dark, narrow hall. It led down past several doors and out into the library’s lobby. The whole building was shrouded in shadows except for a strip of light coming from under the break room door. The clear pales of laughter leaked out into the hall and GD paced steadily forward until he make out the words that formed out of the murmurs.

“How very interesting, Mr. Jackson, but I think I have a better idea…What do you think? Too coy?...Too coy.”

There was only one voice doing all the asking and all the answering and only one woman GD could see as he eased back the door just enough to spy on the woman staring at herself in the mirror. He might have been struck by how crazy she was if he hadn’t gone plum dumb at the very sight of her.

God but she was beautiful.

Kitty Anne’s picture really didn’t do her justice. While it had conveyed the strength of her features and the determined line of her jaw, it had never the less stopped short of actually capturing the spirit that animated her expression of annoyance with such a glow that he was instantly captivated. She was a Venus.

His Venus.

He’d found his one.




Nick didn’t know what he was doing. He was out of control, but he didn’t care. All that mattered was the sweet, addictive taste of Kitty Anne’s kiss. Like a fine wine but with the deep punch of an aged whiskey, she was delicious. It only took one drop of that heady ambrosia and he was drunk on the taste of her, the feel of her, the intoxicating scent of female arousal thickening in the air.

Nick had never felt like this before.

He must be crazy.

Late on-set insanity is all that explained his response to Kitty Anne. He’d never felt like this, reacted like this to any woman ever before. Who would have thought that he would now?

Normally Nick liked short women, thin ones who understood the chick, sophisticated style of an urban elite, but Kitty Anne was far from that modern benchmark. She was tall, curvy and dressed like a bombshell from a bygone era. Bold, that was the best word to describe her and as a general rule Nick preferred his women to be a little more aristocratic.

He doubted Kitty Anne even knew how to pretend to be that reserved. She fought for and won control of the kiss. Her tongue dueling with his and firing up Nick’s passions to levels that had him ripping at her clothing in desperate attempt to get to the soft skin beneath.

Not to be outdone, Kitty Anne fisted her own slender fingers in his shirt and tore it open. Almost instantly, she buried her hands beneath the shredded edges and raked her nails straight down his back, making him arch and break free of her kiss to cuss and gasps as the blood rushing through his veins began to boil with a searing heat.

He needed her.

Needed her now, but he was held spellbound as that hot, wicked mouth of hers began to nibble and lick its way right down his chest and over the corded mussels of his stomach toward where her hands were fumbling with his belt. Nick didn’t help. He didn’t need to. Kitty Anne managed to rip the leather strap free of the buckle and all but tore his zipper clean off as she freed the throbbing length of his erection to the heated grip of her fingers.

Those naughty fingers curled around his aching width of his dick and measured him with several smooth strokes, pumping him until he was painfully hard and flushed. Nick was all but ready to beg for mercy as the perfect pout of Kitty Anne’s lips parted and dipped down over the weeping head of his cock. Flared and swollen, it pulsed in angry demand as she dared to tease him with several skittish licks that ended in a perverted spanking as her wickedly large tongue snaked out to pat his head like a dog, causing Nick to growl like one.

The feral urge to take control nearly overwhelmed him and would have if Kitty Anne hadn’t turned his snarls into howls as she took him deep, allowing that tongue of hers to lead the parade as it whirled around the length of his cock, followed quickly by the tight, velvety squeeze of her lips.

Kitty Anne took him all the way down her throat, fucking him deep and allowing her hands to warm the flesh she couldn’t reach. Nick’s dick swelled and pulsed, happier than it had ever been along with being thicker and longer than he’d ever grown. She sucked him like a pro. Hell, she sucked better than one.

Nick would know.

It was too much, he was being tormented by the pleasure building into a pounding throb that echoed straight out of his balls. The sweat gathered along his shoulders and trickled down his back as he flexed every muscle and strained to hold back, not wanting to waste even a second of the rapture starting to rip through him, but then the damn woman stole the very will from his bones.

Closing her fingers around his balls, she began to expertly roll and squeeze them, milking the release straight from his tender sacks as she fucked him with a speed that had him damn near hyperventilating. His breaths shortened into desperate pants as the world condensed before him, becoming defined only by the warm, moist pull of her lips until finally he snapped.


Nick came. He came harder than he’d ever come before, hard enough that actual lights sparkled in his eyes and he found himself wobbling on his feet as the world spun around him. Then he was going down, falling backward on to his ass. For a second, he’d thought he’d really lost it but then Kitty Anne crawled up over him, pinning him down as she mounted him like some kind of stud and Nick realized the woman had actually knocked him over.

She wasn’t waiting for him to take her. Kitty Anne was taking him, as if he was capable of going for another round seconds after having shot a full load. Damned if he wasn’t. Nick didn’t know what kind of spell Kitty Anne had woven around him, but she was better than Viagra.

He was the luckiest son of a bitch in the world.

That thought echoed through Nick as Kitty Anne lifted her skirt high enough for him to catch a glimpse the pearly pink folds of her pussy, swollen and parted with welcome. He didn’t know what had happened to her panties and he didn’t care as she levered herself up over the flushed, rounded head of his cock.

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