More Than a Fling (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,712
12 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
The house Alyssa Kinney inherited needs repairs, the accompanying dog hates her, and her job at the newspaper isn’t as glamorous as she’d dreamed. Stack on a couple of smokin’ hot neighbors that would rather snicker than lend a hand, and her new life in Cherish isn’t off to a great start. Then a multi-car accident creates a hazardous scene and her boss’s star reporter is MIA. But the story will do more than prove her worthy to her boss when it ignites a fire in Cherish even two drool-worthy firefighters can’t put out.
Everything about their sexy new neighbor has firefighters Tanner Carlisle and Nick Calfee burning with needs. Never ones to run from a fire, they decide they’ll need to extinguish this one with a full-frontal attack. They’re not looking for anything serious, but when the blaze proves to be fueled by more than carnal needs, they realize this thing with Alyssa might be more than a fling.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.
More Than a Fling (MFM)
12 Ratings (4.5)

More Than a Fling (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,712
12 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book
Loved, loved, loved this book.




Tanner Carlisle ignored his rapidly stiffening cock and grinned around the rim of his coffee mug as he brought it to his mouth for a sip. In the front yard of the house next door, his new neighbor was putting on quite an amusing show. The dog, an oversized mutt really, named Precious of all things, took off like a rocket down the drive, dragging a frazzled, snarling, truly spectacular beauty behind him. The sex kitten was holding onto Precious’s leash for dear life, shouting at the dog to slow down, and scrambling to keep up in tennis shoes that looked like they had just come off the department store shelf. Her shapely legs were clad in workout pants molded to her perfect hips and tantalizing ass in a way that made it impossible to continue to ignore his cock now attempting to burst through the zipper of his uniform pants. Her hair was the color of a fine bottle of scotch, pulled into a neat ponytail high on the back of her head, and long enough for the tips to still dance across the small of her back.

“Damn it, Precious! I said we were going to walk around the block, not race around the freaking thing.”

The dog outweighed her by at least fifty pounds. Tanner figured she would’ve had better luck if she had put a saddle on his back and rode him down the street rather than taking him for a walk around the block. If, that was, the dog let her get close enough to even attempt to saddle him. Tanner wondered how she had managed to get a leash on him considering how the dog seemed to prefer to keep his distance from his new owner.

“Will you slow down?”

Precious proved he didn’t have any intentions of slowing down as he hit the street. Tanner snickered, maybe a bit too loudly, because her head jerked his way. Their gazes met for only a moment, just long enough for him to catch the irritation and helplessness in her amazing eyes. Then Precious spotted a squirrel sprinting across the street and made a break for it, dragging the despondent beauty with him.

“Are you ready to head out?”

Tanner kept his gaze on the woman as she managed to catch up with Precious when the dog stopped in the yard across the street to bark at the terrified squirrel that had taken refuge in a tree. “In a minute. I’m having a mental debate on whether or not I should lend a hand over there.”

His mind wasn’t the only part of his anatomy engaged in the debate. As a firefighter on A-shift at the Cherish F.D., he knew all too well the gratitude often offered by the damsel when she was rescued from her distress. It usually came in the form of something that eventually led to rumpled sheets, sweaty bodies, and exhausting fun.

Nick Calfee moved closer to the rail of the front porch, leaned on it, and grinned as the woman tugged with all her might on Precious’s leash. “I take it that’s our new neighbor?”

“Must be.”

The woman that had owned the house next door along with her husbands had passed away a few months back. The triad had been out on the town one Saturday night when their car was struck by a drunk driver. One of the men was killed instantly and the other died a few hours later in the hospital. Upon hearing the news of her husbands’ passing, the woman apparently gave up her fight to live. She died a couple of days later. The doctors attributed her death to the injuries she had sustained in the accident. Tanner thought it more likely that she hadn’t wanted to go on without the loves of her life.

Tanner and Nick had dropped by the funeral home to pay their respects, but they hadn’t seen the scotch beauty that had apparently inherited the house and the triad’s dog. They had realized last week that she must have moved in, but they still hadn’t seen her in the flesh—very fantastic flesh at that—before now.

“She’s pretty hot.”

Tanner felt his grin widen as Nick shifted his stance, undoubtedly to relieve some of the pressure building in his crotch. He had known he wouldn’t be the only one with a stiffening affliction once Nick caught sight of her. “Are you referring to her looks or the temper flaming out of her ears?”

Nick chuckled. “Both. After the way that dog has kept me up half the night barking in the last week, I say this is one fire we let her put out on her own. If she doesn’t get control of that dog now, she never will.”

Tanner agreed, even if his suffering cock didn’t. Precious, though why in the world Vera Glasper chose that name for the overgrown male mutt was beyond him, had always been a nice, quiet dog until the scotch beauty had taken over his guardianship. The only time they had heard the dog bark was when it thought there was a threat to his masters. In the last week, they had heard the dog bark more than ever. Last night, after nearly an hour of listening to the ruckus, he and Nick had taken it upon themselves to make a quiet pass around the house next door. The only threat they saw was that the scotch beauty had been keeping Precious tied to a tree in the backyard when she wasn’t around.

Across the street, Precious finally gave up on the squirrel, but not on the marathon he had obviously originally had in mind. With a jerk of the leash, he was off again. The scotch beauty startled, let out a yelp, and nearly fell on her face before she gained her footing.

Nick snorted and pushed away from the rail as dog and woman disappeared out of sight.




Without warning or finesse, Nick thrust his hips forward and drove his cock balls-deep into her pussy in a single, solid stroke.

Alyssa closed her eyes as pure bliss ricocheted through her soul. “Holy shit!”

Nick froze. “Did I hurt you?”

“God, no.” Hurt her? Was he nuts? Alyssa could only remember one time when she had felt such magnificent pleasure. When Tanner had been inside her in the kitchen. “Do it again.”

Nick chuckled and relaxed behind her, but he didn’t do it again. “Don’t you want to get started on Tanner first?”

Oh, yeah.

Alyssa looked up at Tanner from beneath her lashes as she closed her fingers around the base of his cock.

“Christ, baby. Your hands should come with a warning label.”

She smiled as she inched her face closer to the bulbous head of his cock. “Really? Let’s see if my mouth should, too.”

She parted her lips and she closed the distance between her mouth and his cock. Spotting the bead of pre-cum glistening in the slit, she paused, stuck out her tongue, and licked it away. His hips jerked and his fingers that were still in the side of her hair fisted the strands between them.


She loved the low-throated growl that followed his expletive and wanted to hear more of it. She closed her lips around the satiny foreskin and circled his cockhead with the tip of her tongue. She made an “mmm” sound as his cock gifted her with another bead of pre-cum. She wanted more.

She slowly slid her lips down his shaft, exploring his length with her tongue, and delighting on his salty, bold, and wild flavor until her mouth met with her hand still closed around the base of his cock. She traced the vein that ran along the underside of his shaft, felt him shiver, and bit back a grin as she continued.

Behind her, Nick picked that moment to move. He pulled his dick back, easing out of her pussy until only the head remained before he plunged in again. It was all she could do to keep her teeth from clamping down on Tanner’s shaft as pure ecstasy rocketed through her. Nick repeated the move this time, taking her pussy in a way that was somehow gentle and rough at the same time.

Alyssa matched that rhythm with her mouth on Tanner’s cock, sucking his length down her throat and easing back, exploring every inch of his delicious flesh with her tongue. She hollowed her cheeks as she sucked, moaning around Tanner’s shaft as Nick fucked her pussy.

“Holy shit!” Tanner growled. “Your mouth is like liquid silk. Will I ever be able to last very long with you?”

Alyssa would’ve laughed if she hadn’t been so busy feasting on his cock and enjoying the sensations of Nick fucking her. Nick’s hands were clamped on her hips, the tips digging into her flesh in a way that would likely leave bruises. She didn’t care. With the intense pleasure these men were giving her, how could she?

“Man, I owe you an apology.” Nick’s words sounded as if he said them through clenched teeth. “I feel why you couldn’t take your time with her. Her pussy is fantastic.”

Wow! She hadn’t ever heard that before. Wanting to pleasure Nick as badly as she did Tanner, she thrust her hips back, meeting Nick’s cock stroke for stroke. The animalistic sound he made at the move told her she was accomplishing her mission.

“Damn, sweetheart.”

Alyssa couldn’t see Nick, but she could picture him. In her mind’s eye, she saw him with his handsome face drawn tight in his fight not to come. She wanted him to come. A part of her wished she could even feel it. She wanted to experience his hot semen pumping out of the head of his cock as it jutted into her pussy. She could experience something close with Tanner once she made him come in her mouth.

Channeling half her focus on the job at hand while continuing to enjoy the pounding Nick was giving her pussy, she released the base of Tanner’s cock, moved her hand to cup and fondle his balls, and swallowed the last two inches of his length down her throat.

“Christ, your mouth is even more wicked than your hands.”

She slid a look out of the corner of her eye up Tanner’s totally ripped torso and saw his solid chest rising and falling in rapid breaths. His head was thrown back and his jaw looked tight as if he, too, was fighting not to come. That was a battle she was determined to make him lose.

“Those aren’t the only wicked parts of her.” Nick’s voice sounded tight, tortured. “Fuck, her cunt is stealing my sanity. I want to hold off, Alyssa, but I’m not going to last much longer.”

Was it possible for three people to come at the exact same time? Alyssa doubted it, but she knew she was about to find out. Pressure built in her womb, the orgasmic beast inside her growing claws that scraped their way closer and closer to freedom. She sucked Tanner’s cock in increasingly strong strokes, pleasuring every inch of his magnificent length as Nick’s dick pleasured the depths of her very soul through her pussy.

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