The Goddess Boda, sends Prince Dallin and his lover, Stryker to another dimension to rescue a Spellweaver held captive in an enemy’s dungeon. Finding what resembles a dirty child, they discover the elf-like creature is a beautiful female of nineteen summers with unimaginable magical powers.

Lailii is a warrior and on their journey home, they find the enticing ethereal creature is a little more woman than they bargained for.

Pride (MMF)
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Top Pick: 4.5 STARS: NIght Owl Reviews

One word I have for this book, is wow! I have never read anything by H.C. Brown but the synopsis really intrigued me. I love paranormal romances and throwing in a ménage makes it that much better! While this is the sixth book in a series, it is still a standalone. But I will say that one of the failings of reading this as a standalone novel is that there were parts where I felt as if I should know a background character, but I didn’t. I felt a little left out and while Brown does a pretty good job at informing the reader of everything, I think that if this were read in conjunction to the others so much explanation in the novel would not be needed.

Saying that I loved the characters. Dallin and Stryker were such a great couple and the chemistry was amazing. Adding Lailii really amped things up and it was sweet to see the way that the three of them came together.

This book definitely wasn’t lacking for action and I think the author did a great job at adding suspense and fight scenes. I was kept on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next and there were several scenes I didn’t see coming! A great book for romance and action lovers alike.

Review by Bookfreak Night Owl Reviews

4 STARS: You Gotta Read Reviews

This is another great addition to this series. I truly enjoyed watching Stryker, Dallin and Lailii’s relationship build. The bond between Stryker and Dallin is very strong and seeing the two open their hearts to Lailii made for a good read. The three go through so much as they try to figure out their own emotions and relationship. Their love will be tested and their bond may be the only thing that will keep them safe. Lailii is a strong woman and is more than willing to fight for her mates. She is a good match for the two men. As much as Dallin and Stryker love each other they have more than enough room in their hearts for Lailii. She is their world and they would fight to the end to keep her safe. The three are great together and the love that they have for one another is evident in all that they do.

I enjoyed the twists and turns that took place in this story. Not only do we get Dallin, Stryker and Lailii’s love story but many of the secondary characters make themselves known and I am excited to see where this series will go from here.

This is a fast paced story that pulls you in right from the start and does not let you go until the very end.

Review by Gabrielle You Gotta Read Reviews

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The Great Book of the Prides – Entry by King Blaise of Knight Watch.

As we move forward, so many immortals move upon the Earth that Dryad becomes too small for our needs. Nox in his wisdom has created a place of great magyck for our needs. Knight Watch Castle sits on Fae Island within the lands of the twelve gates. We have moved half of our Pride there for safety. The god Arious created a new pride of Knight Watch Princes to reside on Fae Island with the purest of white coats.

The new pride has a great variety of talents with many Fae joining our bloodlines, and continues to grow with speed. Indeed, there are contraptions in the new realm I cannot fathom. This pride is under the rule of King Leopold—a temporary measure as I am unable to rule both lands. My second son, Dallin of Knight Watch, resides there with two of his brothers. Indeed, if my beloved queen continues to give me sons, we may need another realm or two. Arious gave Dallin’s cat a white coat, and decreed him to be the true king of the Fae Island Pride and he will rule on his majority.

Chapter One

Lightening Falls Gate

Dallin inhaled the female’s arousal and winked at Stryker. His lover lay on his back across the wide, black silk-covered bed. The sweetest Elfin female straddled his massive cock. They had hit gold this time. The willing female wanted both of them. After watching Stryker drive into her wet pussy for five long minutes, Dallin’s balls ached. He reached for the tube of lube and approached the bed. He ran his tongue over his fangs. “May I have your ass, sweet thing?”

The female shot him a smile over her shoulder and pressed her small tits into Stryker’s chest. Her sweet, white ass cheeks opened in invitation. Dallin groaned and applied lube to her inviting star. The female mewed her approval. Without hesitation, Dallin climbed onto the bed. He grasped his heavy cock and guided it into her tight hole with one thrust of his hips.

Taking a firm hold of her small waist, he drove into her. So damn hot, so deliciously tight. He gasped his thanks. With each plunge, he brushed Stryker’s cock through the thin barrier of skin. What bliss. He met Stryker’s hot gaze and knew they shared the same erotic experience. The touch, the slide of cock against cock, was intoxicating and one they both enjoyed.

Dallin’s climax built quickly. The shivery sensations started in his belly, and the heat deep in his balls intensified with each delightful thrust. The room filled with the slap of bodies and the warm scent of sex. The female began to tremble, and then cried out her climax. She fell forward, spilling chestnut hair across Stryker’s chest.

“Now, Dal.” Stryker squeezed Dallin’s thigh. “I’m gonna come.”

With short, hard thrusts of his hips, Dallin drove into the female. Erotic sensations blurred his vision; white spots danced before his eyes. He gave into the bliss and spilled in delicious, hot spurts. Collapsing forward, he reached for Stryker and crushed the man’s lips in a long, hot kiss. Gods, he loved the taste of the man.

To be continued…

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