[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Interracial Romance, M/M, HEA]
Luke Austin meets Japanese K-Pop singer Tomahiko Akiyama when the tour he’s with takes New Orleans pop stars of Albertson Entertainment to Japan. Tomahiko, or Tommy as he likes to be called, is the lead singer of the J-Pop group, Yukizumi. Not only is Tomahiko handsome and has a great body, but he’s also the nephew of a yakuza boss who spoils Tomahiko rotten.
Tommy is like no guy Luke has ever met before. He loves the thrill of danger and owns one hell of a sports car collection. So, when Luke's boss, Tory Albertson, buys Yukizumi’s contract from their current record label and puts Luke in charge of them as their new manager, Luke finally gets a chance to rub dirt in the face of their ex-manager, Edward Green, who stole Luke’s ex-boyfriend, Noel Charles, from him.
The one time man-whore has finally met his match, and he’s willing to risk his life to make Tomahiko his.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Satiated (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Luke Austin had just finished a strenuous workout at the Kamahachi University with some of his fellow co-workers from Albertson Entertainment. They had finished several laps around the field and were about to enter the locker room to shower when three black-clad ninjas appeared from out of nowhere.

“What the fuck is this?” his good friend Adam Montgomery asked as the newcomers stood before him, Luke, and a third guy, Edward Green. Adam was the eldest at thirty-two and responsible for the upcoming Asian music tour. He managed the R&B group, The Kerrys, when he wasn’t busy managing his hotels.

“The welcoming party,” Edward answered. Edward was older than Luke, too. When he wasn’t serving his country as a bodyguard and C. I. A. agent, Edward had his hands full managing the J-Pop groups Yukizumi, his K-Pop group, Dazed, and his fiancé, R&B singer Noel Charles. Edward stood over six feet tall and sported a lot of muscle.

An army of white dressed ninjas appeared on the horizon behind the ones in black. “Oh shit, they have company,” Luke said, pointing. He didn’t know what they had done, but he didn’t like the odds.

The ones in black advanced. Edward spoke to them in Japanese.

One of the guys answered in English. “Fight.”

“Go home, kiddies,” Edward said.

That must have pissed them off because the action began before Luke got a chance to comment. The warriors were shorter and slimmer, but actually quite quick on their feet and strong. He, Edward, and Adam were also accomplished fighters, still, these guys seemed to have the upper hand. It didn’t take Luke long to figure out he was way out of his league. The other guys started flipping and flying through the air doing death-defying acrobats while simultaneously kicking their ass. The one fighting him was wiry and nimble and smelled pretty good. The one fighting Edward was flipping and doing cartwheels and actually climbing him like Edward was a wall or something.

Adam went down first, landing on his back. Luke was having a tough time, too. More guys in white appeared.

“Shit,” Adam said, getting to his feet. “More of them.”

“They won’t interfere unless these three get severely hurt,” Edward said as he continued to fight.

Luke frowned. How does Edward know that? Edward never broke a sweat. He spoke in Japanese again and the ninjas backed off for a moment.

Luke was glad for the rest. One of the ninjas charged Edward. Edward grabbed him bodily off the ground and pushed him toward Luke. “Here, this one is for you.”

Hell, he got the fresh smelling one again. The guy charged Luke and he went down. He ended up with the other male sprawled across his hips. He got a whiff of that cologne again. Delicious. His traitorous cock started to harden. The one on top stopped wiggling around for a moment. Then he climbed off of Luke. Luke hopped to his feet and caught him in a bear hug so he couldn’t get away. Adam had just given up, sat on the ground and watched the melee. Edward had the other two. He unmasked them. They were two Japanese males in their mid to late twenties.

“Who put you guys up to this?” Edward asked.

They both pointed to the one Luke was holding.

“Put him down, Luke,” Edward said. “Go home!” he shouted to the others who were dressed in white. “The show’s over.”

Luke released the fighter. Edward walked over and unmasked this one, too.

Luke’s heart skipped a beat. “Oh, hot damn, a Japanese Jonas Kerry,” Luke said. Jonas was one of the singers in the R&B group, The Kerrys who used to have hair down to his butt. This guy had a long black braid, a beautiful face, and porcelain skin.

“You three need to go home,” Edward said to them.

The next thing Luke knew, the guy with the braid started fussing at Edward in English. “Don’t tell me what to do, Edward. You don’t own me.” He did something with his hand and the others in white finally left.

“Do you know him?” Adam asked.

“Yes, this is Tomahiko Akiyama.”

“The singer?”

“Yes,” Edward answered. “The other two are the co-members of Yukizumi, Daisuke Abe and Akira Maki. They are supposed to be performing at Luke and Noel’s birthday party tomorrow night, but that might be impossible with my foot up their asses.”

The other two looked visually shook. They cowered behind Tomahiko.

“Is he dating anyone?” Luke asked.

“Which one?” Edward asked absently.

“The one with the hair.”

Tomahiko looked at him and arrogantly turned up his nose.

Luke liked a challenge. He winked at Tomahiko and made him blush.

Edward frowned at him. “He’s off limits.”




Luke didn’t give Tomahiko a chance to do that vanishing act again. Tomahiko sat down on the bed. Luke had the mood music playing, and it took him a while to figure out the Japanese radio station. The disc jockey didn’t disappoint. He played Ed Sheeren’s, ‘Shape of You.’ “Dance for me, Tommy.”

Luke sat down in the chair and Tomahiko let those hips take control. He used them to seduce Luke as he got out of his clothing. Luke couldn’t take his gaze off of the beautiful gymnast turned singer. He was graceful and sexy at the same time. After stripping, he made his way over to Luke and helped him out of his clothing, too. By the time the song ended, they were naked and in each other’s arms. Tomahiko kissed Luke. Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’ played. Gerard liked to sing that song. Truth be told, Gerry really wasn’t a singer, but one terrific drummer. Tomahiko, on the other hand, did justice to the song with his soulful voice with just a hint of a Japanese accent. He continued to sing to Luke as Luke went down on him. “Damn you’re fine.” He’d been with a lot of guys but no one quite like Tomahiko. Luke licked and sucked Tomahiko like a kitty being given a bowl of milk. He didn’t want to make the other guy come so soon. Tomahiko’s cock was every bit as big and long as his. Are you tachi or neko?” Those were Japanese words for top or bottom?

“Both,” Tomahiko answered.

“Hot damn,” Luke said. So was Frankie Kerry. Luke had always wanted to meet another switch hitter.

Tomahiko moved his body so that his dick could slide in and out of Luke’s mouth in a fucking motion. “What position do you prefer?”

Luke came up for air again. “Tachi, but I’m not opposed to being a neko every now and then.”

“Groovy,” Tomahiko replied.

Luke chuckled at the ancient term. He put his attention back on Tomahiko’s shaft. He ran his tongue up and down the length and fondled his balls with his free hand. Luke teased the little slit in Tomahiko’s dick.

“Oh damn!” Tomahiko shouted. His body shook and he came inside of Luke’s mouth. “Sorry. I’m very sensitive there.”

Luke swallowed. “No sweat, sweetie. I’ll get you back hard again.”

Tomahiko rolled over and got on his knees. “Prepare me.”

Luke never left home without lube. Unfortunately, it got confiscated at customs at the airport. Luckily, he found some on his first trip outside of the hotel. Tomahiko had a small tattoo of a bird on his right shoulder. Luke hated to move away. He got it out of the nightstand along with some condoms and poured some into his palm. He dipped two fingers in it and parted Tomahiko’s cheeks with one hand, while working the lube into him with the fingers of the other hand. Tomahiko moaned as Luke continued to rub and get him to soften inside. “How do you want it?”

“Hard and deep,” Tomahiko answered.

Luke removed his fingers and gave him what he wanted.

“Oh!” Tomahiko shouted. His voice went up an octave as Luke sank his dick in his ass.

“Do you like that?” Luke asked as he moved his body over Tomahiko’s.

“Hell yes,” Tomahiko said as he rolled that fantastic booty. They found their rhythm quickly. The radio disc jockey stopped playing those fast tunes and spun some mellow, romantic ballads. His gaze landed on Tomahiko’s ponytail. The thing had him mesmerized for several minutes as it moved back and forth as Tomahiko rocked on his knees.


Luke always had to be careful with Gerard and Bradley because they were tiny little things. Noel was taller and heavier, but he was fragile, too. Tomahiko didn’t seem like he would break if Luke used a little more pressure.

“Don’t treat me like some bitch,” Tomahiko said as if reading Luke’s mind. “Make me howl from pleasure.”

They were in a hotel. Even if he wanted to be rougher with Tomahiko, he didn’t want the police at his door. He did know how to make Tomahiko sing soprano though. Luke put Tomahiko on his back. Tomahiko helped out by wrapping those long shapely legs around Luke’s waist. Luke couldn’t help it. He reached up and unloosed Tomahiko’s ponytail. It spread out like a black fan on the white pillowcase. “Perfect.” He entered Tomahiko again.

“Ah!” they both said simultaneously.

“Damn, Luke, you have me filled completely.”

Tomahiko was also rock hard again. His dick pointed up toward his navel. Luke loved the sight of it. Luke rode him hard.

Tomahiko moaned louder now. “That feels so good.”

Luke decided to get nosey. “Better than Edward?”

Tomahiko stopped moving. “Why did you bring him up?”

“You two were dating, weren’t you?”

“That was a century ago.”

“Why did you break up?”

“I cheated on him,” Tomahiko answered. “He’s been making me pay ever since. But I don’t have to worry about it anymore. He’s dating someone else now.”


“Noel Charles.”

“You know?”

“Yes, now get back to us,” Tomahiko said.

Luke started moving again. “There’s an us?”

“What do you think?” Tomahiko asked. “Regardless of what you might have heard, I’m now a one man’s man. I know all about your past relationships, too. So if you have any plans of fucking me over then slide out and let me leave.”

“No way,” Luke said. He’d never had sex this good in his life. And for some reason he thought that maybe Tomahiko was the one he would end up spending the rest of his life with.

Tomahiko began moving his body faster.

“Oh yeah,” Luke said, enjoying the view. The long hair spilled in front of Tomahiko’s face. He tried to brush it aside. Luke palmed Tomahiko’s cock and began stroking it as Tomahiko worked to bring his orgasm on. 

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