Coming Out With Pride (MMM)

Pride Brothers 5

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,124
0 Ratings (0.0)

Prince Jannus of Knight Watch turns his back on tradition and seeks a male for his mate. His preference is for a human to submit to him in and out of the dungeon.

Once a year at Samhain, he opens the gate to his world and sends his faithful Elf to collect suitable men for him and the other Doms seeking delicious subs for mutual pleasure.

Brad Archer’s desire to come out and find a strong handsome Dom has become an obsession. Heading to Stonehenge to join a festival, he meets a stranger who lures him to another dimension crammed with Doms more than happy to take him for a walk on the wild side.

Coming Out With Pride (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Coming Out With Pride (MMM)

Pride Brothers 5

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,124
0 Ratings (0.0)
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LOVELY ROSE (4 STARS) Romancing the Book Reviews

This was an enjoyable short read. It’s an M/M short story and is within the paranormal genre. This book is number 5 within the series. This is a standalone book and reading the other books prior to this one is not necessary to appreciate this book.

Jannus and Brad are in for some serious chemistry, unexpected feelings, lust, and a whole host of other feelings when they meet up for the first time.

I liked Brad. He was a pretty average guy. He just came out of the closet, and is looking for a casual hook up. Boy does he get more then he bargained for. In a totally good way of course. He was very trusting and naïve. I worried he would be taken advantaged of. He was, but in a totally delicious way.

Jannus is a more complex character. He doesn’t want to get his feelings involved and feel more then lust. He’s a very sensitive man, he just doesn’t want anyone to know it. I was surprised by how powerful his emotions are, I suspect Jannus was as well.

I didn’t like the Elf character. I couldn’t discern if he was there to help, hinder, make Jannus and Brad jealous of each other or of the Elf himself. I felt sorry for him, and at the same time I didn’t like some of the things that he did. There was another character that I didn’t like as well, but you’ll have to read the story to understand why I have such an intense dislike for these two characters.

I hope that if you enjoy M/M romance, that you give this short story a try and see what happens between Jannus and Brad. I think you’ll like the outcome.

Review by Lori Romancing the Book

4 STARS: You Gotta Read Reviews

This fast paced book is an intense ride. Brad has finally decided on what he is going to do in his life and takes a fated trip to Stonehenge. This trip will forever change his life. Only he can determine if it will be for the better or if it will be painful. Will he find Jannus too much to endure or will he be drawn to the man?

Jannus and Brad’s story grabbed my attention right away and did not let go, even in the end I wanted more. I loved seeing the two begin to realize the depth of their attraction. Watching the two work through everything was a great read and I enjoyed seeing Brad fight for what he wanted. Jannus is a strong man and Dom yet he is more than confused when he meets his mate and his cat becomes jealous of his servant and is ready to give up on the once in a lifetime chance at happiness. Brad shows just what a strong man he truly is and is more than willing to prove Jannus wrong. Their attraction is instant and I enjoyed seeing the depth of their feelings as their story goes on. I loved watching Brad and Jannus begin their relationship and hope that we get to see more of them in this series.

Review by Gabrielle You Gotta Read Reviews

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The Great Book of the Prides – personal entry by King Blaise of Knight Watch

I have decided not to interfere with Jannus’ preference for males. I have many sons who enjoy the company of men, and my pride is growing larger with many of my sons and brothers taking both male and female to mate.

Jannus follows my brother Zandor’s enjoyment of domination, a trait I see becoming very popular amongst the Prides of late. With the help of Nox, Jannus has built a dungeon deep in Crystal Mountain with a gate directly to the human world. I hope that this year Jannus will find the man of his dreams.

Chapter One

Prince Jannus of Knight Watch lounged in a large leather chair and gripped the head of the Elf bending between his knees. “Use your teeth to undo my pants, show devotion to your Master.”

Si did a good enough job of licking his leathers but he needed more than an Elf to satisfy his needs.

He craved a human, a Nomag, Nox the King of the Fae called them, for they had no magyck.

His uncles, Dare, Rio, and Zandor had mated human females and the scent of them drove him to distraction, but he had no desire to fuck them or mark their alabaster skin. He preferred males and his refusal to consider a female for a mate had troubled him before Nox had explained his own desires. It had been Nox’s idea to create a dungeon with a Gate to the human dimension to cater for his desires and other Pride like him. He had enjoyed three years with the Samhain Six, the males, Nox had chosen to Dominate this secret place. He had enjoyed the company of many delicious subs, but his cat refused to accept any of the males as his mate.

Tasting the joy of marking human skin and inhaling their unique scent had become an obsession and he could not get enough. He stroked Si’s cheeks, encouraging him to suck him deeper then shuddered, filling the Elf’s mouth with his seed. Rather than exultation, emptiness surrounded him. He needed a mate, and the uniquely passionate connection with both mate and cat all Pride strived to achieve. Somewhere, the Lady had designed a man just for him. Perhaps this Samhain, his mate would find his way to the Gate.

He smiled at Si and waved him to his feet. “Go now and find some delicious men for our games tonight.” He lifted his chin. “I want, Nomags, young and handsome. Find me a special male and I will keep you as my slave.”

“Yes, Master.” Si licked his lips. “I will find you a suitable male or I will not return.”

* * * *

Brad Archer curled his fingers tighter around the steering wheel. The sleek Mercedes’ headlights picked up the white line down the center of the road but little else. His ears still rang from the insipidly happy voice from the GPS. Damn stupid woman had sent him into a field and told him he was at his destination. He had little choice but to keep heading north.

An hour later, the busy motorway and streams of traffic were a distant memory. The narrow road, flanked on each side by the odd, stark, trees was as quiet as a cemetery. Brad swore colorfully and pulled off the road. I’m fucking lost—great.

Leaving the engine running, he turned on the interior light, and then searched the glove box until he found the map. He spread it across the steering wheel. After turning it around several times, he traced a finger along the line that marked the highway. The directions from the helpful guy at the last gas station ran through his head.

“It’s easy; take the M3 to Salisbury and just follow the signs for Stonehenge. There’s accommodation available about two miles away in the town of Amesbury.”

He switched off the light and peered into the darkness. “What damn signs? I’ve been on this road for over an hour.”

He folded up the map, stuffed it back into the glove box and sat back, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. He glanced at the clock in the dashboard; hell, it was only 6:30 p.m. and already pitch-black. What happened to the twilight? Isn’t England world renowned for twilight…or was that Scotland? Beats me. He squared his shoulders. Make a decision, man. Go back, or stay on this road?

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