[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, M/M/M, HEA]
David, up to his eyes and ears in teaching the mini critters and helping with the Two Spirit Tournament, faces a new challenge. Three studly mates arrive in the form of Sketch, Skull, and Sherman's step-brother, Kaden. With things heating up in the arenas, and outside forces wanting to stop the tournament in its tracks, is David ready to face what comes next?
Depressed and lonely, David wants what all his friends have found: someone to love and cherish. Is this the time? Or will those haters prove to be more than Sage can handle?   His mates, a wolverine shifter, an African lion shifter, and a kick-ass human want to prove to David that he is not a third wheel, but an integral part of their quad.
With a sinister new group, Flashpoint, rearing its head, it’s time to show the outside world what Sage is all about.  And time for the mates to prove to David their love.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Two Spirit Tournament (MMMM)
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A really fantastic book. If you have been following the Two Spirit Ranch and its spin off Spirits of Sage , you will love this book! If you haven't been following it, start today! You won't be sorry. This is David's story which has been long awaited. It does not disappoint!




“Ladies and gentlemen, fellow shifters, and everyone in between, welcome to the first Two Spirit Tournament.”

The entire stadium erupted into cheers, applause, catcalls, and whistles, the noise deafening as a hundred thousand spectators made their approval known following Alfie’s excited announcement.

“As you know, I’ve been hard at work, organizing, cajoling, bullying, and getting pissy with everyone to make this work.” Alfie’s words were drowned out by laughter and more applause. “I’m happy to announce, if you all behave yourselves and don’t send me into another meltdown, that I’ll let you enjoy this tournament in peace.” More laughter. “Here are some people who I believe you’re all familiar with. I’ll let them take over while I get my glad rags on. Enjoy the show.”

The tannoy went silent for a minute, the big screen blank, and then total darkness fell over the stadium. A drumbeat began, a lone, soulful pulse of sound that quieted the boisterous crowd. A single spotlight shone down, dead center of the stadium, as a platform rose from the middle of the football field. The solo drummer emerged, dressed in a blue jumpsuit, keeping perfect time as he played. One by one, more platforms began to rise, each one holding one drummer each, and the beats merged.

David watched as his entire class of miniature critters opened the tournament. He’d been planning this little show for months. He and Alfie had been the only ones to know about it, wanting it to be a secret. His class was doing amazingly well as the kids concentrated on finishing the opening bars of their little tune. The thirty children were joined from every aisle of the bleachers by more children, those who attended the mainstream school and another on the reservation, each beating a drum, walking down the steps toward the main stadium. The noise increased tenfold, spotlights illuminating every performer, their numbers made up of all the kids who had been rescued over the past few years, as well as friends who had helped them to adjust. Some were teenagers now, and some adults. David was one of those children, and he waited patiently for his turn. As the drumming reached its crescendo, there was a brilliant flash of light, the music stopped abruptly, and the stadium went dark again.

After lifting his microphone, David began to speak.

“For years, I was trapped in a cage, unable to talk or move or eat without someone wanting to berate me or mock me or hurt me for being who I am.” He paused for a moment to let the words sink in. “Then I was free, and I ran and ran, desperate to escape, desperate to find a refuge. And I did. Here at this ranch. Two Spirit Ranch. This place is one of hope, compassion, unity, and freedom. It’s the place where I finally lost the shackles that had bound me for so long, and where, for the first time, I could live in peace and my shifter side was able to breathe again.”

Another pause. The crowd was silent, as though its members were holding their breath.

“We shifters, and our human friends who’ve joined us today to celebrate in unison, have all had our share of fear and torment, days when it was a huge effort just to get out of bed in the morning and put one foot in front of the other. It’s been a long journey for us all, to leave the shadows of our past and come out into the light. For some, that fight isn’t yet over. There are countries where that freedom is still a pipe dream. But we will fight on. We are united because we have suffered. We are free because we have fought for the right to live as our ancestors lived, without fear, hand in hand and side by side with our human and animal cousins.”

He took a deep breath and lifted his face to the stars above.

“Two Spirit is our gift and our blessing, and sometimes it has been our curse. But the spirits of old, the legacy that they have left behind, have given us the courage to live on, to rout the evil that lives among us, wanting us to stay in the shadows, wanting us to disappear. We will not be defeated,” he said fiercely, passionately. “This is our country, this is our world, and we share it, with love and compassion, with all those who want the same as we do. To live free.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of our alliance, our freedom, and our continued strength and unity…let the games begin.” 

There was a short pause as he finished speaking, and then one by one the audience members rose to their feet, clapping in recognition of David’s speech and the truth behind his words. The applause grew, and as the crowd shouted their approval, the first firework arched into the sky, a single rocket, with a fiery red tail that erupted into a shower of sparks. The show continued, with more fireworks exploding overhead, lighting up the dark sky. 




David looked up from beneath lush dark lashes tipped with gold. “Then let me help blow the cobwebs away,” he teased, taking Sketch’s breath away with the sultry promise, a first from the usually shy young man.

Before Sketch could catch another lungful of oxygen, David dropped to his knees, pushed Sketch into the chair, and then knelt between Sketch’s spread thighs. He reached up to flip on the shower, and they both gasped as a cascade of cool water flowed down like rain on them.

“Be gentle,” Sketch said. He groaned again when David sent him a wicked grin, winked audaciously, and then took Sketch’s thick cock between his lips. The bigger man bucked involuntarily at the feel of warm, wet heat surrounding his dick, his head lolling back as his lover began to explore every inch of his long-neglected cock. Leaving no inch untouched, David dipped into the tiny piss slit and swirled around the spongy head, then investigated the crown with avid curiosity.

“Hmmm, you’re delicious,” David said approvingly, the vibration nearly causing Sketch to lose his load too soon.

“Oh, God,” Sketch mumbled, closing his eyes as David took a couple more inches into his mouth.

“No, just me,” David replied, laughing suddenly. Sketch yelped when he felt sharp fangs graze his cock, and tensed, then relaxed again when David winked at him. “Relax, stud. I just want a taste, not the whole meal.”

“Shit, guys, you started without us,” Skull suddenly said as he entered the bathroom. Sketch heard a low yelp of surprise from David and a husky chuckle from their other mate. He opened one eye, looked down, and met Skull’s sexy turquoise gaze. “Hmmm, I’ve been wanting to taste this gorgeous ass for ages,” the wolverine said, winking at Sketch.

David groaned again when Skull spread his butt cheeks with both hands, then buried his face between the smooth globes. Slurping and nipping and nuzzling, Skull went to work, driving David crazy.

“Fuuuck,” Sketch said. He moaned, watching the show intently. He jerked a little when David began sucking his cock again, his blond head bobbing up and down as he moved onto hands and knees, allowing Skull better access. Water leaked from the stall since the door was open, and pooled on the floor of the bathroom. Nobody cared, intent on pleasure and exploring new territory.

A second later, unable to hold back any longer, Sketch bucked again, driving his cock deep into David’s hungry mouth, and came hard, dumping about a gallon of thick, creamy cum down the back of his lover’s throat. David swallowed every bit, groaning huskily as he drank down the salty fluid. Sketch tightened his grip on David’s ponytail, lifting his head and leaning down and capturing his lover’s lips in a hard, hungry kiss. A second later he felt the spatter of warm cum across his thighs, cock, and abs as David lost control and jetted his seed every which way, his entire body trembling with the force of his release.

“Oh, so fucking good, baby.” Skull let out a growl. Sketch watched him crawl around, take David’s still-spurting cock into his mouth, and suck down the last few drops, moaning in delight.

“Oh, fuck, that’s worth coming home for,” Kaden said.  He snarled with pleasure as he entered the bathroom, eyeing the three men lustily. Sketch saw him drop his pants and throw them into the corner of the bathroom. The big lion shifter slapped Skull’s ass sharply, then plunged two fingers into the smaller man’s hole, after liberally lubing them from a tube on the shelf. The act had Skull moaning like a two-dollar whore, bucking his hips against the man’s sudden invasion.

“Keep sucking, baby,” Kaden commanded, kneeling behind Skull, parting his cheeks, and then surging forward with his hips, driving his thick cock deep inside the man’s ass. Skull howled out his pleasure, which had David moaning against Sketch’s lips.

“Oh, lord, that’s amazing,” David cried out.

“Oh, yeah.” Skull snarled as Kaden began fucking him with hard, driving strokes. “Kaden, sweetie, you’re a fucking delight, my love,” he said, chuckling, his fist now around David’s dick. The slap of flesh meeting flesh reverberated around the stall, the warm water sluicing down on the occupants as their moans and sighs and sultry murmurs blended into the harmony. Sketch reached over, clenched his fist around Skull’s thick cock, and pumped his fingers up and down until the sexy wolverine shifter gave a gasping cry and came, spurting over David, Sketch, and whatever else was in the way.

“Fuuuck.” Kaden grunted and then convulsed, his head thrown back in ecstasy. Skull cried out again as the bigger shifter came as well. Kaden shuddered, then collapsed over Skull’s back, still wedged inside his mate. Sketch stroked his fingers through the mess of come that coated his abs, and fed both David and Skull, who shared the treat with a hungry duel of tongues. Joining in, Sketch enjoyed a sexy three-way smooch, loving the zing of flavors as he got to know his lovers.

“Welcome home,” Sketch drawled to Kaden and Skull, who laughed at his droll tone.

“Oh, yeah.” Kaden sighed, smiling widely. “That was definitely worth the wait. Wow.”

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