Sons of Justice 8: Lust to Love (MFMMM)

Sons of Justice 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,197
19 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Brazille doesn’t know what it is about the four soldiers, but whenever they are close lust rules her mind, and nothing else seems to matter but being one with them. Against the car, over the couch, on the kitchen table, it doesn’t matter, she needs them and desires them as they desire her.
But what could come from a relationship based solely on lust? She needs them to talk, to converse, but Luke, J.T., Cole and Farrow are hardcore, cold hearted soldiers not used to being vulnerable. How quickly that changes once the woman they have fallen in love with becomes the target of danger.
Jealous at seeing other men wanting what is theirs first hand soon makes them realize that it's more than great sex they have with Brazille, it’s love, something they’ve never experienced before. When they finally let their guard down to tell her how they feel, Brazille becomes the center of danger, wrapped up in the middle of a mission they’re currently involved in and ultimately becoming the final victim of an illegal prostitution operation that leaves its victims shipped off out of the country or dead.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Sons of Justice 8: Lust to Love (MFMMM)
19 Ratings (4.6)

Sons of Justice 8: Lust to Love (MFMMM)

Sons of Justice 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,197
19 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
OMG Dixie, just finished Sons of Justice 8. Had to continually remind myself to breathe all through the last chapter. I was on the edge of my seat,holding my breath as Brazille struggled to stay alive and give her men enough time to find her. Will be anxiously waiting to download book 9. Your talent in showing us both the strength and vulnerability of the male and female characters draws us into their world and we become invested in their lives.
Loved this book. I loved that Dixie switched it up a bit. Brazille was independent, strong, and went with her gut, by starting what was originally just going to be a potential fling. I liked that she was unapologetic about her needs and wants. It was a nice change of pace to have a heroine who wasn't being stalker or chased or hiding a big secret. The heroes were fantastic as well---hard personalities who did t play games. Absolutely one of the best books in the series.




Twenty minutes later, as they pulled into the parking lot at the Filling Station, J.T. spotted the expensive black Mercedes GT and the gorgeous brunette standing by it. She was talking on the phone, and slammed her hand down onto the hood of the car and then cringed, bringing it to her chest. He knew it was Brazille. The woman was knockout gorgeous, sexy body, charismatic personality, and young. Too fucking young for the likes of him, but he would push that aside for a night of pleasure with that body. The thought instantly bothered him. He didn’t just fuck women. Not anymore anyway. He was closing in on forty and he wanted more than just instant satisfaction. Brazille appeared like high maintenance and then some. A woman who enjoyed fancy dinners, nights out on the town, dressing in fancy styles and hung up on labels. At least that was what he assumed.

Then again, he could be wrong. The woman hadn’t been around too much, but the few times he saw her, even spoke in a group conversation with her, he couldn’t help but stare. She was absolutely gorgeous, sexy, with all the right curves in all the right places, and seemed nice. Her eyes were striking and a turquoise blue color like nothing he had ever seen before. The kind of eyes that stood out first and foremost, and even before her extra-large breasts.

She was super hot, sexy, classy, and definitely gained a lot of the guys’ attentions, mostly because of her extra-large breasts.

He pulled into the parking space, Cole’s eyes glued to her, as well. When they got out of the truck she was still holding her hand to her chest.

“When you’re in trouble, don’t call me. Call that loser you’re sleeping with, and maybe he won’t be in bed with some other woman.” She ended the call and then covered her eyes with her hand.

J.T. cleared his throat.

“Everything okay, Brazille?” he asked her.

She swung around toward him and Cole. Her eyes widened and she went to open her mouth and then closed it, growled low, and then shook her head.

“I’m sorry if you heard that phone call. Have you ever just gotten so damn annoyed with someone, and no matter what you say or tell them, they just don’t listen? Grr. Forget it.” She reached into the car to grab her purse. Of course he checked out her ass in the tight jeans she wore. Her top barely covered her waist and he saw what appeared to be a tattoo along her hip. She stood back straight, closed the door and locked it, then attached her keys to a small purse she held on her wrist, the strap hanging down. Her black top accentuated her large breast, and the tiny heart pendant in the middle fell right at her cleavage, nearly disappearing in there. He felt his dick harden, and damn it, he almost didn’t hide his stare.

“You’d be surprised, honey. We’ve come across a lot of people like that in our line of work,” he said, and Cole chuckled.

“Sometimes even with family,” Cole added.

She chuckled. “Well, believe it or not, that was my cousin on the phone.”

“What the hell happened to your wrist?” he asked, noticing the deep bruising and finger marks as he gently took her forearm into his hand. Cole placed his hand on her hip and looked, too.

Cole raised his voice. “Jesus, those are fucking finger marks, Brazille.”

J.T. felt her immediately tighten up and shake. She stared up at them. J.T. often forgot how big he was and his team members, too. All over six feet, in excellent physical condition, and here was Brazille—a dainty, young voluptuous woman, and twelve years at least younger, and completely intimidated.

She took a deep breath and then worried her bottom lip. He squinted as his gut clenched.

“Don’t fucking lie. There’s been enough dangerous shit going on around here with your friends, just recently Lauren. So please, if there’s trouble, or some guy, some boyfriend is messing around with you, tell us,” he stated and stroked her forearm. He didn’t like the way the dark bruises clearly resembled finger marks.

“No boyfriend. I’m not involved with anyone. It was actually a drunk asshole who decided to attack me by my car Sunday morning coming out of work at about four in the morning.”

“What?” Cole asked.

“Yup, and only two minutes before he was screwing some girl against the wall in the hallway with one of his buddies. Totally bad scene bachelor party.”




In a flash they were kissing her, suckling on her breasts and spreading her thighs. Farrow and Luke were kissing along the inside of her groin, and then one tongue licked her cunt and then up over her mound, her belly, and then her breasts. Another tongue, Luke’s, licked her pussy lips, tugged on her clit, then slid up her mound over her belly ring, tickling her, and then to her other breast. It was wild, and they were a lethal, hard force upon her and she loved it. She exhaled and then gasped when J.T. joined in. She turned to the right, feeling the caress to her cheek, her eyes landing on Luke’s as he winked and then licked her breast again, just as J.T. plunged a finger up into her cunt.

She moaned as Cole walked over toward the dresser. She saw the drawer of condoms and then there were several on the bed. She cringed a moment, her mind thinking that they had that many condoms just sitting in a dresser drawer? How many women have they brought here and screwed? Oh God, could this be a huge mistake or what?

“Oh.” She gasped as Farrow pinched her nipple hard. She looked at him, trying to catch her breath as she was over stimulated.

“Thought we were boring you, baby. Need us to bring it up a notch?” he asked, and just then J.T. slid his tongue over her anus and then pressed a finger to her ass. She nearly shot up off the bed.

“J.T. Oh God, please.”

“I thought so,” Farrow said and then went back to suckling her breast as he ran his palm back and forth over her abdominal muscles. He seemed truly impressed with her physique.

J.T. reached for a condom from the pile on the bed and placed it onto the bed closer to them. He lowered down and suckled on her pussy, sending her head back as she moaned. Farrow gently took her bruised wrist and raised it up above her head to remain with her other wrist he pulled up next. He kissed the bruised one. “A woman as beautiful and sexy as you should never be sporting bruises, understand me?” he asked, almost reprimanding her as if it were her fault.

“Oh God.” She grunted as J.T. did something spectacular with his tongue and teeth, and then fingered her ass a few more times, then pulled his finger out. She was restrained and needed to come, but then they all joined in. Luke suckled on one breast as Farrow suckled on the other breast. J.T. stroked his cock while he thrust his finger into her cunt until his own dick began to throb with need.

‘“Fuck, I can’t take it. You’re too fucking hot, woman,” he said and lifted up, pulled the condom into place, and then aligned his cock with her cunt.

“Hold her arms up there until she can learn to keep them up and on her own, and realize that this body, every fucking inch, is ours,” he said in such a possessive manner, she already felt her pussy creaming. She felt the tip of his cock at her entrance, and then his hands slid to her waist and he held her gaze as he inched his cock deeper.

“Let me in, baby. Come on and let me the fuck in,” he said.

She moaned, felt her pussy spasm as he shoved all the way in. She felt a slight ache. He was super thick and long and it had been two years since she had sex. What a hell of a way to get back into the swing of things. She felt emotional, and as she locked gazes with J.T., he squinted and caught his breath, and then closed his eyes and avoided looking at her, keeping that gaze and she knew he felt it, too. Holy God, she really, really liked him, liked all of them and felt a connection.

“Let me touch you. Let me go,” she said, and Farrow released her wrists and she immediately grabbed onto J.T. The others moved off the bed and he continued to thrust into her, to rock his hips as she slid her hands over his hard muscles, loving every inch of him. They both moaned and then he stared at her a moment as if shocked.

“You’re so damn tight. I can hardly move, baby. Fuck, you’re sucking my dick so hard.”

“Oh God, you’re so big J.T. Oh, Oh!” she moaned and came.

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