The Farmers Take a Wife (MMMF)

The Australian Farm Series 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,726
9 Ratings (3.8)

[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F, with M/M elements, reverse harem, light role play, fisting, HEA]

Daniel narrowly escapes death when he falls asleep at the wheel of his car.  Stopping at a crowded country pub in the next town, he sees Jane for the first time.  She has been badly beaten by her husband and accuses everyone in the town of ignoring her many pleas for help over the years. Daniel is horrified at the lack of response to Jane’s plight from the townsfolk.  He offers to drive Jane out of town if she can keep him awake.  Before the night is over they have fallen in love.  Daniel promises that he and his two lovers, Peter and Vance, will protect her, and she will be safe on their farm.  The sexual attraction between Jane and the three men is electric and all four enter into a loving relationship.  Jane finally believes she can live a life without fear but her former husband, Jon, his father, Bert, and the corrupt policeman Jimmy, have other ideas. 

The Farmers Take a Wife	(MMMF)
9 Ratings (3.8)

The Farmers Take a Wife (MMMF)

The Australian Farm Series 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,726
9 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A sexy and humorous read. Looking forward to reading more books from this first-time author.
This could be a good book if there more story it's mostly sex in varies forms with a little story i like a little heat but there has to be a story with it




Alerted by the sound of the truck’s horn, Daniel woke from a microsleep that was about to cost him his life. It only took him a split second for his survival instinct to kick in and him to swerve back onto the right side of the almost deserted highway and out of the path of the oncoming truck. With all his senses now restored, he admonished himself for even attempting to make the long drive home from Adelaide at night. After spending three days at the agricultural conference, any sane person would have stayed the night and started driving home at first light, but Daniel didn’t sleep well in the city, and being anxious to get back to the farm, went against his better judgement.

With his heart still racing, he swore at himself out loud, “You fucking moron! That was too close for comfort.” He slapped his face a few times with one hand. The other hand held tight to the steering wheel with a white-knuckled grip. He had to find a safe place to stop. Twenty kilometres to the next town. Could he make it without falling asleep again? Daniel rolled down all four windows hoping the cool night air would keep him awake.

The lights were on in the country hotel. Dozens of cars, utes, and even two tractors were parked in the street. Daniel wound up the windows, parked the car, and then walked into the crowded bar. It seemed the whole population of the town, as well as the outlying district, were gathered in that one small pub. Feeling a little out of place in his city suit and tie, he elbowed his way through the crowd to the bar.

The publican saw him approach. “G’day, mate. What can I get for ya?”

“A pot of coke please and a pot of iced water, too, if I could.”

“Sure, mate. Need a caffeine hit, do ya?”

“Actually, yes. I nearly drove head first into an oncoming truck.”

“Shit! Glad you made it here then.”

“Thanks. It was a very close call.” Daniel gulped down both pots and ordered another coke. He handed the publican a twenty-dollar note and said, “Keep the change.”

“Thanks, mate. You’re welcome back anytime.”

They were interrupted by a voice calling above the crowd noise, “Cooee!”

“Shit, looks like he did it again,” the publican blurted. “That’s Calamity Jane. Sorry in advance for whatever trouble she’s about to cause.”

Daniel moved toward the woman’s voice. He noticed her long brown hair as she was stepping up onto a chair to get the attention of the crowd. She was petite, and his eyes drifted to her gorgeous backside, but then she spun around, and he was horrified to see that the young woman’s face was battered, bleeding, and bruised. Daniel finally forced himself to breathe again but still stood in stunned silence.

He watched as her brilliant blue eyes surveyed the room. People stopped talking and turned to look at her. A male voice in the crowd heckled, “Whatcha want now, Calamity Jane?”

“What do I want? I want to get out of this godforsaken ‘blink and you miss it’ town, and I am finally gonna do it. I’m leaving on the next bus, but not before I give you all a piece of my mind. Yes, I see you slinking over there in the corner, Bert Harrigan. Look at me! Look what your no-good, piece of shit son did to me. Yes, look, everyone! Jon Harrigan’s gone and done it again. Pissed all his money up against the wall and driven home drunk to use his wife as a punching bag.”

Daniel felt sick to his stomach that any man could do that to a woman. He was still staring when she pushed up her sleeves to reveal more bruising. He wondered if he was dreaming. His heart ached for her but found he could only stare and listen, just like everyone else in the crowd.

“Where’s that weak, gutless prick of a policeman? There you are, Jimmy Black. Thirty-eight times I came to you for help, but you always turned me away. Thirty-eight times! The second I get to a police station that’s out of the reach of your influence, I’m reporting Jon, reporting you, and reporting everyone in this goddamned town for letting him do this to me. I hope you all burn in hell.”

Daniel thought he might actually throw up. Thirty-eight times! Was he in the twilight zone? Still he stared at her in shocked silence.

“Tell Jon not to even think about looking for me. Tell him I’ll see him in court or hell. His choice!”

A male voice in the crowd called out, “Are you done, Calamity Jane? You’re taking up valuable drinking time.” There was a murmuring of agreement from the crowd.

A woman’s voice piped up, “Bye for now, Calamity Jane. You’ll be back. You always are.”

Jane burst into tears, jumped off the chair she was standing on, and ran out the door. The crowd went back to their noisy chatter as if they hadn’t been interrupted. Daniel couldn’t get out quick enough. He pushed his way through a side door, into the street, and threw up in the gutter.




Peter leaned in to kiss her deeply and then whispered in her ear, “Baby girl, you are a dream come to life. I never thought we’d find the woman to complete us but here you are. You’re amazing, and I already love you.”

Jane tried to answer, but she could only moan. Vance was now sucking hard on her clit and had three fingers of one hand in her pussy and the longest finger of his other hand was pumping in and out of her ass. Jane’s whole body shook as she cried out her first orgasm of the evening. Then she felt Peter’s tongue in her ear, and he was pinching one of her nipples, which pushed her over the edge again.

Peter whispered more encouraging words into her ear, “That’s only the start, baby girl. We have a long night of pleasure ahead of us.”

“Vance, I need you inside me. I need you now.”

“I’m more than ready, honey.”

He held her hips, drawing her farther down the bed and leaving her bottom on the edge and at just at the right level for his dick to enter her while he stood on their polished wood floor. With the bulbous head of his cock, he nudged at her entrance. He guided her legs until they were wrapped around his waist, and he pushed in another inch or two. With his hands now placed on either side of her, he supported his own weight and kissed her gently while he sneaked the rest of his length into her cave. He fought for control as he wanted to love her tenderly for their first time together.

Jane whimpered into his mouth. She was feeling the fullness of his thick shaft buried deep inside her, but now she wanted him to start moving.

Jane threaded her fingers through his hair and stared into his eyes. “Please, Vance. I need you to claim me.”

Vance complied by sliding his cock in and out of her slick channel, but he would not be rushed. “All in good time, honey. All in good time.”

Daniel and Peter now flanked her, sucking on a breast each. Vance was building momentum with every deep thrust until his balls were slapping hard against her ass. Daniel reached down and manipulated her clit until she screamed out another orgasm, and her cunt walls contracted around Vance’s cock. Knowing he couldn’t hold on for much longer, Vance pushed the other men aside and lifted Jane so that she was suspended and speared at once. She wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly as he plundered her mouth with his tongue. His final thrusts pressed against her womb, and he shot his load deep inside her.

“Holy fuck! That was incredible, honey. Thank goodness our Danny Boy found you and brought you here. I don’t ever want you to leave.”

Then, with his cock still embedded in her hot cunt, he laid her back on the bed and hovered over her, kissing her passionately with gratitude for their first union of flesh.

* * * *

Jane held Peter’s gaze as he took Vance’s place between her legs.

“Are you ready for me, baby girl?”

Jane nodded her permission.

Holding his stiff member, he pushed only the head past her opening. Despite just having been claimed by Vance, she gasped at the feel of his girth. Daniel kissed her and fondled one of her tits, alternating between soft caresses and sharp pinching of her erect nipple. Vance suckled her other nipple and circled her clit with his finger. Peter held her legs behind her knees and spread her wide for his claiming. Gaining only an inch at a time with each thrust, he gave her time to adjust to his length. When he was finally deep inside her, he stilled to enjoy the feel of his tight new home. Yes, that’s what it felt like to him. He was home.

Then he started to move, plunging in and out, harder and faster with every thrust. Daniel swallowed Jane’s moans as Peter’s cock head banged against her womb, and Vance pinched her clit hard, sending her into a body-shattering, mind-blowing climax. Peter’s staying power was better than most, but this time he only plundered her depths for about twenty minutes before he shot his load inside her. In that time, with the attention of all three of her men, Jane felt like she was on another planet and had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

Once their breathing had returned to normal, Daniel and Vance retreated so that Peter could kiss and cuddle their woman. “Are you okay, baby girl? Did I hurt you?”

“Oh, Peter! Is that what you are worried about? I’m fine. You could never hurt me. You made me feel so good. I’m happy you claimed me as your own and in your own way. Daniel can tell you that I do like it hard and fast and deep and often. You don’t have to be gentle with me. None of you do. Unless you want to be gentle, and I’m fine with that too.” Jane kissed him lovingly, and Peter returned the kiss with passion.

When they came up for air, Jane looked over to Daniel and with a wink said, “Your turn, Danny Boy.”

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